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Hello ladies, I have been reading posts on real...

Hello ladies,

I have been reading posts on real self for almost 2 years now and have decided to entrust Dr Yily with what I call my "re-beautification" process. I have been quoted for Lipo of the abdomen, flanks, back and inner thighs, BBL and tummy tuck with muscle repair (I have a hernia). I was thinking about doing a breast lift, but I tend to scar. I got my quote from yily's staff literally within 8 hours of requesting one. After sending her a few information and pics of me, I got my quote back within one hour. Pretty impressive.

Has anyone gone with Dr Yily and used the "all-inclusive package" that includes the RH. I'm a lil confused since the quote says its all-inclusive for the price, but then in other places in the email it states the RH is separate. Help me out ladies. Do any of you know? and which RH would you recommend?

BTW, i'm looking for a surgery buddy for Feb 2016, if anyone is interested.


Deposit Sent, Date confirmed *Future Yily Doll- February 25th, 2016*

Wow! Thing are moving pretty fast. Just yesterday morning I requested a quote from Dr Yily and by the end of the day my quote was sitting in my inbox. Now, my deposit have been made and I've been confirmed for February 25th, 2016.

Guess it's time to start looking into flights to DR and doing EXTENSIVE research on what I need to bring. Any recommendations ladies? Like for real, for real. What have you read is most helpful to pack for this trip?

BTW, still in need of a travel buddy :)


Plane Tickets purchased * Future Yily Doll- Feb 25th, 2016*

I purchased my plane ticket today, which by the way is hella-expensive (almost $700!!!!). The reality that I'm actually doing this is still sureal.

Does anyone know of any posts which list all the must haves for this trip?

Must have Supplies for Surgery *Future Yily Doll- February 25th, 2016*

Ive been looking through a bunch of post and decided to comply a list of must haves for surgery. please add on any items you feel is a must.

Prescribed pain medications (hydrocodone-acetaminophen, lortab)
Prescribed antibiotics (Augmentin)
Anti-nausea medication (Zofran)
anti-inflammatory medications (Tylenol, Ibuprofen)
antihistamine (benadryl, zyrtecm claritin)
anti-anxiety medications (xanax, clonazepam)
Over the counter (OTC) sleep medications (melatonin)
Arnica Montana
Topical Arnica Montana
Vitamin C, or Vicon C
Triple antibiotic ointments
Stool softener (docusate sodium, bisocadyl)
Milk of Magnesia
Water pills (lasix)
anti-reflux (omeprazole, prilosec)
Medication organizer or pill case (with days of the week and times)
Medication log to know when to administer medications/ or download app

pee/ chuck pads
emesis bag
Disposable gloves
hand sanitizer
Heavy duty Maxi pads
Hibicilens soap
Antimicrobial soap (dial) 
Feminine wipes
1 box of Baby Wipes (Un-scented)
Female Urinal
Tooth Paste
Tooth Brush

ABD pads
Guaze pads 
Paper Tape
Heavy duty feminine pads
Silicone sheet or other scar therapies
Bio-oil/ Palmer’s Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil  

Compression Garments (medical quality only)
Wife beaters/ T-shirts (to wear under your garment)
About 7 pair of cotton granny panties
Loose non-wired bras
Loose fitted clothing (maxi dreass, sweat pants, tshirts)
Thin robe
House slippers
Nonskid socks
Abdominal board
Back board
Boppy pillow
Compression stockings
Loose head band to wear around your neck when in the shower to pin drains to.

Plain, low sodium crackers (nausea)
Bottled water
Low sodium soups
Fresh fruit
Protein shakes

Journal/ magazines
Laptop/ iPad
Portable DVD player
Cell phone
Calling cards, telephone minutes

Luxury vs Serenity RH * Future Yily Doll- Feb 15th, 2016*

Hey ladies,

It's been a little while since I have been on here. I've been trying to get everything in order for my surgery which is only two months away. I tried making a reservation with Luxury RH, which is number 1 on Yily's list of RH in her all inclusive package, but have not had much luck getting a hold of anyone. I've emailed them three times over the past 3 weeks with out a single response back. I don't know if I should take this as a bad sign. I've gone ahead and reached out to Serenity RH in case I don't hear back from Luxury. Anyone else having the same issue?

Also, any feedback on both RH would be greatly appreciated.

Just got my shipment from Walgreens

Hey Ladies!

With my surgery date being less than two months away, I decided to crack a whip on my surgery prep. I ordered all the basic essential (as far as medications/ vitamins) from walgreens on last week and just got my shipment in. I bought the PurAbsorb iron and I must say......YUCK!!!!!! That thing is nasty! I don't care how much apple flavor they add, you still get that nasty iron during/after-taste. However, I have no choice but to suck it up , since there is so much invested in getting this surgery done. Here's quick pic of my shipment. I will upload my other supplies that I've been collecting at a later date.

Before pics????


Bathing in the DR- Future Yily Doll- Feb 2016 - Dominican Republic

Hey dolls,

With surgery less than 5 weeks away, I've been thinking (and over thinking) about little stuff, such as this water situation in the DR. From what I've read, DO NOT BATHE USING THE WATER IN THE DR. Now I'm a little confused. Does this apply to pre-op, post-op or both. I am almost sure that it applies to post-op so that our incision won't get infected with whatever's in the water, but what about our pre-op Hibiclens (CHG) bath???? I've read about using bottled water...but exactly how does that work. Are we really pouring COLD 17oz bottled water on us? And if so, well damn, how many bottles am i gonna go through for one bath? Also, are ppl purchasing cases of water in the states or are they buying it once they get to DR? Oh so many questions.......... help me out ladies...Especially those who have already been dolled up.

Thinking about going with Duran instead of Yily.

Hey dolls,

So these past 24 hours have been straight up ridiculous! I've decided I might as well do a breast lift with implants while in in the DR so I've been trolling real self heavy, trying to find good reviews of Yilys breast lifts. I am so disappointed to say that yily has botched a LOT of women's boobs!!!! There's NO WAY I'm letting her touch mine! I
a soon to be divorcee with 3 kids and have gifted myself with this body makeover..... And I need a full body makeover done right! Duran seems to be the one who can deliver a full package up to par! So I've reached out to SEVERAL emails that I've found on here and requested a quote. I don't mind paying extra.... But I MUST keep my original surgery date since my flight has been paid and I've gotten the time off approved at work. Ughhhhh!!!! What a mess..... Back to da waiting game. I just hope I hear from her staff soon. Does anyone know the legitimate and free way of getting a quote from her. I see she has a surgicoordinator named laura who is charging for quotes (absolutely ridiculous). True Duran dolls, please chime in and tell me what u know. Thanks hunni bunnies!

To be continued dolls.....

Looking to switch surgery dates with Duran doll. Willing to pay for switch.

Hi ladies!

I am looking to switch surgery dates with someone for Dr Duran. Apparently, she is booked until April but I need to go by February. I was originally booked with yily for end of February but has since decided to go with Duran. My plane ticket is purchased and time off from work all approved for February. I am willing to pay an incentive for switching dates. Please let me know.....

Update on Yily switch to Duran

Hey y'all!

Thanks to all the dolls on RS I was able to get a hold of one of the coordinator who gets you in contact with Duran, obtain your quote and schedule your date. I went with BellaVita consultants. I reached out to Jazmine yesterday afternoon and she was in communication with me the same day! She told me early on that Duran is booked til April (I appreciate hair upfront honesty, instead of tryna gv me false hope). She sent me a registration form and after sending it back to her, she responded the next day (today) with the payment link for her services. For $200 she does everything that I've mentioned: obtain a quote on your behalf and schedule your date (after paying the $250 deposit to Duran). She responded back this afternoon letting me know she should have my quote by tomorrow. Although I hesitated and dreaded the idea of having to go through a consulting group JUST to get a quote and book, I can certainly see why this works for the client when dealing with a very busy and difficult to reach Doctor. So we'll see if Jazmine at Bellavita is as fabulous as she is coming off so far and get me that quote by tomorrow.

