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Soooooo 3 years ago I canceled Tummy tuck with a...

Soooooo 3 years ago I canceled Tummy tuck with a Dr here in NYC the DAY OF surgery!!!!!!! But now I'm back and ready. I've been doin some research and I came up with 2 Doctors in DR!!! I know ppl keep telling be careful but yeah yeah I know. Sooooo question to you guys Dr. Duran vs Dr. Madina? I want a tummy tuck, breast lift/implants,lipo and possibly a bbl (don't really care for it though). I just want to get you guys opinion plz help!!!!!

Dr Medina

I'm finding that Dr Medina prices goin up and up and up!!!! Who ever is responding to her emails keep adding things I didn't even ask for and just hitting me with a price. It's like they are not listening and if a doctor can't listen to me when I'm awake how can I trust her when I'm a sleep???? She keep quoting me with a BBL and never once I mentioned getting a Bbl????. Now Dr Duran is impossible to reach I don't know wa to do.

Update and Dr Duran and Dr Medina

So I finally received a quote from Dr Duran. Her price is $800 higher than Dr Medina. I like Medina tummy tuck but I love the way Duran sculpt the body. Duran also said she don't think it's best to do a TT, Lipo and BL with implants at the same time ????. And they all want me to a BBL in which I'm not tooo interested in but if it's a small difference I will. But they both keep giving me prices with bbl in it. Will schedule for early February once I figure this out. Travel buddies wanted.

Future Duran

Ok soooo pretty much all my research and I chose Dr. Duran!!!!!!!!! I booked my flight and send my deposit today. Now it's time for the journey. I'm scheduled for February 10, 2016. I'm looking for a travel buddy to go through this journey with. Please feel free to contact me. I bought some of my supplies and started taking my vitamins. I have an appointment with my primary doctors in November to check my hemo levels. That should give me enough time to see where I'm at and how hard I should go to get my level to 14.

Wish pics :)

Duran Facebook groups???

I haven't been having luck with girls replying to me on here. I need someone anyone to add me to some of the group for Dr Duran on FB I need more info and make sure I good for sx in February. Still looking for a RH and a travel buddy.

Travel with tummy tuck drainage in?

So I'm on a few FB groups and I was just told I may not be able to travel with my drainages in due to risk and complications. I will like to know if this is true? What are the complications have you dolls heard of and what are the risk? I can only stay for 8 days

SX buddy needed for February 9-18 2016.

Really looking for a buddy to share a recovery house with in February. My doc is Duran I'm already booked(flight and Surgery deposit) I need someone that is also already booked and just need someone to start their journey with. I did know book a recovery house yet I'm still shopping around. Don't be afraid I don't bite ???? (I'm getting a TT with breast lift with implants and lipo hopefully fingers crossed)

Soo hard to quit smoking

I'm a little under 3 months for what I call "snatched Day" and it's so hard quitting smoking. I will go a week straight then mess up by smoking 1 and repeat that cycle. I've been doin this for a month now but I NEED to quit please help I need to stop completely NOW
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