The birth of my MMO journey with Dr. Goico

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I'm looking forward to a make over ( TT & BL) in...

I'm looking forward to a make over ( TT & BL) in the DR. I'm currently looking to schedule my date with Dr. F. Goico. I'm also looking for a sx buddy. I'm planning to schedule late January early Feb 2016. Anyone interested in a having a surgery buddy please let me know. Also any any information both good and bad regarding Dr. Goico will be appreciated. I'm nervous but excited at the same time.

Make over Nip &Tuck

Update: let me introduce myself to the community. I am a mother of 2 children. My first born is 31 and my second is 14 yes I know it's a big gap (lol) and not to forget I am also a grandmother. I have not posted any before pics but will do so soon. However, I am still waiting to hear back from Dr. Goico. However, Karel keeps the communication going which is a plus for me. A matter of fact reading everyone's post has given me piece of mind and the knowledge to start preparing my to do list ahead of time. My issues is, for the first time, I really don't want to travel by myself and I don't want my hubby coming along with me on this trip. I am still looking for a someone who is planning on surgery late January early Feb. With that being said sometime next week after rearranging my work schedule I should be able to chose a surgery date once I hear back from Dr. Goico. Thanks to you all beautiful people I have read all your post and will co tonne doing so.

Nip & Tuck

Good morning selfers..Update I had another consult yesterday in the US and I was not impress further more this PS price is overly ridiculous. (My best friend is very nervous about my trip to the DR) l am anxiously waiting to hear back from Dr. Goico so I can lock in my date. Hopefully I hear back from him before the end of next week ( Can someone let me know how long it took them to hear back from Goico)However to be honest I so greatful to all the blogs I have read thus far and looking at all these before and after pics I am tempted to check out other PS in the DR. However I'm going to stick with Goico. So update I applied for my passport yesterday thanks to my hubby for assisting me. I will be do some shopping this week to knock a few items of my list. I'm trying to stay focus and will continue to update everyone on my journey and try to post some before pics. Thanks Realselfers....

Brief update..

Update: So I received an e-mail from Karel today. She wrote -

Hello Mrs. Davis,
My apologies for the delay.

If Dr. FG hasn't replied with his evaluation, then he hasn't seen yours.
He gets up to 50+ evaluations per day, and tries to answer as many as
possible. But it's just such a big list, added to patients that are
currently here in surgeries and post op care, that it takes about a week
or so for him to do so.

So with that said I'm taking my chill pill and relax for time been. However, in the meantime I'm gonna start getting a few items from my shopping list. Oh! Wait a minute first I need to shop for a suitcase. I'm loving this...

Update y'all????

Y'all the birth of my MMO journey begin today (yes today) I'm excited to announced ( drum roll) that I received my quote from Dr. FG. I will be making my deposit first thing in the morning. Shout out to (Littlenikki & Cognac excuse my misspellings I'm super excited) and everyone else for uplifting my spirits and patience it was definitely worth the wait. Now let the planning begin.
Tomorrow I will book my ticket, pay my deposit and hopeful secure housing with Harmony Delux (may change my mind and use Arelis.
I would greatly appreciate any info regarding Harmony Delux RH.
That's all Realselfers have a wonderful night.

Detailed virtual consult!

Well detailed virtual consultation. Dr. FG, pointed out to me concerns I never mentioned to him that I had to mention to previous f2f consultation with other PS.

Thanks for contacting us.

First of all, let me apologize for the delayed answer. I seriously do my best to answer as much emails as I can, but as you'll read below, I take my time to really observe and see every detail in the photos, so I can make this evaluation as objective as possible. Truth is that, between emails, surgeries, seeing patients, and just having a little time to simply live, this is as fast as I can reply. Many patients complain about it, but if I can't reply the way I want to and say everything I believe that needs to be said, I prefer not answering at all.

You seem to be very good candidate for this surgery, and you are one of the very little number of patients that has reached me for the true purpose of what plastic surgery is all about: enhancing the shape of the body. Not loosing weight, like most people think. Also, your BMI is very good (22.5), and taking into account all the weight you've lost I can only say CONGRATULATIONS! You've decided not only to look better, but most importantly to live longer.

Let me detail each area:

- Breasts: So you have an important breast ptosis (fall), and inverted nipples (meaning they are pointing inwards). This can be corrected with a breast lift, but the inverted nipple condition sometimes is not performed at the same time if it affects the areolar blood supply. Now, here in a personal consultation we'd talk more about what size are you aiming for, because you seem to have plenty of volume, so we can decide practically any cup size.

- Abdomen: Now, you clearly have a very good indication for a tummy tuck, and your case is very good for this surgery, because you have a moderate skin excess and fat accumulation. There is some evident muscle separation seen in your abdominal region. The tummy tuck not only eliminates fat and skin, but it defines the waist line more, giving the patient a curvier body because of the "corset" effect created by the abdominal rectus muscle. Another good point on your favor is the fact that you have enough skin to have a very low positioned scar, meaning, this surgery should allow you to use a very low bikini bottom or panties if you feel like it.

- Body: Liposuction could greatly improve your body silhouette by eliminating the unwanted fat from unwanted areas. In your case, the areas that mostly call my attention are back (upper and lower) and flanks (love handles). You're one of those cases that could greatly benefit from an important liposuction, so you have to make sure your blood levels are high (specially your hemo). If you have anemia, you cannot (and should not) have this surgery, as you may put your life at risk.

- Butt: you seem to have a nice butt projection, but it gets sort of "lost" with the lower back fat. A good thing about this combined surgery is the fact that we harvest all the fat that we eliminate with Liposuction and we inject it in your butt to add projection, roundness and width (depending on what the patient desires and how much fat is harvested). Another good thing besides injecting fat in your butt, is that only by doing Liposuction in the lower back and flanks, the transition from lower back to your butt is accentuated or pronounced, creating a visual effect as if your butt has been lifted and enlarged. In your case, like you very well mentioned, we'd need to focus the fat grafting mostly on the outer part of the butt and the hips to make them look rounder, and achieve that curvier look. One last point: fat grafting (BBL) depends a lot on the patient's blood supply, and post-bariatric patients have a poorer blood supply than other patients. Meaning, the fat may reabsorb more than in a normal patient, and that is something you should know.

Karel, my assistant will send you your quote (usually less than 24 hours) for:

- Breast Lift/Reduction + Tummy tuck + General Liposuction + Brazilian Butt Lift

Any medical doubt you may have, please feel free to contact me directly to this address or via whatsapp to my cellphone at +18098017900.

Take good care of yourself,

Dr. Luis A. Fernandez Goico

Cirugía Plástica Estética y Reconstructiva

Recovery House decision.

I'm undecided with my decission making in regard to choosing a RH. I reached out to Harmony Delux because that's Dr. Goico second choice. I spoke to Mabel via Whatsapp but didn't get a quote on price per day even though I have asked multiple times. She did however shared what their price covered.
Per Mabel...
We include;
All meals: breakfast- lunch- dinner snacks, fruits, green juice
Comfortable rooms with AC, WIFI, cable TV and mini fridge with snacks and water
Private bathrooms with hot water
The. House is in a private residential With camera and private security 24 hours
We have more than 8 years of experience and work with patients of the most popular Plastic surgeons of Dominican Republic.

Now I have a little exciting news to share as promised I paid my deposit today to secure my surgery date. However I'm still waiting to here back from Karel..

Supplement to boost you hemo.


So first of all let me give a big shout out to Littlenikki..Girl you are my saving grace with all the tips and reviews and most of all I appreciate your honesty.

I went to AnyLabTest and for my blood work done first thing this morning so I can have an idea of what my levels are and what to do moving forward...I have to say the director at AnyLabTest was very helpful and gave so tips on what supplements and food that can boast my hemo levels. Food beets, green leafy veggies; and supplements such as SSS tonic, iorn etc.

I'm still waiting on booking my flight since I do have sometime but I must say I continue to check flights to the DR daily.

RH: I chose Arelis as my home for the 17days I will be there. I spoke to her today she's very sweet. My room is booked and i don't pay anything in advance until you get there. The cost is $120.00 per day. That's all folks. I will post all the vitamins I'm currently taking along with my green smoothies.

Happy New Year????

Count Down

Happy New Year..
It's getting real I'm one month away. I've been a stalker on this site for the past few months ( for real). RS rob me of my sleep lol???? but I'm grateful for this site. I've read so many post; I've done so many researches; my husband gets annoyed at me sometimes when he tries to have a conversation with me and I'm on realself.
Recovery House:
I know! I'm still undecided after reading multiple reviews and actually researching some of these RH. I'm kinda obsess with Spa Medical although I haven't contacted them yet. Anyone whom have stayed there lately please share some insite on this RH thanks in advance.
Ok! Thus far my hemo is holding at 13.5. My goal is to get it up to at least 14.0. Currently I'm taking my multi vitamins, B12, vitamin D3, folic acid, Ferrol compound, vitamin C, and floradix. My diet is consist of liver, cooked green bananas, dark green leafy vegetables, beans and green smoothies. Hopeful this maybe helpful to others. My girlfriend advises me to take Floradix she informed me that its really good. She takes this supplement because she suffers from anaemia and it works well for her keeping her hemo levels up. My goal is to have my hemo check twice this month and next month at AnyLabTest. I'm schedule d to see my PCP later this month for an eval and to get some scripts from him for pain meds. I will update you all on this visit with my PCP.

My dilemma: Need some advise
When I first started seeking PS my husband was and still is on board with me. He is very supportive but I must say he as his own reservations about me going to the DR ( yes he's nervous) and offers to go with me. However, I'm having second thoughts about him going with me. See the thing is my husband wouldn't be able to handle seeing the blood especially me in pain ( well to be honesty with y'all he will past out seeing the JP drains and blood) therefore, I don't think it's a good idea to take him on this trip with me. Furthher more I'm feeling very comfortable going by myself and hopefully looking to hook up with a surgery buddy before or meeting up in the DR. If I don't find a Sx buddy going towards the end of February I'll be fine there are lots of RS whom have gone by themselves so therefore I have confidence. Can't think of anything else for now. I will try to stay away from this site lol! not's addicting.

Sillhouette RH

I've been communicating with Angie form Sillhouette RH and received this quote from her today regarding price per day and what's includes.

The recovery home fee is
$100/day per person for a single room
$85/day per person for a double room
$75/day per person for a triple room
and this includes :

24hr care
3 meals a day
Fresh fruit juices
Free international long distance calls.
Hot water

Every bedroom has a private bathroom and walk in closet.

We fill your prescription for you, pharmacy delivers to the house.

Backup power generators in case of power outage (which is a given in DR) lol..

Transportation to all pre and post office visits included in your rate.

Help with all your needs while recovering like bathing, getting in and out of bed, getting medication on time, putting on faja etc...

Washing of your garment only.

Massages are $30 each and masseuse comes to the house.

This is on a 9th floor penthouse and you get a full panoramic view of the whole city!!! Elevator included!

Airport transportation is an additional fee of $50 each way

A$100 deposit per person is required to reserve a room. Deposit is nonrefundable but is transferable. And will be deducted from the total which is due upon arrival. Cash only.

Let me know what you decide, we would love to have you!


State of mind

The journey of a thousand miles begin wit a single step..

I'm about 5 weeks away from surgery y'all, I'm excited but I'm also getting frustrated with the hemo (yes she's not my best friend right now) but I'm hanging in. Last month I checked my hemo and leveled at 13.5. Well Monday I rechecked and leveled at 12.5 now that's a big drop for me it is. I spoke to a friend in the medical field he suggested adding B12 shots once weekly to help with the absorption of my iorn in take. I started that regimen this past Wednesday. I'm hoping my hemo get up to at least a 14.0 by the time I get to the DR. I'm scheduled to see my PCP this coming week to get script for extra pain meds my PS told me although they have/administered pain I can take Percocet with me so I'm going to give it a try.

Curity sterile ABD pad
Attends booster pads
Attends Ultima underpass
Heating pad
Sterile gauze pads
Washable bed pads for leakage
Hygiene products
2 bath robes
4 open front house dress
14 granny panties (lol I called them bingo bags..)
3 dresses and 3 joggers
Wide bearers & 5 white cotton tees (oversize)
Flip flops
And a few extras please share if I'm missing any thing important.

Moving on:
Ticket - ?
Passport - ?
Vistor/tourist cards - ?

Pics: on my next post I will repost my before pics. Although I'm thinking to wait until after surgery to post before and after pics.

As of now I'm booked with Silhouette. I like the fact that I can view the city from the 9th flr during my recovery their. I'm all for great scenery because I'm a out doorsey person and this will help me to relax. All reviews for Silhouette RH is welcome. I'm also talking Soraya from Relax RH ev 3rd n though I'm booked with Silhouette so I'm somewhat undecided at the moment.
Again all reviews on my choice of RH is helpful so feel free to share or inbox me which ever is welcome. Thanks my beautiful ladies and have a wounderful weekend.

Iorn supplement concussion

This is what I'm currently taking to get my hemo back up to 13.5 -14.


Little update:
So i went to my PCP today and revealed my grand plan to him that i am going to the DR for PS. I was surprised that in the grand scheme of things he was not only happy but was in agreement with me...Hallelujah. He did quizzed me about the doctor and all the research i have done before making any plans. See i know how my PCP role so i was well prepared before going to see him. He was very satisfied with my choice and give his blessings. I was medically cleared by him and was advised to follow Dr. FG's recommendations. He wrote me my script for percocet and asked if there is anything i can think of do not hesitate to call him. My doctor told me he would like to see me within the first two weeks after my return from the DR for follow up care. I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW....It's all coming together and i am so ready..

The big day is almost here.

Ok Ladies a little update. After all the whooo-la, and blunder about Harmony Recovery House I decided to check it out for myself since I will be in the DR for a few days with a friend who is having surgery in addition to having a face to face consultation with non other than Dr. Fernandez Goico himself ( yes in the flesh. Ladies I must say he is a very respectable, down to earth man and Yes very very sexy ughhh one hot ????tamali) Dr. Goico is a beautiful human being inside out...ok enough because I could go on forever about
So Mabelle the owner operator for Harmony Recovery House picked me up at the airport. On our way back to the home i happened to mention to her that I would love love love to have some fresh off the tree picked coconut water and rum because why the heck not I'm in the Carib right anyway she hooked me up and I was greatful ? Mark. Later that evening she made dinner and oh my goodness the food was freaking awesome. Keep in mind my friend is scheduled to have surgery the next day. Mabelle asked me what I would like for breakfast before leaving for the clinic/surgery center the morning of her surgery. I requested some real DR coffee and to my surprise coffee was ready before I even got dressed that morning ? Mark. Mabelle packed snacks for me because I stayed with my girlfriend the entire time at the surgery center ? mark, she called me to ask if I'm hungry and what would I like for lunch this is all new and unexpected for me so another ? mark and the same thing with dinner. Mabelle you are a beautiful soul.
Moving on to the house since it was a big deal on RS I'm about to give my review. Ladies in my opinion don't let anyone deter you from your choice of Recovery Home there are three sides to a story he said she said and the truth in the middle. Harmony Recovery Home is very modest house located in a quiet gated neighbourhood. The house is very clean I had no problems whatsoever. I shared room and a private bathroom with my girlfriend and I loved it ( the air was so freaking cold I had to shut the shit of) bed linens change daily and she does laundry on a daily basis. Overall Mabelle was always there she took care of our needs and made sure we were ok. She covers all doctor appointments and the best part is she speaks perfect English. I did enjoyed my stay there and I'm looking forward to staying there in the next 2 weeks for my scheduled surgery. Mabelle continues to provide excellent care to my friend. I would most definitely recommend Harmony Recovery House to anyone who is interesting based on my experience. I'm happy that I had the opportunity to have the experience of venturing into a new country and feeling comfortable about my upcoming surgery journey with Dr. Goico and Mabelle caring for me in her home.

My motivation to get plastic surgery begun late...

My motivation to get plastic surgery begun late last year. Pretty much just like every one else our stories begins the same way ranging from weight loss; issues with our bodies after giving birth; and so on and so forth. My journey begun with lossing a significant amount of weight. After my weight loss I eventually gathered the strength and motivation to do some thing about my body. Even though my journey was not a smooth one given my ups and down with my best friend who goes by the name hemo. However, I'm happy to say that my journey was well worth it and I could not have been any happier. My reality is plastic surgery enhances my body and remove the unwanted fat and skin and that I'm appreciative of. In my quest for plastic surgery I kept it real and also with an open mind that I may not achieved the look I wanted. (Some of us have oranges and want to make lemonade out of it that's not gonna happen) Overall I have to say I'm 100% excited.

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My Plastic Surgeon is Dr. Fernandez L. Goico, and can I just say I so adorn him. Dr. G, as most of us called him, is a wonderful, thoughtful, caring, human being. Dr. G is very manner able (excellent bedside manners), very professional, honest, and down to earth. I respect his honesty and the time he spent with me as his patient. Dr. G is a great listener,  very meticulous when it comes to his work,  and pays attention to his clients. Words can not describe the profound effectiveness he had on me as his patient and for that I'm very grateful. I have recommended my doctor, yes my doctor, Dr. Fernandez Luis Goico to all my friends and family who is looking to have some nip and tuck done on their body. This far the few I have recommended are very happy. Dr. Fernandez L. Goico, there are no ratings in the world that I can give to you because you have gone above and beyond for me which makes you a model doctor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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