30 Years Old Two Kids, Ready to for the Round Perky Booty I Have Always Wanted.

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So I am not new to RS, but have had a couple of...

So I am not new to RS, but have had a couple of procedures done..I have wrote reviews on those, I am have been stalking peoples pages and can officially say I am ready for my BBL!!! It seems like DR Salama, and DR Jimmerson have had really the best results for the BBL.. Can someone post any thoughts??? I already have a good figure as i did have a TT with dr mel ortega, I think I would be a great candidate since I have fat around my flanks and lower back. I will post pics soon!!!

Bbl finally booked with dr salama !! July 12,2015

So gals I been stalking the salama
Girls and I can officially say I am gojng to be One of them! Just booked my bbl for July 23 2015 and I am so ready for the dr salama boootayy! I was in between dr jimmerson and him but I liked dr salamas work more !! He's so aggressive with the lipo and sculpting and I liked how every one of the girls looked . In particular the review that for me pushed me to chose hkm was princesscash her results are out of this world and I do have a similar build
To her so I liked her results . I am
5'2 155. I will not. Be Gaining anymore weight Bc I am already at my weight gain days . I was previously 122. And gained 20 pounds in last two years. I plan on keeping you gals posted during this journey and I am looking for some advice for someone whose been through this please. The hubby will be joining me for the two weeks and he is my caregiver . I am looking on suggestions on places to say maybe a beach front condo , and advice for surgery post and pre. I did a tt last May and the recovery for that was hell so I hope this one isn't as bad !! Talk to U guys soon. Oh and here are current pics and wish pics !


Does anyone offer feedback or support on here? I feel like my post is invisible??? is it after your done only that people comment back??

Still no feedback and support??? Thats not good at all..

No feed back at all

Changed my surgery date to JULY 16!!!!!

So I moved my day closer from July 23 to JULY 16!!! The countdown wil begin in mid june for me!!!


so my surgery is july 16 w dr salama and I am so nervous and feel like time is dragging!!! I have my medical clearance with my doctor this friday... she is going to sign saying I can have the bbl, hopefully she isnt judgmental. Like I stated before there isnt too much support on here, I feel like I am talking to myself. Cant wait for the countdown to start, I will start doing weekly updates when I get closer to my date

Well..almost there to the countdown--37 days to go!!!!!- Sx 7-16

So I will officially start my countdown at the 30 day mark, next time I update this review.. I want to be counting down in the 20's. I am really thinking about this all the time!! I am comfortable with dr salama, 90 percent of his results are amazing, and I really love the most LALA's post and Princesscash on real self, they have had by far the most amazing results so far.. I hope to get some nice results as I am already very curvy..SO I am hoping for the best shape. Not sure how big I want to be due to the fact that it will lose volume, so maybe starting out really big is a good idea. I want 1500 cc in each side hopefully he will be fine with it. LALA83 and princess cash both had around 1800 in each cheek. I am already cleared for sx, with EKG and Bloodwork. I am going to arrive in Miami the 15 in the am and going to dr salama right away to sign my life away and pay my balance which is pretty much not much left.. I purposely left some to get the discount of 7% of the cash you pay in person. So here it is ladies don't judge, but ten days after surgery.. I am going on a cruise with my family. For me it would be a "recovery" cruise. I won't be doing anything but watching the views from the ship and maybe shopping on the islands. Yes a 7 day eastern Caribbean cruise. My drains will come off the day before I leave. I have been working over 50 hours a week as a nurse for almost a year straight and I am off work for july and august for this whole trip and sx. My niece and hubby and two kids are coming along so I have tons of help. please don't make any negative comments. It will be a whole ten days later and I wnt leave with drains thats for sure. I sometimes have cold feet but I honestly stalk real self salama dolls every night for 2 hours a night. Still no support from anyone on this website so far when it comes to this bbl I am having! not many people say anything until it gets close to surgery, which I guess makes lots of sense. I plan on cleaning up my home deep cleaning closets and kitchen cabinets before I leave and I want this house to be super shiny and clean when I leave, so that I can be extra comfortable when I get back home on AUG 1. I booked at the Best western Aventura for first 7 days, then I booked at the hilton bentley on south beach for last three days (near cruise port).. and then I will be on cruise for 7 nights and back on Aug 1 , god willing of course:) I have so much on my plate and I am sure you guys think I'm insane! However, I got through a tt and that was honestly the worse pain in my life, more then child birth.. and yes ( i did go on a cruise when i came to miami for my tt) ( a 3 day cruise, with drains attached)..lol I Am from cold Chicago and overtime I Come out to Miami I make it a vacation! Then on Aug 6 back in chicago is my sisters wedding! Wow! May god ease everything on me during this journey:) Thoughts?

Pic of me in swim suit today .

Hate cellulite ! Will this bbl help ?


