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Hello RS ladies/gents, For the last 2 years I...

Hello RS ladies/gents,

For the last 2 years I have been wrestling with the decision to have ps, specifically tummy tuck mainly because of the risks involved and also questioning the importance of such procedure. I had a long talk with GOD and I just really feel that this is something I want to do, Iove myself and will love it even more once my tummy is flat and I have a lil projection to the bootay!!!! I have been reading and researching and have even met a few ladies who have had this surgery. A good friend of mine is Dominican and once she had the surgery I was sold. The doctor that I have chosen is none other than Dr. Yily. I really like her work, I think I have viewed just about every pic on RS of the surgeries she has performed and I am sold on her skills. I am 5"1", 160 lbs. I am a Military Police Officer in the USAF so I believe I am in excellent shape; however, I have a abdomen that will no go anywhere. There are no amount of crunches, planks, it has been rough. I eat very healthy, I workout 3 times a week and run daily. I would love to have my pre pregnancy belly back with a lil bump in the rump. Today I finally conjured up the nerve to email Dr. Yily, I know she has had or is having a baby but I wanted to at least introduce myself, get a quote and perhaps go from there. I am really flexible on dates as I have tons of leave, I would love to have this done in Feb or March so that I can enjoy some of the summer GOD WILLING. Well wish me luck with my journey! The pic in my avi is of the shape I aspire to have so you guys will see me on here quite frequently and I will document my journey from start to finish.

Well I heard from Campos in Mexico!

I am still awaiting a response from Dr. Yily, I know that it may take some time as she just had a bundle of joy so I will be patient; however, I have heard back from Dr. Campos who I had contacted prior to me deciding on Dr. Yily. So, hoping to hear from Yily's team soon as I am so anxious to get started!

Still waiting to hear from Dr. Yily

Well I still have not heard from Dr. Yily :-( hopefully I will soon as she was my first choice. I did hear back from Dr. Pantoja in Mexico and I am very pleased at the quote, I was advised that I would not be able to do lipo of the tummy at the same time as TT for health reasons. Well until then I will patiently await for Dr. Yily, some of the other RS members advised to call using the whatsapp so I will do so after the holidays.

Didn't think it would be this hard to secure a date!!!!!

Hello RS World,
Wow, it is really hard trying to get in touch with some doctors, huh??? I had 3 doctors on my so called wish list, I emailed 2 of them and received really prompt responses. I consider a week to be fairly good. My 3 doctors were (in order of my likings): Yily, Campos, and Pantoja. Well, I emailed Dr Yily using both of her email addresses provided; to date I have not received a response and today I attempted to send a message thru viber and RS Consult (crossing my fingers). I received message back from Dr. Campos stating that he received my email with pics and that after reviewing them he would contact me. Received quote from Dr. Pantoja. Dr. Yily is my optimal choice because my good friends Parents own a home in DR and they will be going back in January and her mother is a retired nurse and said that she would help with my aftercare, so that would save me money big time as I am staying 2 full weeks. So if I don't here from Dr. Yily by the end of the week, Dr Campos it will be, and if I can't secure a date of my choosing with him then I know that Dr. Pantoja is available. I have been researching and my primary care is also reviewing the Dr's as well. Well hopefully it will work out that I can have surgery in January. I have learned so much from you ladies, its a blessing as I had been debating having surgery for a really long time. So wish me luck as I continue the beginning of this journey to the FLATLANDs. Oh and once I figure out how to get rid of identifying marks on my bodies I will upload pre op pics for you guys.

Looking for January buddies for my trip to DR?

Just sending out a message to see if anyone is planning on going in January, I am very flexible on the date that I can go as I am in the military. So if you are wanting a buddy just inbox me and we will talk! Toodles

OK Finally received email from Dra. Yily

So though I received an email from Dra. Yily yesterday, it was the generic email in which she ask's your height, weight etc. Mind you I have send her 2 emails with pics, I don't know what is going on but I have to continue to move forward as January is near. I did receive a quote from a Dr in Santiago, DR named Dr. Fernando Arturo Francis, he actually performed my friends Tummy Tuck and Lipo, she looks really good and natural; I just have not seen enough on him. So I have tough decisions to make. Hopefully someone can get me onto their schedule for January (keep your fingers crossed)

A little bit more of research...

