24 no kids; Natrelle Inspira SRM 405cc

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A bit about myself. I'm 24 turning 25 in April....

A bit about myself. I'm 24 turning 25 in April. Currently, I'm about a small B. Would like to be a large C small D. After a lot of research i finally scheduled a consultation with Dr. muskett in Billings. I've heard great things about him and he has worked on friends, so I've seen his work personally. I'm pretty excited and have posted some pre pictures. I'll update everyone on how the consultation goes. I just finished my bachelors degree so I'm calling this my birthday / grad present to myself! Hope to schedule surgery in February sometime.

24 - No Kids - Athletic Frame

A couple days ago I had my consultation with my PS, Dr. Muskett in Billings, MT. Currently, I am a 36B. My desired size would be a large C or small D. After going over the procedure I decided to go with 400cc Inspira smooth full profile implants. I'm making some sizers tonight out of the rice bags to be sure but I'm confident this is the right size for me. My experience at my Dr.'s office was pleasant and I am confident in my surgeon. He said I have fairly semetrical breasts with enough extra tissue to expect a very natural and pleasant result. I was quoted at $5,605 and have started my loan process through my local bank. Pretty excited. Anyone else currently at a B and going with 400cc's or a similar size? Just wondering about what size I can expect to come out with.

Currently a 36 B

Wish Pictures

Just some pictures of what I hope my results will look like!

Rice Sizers

So just to be sure on my sizing I made some rice sizers I used approx 1 and 3/4 cups in each. I couldn't measure 400cc's exactly so I went with the closest I could make which were 417cc's. Actually love them and I think with a full profile I'll get the results I want. What do you all think???

Surgery Scheduled

Finalized everything with the surgery. Payments have been received in full and I will be going in January 25 at 7am. I finalized my decision and have decided to go with the 400 Inspira silicone implants in a full profile I believe. Pretty nervous and excited, surgery seems so long away but I know it will be here before I know it.

1 day post op

I had my surgery yesterday morning at 8am. Everything went fairly smoothly and my Dr. And his staff were amazing. Had a bit of trouble starting my IV but my veins are tiny so nothing I didn't expect. Seems like every time I get an IV they struggle. But eventually the technician found one that would work. After my IV was started i say for a while and went over paper work and the procedure once more. The anesthesiologist came in and explained how that would work and I signed another release paper with him. Then the sugerical nurse came in and went over sozing once more. I had originally picked out 400cc. After my research I figured that would be the best size for me to hopefully end up with a large c or small d range. Surgical nurse said she had some 360s pulled in case the 400s didn't work. Next thing I knew I was being walked back to the surgery room in their clinic. I chose to do my procedure at their clinic vs the hospital because it was a lot cheaper and that was what their surgery room was designed for. In the end I'm glad I did. After surgery I woke up in the recovery room kind of suddenly. I had no memory of the surgery and was in some pain but my nurse was quick to give me a pain killer asap. As soon as I got that in my system I felt a lot better. My Dr. Ended up going with 405cc which surprised me because they were bigger than what I had picked but he said they fit my frame and body size a lot better and he was sure I would be happier with the results of the bigger ones. I'm thinking he was right. Still pretty swollen and tinder but loving the size. They're not too big but a lot bigger than what I had. They also gave me Valium to help with the muscle aches and something for nasea because I did feel woosy every time I stood up. When I got to our hotel the staff was equally amazing. They allowed us to do an early check in (@ 11 am) and gave us an awesome medical rate and were very accommodating with extra pillows and whatever I needed. Plus it was very clean and on ground level which really helped. I did end up throwing up so I would recommend asking and taking the nasea pills. As of now I'm not in much pain as long as I stay up on my meds. I'm taking a percaset and Valium about every four to six hours. I would definitely say have someone wake you up if you are sleeping to take them because its hell waking up with no pain killers in your system. Plus morning boob is a real thing! Sooooo sore when I first got up but once I got moving things got better. I would also recommend getting a wedge pillow. My fiancé got one for me at bed bath and beyond and it is seriously a life saver so much more comfortable than slouching on pillows the whole time. Overall I'm pleased with the procedure and how I was treated by my Dr and his staff. I have my second day follow up and ten and will update after that. (:

3 Days Post-Op

Well it's been officially three days since my surgery Monday. I'm feeling tons better and not much pain if any really. Still a little stiff when I wake up in the morning but overall I can move around more. My only complaint is the meds make me kind of loopy extremely tired but I think the rest can only help me at this point. Tonight I'll also take my first shower which will feel extremely love I feel sweaty from laying in bed so long and the meds make me hot and sweaty for some reason. they also make me kind of sick so I'm gonna try to stop taking them and switch to Tylenol and see if that helps.

Not happy );

Well I finally took a shower and got a full look and I'm so bummed ); they're not near the size I wanted or hoped for....I feel like they're the exact same size I started with. I can still wear my previous bras only I have my cleavage with them. So basically I can fit into a size B cup still....like ugh I'm so upset inreallybwamted to be a D. Plus they're only going to shrink even more as the swelling goes down. This was an entire waste.....I'm still a B cup only a fuller B which is not what I wanted at all.....

Where I was compared to where I am vs what I wanted to look like

4/5 Day Post Op

I blame half my anxiety / panic attack on the meds. Valium is seriously crazy and paired with the percaset I felt entirely loopy and super emotional. I've switched to Tylenol as I was breaking out in hives or a rash that I'm guessing was linked to taking so many meds. Plus they made me super sick and hot, temp wise. I got some calamine lotion to put on my skin that seemed to help it not being so itchy and bumpy. It looked like little goosebumps all over. Anyway, I'm feeling better about how they're looking. They're less pointy (Madonna boobs) and are v coming more rounded. Realistically they're pretty big, a lot bigger than I started out with. I think what I'm not happy with is their shape as in they're not round but I think it's due to the fact they're still sitting so high on my chest. Overall, I'm becoming more comfortable with them and I think as they drop I'll like them more. Additionally, I'm not accounting the fact that I'm wearing the worst bra imaginable right now. Im sure when I can switch to a real bra that adds more shape I'll be even happier. So as of now I'm just patiently waiting as all of you kind girls have instructed me to. Wish me luck and thank you so much for the support. Body image is always a difficult thing to accept and love. I think your all right I need to be patient, after all unjust had my procedure in Monday so it's literally only been 4 days. Ps. Don't mind the calamine (I probably misspelled that) lotion that's the chalky stuff it's helping with my reaction to the meds.

Over the 1st week hurdle!

So far the first week has been rough. Shape was crazy and emotions were up and down. But I'm finally loving my new shape!!! I've been off all my meds for about three or four days now and I feel amazing. Not any pain. There is some slight discomfort when I move certain ways or flex my muscle but other than that I feel great. At first I didn't have to much sensation in my nipples and under my boob. If you rubbed my nipple it would respond and get hard but I couldn't feel it myself. As of now, the seventh day post op, I can feel my nipples when you touch them. More so in the left than right but it's catching up. The shape has also improved tremendously. I'm not in the Madonna phase anymore. They have started to round up shape wise and I'm happy with my size and projection. My incisions are healing nicely and have started to scan over. Overall I'm pretty happy (:
Billings Plastic Surgeon

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