BTW, I was able to get my plane ticket cancelled without having to pay the $300 change fee that Delta charges.

GOD is good!!!!

I'll keep y'all posted once I receive my quote.

Got my quote and my date for Duran

Hey dolls!!!

I got my quote for Duran last week via Jazmine at Bellavita and today she got me my surgery date. Looks like I'll be a Duran doll come 04/11/16!!!!! So once again I'm looking for a surgery buddy.......

2 different quotes from 2 different surgicoordinator, for the same Doctor.

Hi dolls!

I'm a little skeptical and want to know if anyone else has had this problem. I've received two different quotes from so different surgicoordinators, all for the same Doctor, Duran. I initially went through Bellavita Consultants and paid jazmines fee to get a quote and date reservation. While waiting for Jazmine tk get back to me, Laura (Surgicoordinator), finally responded that she had forwarded my information to Dr Duran and is waiting for my quote. A day later, Jazmine (from BVC) sent me a quote for $6900 for all the work I wanted done. She said it from Dr Duran. Literally l, a day later Laura (surgicoordinator) also responds back with a quote for $5200 but excludes the breast lift with implants. When I mentioned to her that it was not included in the quote, she said it's because Dr Duran said it is too many procedures at one and that I will have to decide which one are most important to be done in this round. So now I'm really confused!!!!! Laura sounds legit because some doctors will not do a bunch of procedures for real. In concerned because Jazmine did all my booking and confirmed my date, but is her quote really from Dr Duran???? I'll email Jazmine and let her know what's going on, but I wanna know if any of you have been through this and what happened?

Spoke with Dr Duran's Office

I called CIPLA just now and spoke with Jules in Dr Duran's office. She confirmed that I'm on the schedule for Aprill 11th. She also confirmed with me that Dr Duran will do either the tummy tuck or the breast lift, but not both. She says Dr Duran will not do both since it's too many procedures. I'm a lil disappointed since the whole purpose of switching to Duran and rescheduling everything two months later was for her to do my breast lift. Jules says I may have gotten quoted for everything, but when I actually get here and have my consultation with her, that's when the areas of sx will be decided. If I have to choose between the two ..... Of course we're taking care of this gutty!!!!

Supplies from inthepinkroom.com

Hey dolls!

I got my shipment of my post surgical supplies. I ordered a Lipo foam to keep the fans from digging into my skin. I also ordered an ab board and a back board with a built in triangle to help with compression. The last thing I bought was the little Venus triangle for right above my butt to give that nice indent. Check out inthepinkroom.com to get any of these supplies. Here a quick vid but I'll post pics later.

Booked at SeaLily RH

Hey RS Fam!

I found a really great deal with SeaLily RH, thanks to RH user Tropicalmood. I will be staying 10 days at the RH for $750. This includes airport transportation, 6 massages and all the other basic inclusions that the other RHs are offering. The other RHs can't beat this with a bat, so I'm sold. Anyone else going to SeaLily? Roll call.....

Surgery in 11 days

He dolls! I've been incognito for the past month since I have been studying for my state boards. As of yesterday, I official passed my state boards and am now a Nurse Practitioner!!!! Whoop whoop! Now that that mission is complete, I c an start to focus on my surgery with Duran in 11 days!!! I am so nervous. I haven't even packed or gone shopping for maxi dresses or anything other than my meds and some pads. The count down begins.

DR in T-1, surgery with Duran in T-2 days!

I can't believe how fast this time has come. I leave for the DR early tomorrow morning and having surgery on Monday with Dr Duran. I'm all packed up, but I feel like I'm forgetting something....... Guess it's just my nerves. I'll keep you all posted on my journey.

