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Dr. Song is awesome!

Breast Augmentation

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25 Nov 2016

Updated, 1 day ago

Dr. Song is awesome!

I just had a subfascial breast augmentation done by Dr. Song, and I am SO happy! I am very athletic (I do Spartan races and bodybuilding comps), and I'm a personal trainer/group fitness coach. I love that Dr. Song himself is very fit and knows how to give athletic patients the best possible results based on their lifestyles. Even though I'm only 4 days post op, I am feeling very excited about my results so far and my recovery process has been great. Thank you Dr. Song for your expertise and attention to detail! I had such a great experience at his office in general as well...his staff members are all super friendly and helpful (special shoutout to Andi!). Surgery morning was stress free, and I felt very calm and relaxed. My nurse Lisa and my anesthesiologist Dr. Weatherwax made me feel very comfortable and took great care of me! I highly recommend Dr. Song, and I'm very thankful for my experience with him and the rest of his staff!