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I will be getting a TT, liposculpture and BBL with...

I will be getting a TT, liposculpture and BBL with DRA Duran in the Dominican Republic on April 4, 2016. Looking for a travel buddy! Not sure what recovery house to choose yet. I've been in contact with Laura Rodriguez, the Surgicoordinator. I'm ready to send my deposit, book my flight and inquire about recovery houses... Looking for a busy. Maybe we can decide together..????
I will post my before pics soon. So excited I can hardly wait! Time to start building my hemo!

Go through Laura Rodriguez surgicoordinator

Have 4 photos (nudes of yourself) ready to send. Front view, back view, and on each side.
Fill out the short questionnaire, submit photos and send.
Laura is very good with response time.
Best way to directly contact her is through WhatsApp 1347 779 0624. She charges $200 fee for her services. Only if you decide to book the surgery. The price will be included in the total quote. You don't have to pay upfront.
I contacted her less than a week ago and I have my date set, going to the bank today to send the deposit.
She works fast as long as youre ready on your end. They respond faster to people who are in the
"ready to book the procedure" stage, rather than someone who has a shit load of questions. Let me know how it goes!

I was kinda waiting a little to see if I can find a buddy and if necessary change my date Slightly so I can travel and experience this journey with a Future doll. I've been stalking this site for the past two years! I'M READY!!!

Also, flights in April are CHEAP!
$99 one way. $225 round trip!

Still haven't decided on a recovery house...

Passport should be arriving in a few weeks...
Going to start building my hemo and taking vitamins. I'll find out Monday how my hemo is looking.

I've uploaded a photo of my ravaged body. ????

Maria recovery house?

Maria recovery is ordering an amazing deal for $60 a night. Meals, transportation, 24 hr nurse, WiFi, air conditioning and laundry services included. $15 massages!!
5 minutes from Cipla!
Price is amazing!
Can anyone share there experience with Maria recovery??
Im ready to send a deposit

How long before I can go back home???

Having a tummy tuck and bbl.
How many days after surgery can I return home to my babies???
Is ten days long enough???
I see some women mentioning on day 9 they were shopping all day etc...
I don't want to stay 12 days and longer if I don't necessarily have to. Help????

Flight booked

I booked my flight on jet blue.
April 12-25
I gave myself 12 days after procedure to heal.
Vets, is that enough time?
From experience would 10 days be enough to return home???

Maria's recovery house???

Maria recovery house has a great sale going on. $60 a night all inclusive. Meals transportation, ac, WiFi, hospital bed international calling. Massages are half price at $15 each. Not to mention that she is 5 minutes away from Cipla!

Anyone else staying there??
Anyone who has previously stayed there, could you drop a quick review?? ?

15 days to go...

Excited. Nervous. Anxious.
I fly out in fifteen days!
I'd like to stay at a hotel but I'm having trouble finding a visiting nurse.
Does anyone have any information on that???

Suffered Burns and Skin Necrosis at the Hands of DRA. Duran

I've been researching doctors in Santo Domingo and the states for three years now. I decided DRA.Duran would be my doctor. My experience at Cipla was terrible. I stood at Plaza Florida Suites hotel, right around the corner from Cipla with my husband. I asked to hire a nurse for at least the first five days, Dr. Duran's assistants Fania and Walkiria were to set me up with a trustworthy nurse. Instead they phoned an acquaintance, a cleaning lady who had recently been fired from Cipla for whatever reason.. and lead me to believe she was a qualified nurse. Theres so much to tell you dolls!I suffered dehydration, I had to do hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments, my husband became my nurse cause the cleaning lady they sent me had no idea what to do. I developed staphylococcus infection along with cellulitis. 10 days post op my drains were removed and after witnessing the terrible after care, I boarded an overnight flight back home and any to the ER the next morning where I was told I couldve died had I stayed there longer. Did I mention the assistant's ( receptionist) were pulling women's drains out. Fania poked me with a needle about eight times on the burn area to ( promote bleeding). Im only posting this review in effort to educate some of the folks that think Duran is God. Complications can happen during any procedure but with proper post op care, I wouldn't have suffered as much. Fania and Walkiria actually wanted me to pay them the nurses fee. I told them no. I'm not pre-paying for services I haven't received. I'll pay the nurse daily at the end of her shift. They seemed upset. I didn't understand why at the moment. These chicks wanted their cut. Five days post op was my first appt to see DRA. Duran. I couldn't stand I was so sick and dehydrated. She sent me up to the emergency room for fluids, came to check on me a few hours later and saw that the "nurse" I had was a former employee and didn't mention to me at all that she's not really a nurse. Now you being my doctor, seeing the complications im going through, the burns, necrosis, dehydration, staph infection, cellulitis; she should've told me something along the lines of " you realize she's not really a nurse right"? Something! She allowed me to continue on with all these complications all while having a cleaning lady care for me?!???They do not care about you!I witnessed a female laying in a pool of blood after her surgery, shivering out of control and she asked a male doctor to get a blanket for her cause she was cold and he ignored her walking away saying" this is Santo Domingo' is not cold here jajajaaa" I felt so bad. This was after my surgery, I was weak and vulnerable myself, normally I'd defend the person and bitch them out for mistreating her, but I was mistreated myself, and I had no energy. In sure there will be ignorant females who will say I'm lying or some shit, I wish a bish would. SmhI know my last is all over the place. I plan to elaborate more on my experience soon. STAY AWAY FROM CIPLA LADIES.

Enough of the glamorous pictures, here's my truth.

I'd be doing a disservice if I didn't share my ugly truth with the very group that I looked to for information regarding my Sx. Here are some very graphic photos and I'm sorry for flooding your news feed with such graphic photos, however I am not sorry. I had a debridement done on Monday three weeks post op and had a second debridement done today. This looks even worse than any of the pics I've posted but I'll spare you at least that. Good luck dolls.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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