Made it to the DR, Sealily RH

Hi dolls. I arrived in the DR today. My flight was very smooth. Prior to landing, the flight attendants gave the passengers a blue form and a white form to be filled out and given to customs at the airport. Once you get off the plane, navigating through the airport in the DR was not bad at all. Just follow the signs that says "immigration". This will take you to the booth where you purchase the $10 tourist card (which isn't actually a card. It's more like a piece of paper that looks like a receipt and you don't get to keep it either. Going through customs was pretty straight forwards. You give them your blue and white form, show them your passport, take a picture and get fingerprinted and then Your good to go. Next stop is baggage claim, which is just like here in the states. Once you claim your bags, you walk down this hall which leads to a large "food court" type of set up where there's a bunch of ppl waiting on friends and family. This is where you will see all the drivers from the RH holding up signs with your name. Now this is where I had an issue. I did not see my driver from Sealily. I had no plans of purchasing an international calling plan for my phone, but when I didn't see the driver, I had to call my phone provider and purchase a $40 international plan (that includes 100 phone calls, 100 outgoing text, free incoming text and 1gb of data) so I could call orlando from the RH to find out where the driver was. I was able to get in touch with Orlando after a couple of calls and just as he was informing me that the driver was there, I saw him (Juan) walk into the "food court" from outside. We waited for another passenger who was also going to sealily and then we walked to the car. Juan and Fran (the other driver) are VERY sweet and hospitable. They carried our luggage a for us. One other guy who panhandles at the airport helped to load the bag ms into the car and asked me for a tip. juan's response to the guy was " why would you ask her for a tip. You know I am going to tip you. Don't ask her for a tip". That was pretty chivalrous of him. The ride from the airport to the house was about 15-20min. Nice scenic views of the ocean on the way there. We pull up to the house, which is quite pretty. The inside is pretty nice as well. The moment we walked in, Christina was waiting for us with arms wide open. She gave us each a hug. Juan, who is an absolute dear, introduced us to the house staff and informed them that we were starving, lol. Christina and her staff had already prepared a delicious lasagna, yellow rice and salad for us and served us in the dining area (which seats about 6 ppl). The food was very good!!!! After we ate, we sat downstairs in the living room and just talked and talked. Juan and Fran took my bags upstairs for me. There was a bit of a mix up with the rooms, but once I mentioned it to Juan, he made every effort to fix it. The end result was a compromise that I was pleased with. A couple hours later, the house staff served each of us fresh papaya juice. I got to meet all the other girls in the house. All are a doll!!!!!!! So far my experience has been good. The only down side is that CIPLA is NOT open on Sunday, although Laura at surgicoordinator told me it was. So now we will leave early tomorrow morning to have blood work done and hopefully surgery. I'll keep you posted on the journey as it unravels.