Hello RS well I have received quotes from: Dra. Yily, Dr. Campos and Dr. Pantoja. I really like Dra. Yilly, her work is amazing. I finally received my quote and I am excited. I will spend the new few days reviewing more reviews and trying to get an exact date for sx. For all those who are having trouble contacting the doctors, be persistent and realize that these are very popular doctors and you may have to email more than once as I did. Dr. Campos even apologized for taking so long (1 week) and I really appreciated that. So be patient you will get through.

Team Campos TT w/MR Lipo and BBL JANUARY 2014

Well RS I was able to get a January 2014 date with Dr. Campos!!!! I am excited and scared at the same time. Real Self has been just freakin awesome in learning and getting a feel for what I am getting ready to endure. I spend most of my free time on Real Self and MMH. You guys have been very helpful. On January 20th I am scheduled for TT w/mr, lipo of flanks back and thighs and fat grafting to buttocks!!! I know a lot, huh? I am fortunate that my sister who is a nurse will be traveling with me!!! I am so blessed. If there is anyone traveling to Tijuana on or after January 20th I would love to chat with ya. I will be staying for 2 weeks at ClubMed. So any advice from you ladies will be greatly appreciated. I am gathering supplies and please someone tell me how were you able to sleep after having a TT and BBL????


Hello RS ladies, This has been a journey and them some!!! Decisions, decisions, decisions. Well, all decisions have been made and here it is. I am having TT w/muscle repair, Lipo of full back, flanks, thighs and fat grafting to buttocks. I have chosen to go with Dra. Yily, I love her natural results and though the communication was a bit difficult in the beginning everything worked its way out. I am taking my sister with me who is a Nurse and another relative. The more support the better. I plan on staying for 2 full weeks, don't want to risk anything at all especially traveling home with drains. I have my pre op testing with my physician on Thursday. I started my vitamins and bromelain to prepare my body. It is really starting to sit in that I am having this surgery so I get scared thinking about it. I have told those close to me such as my Mother and kids (19, 18 and 7 year old). I pray about it constantly. Well any one else going to DR around this time inbox me as I hope to meet new friends.

FEB 21, 2014 here I come

RS, It is getting real. I had my pre-op physical done and received the blessings from my PCP, hemo was 12.5. I am already taking a multivitamin so I am taking more iron with vitamin C. I will start my Bromelain 2 weeks prior to my surgery date. I am at the point where I am questioning the surgery and am I being selfish. I pray and can only think positive. I will be traveling to DR with my sister who is a RN and a relative for added support. I am torn between 2 recovery houses: Armonia and Healing Haven, both are great. Well if anyone out there is going around that time frame let me know as I am eager to network with others who will be going thru the same thing as I.

Flight made COUNTDOWN...

Hello RS

Well its really hitting me now! I am scheduled, flight is booked started on my supplements and I am less than 30 days til my surgery. I have started taking my iron, and multivitamins. I have to chose a recovery house and that's it. I have a question for any Vets out there? I emailed Yily to see if they could send me a doctors note on letterhead explaining the procedures I am having done so that I can provide this to my employer prior to leaving this way I would be on medical leave, well I got a response back saying that in order for her to provide such documentation I would have to send in a deposit. Does this sound legit to y'all??????? Any information greatly appreciated

19 DAYS and counting...

Hello RS, I have 19 days and there are a flurry of emotions running through me now!!!! I am scared, nervous, excited and anxious at the same damn time. Im going to add some pics to my profile since so many of us are going to be in the DR that way you guys can put a name to my face. I am still sorting between recovery houses and I don't have much time GEESHHHHH its so hard. Well hit me up if you are going to be in the DR between Feb 19 and March 2 would love to hear from you guys


