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Yes! Yes! Yes! I am excited to have received my xs...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am excited to have received my xs date of April 21st with none other than, Dra. Yily. I will take the unwritten RS oath to keep everyone posted on my snail~trail and the date when all turns great! As I've learned from many of you, I hope to pass on helpful information as I share my experiences with you as well. