Just Had a Tummy Tuck on March 19th 2013

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Today is day 7 I'm finally 1week post op. I'm...

Today is day 7 I'm finally 1week post op. I'm having mixed feelings so far about my tummy tuck. Ill first start off by saying I'm 29 4'11" and weight 125 I decided to get this because of all the loose skin I had left over after my 1st child 11yrs ago. I just hated being embarrassed about my body ...I did it. I got this procedure done and I must admit this isn't a walk in the park. The soreness is no joke. Not to mention the mucus and wheezing I experienced till this day I still have it and its VERY painful to cough. I been feeling depressed about sitting here on this couch not being able to do nothing. I miss holding my baby :( she's 7 months old I hope my mood changes soon, as far as my tummy is way better than it was before I love it but right now I just can't look past this feeling. The DRAINS the back PAIN the SORENESS of my body etc. I'm jus being a baby but this is real it's my experience and I don't wanna make this look easy at all.

Today is post op day 13 and I feel almost "normal"...

Today is post op day 13 and I feel almost "normal" today expect for the part where I'm walking huntched over. I still have my drains in and that sucks! I swear I've made myself a pro at tucking in my tubes without having to wear special clothes or keeping my pants too low. I just bend my tubes upward and pull my tights over them and wahh laa it works for awhile until I sit and the drain pulls ..ouch! Anyway good news is not much fluids coming out its been about 4-5 days with hardly nothing. I get them taken out on Thursday ;) yay!! 3 more days. I'm loving my new stomach even tho my sides where my love handles were is a bit bulgy I'm assuming its swelling and not just fat because I'd be pretty pissed if it is. My belly button started looking kinda gross about 4 days ago. It started with a smell and oozing yellow thick stuff however I been putting alcohol on it 2 times a day and it's looking a little better. I guess. I been also taking a multi vitamin and zinc hopefully it'll speed up recovery. Wishful thinking. I still haven't held my baby :( but I do try and interact with her the best I can. I'm also able to shower myself now :) I even shaved my legs with the help of the bf All in all I'm starting to feel more like myself on day 13

I'm 2weeks post op today!! Yayyy I'm definitely...

I'm 2weeks post op today!! Yayyy I'm definitely feeling alot better than week 1 .. I still have my drains I HATE them they are uncomfortable and I've got them caught on things OUCH! I love the way my shirts fit :)) I haven't wore a fitted tee since highschool omg. I see my surgeon in 2 days to have these darn things removed. I'm still sleeping propped up but I can lay way more flat then before I'm happy bout that. I'm still huntched a bit but I notice in the morning I'm alot straighter and less swollen. The swelling doesn't bother me tho at all it's not a big deal. I'd take the swelling over hanging skin anyday. My hips are looking a bit weird tho. Like fat kinda rolly idk I'm hoping its swelling and not fat because it looks strange. Ok ill write in 2 days to update on the removal of my drains.
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