Since I am so close to my surgery date, figured I would add pics. Lets see what Yily does with this body. BTW I am getting TT, lipo flanks, back, inner thigh, and BBL

10 DAYs until I am Yilified!!!

Hey RS, I have everything on my packing list even my positive attitude!!! February 21st is my sx date but I am flying into Santo Domingo on Februrary 19th just wanna check things out you know how it is. I am more excited than nervous as I pray everyday and ask GOD to watch over me as I start this journey. OK I still having chosen a RH!!! It is a bit difficult but I will narrow it down by the end of this week (its wednesday) leaning towards Armonia or Upscale. Any ladies that are going to be in the DR in the coming weeks hit me up would love to meet you guys


Hey RS,

It's really real, I will be flying to the DR tomorrow to become Yilyified!!! I am so nervous more than anything. My surgery isn't until Friday, but I wanna go check out CIPLA and enjoy at least one day in Santo Domingo. All who have had or are having surgery soon I will keep you all in my prayers. I am so happy my Doctor prescribed all meds except the heparin which you can only get at hospital in the US. I will be doing a video diary as well as taking lots of photos for you all. Gotta finish packing so talk to you guys tomorrow.

Im here!!!!

Hey yall I made it here safe and sound!!! I had to download that damn currency app cause I was literally giving money away lol!!! Im staying at the Quality Inn because after that long ass flight I only wanted a hot meal and hot shower the hotel is 5 mins from airport! Well im going to CIPLA bright and early talk to ya later ladies


Hey Chicas,

Started my morning in the DR with a buffet breakfast that was very good complete with Dominican cuisine!!! I got to CIPLA at about 630 and the first person I met was Anna, she's Yily's nurse! She's a sweetheart I got my labs and hemo was 13.5 YAYYYUYY, the cardiologist said I was in good shape so then I had my consult with Dra Yily and she's beautiful. Yira her assistant is a sweetie as well and we discussed what I was aiming for! I didn't take her a wish pic I simply stated that I wanted a coca cola shape with a nice round bootay!!! I didn't detect attitudes from anyone!!! I did meet at least 5 women who are having surgery today. Yily office is tiny I met a couple of Yily's new dolls and when I tell you that she is a waist snatcher I mean I was like where are y'all waist at!!! My sister and I hired our own personal driver Manny who has been an exceptional tour guide he's talker about history of DR and about current happenings so he's the I will post his number for anyone interested. He drives an up to date nice Chevrolet car too! My sister is with me and she speaks fluent spanish and that's been very helpful because everywhere we went people spoke Spanish to us even when we told them we didn't speak Spanish. Girls be prepared to be patient Yily does her rounds in the hospital first then she does the consults so be patient! I saw many girls giving Yira and Anna attitudes and that's uncalled for! I met a Cabral patient too (side eye). Can you believe I left my Boppy at home pray for me well hers some pics from CIPLA


Hi Ladies, I feel good a day after surgery!!!! Thank you GOD! So the day of surgery there was suppose to be 5 of us however 3 ladies had issues one had a sinus infection and the others had high blood pressure! DR Yily and her staff care about your pre surgery health!!! So that left 2 of us getting surgery yesterday! I can't think of the other lady name but we were very nervous as we had found out that there was a death yesterday! So can you imagine what we were both feeling right before our surgeries! I am not gonna speculate on what happened as I don't have the facts . I was told that it wasn't a patient of Yily and that the young lady who passes had previous medical issues!!! Ladies I cannot stress the importance of your pre surgical health, I had my blood work done 30 days before coming and then again a week before I left! I also had a physical a week before!!! Ok so day of surgery you feel out paperwork since I had my preppy test done the day before surgery that's all I had to do was signing registration paperwork! Afterwards I was sent to the 4th floor to get my room (409). Once I was in my room Yily came with her markers and asked what I was getting and so the marking began!!! About an 30 mins or so before surgery I received that infamous blue bill. My sister is here with me and she said about 10 mins after taking it I was out. I had to go under General Anesthesia because of medications that I was taking so I did not wake up during surgery at all! I woke up when I was in the elevator being wheeled back to my room!! I slept thru the night with nothing to eat at all! So fast forward to this morning and I feel good, I only had pain when I had to cough to get phlegm out of my throat at about 3 in the morning!!! I hate that I have to lay on my back it's so uncomfortable for me but I'm totally not in any pain at all more sore and stiffness! Yily came in at around 9 and said my surgery went really well she said "you have a nice ass and body" well my food is here I will talk to y'all when I get to Yasmin's

Day 1

Girls I have arrived at Yasmin's Recovery House, it's like being at a hospital only more home like!!! Her nurse is awesome as is her helpers and her mother!!! I'm not in any pain but I'm sore and stiff! On a scale of 1-10 I'd say pain is 3 I hate hate this Faja but it's an evil necessary! Yasmin and her staff are angels I mean I'm being pampered the service is way better than CIPLA It's 1:30 in the morning so I will update you girls tomorrow

Day 2

Hey Y'all, I feel so good today I have NO PAIN at all!!! Those arnica pills are the truth!! I am so thanking GOD that I am not in any pain! I'm still at Yasmin's recovery house and the service is beyond what I expected! Girls please make sure you are taking care of yourselves pre surgery! I believe that's why I feel really good physically and mentally! Make sur that you are taking your: Iron, B-Complex, Vitamin C and I took Bromelain 2 weeks before surgery! I even changed my diet prior to accommodate this surgery. I was bathed today and forgot to take a pic but I promise I will get a pic of my progress for you ladies!!!! I did want to update about the young lady who passed at CIPLA last week. She passed 2 days after surgery, she was a prior bariatric patient and ignored advise given by her surgeon at CIPLA! Ladies I cannot stress enough that these doctors care! It's very important that they know your medical history so be honest and truthful after all it's your life! I had a cough after my surgery so Dra Anna not only prescribed prescribed cough syrup but she prescribed a stronger antibiotic and she's doing an Xray tomorrow to be sure that it's just a cough!!! These doctors take our health very serious! I'm up and walking of course like the hunchback of Notre Dame but I'm doing well!

Update on CIPLA death from RH where Ms Trina Jackson stayed!!!

Silhouette Recovery HomeGood evening ladies. With a heavy heart I confirm that my dear Treena Jackson passed away yesterday. In this post I will give a detailed explanation as to what happened to clarify all of the speculation.Treena had a LapBand procedure done about 3 years ago in the US. She came last year for a tummy tuck and all went well. She came again this year in late January for some lipo. Her lipo went good. She began to complain about the tightness of her band. She was unable to eat for a couple of days....And asked to see a Bariatric doctor. When taken he discovered her band had busted. Advised her to go back to the US immediately. Yet she waited two more days. The day she was due to fly back, she was too weak and was rushed back to the clinic. It was discovered that the band had punctured her stomach. Stomach contents had spilled out and burned surrounding organs. She was becoming septic. She remained in the ICU for almost two weeks getting better, then critical, then better again. I saw her everyday and thought she was gonna go home this weekend. I saw and spoke to her Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately she passed in her sleep early Wednesday morning. Her mother was with her till the end. May she rest in peace. Her outcome was due to the Lapband not the plastic surgery procedure. I know people are saying different stories. This one is the real deal. I lived it with her day after day, and am so heartbroken and feeling so absolutely helpless.I know its scary and these are some of the risks involved in any kind of surgery. Its unfortunate. She was an amazing and beautiful woman. I love you Treena baby and I know you are in heaven. Rest in peace Ma. SHOW


Ladies an estimated 50,000 people in the US Die from plastic surgery! So let's not bash doctors overseas because it's happening at home too! I think all of the doctors do a good job based on all the patients I have seen here in CIPLA, it seems when something goes awry folks want to start pointing fingers and the drama begins! There was a life lost lets put our energies into praying for the families who have lost loved ones instead of going on Plastic Surgery boards and bashing Clinics and their doctors! When I read RS blogs or MMH blogs I hate seeing girls going back and forth about who's doctor is best etc! Let's keep each other informed and learn from one another and more importantly let's support each other okay


Hey RS World,

Well it's day 3 and I feel really good! I went back to CIPLA today because I have a cough and they did an Xray and I'm congested so DR Anna prescribed cough syrup see this is a testament that these people take your health very serious! I met so many Yily dolls today and everyone's waist was snatched!! Yily lipo is the truth! Nothing but beautiful bodies in that office. I will be getting my first massage today and I cannot wait!!! I'm still a lil swollen but that's expected! Yasmin's Recovery House is the best!!! No drama, good food and caring staff I am so glad I chose this recovery house! I promise that when Ramon the masseus gets here I will post some butt naked pics so you guys can see the beginning of my transformation well mommies I'm gonna go read I'll update soon


Honey child let me tell you, Ramone the gay masseuse is all that and a bag of chips with dip!!! The massage wasnt that painful some girls stated how they cried but it feels so good!! When I tell you my drain was filling as he was massaging me I mean I saw the liquids leaving my body!! It felt so good!!! So ladies when you get those massages drink lots of water it helps getting rid of all that fluid! Well here are some pics right after my massage


Hey Well what can I say last night I had my second massage and it was painful! But honey child's I still feel good. I have NO PAIN, I'm actually walking straight now not with a hunch my appetite is all the way back and I had my first bowel movement today!!!! I plan on having 2 massages today again. I'm waiting for 3 of the females from my RH who had surgery to come back as I am anxiously awaiting to see how they are doing and offer help in any way I can! I have an appointment tomorrow and I hope Dra Anna takes out my drain! Wish me luck divas! I really miss home my son asked when I was coming home and my dog heard my voice over the phone and my daughter said he got really excited!! I miss my babies! Good luck and happy healing to any ladies who are having surgery or have just had surgery!


Hey y'all, well I am doing really well again, I had a nice massage and the nurses think that Dr Anna will take my drains out tomorrow!!! It's little to no drainage Praise God!!!! I feel good, still swollen in the lipo areas and tummy but I don't have pain at all! This has truly been a journey WOW my lil shape is so cute and I can't wait until I see Yily so I can thank her because she did a great job on my body! I am very satisfied with my results thus far as I am swollen and still see the coca cola bottle shape!


Oh my Gish I had a really bad night last night!!! My back was crazy painful I couldn't sleep on top of that I was missing my babies!! I feel better now though. Today is the Dominican Republics Independence Day so it's holiday! I don't get to go see Dr Anna til tomorrow and I hope she takes this drain out I absolutely hate the drains!!!! Other than that my recovery is going well! Still at Yasmin's Recovery House which I love her staff is so attentive and caring!!! I was crying because I miss home so much and her mother rubbed my back and that's what my Mom does so if you wanna be somewhere reminencent of home you'd love this RH!!! I hope I can go get a pedicure out here

DAY 7 /DAY 8

I am so freakin depressed! Girls my recovery has come to a halt I knew it was too good to be true I mean I felt no pain I was up and walking 2nd day post op!!! I went to see Anna after one of the nurses noticed what appeared to be a burn underneath my belly button! Thank God the nurse was attentive and concerned well DR Anna said it was a Faja burn and I don't understand how because when I left CIPLA I was padded pretty good with Kotex's so I didn't have any Faja touching my skin but anyway it's a nasty little burn and it ruined my mood I'm so ready to go home I called my doctor in the States and he asked me to send him a pic which I did the doctor here prescribed some creme which I have to put on 3 times a day!!! And of course I'm questioning everything this surgery just everything! I find myself looking in the mirror and asking do I even like the results? I have been unable to button up my Faja because of this burn and I know that's gonna slow my healing progress on top of that I have so much fluid inside of me! Like I said I wanna be home my doc is very worried and he checked on me last night and he said as soon as you get home I want you to come right in to see me!!! I luv my US doctor! I have had my seventh massage I'm 8 days post op! There's a Duran doll here who's had a tummy tuck and is 4 days post op she had her drains removed 3 days post op!!! I asked about my BBL because right now I just look like I did when I first came and the doctor said it takes 12 weeks to see your results!!! Right now I am just in a really messed up mood and pray things will get better


Hey Y'all,

I feel much better today, I went to Sambil Mall here in DR me and some other girls from my RH we had a blast, I even bought a few clothing items! The girls staying in my Recovery Home are awesome and we have lots of fun!!! We are even scheduling a time to come back because some have booty greed but me I just want inner thigh lipo! I'm 9 days post Op and I feel good, no pain, soreness and stiffness is gone only my back is a lil sore other than that I'm still just waiting to get these drains taking out!! All the Duran Dolls in my RH who had Tummy Tucks had their drains taken out 3 days post op! Oh and Ladies they advised that when your drains are taking out it doesn't hurt at all! Well I know some of you are waiting for pics please be patient I promise they are coming!!! And ladies all the surgeons at CIPLA snatches waists!!! I mean everyone looks good Baes, Cabral, Duran, Yilly all the girls look good!!!!

DAY 10

Girls, I write to you with streaming tears! If you followed my journey then you should be aware of the Faja burn that I received! Well around day 3 or 4 I went for my check up and it was discovered that I had a Faja burn! The doctor prescribed a creme andgave instructions to the RH owner on how to put the creme on and how many times a day etc! Then about 3 days later I go for a check up only to find out that the so called nurses at the recovery home were didn't follow directions and my burn got worse so fast forward to my 10 days post op and then I find out that the creme they have been putting on me since day one is the wrong freakin creme!!!! So I have a patch of dead skin on my tummy!!! So right now my tummy looks like Freddy Kruegers face!!!! And these damn people have the nerve to say oh it's little don't worry!!! WTF I wanted to go back home with the beautiful brown skin that I arrived here in not a stomach that's looks like Nightmare on Elm Street! This language barrier is complex because someone dropped the ball concerning my wound care whether it was the doctor the so called RH staff but clearly had I been prescribed the correct creme my tummy would have looked a lot better and healed better!!! I am leaving the RH home I am staying IMMEDIATELY and now I have to find somewhere else to stay the doc will not take the drains out til Friday and I just wanna go back to my country where my doctor is because right now I don't trust anyone and I'm scared! So ladies asks questions never assume that these folks know how to take care of any superficial wounds and make sure your getting the correct meds! Of course I regret it ALLL because before I came here I had a perfectly brown colored tummy and right now like I said my tummy resembles Freddy Kruegers face! Pray for me


Ladies when you are scheduling your surgeries PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask your doctors and their assistants to refer you to recovery homes!!! I know we get on RS and MMH and we tend to ask each other but the doctors and their staff knows who can take care of you and they know who NOT to send you to!!! I only wish that I had asked prior to my surgery because my doctor currently doesn't recommend anyone to the RH where I was staying! So if you are unsure on where to stay ask the doctors and their staff to refer you!

DAY 11

Thanks y'all for the encouraging messages! The Dr prescribed the correct medicine but Yasmin went to the Pharmacy she said the pharmacy didn't have the medicine so she took it upon herself to chose a medicine that wAs similar! All this without telling me! Anyway my recovery is going well myself and 3 girls that were staying at the recovery house we all left and got a suite at Florida Hotel! It's really big and nice! We hired a real credentialed nurse named Zara who gives real lymphatic massages, and the best part is the massages do not hurt!!! 2 of the other girls with me have burns as well and their doctors gave them really expensive lotion instead of a creme for the burns!!!! I have learned so much on this journey and I want to share what I have learned with you all so the same bad things that happened to me will not happen to you! We are all really happy that we are out if that RH!! Trying to stay positive! I will say when 4 girls leave a RH at the same time take head!!! I am flying home Friday but I feel better because my wound is healing and my doctor at home can continue the care! I refuse to post pics of my wound because it's traumatic for me so I definitely don't want to traumatize any of you! Manny my driver comes at my beck and call he doesn't even charge me, I think cause he knows what I have been thru! The Florida hotel has been great hosts I met a few American Diplomats

