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I was beginning to feel discouraged about my aging...

I was beginning to feel discouraged about my aging face. At 40 I started using botox and juvederm, I've also had voluma in my cheeks, IPL for my age spots, emerge laser and pellevee hoping for skin tightening. I've been been very overweight for several years and have been eating well and exercising and losing weight. I am hoping Ultherapy will tighten my saggy face and jowls while the weight comes off :-)


Here are some before and progress pics :-) I see results BUT I am also losing weight which I think is making the results much more spectacular. My hope is that as I continue to remove excess weight that my face will tighten up even more from the Ultherapy. Stay tuned....

10 weeks post procedure and HAPPY with the results!

I have to say I am so glad I had this procedure done! The combination of taking off 20 pounds and this procedure has given me the anti-aging results I had hoped for :-)

10 weeks post procedure and HAPPY with the results!

I have to say I am so glad I had this procedure done! The combination of taking off 20 pounds and this procedure has given me the anti-aging results I had hoped for :-)

December 22, 2015 Going back for a second Ultherapy tx

In December it will be a year since the first tx. I am still seeing good results from the first tx. I wish I had kept the weight off because it makes such a big difference. Being obese really does horrible things to the face. So, back on a healthy eating regimen and exercise and counting down to my appointment. This time I'm having my full neck done as well and I'm really excited to see the results! I'll take pics on the way to the appointment and update after as well.

Current photo

Ultherapy Round 2 a year later

Here I am the day of. Leave it to a plastic surgeon's office to have the most unflattering lighting in the reception area - LOL!

Round 2 - day after prodedure

I love these pics because they make me laugh. I sent them to my family and close friends LOL!

Round 2 - three days post

notice the bruise under my chin like someone tried strangling me, LOL, sorry that is probably not funny....

Round 2 - a week after Ultherapy #2

The swelling 90% gone, the bruise is fading, skin is dry and flakey

Round 2 - Around the 8 week mark this morning

Unlike the first time, I have not been losing any weight, I wish I was, but I'm not LOL! So I think that may be impeding any dramatic changes so far. However, the most noticable changes are not expected until 3-6 months, so I still have time.

Great Results the first time so I went back for another round one year later

I really liked the results I got last year so I signed up and did it again this year. I'm very glad I did. I am really starting to see not only mine, but my friends faces change, dramatically, now that we are all around 45-46 yrs old. I think Ultherapy has helped me at least some in turning back the clock, ever so slightly. I'm seriously wanting to do a Finesse Lift with Dr. Fechner at the anniversary of this Ultherapy treatment. It should help lift my jowels more and hopefully stop my smile from gravity which is trying to make it a frown. And, I'm hoping Dr. Fechner can balance out my face a little (my left side sags lower than my right).

11 months after 2nd Ultherapy treatment

I haven't updated in awhile this time. I didn't see the results as much as the first time after Ultherapy. And I must confess, I also haven't updated because I haven't been happy with myself and my body weight this year. I had dysport injected (forehead, eye lift, neck, etc) several days ago which has greatly improved my face, neck and jowl appearance. I guess my appearance would have been even worse at this time had I not gotten the second Ultherapy treatment?? Hard to say. I'm a little disappointed this time around. I must recommend Botox and Dysport though as they (when injected properly) can provide a nice lift of the face and jowl. :-)
Worcester Facial Plastic Surgeon

The office is a 3 hr drive for me. I chose this office because of Dr. Fechner's online presence here on Real Self. I had a consult a year ago for a facelift and decided it was too early for me and too expensive to do it. The $200 consult fee I paid was good to use towards any future appointment so I used it for my Ultherapy. I also took advantage of a Christmas special of 10% off gift certificates so I bought myself a gift certificate in the amount of the Ultherapy prior to my appt. I like the office, it is professional and in a historic looking home in Worcester, MA. The staff is super nice. Jennifer did my procedure and she was also nice, professional, has been performing the procedure for a few years and had experienced the procedure herself without any medication so I was confident she would be able to do the procedure correctly and use her knowledge to provide the best treatment possible. I had my whole face, under my chin, jowls and even around my mouth done. Even with the percocet and adivan they prescribe to take 45 min prior to the treatment, it was quite uncomfortable. Jennifer gave me some things to squeeze during the painful parts and that was a huge help! I had been reading reviews all year long so I knew the pain was going to exist and I was okay with that. The day after the procedure my face, particularly the lower face was swollen (my brother told me I looked like Shrek - LOL) but I was on vacation at home so it didn't bother me. Now a week later and the swelling is down, the bruising was not dark, more greenish is faded and the numbness, tingling and zaps I felt if I touched my face have almost all subsided. I did not take any ibuprofen for swelling and took nothing for pain this past week. Totally do-able. I know that it takes 3-6 months to see any real changes so I'm just waiting to see if this was worth it or not. I'm very hopeful and really think I'll be happy with the results. I'll wait and post pics once I see improvement :-)

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