At CIPLA, surgery today

Today's the day... And what a long day it's been. I got to CIPLA at almost 7am. I checked in at Dr Duran's office on the second floor, which was packed with post op and pre op dolls. Her office is very chic and the decor is very nice. I was asked to pay $220 to Walkiria and Fania (who work the front desk). And given a pee cup and a lab slip. The lab slip was for my blood work and chest X-ray and a specimen cup for a urine sample. I was told to go to the first floor and give the urine to the lab. Down in the lab, I waited a lil while as there were several girls getting their blood drawn as well. I was called maybe 20minutes later and gave my urine sample to the phlebotomist and had my blood drawn. I was sent back to Dr Duran's office where I was later called into an exam room to have have an EKG test performed and an assessment by another lady Doctor. All of this happened maybe within 2-3hours. I now had to wait for my hemoglobin to come back and to have my consultation with dr Duran. this is where I had to wait a while since dr Duran was juggling both the consults and a room filled with post op girl. It wasn't until 12 noon when I got to see Dr Duran. My consultation went well but both Dr Duran and I agreed not to do my breast since I scar easily and she thought my breast were "sexy" (her words not mine, lol). I like dr Duran! She is very transparent and she explained how both myself and her may want to do everything to make me beautiful but that at the end of the day body type, the progression of surgery and safety comes first. She said that she doesn't want any of her girls to end up in ICU because it's not only a problem for her doll, but it's a problem for her and it'll give her more gray hair. She is funny, lol. So anyways, after explaining to her what I want, she had me undress and marked up. I was then sent back to the waiting area. It took about another 30-45 minutes to be called up the Walkiria and Fania to pay my balance. Ladies... If you are going to get your compression stocking, I cannot stress how important it is to get thigh high length! I brought several pairs of knee highs and that's the the right kind. The breakdown of the cost ended up being $4900 for surgery , minus $250 from my deposit, $60 for the EKG, $30 for the compression stockings and $150 for stage 2 garment. Another pointer, if you want to purchase your stage 2 garment in the states, it has to be the fajate brand. I told Walkiria I had already purchased on, but apparently the fajate brand is much more compressive than the other brands. After paying, I waited so more and then my hemoglobin finally came back... 11.8!!!! I was pissed. But fortunately for me I was still going to have the surgery but now had to pay $255 to have blood ordered for me and placed on standby in case I need it. $230 of that money is refundable if I don't use the blood but the $25 to place the blood on reservation is not. So then I waited and waited and waited in the waiting room. I asked Walkiria about getting a room and she said that they were being cleaned. It wasn't until about 2pm when I finally was told to go down to the emergency room on the 1st floor to get admitted and given a room. Down there, another dr reviewed my health history, viewed my lab and chest X-ray result took my height, weight and blood pressure and then sent me to the 4th floor to get a room. The nurse there took me to the room and gave me a gown to change into, a hair neat and some booties. She told me to take everything off and put on the compression stocking and gown. So this is where I'm at right now I. The process. I'll keep y'all posted.

After surgery, CIPLAS

Hi dolls. I'm sorry I've been MIA. These past couple of days have been so rough. I had my surgery with Duran on Monday. The nurses at CIPLA leaves so much to be desired. My room was very cold and when I asked for a blanket no one came for almost an hour. I walked to the nurses station in my blue surgical gown and was scolded by one of the nurses for being out in the hall with the gown. I explained to her that I asked for a blanket an hour ago and had not received it. She said she would bring one to me. Another hour later, still no blanket. I had to stand outside my door to teach someone down who finally gave me a flat sheet. I asked her for a heavier gown and sh said they were being washed.... Hard to believe. At about 6p anurse came in and told me to take the blue pill, and so I did. I Layes in my bed (which by the was a medical bed that raised up and down- make sure it's plugged in or you may think it's not working). After this I don't remember anything. All I know is that I woke up mid surgery and felt dr Duran doing the lip to my upper abdomen. I told the anesthesiologist that I was hurting and she ignored me! The pain got more and more intense to the point where I was whimpering like a dog and all I kept saying was "lord be my strength take this pain away, lord be my rock take this pain lord". When dr Duran saw how much pain I was In She stopped what she was doing and yelled At the anesthesiologist to give me more meds. All of a sudden I was knocked back out. I came out of surgery at 1130pm and was brought back to my room. I was covered with a warm blanket and I dozed off. At about 1am I woke up sweating, nauseated and with a bad headache. I asked my over night nurse from the RH to call the CIPLAS nurse to have her check my sugar. (Toooo be continued).