DAY 12

Feeling a whole lot better all praises due to GOD and him only! well girls the burn is healing really good and I'm back in my Faja and since I could not close the Faja I'm swollen however I have always felt much better in the Faja!!! I went shopping today in the colonial district bought some white Hennessy some cohibas and Dominican cigars!!! I may buy a ticket to leave tomorrow because I'm really ready to go home!!!! This has been a hell of an experience for me! I have lived in DR and learned! My body is very nice I mean better than what I imagined!!! My belly is gone along with the stretch marks!!! Yes Yily Yes!!!! Oh I got my drains removed today and Zara gave the most bestest lymphatic massage omgeee girls she's awesome!! My mood is not of a depressed mood, just thanking GOD that I came out of surgery without any complications!! I'm praying for all you Dolls who are nearing your surgery dates!!! Once again I appreciate all the encouraging words


Hey loves, I flew back home yesterday and immediately went to see my doctor! He gave me a clean bill of health, said the burn is healing and is not infected but gonna take time to heal. He couldn't believe how low and discrete my tummy tuck scar was!!! He said I looked good. When I got home my mother and my daughter immediately noticed how tiny my waist was, and my mom said oh my GOD you have a butt now. I am so so happy with my results. Tonigh I will take pics when my daughter gets home for all you interested. Talk to ya later

New Pics (16 DAYS POST OP)

Hello RS,

Well I am 16 days Post Op, I feel really good! I never really had any pain; however the soreness and stiffness was a beeoch!!! So I'm still in my stage one garment since I could really wear it since I suffered a burn early in my recovery!!! This will bey last week in my stage one garment though and I have purchased a fajate brand stage 2 in a small!!! I am still taking my vitamins and supplements and drinking lots of water!!! I'm sleeping through the nights fine and moving around pretty good! I hate having my Faja off!!! I'm more mobile in my Faja, once I take it off SWELL HELL takes over!!! I know many of you having been waiting for pics so I took a couple of pics! PLEASE do not be grossed out by the burn below my belly button it's what you call a Faja burn and can happen if you close your Faja too soon and don't have any cussion between your garment and the skin! The burn is healing well! As you can see the scar is low below the panty line. The TT scar is very well hidden! I'm still pretty swollen, but I love my shape and look forward to when swelling has gone done! I have measured my waist at 28 inches, prior to surgery my waist was 35 inches! I went from 162 to 155 pounds! Yily did add hips and it's a nice compliment!

Looking GOOD feeling GOOD...GOD IS GOOD

Hey Ladies,

I know its been a long time, but I am back at work and back to life as I knew it before the surgery!! Let me catch you guys up on my recovery!! Remember guys I thought I had a burn? Well, turns out it was not a burn buy skin necrosis!!!! My primary care physician was concerned about the wound that I had just above my incision so he referred me to a plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon said that it was necrosis! At first I was like WTF, but my plastic surgeon said that this was very rare, especially in my case. Normally, diabetics and smokers get necrosis after tummy tuck surgery. He assured me that this was rare and happens in a small percentage of women who have tummy tuck surgeries; especially healthy women. My plastic surgeon in North Carolina was so impressed with my tummy tuck and the incision!!!! He always compliments me on my small waist and says that Dr. Yily did an awesome job!! So that really made me feel good. Today my wound is closing and will not leave a scar at all. My incision is so nice that the plastic surgeon that I see advised that I do not need any scar reduction creme. My scar is small and flat!!! I started off 168 before the surgery I now was 148.9 pounds. I don't know how much fat and skin was removed from my abdomen but my stomach is flat. I have no fat above the waist at all. My booty is round just like I wanted, and not too big. I totally threw the damn faja away!!! I have swelling still but just a lil and I am sure if I wore the faja there would be minimum to no swelling. I only wear a faja to work out in and that's it. I think the faja's are overrated. I have a small waist and Im very happy with the 27 inch waist that i have but that damn faja was just a pain in my ass. One of my buddies who got surgery around the same time as me with Duran stopped wearing hers too and her waist is small as well. I would never advise against the faja because immediately after and a couple of weeks after surgery you need them but I wore mine maybe til March 20 or so!!! I only swell when I work out and if I eat something high in sodium. Other than that girls I am doing great, I know I keep promising pics and when my daughter gets home from college I will have someone to take good pics for me!!!! Thanks to all of you who have kept up with me and I am sorry its been so long I promise I will update more often. To all you Yily Dolls to be, I say Congrats you picked a hell of a plastic surgeon!!!! Gotta go work out...til the next time