I have received my pre-op package from dr salamas office, and I am happy to say that I have 28 days until surgery day to go!!! I have 27 days until I leave. sx is scheduled for july 16 but I will arrive July 15 for my pre-op. I am staying at the BEST WESTERN AVENTURA For the first 7 days. It seems like its a nice quiet and clean hotel and it offers breakfast and parking is free! My rate was 98 a night which is pretty good. For my last three days in Miami I will be staying at a resort the HILTON BENTLEY in south beach!! It is very expensive but wanted to splurge for the last three days... So of course I am stalking this page everyday but the closer I get to sx date the less I am, but instead thinking about my own surgery.

In the package, I received my folder with my prescriptions for pain meds, stool softener, antibiotics and Zofran. It also gives me a list of things to have with me, but I will take my other BBL DOLLs advice and take what is REALLY NEEDED. I want to avoid over packing. I will take more pre-op pics and I will add measurements when I get closer to date. I will be posting again when I am closer to my date! Cheers everyone! (still not much support on here, wow..dont be a stranger)

So I am about 19 days pre-op!!! excited! Buying all my things...Got this face down pillow

So another BBL doll had recommended the face down pillow, got it off amazon for 36 bucks, she said without it she didn't know what she would have done! So I think this will be perfect to sleep on.. For any of you guys that have done this, does this sx mean I must say bye bye to all my jeans? like I am sure sizes are going to change. I am a 6 now.. I hope I don't end up in double digits after this surgery. If the waist is going to be smaller, then why on earth would that happen.. just paranoid I guess.

Closer, having dreams about the booty lol

Is it crazy that I am having dreams about surgery and waking up and moving around after surgery.. I even had Salama marking me up on the Surgery! HAHAHAHA omg the struggle is real! So for me its getting closer, after this post I am going to try to stay away from posting until I am under ten days post op..too much thinking is going to burn my brain! I am getting my things that I ordered from amazon slowly, will post pics soon of those items, along with my measurements, weight and more current pics of me post op. TALK TO YA SOON DOLLS!

OK, the yoga mat I ordered is too big?!!!! what did u guys use??

Can someone please tell me what to buy to sit on, I keep hearing mixed reviews on the bbl pillow, so someone told me to get a extra thick yoga mat and use it, honestly its way too big, my back is hunching on it when I sit.. Please someone send me a specific name of something to sit on that actually works.

Single digits yet??? So soon! So nervous

So I am going to update when I become less then ten days away with final measurements and pre op pics. I am currently 156 and 5'3 so he does have lots of fat to play with. I FINALLY ordered the bbl pillow should be here in two days, the closer I get the more I look at what I'm about to pack and wonder, how the heck will I pack lightly if there is just so much to take?

Happy fourth dolls!!!! stay safe

Almost here, in my next posts I will begin to post measurements final pics, and pics of things I brought tot make with me and my bbl pillow which I just got..(sad to say it only works on hard surfaces like wooden chairs, and it hurts ur back like hell to use because ur back must be straight when sitting and thats actually really hard if your posture isn't always that great.. will update later..

Wow countdown has started to be real 8 days pre !!!!

So I have lots to update , I will begin by saying I have gained 8 pounds for this surgery and It doesn't feel good . Most of my jeans don't fit anymore and I feel super fat . I am now 162 at 5'2 which is really ugly looking . I was 154 when I first scheduled this surgery and I was 140 last year . I really want to be in the 130-140 again after Bc this feels so nasty . I know that will take a long long time spec after surgery and swelling . So here is some pics I took yesterday . My messurments are 39-31-43. I want the waiste to be In The twenties after this surgery . Also here is my
Bbl pillow it came in !! I seriously feel so so fat I need to slow down w the food !!!! I plan on eating lightly this entire week up until sx.

What ? 4 days left ??? Woah nerves are kicking in

So here is a picture of some of the items I have packed , in addition to this i got Hanes tanks to wear under garnment and two light robes , slippers , granny panties ,? Everything in a first aid kit , gauze pads , a hot/cold massager . Next time I update will prob be my last one before the big day maybe from Florida :) keep me in your prayers ladies :)

Here in Miami ! Salama was amazing - had mad me pre op today

So just like everyone says Salama was amazingly
Nice and very I'm formative and made me feel comfortable instantly , he said he can give me what I want from my wish pics , and it's very obvious that this guy knows what he's doing . He just really stresses on following post op instructions in order to get best results and best recovery . So I am going to enjoy Miami since I have to be up for sx at 7 am
Tom. C u dolls on other side ! Oh yes , stay at best western aventura ! So clean smells
So clean and amazingly new . Last minute pics

In on the other side gals , he is a master !!

Well dolls I'm on other side , very very sore is how I explain how I feel now ! And happy ! He did an amazing job I can tell already ! He such an awesome doctor. Honestly , he deserves a penny and worth it so far . I'm a very strong women and I can say this pain is totally not easy . I'm on the strong pain med and the dizzy pills are helping me recover . I went in at 730 this morning and was done by 1130. And picked up by 130. We'll details
Later very weak now .