Photos of Sealily

After surgery, CIPLAS part 2, discharge home

I'm sorry to be giving you bits and pieces but I'm so weak. But to continue where I left off. I asked the nurse at CIPLAS to please check my blood sugar since I became diaphoretic (sweaty), lightheaded and nauseous out of no where. I knew this was a sign of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and could be deadly if not treated. Keep in mind it was now 130 am on Tuesday and I had be eaten or drank anything since 8pm Sunday night. Although that one nurse was very sweet and tried to explain to me that this was a side effect of anesthesia and that she's a nurse and knows, I had to explain to her that I am also a nurse practitioner and that these symptoms are textbook class in symptoms of hypoglycemia. She tried convincing me and I saw u wasn't getting anywhere so fortunately for me, I had packed a carton of apple juice and an ensure (treatment for hypoglycemia- fast acting sugar plus protein). I instantly felt better but this was just the beginning of a long horrible night. I struggled between pain where Duran repaired my muscle under my heart and nausea which pulled at the muscle repair every time I strained to throw up. Every time if have my rh nurse call my nurse for pain or nausea medication her face became more progressively "resting bitch face". She kept telling me to go to sleep but I kept telling her that i was cold and needed the wet sheets under me removed. After she refused, I just lifted my hips on my own and pulled almost four layers of a surgical drape, covers and chuck pad That were saturated (dripping with blood) from under me and threw them on the floor. I then pulled out a dry chuck pad from my bag that was on the refrigerator next to me and slid it under me. My poor rh nurse looked so surprise that I had done this by myself. But ladies when you are uncomfortable and it feels like life or death, you will find inner strength! After this, I finally rested for 4 straight hours. Btw, I had managed to bring with me some morphine and dilaudid and self medicated. Whatever it is they give you through the IV is not strong enough and works for maybe 1-2 hours. By morning time, the lab tech came to draw my blood. Then these two nurses who I had never seen before came to put on my faja and I'll I could think was these fucking bitches!!!! Please excuse my vulgarity . I've come to the conclusion that most of the people at CIPLAS have become desensitized and immune to human suffering. They treat you worst that a stray dog with no regards to how you feel. As these ladies tries to put on this small ass faja (now remind you in 180lbs presurgery + post op swelling). By the time we got to my knees, I kept telling them that is was too small. They continued tolling the faja upwards as if I didn't have Lipo to my thigh and a TT. I kept telling them how badly it hurt and how it was too small. They blatantly ignored me. By the time they had gotten the faja all the way up, the faja was cutting into both ground so deeply that I couldn't even stick one finger between my groin and My gown. The two slides that were supposed to be button together across my belly was each located in my mid axilla line (all the way on the left side of me and all the way on the right side). There was no stretch left to bring the two sides together to button them up. The worst pain so far was this process of putting on the faja. Doctor Duran came to see me and checked my heart and lungs and incision. She told me that my hgb had gone down to a 9, but well recheck it on Friday when I come back. She left my gown unbutton and told me will will button them closed on Friday. By the time I had my catheter and IV removed and was placed on a wheelchair, the staff was calling the CIPLA Doctor (a male doctor) to take a look at me since I was a lil pale and was so weak that I couldn't hold my head upright. The doctor decisions I should stay one more night. I quickly declined (after the trip to hell I went to overnight) and told him I would be fine at the rh. And so that's where I went, to my second home away from home, sealily (to be continued).

Photos of Sealily RH

Photos of CIPLAS and the "Blue Pill"

Hemoglobin 7.6 this morning, need blood transfusion

Hey dolls, like I've been telling y'all , this week has been absolutely horrible despite the wonderful care I've been receiving at sealily. I just couldn't get with the program. I was constantly nauseated, light headed, halving palpitations and short of breath. I literally couldn't walk five steps without feeling like I was about to past out. I left Ciplas Tuesday afternoon with a hemoglobin of 9.8 and today I returned (4days later) and it's at a 7.6. I am now being re-admitted to the hell floor (4th floor) that I was admitted to the night after surgery, to now receive a blood transfusion. Guess I'm not getting that $230 Deposit back. But I understand my health is more important. I'm just looking forward to feeling better. Because this feels horrible!

6 days post op

A lot of swelling!!!!!

Home sweet home

Hey RS fam. Just to keep you all updated, I'm home now. Came on the 20th and after living up on my kids, I ran into that shower so damn quick. I tell you, ap days without a shower is hell to pay. Recovery is slowly progressing. I am still very much swollen but I can definitely see the curves coming through. I will upload a full debriefing of the good the bad and the ugly of my experience and some pics as well in the upcoming weeks. Much love!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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