Looking good, Feeling good, Turning heads WHAT MORE CAN I SAY

Hello Ladies and a special shout out to all of the Yily Dolls to be!!!

It's been a minute since I have been on here but let me just say that my body is doing awesome!! The Necrotic skin below my belly button has cleared and closed!!! I am wearing nothing but clothes that show this bad ass figure!!! My progress is awesome, I am going put up some pics. I had to take them myself because my daughters refuse to take pics of me in undies and a bra lmao!! Pretty much most of my swelling has gone done, I do not wear a raja so I get minimum swelling after working out and after eating. I continue to lose weight, I think it's because my stomach feels so annoying after I eat so I eat smaller portions thru out the day. My incision is pretty thin and flat, I have not used any scar therapy cremes because the plastic surgeon that I see where I live said that I don't need to because its a pretty flat scar that has healed and continues to heal real nicely!!! So thanks Dr. Yily!!! My waist is a 28 the last time i measured. My booty is bootylicisious not too little and not to big but I have gotten compliments from a lot of men and my hubby is crazy about his new booty!! The lipo is itching is crazy so ladies make sure you have benadryl everywhere you go because I was getting itching spells in movie theaters and restaurants. I have no back fat whatsoever, bras actually fit me now aren't as annoying, I can actually sleep in my bra's!!! Well chica's just wanted to give an update and here are some pics though they turned out a big dark but I will put some up soon cause the hubby will be home and he loves takin pics lol

YILY DOLL 3 Months POSt Op with PICs

Well I tried to take better pics, I used my daughters bathroom

6 Months Yily Dolla and Im Loving IT!!!!

Hello Real Self, I know its been months but I had to update you dolls on my transformation! I feel good, I look good and what more can I say?????? Necrotic skin wound closed! My plastic surgeon in the states assured me of this when I first got back home. My abdominal area swells every now and then and thats normal with TT'ers, as a matter of fact my plastic surgeon advised you can having swelling and no feeling in the abdominal area for up to a year. My butt is big, holy hell!!!! All in all I am doing well girls, I do not regret having the surgery and lipo done in Dominican Republic since my ps here and his interns rave about my tt scar and how perfect it is. I am enclosing some pics! Toodles for now


Ladies its been a long time, and I wanted to update you guys on everything. First all I am doing great, I do have a hypotrophic scar on my stomach from the necrosis. At first I was a bit upset but after seeing a plastic surgeon in the DR he confirmed that it was not Yily's fault or the centers fault. Basically, after my tummy tuck I did not have proper blood flow to the lower part of my stomach for some odd reason. The plastic surgeon that I saw commended the tummy tuck and stated that it was really nice job, he said my incision looked really good and my waist was tiny. Anyway, you guys I love my butt so much!!! its natural and I lost a lot of weight after my surgery going from 176 to 150 and Im holding steady at 150. I show my shape off all the time and its amazing. Well if you guys have any questions feel free to ask as I will be checking my real self periodically.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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