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Hello bbl sisters. I am 22 years young with no...

Hello bbl sisters. I am 22 years young with no kids. After having three surgeries I have gain weight in the problem areas and cannot loose:/ I'm grateful to be able to afford this procedure.

My boyfriend and I separated due to his infidelity. I'm so over it and i want to be back happy with my body. Now when I go to the mall; I mainly buy shoes due to the fact I have to buy shirt bigger to hide my love handles.

I chose Dr.S because his price is reasonablewhich means to me he is not all about the money. I love his work from looking at these ladies po Im very much amazed and is like me next, me next lol. At first my mom was against it because she felt like I was doing it for the wrong reason until I explainedit to her. My childhood friend will be assisting me and also taking a vacation lol.

So after doing a little more searching I have...

So after doing a little more searching I have decided to change my doctor to Yily! My friend is no longer going with me because she is afraid she will get stuck in the DR lol. The crazy thing is my mom is afraid I will because we always have people come up to us speaking Spanish lol and I only know the basics. I am just so ready for this new change in my life. I was quoted 3000 for my bbl and I will be staying at the JAc Recovery house since my friend is no longer coming. I plan on still going around the same time and I think this will be a memory of a lifetime. My other friends are tired of hearing me talk about it but I really don't care, because until its done they will listen to me complain lol. I think I have went overboard with my list of things I should take, so vet if you could email and let me know the basic you have use that would be great. I thinking about scheduling for late June through July if anyone wants to buddy up with me and share a room. I will try to post some before pics but please don't judge because I know it looks like I should have had at least one baby lol. I already know what dress I want to buy for my post surgery. I just hope my abnormal white blood cell is not a problem, because I have had 3 surgeries before, but was done on my knee. Ugh currently doing PT!

I know Im just rambling on now, but it feel so...

I know Im just rambling on now, but it feel so real enough though I have some time before my surgery. I plan on staying at the Jac Recovery house for 9-10 depends on my drains, but I know I will not be flying back no sooner, because that it a 5 hour flight including to trips in one. Grr. Why cant they just do one flight altogether? This will be my first time traveling and I am elated. My total cost so far with surgery, room, flight and ect came to a total of 5735. I am grateful for that because I was being charged7799 for just the surgery from my previous doc. Ladies please make a copy of your passport and to be able to carry around on you if you plan on sight seeing.
The list I have came up with so far is:
waist cincher
granny panties (10)
cheap shower curtain ( so you wont mess up there sheets) or puppy pads
No skid socks
Compression sock ( already have from previous surgery)
boppy pillow
benderyl gel
Tshirt or cami (10) To go under garment
Robe with pockets( can hold drains)
bendy straws
drain hooks
pill organizer
shower show aka flip flops
maix dress (4)
funnel (make it easy to use the potty)
Neosporin or bacitracin
gauze pads
make me heal kit
dial soap (antibacterial)
mild stool softners
baby wipes
bleach wipes
SNACKS to pack
apple sauce
fruit snacks
nivea q10 firming lotion
heating pad
extra firm mattress (cut out hole for but if you are a back sleeper)
IF Im missing anything on the list please feel free to tell me.

I hope to meet some bbl sisters there because this is a journey of a lifetime:)
Oh ladies please download the app currency translator and Spanish translator.

Now I am a little upset because I already paid my...

Now I am a little upset because I already paid my deposit for Salamas and is looking to sell it. The only thing is I do not know how to do it. ITs for Oct 8 if anyone want it and it 7799 instead of the 8499 they are now charging.

My mom has came around and now supports my...

My mom has came around and now supports my decision and I am so excited. She wont be able to travel with me, but it feel good to have my #1 supporting me:)Much love to all who had the surgery and who is planning it as I type:)
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