Some pics of office door il post butt pics Tom .

Ha ha

Post op pics

Th pictures speak for themselves :) I am very happy. So went to
My first post op
Visit and took the garnment off and this is what I saw:) wow what A
Difference ! He gave me
Exactly what I asked for , and hubby took pics , he's obsessed 2.
Took my first shower and garnment is being washed . Still weak .taking my meds on the clock. Here are
My pics so enjoy ..

When does it get better ? Home sick in pain .

So today marks end of my third day post op and I don't seem to be feeling that much better . I can't sleep at night , it's so hard . I keep flipping from sidest to back . I am sooooo stiff in my
Back it kills to move. I do so much walking and rotating but I'm so home sick :( depressed I wana be at home.. It's so painful and coming from someone who had a Tt and two kids hats pretty realistic . I can't sit at at al of course , so sick of standing and kneeling. The bbl pillow is such a waist of money I don't even want it ,not even worth carrying back home if anyone is I Florida and wants to take it inbox me . I don't know if my
Butt is too big but it doesn't work for me???? my question is , when does this get better ? My first
Massage is Monday I and I hear it hurts so is this going to be only worse ? Please help any advice ? So depressed

Tommroow is day 5 and first massage .

So Tom
Is the day I have been dreading I have an apt at all, I can walk better but I feel miserable . I'm from Chicago and it's so hot here in Miami to me it feels like standing in a oven when I walk outside . Spec wearing the garnment . I'm not used to this extreme heat. So, I hate to be so negative but I'm pretty down overall. The figure I love it , the butt is massive and waiste is small.. But the emotions are just down in general . I hate living in a hotel. I can't sit down or sleep anywhere it feels awful and so award to even walk Bc the inner thigh lipo left
Me vey soar . My advice is never to do ur arms as well I think it's the biggest mistake , my arms
Are the only
Thing that have been helping and keeping me sane . I honestly don't know how some people do it with the arms and thighs . My back drain I hope they remove tommroow . It did not drain one drop and yes its positioned correctly Bc she checked one day post , just no drainage there . Second drain is on the yellowish side now so I think it should be removed soon . I seriously don't want it. It's part of my depression . I leave on Thursday from Miami so I want this whe thing done by we'd! I'm
So done ! Il update Tom
With pics and massage totutre info . Any feedback would be a great help .

Massage one complete one drain out

So I was with Celia today and she was awesome she made me feel better with her words . I walked In there depressed and in zombie mode Bc I was on pain killers . I keep running in to girls in the office going for round 2 after a year . I am sorry but I don't know how they can do this again it's insane ! So I had my first massage and yes it killed even with pain meds I cried entire time . She took out back drain . I had my next one on wed. With Celia she was amazing even though it was painful she gave me small breathing breaks and something cold to drink . Then she put me In a new smaller garnment , which automatically made me very dizzy .. It is what it is , it feels better after her
massage noting to deny it , by getting their is hell . Butt shape still huge hips and waiste very small . Here's a pic just took while applying my arnicate gel on my thighs . Until wed ciao!

Wow been so long

So after a month almost I am starting to feel
Normal . Back pain continued until now , I think it was the worst through out this whole
Experience was the back pain . I got my
First drain removed at day 5 and my second one removed day 7. I must admit it's hard to keep u with foam and compressions a month later .. I still use foam under
My garment which is now big on me.
I have started fluffing and have not lost any volume . Not sitting yet I will wait too the 5 week mark , not sitting has been a pain in the neck and also very noticeable to others . My plane ride home luckily I had laid down in my husbands lap on
My tummy in first plane and second and was empty so I got to go on three empty seats and lay on my tummy the entire flight it was amazing !! Here are some new pics and yes all within the last week

Finally can sit and be normal ...fluffing big time

So I have not lost volume . Thank god ! I actually think it looks huge in most clothing . Everyone around me has noticed some changes to my ass but of course I would never admit it . I haven't been best with compression! I only compress at night ! Here's pics

Definitely fluffed and bigger

So here I am ! Love my results still ! Get compliments everywhere I go and many jealous people aground me trying to investigate to see what exactly I have done to myself. No one wants to see you look good! They are all so envious and cruel! I would never do that to anyone ! Point is I look good and they don't !!! Aside from that , dr Salama is amazing ! In love w my results ! And they keep getting better and better ! I work out of course to keep that Waiste very trim and small! Gained maybe 8 pounds but it looks great on me . Good luck divas !

One year !! Fluffing fairy is here

So I was in Miami randomly and I went for my one year post op with Doctor Salama! He told me everything was great , there are two areas that are ok each cheek that seem to be a little flatter then most parts , so I would require round two to fix . Which I don't mind, just not now . Not ready for it . It's not obvious . So I can wait ! I will do it just not now. I think he is very sweet we took a selfie ! Here are some pics !

Fluffing fairy passed thru I'm happy

Very very happy with my results ! Fluffing fairy has came thru finally . You judge ! Love u dr Salama
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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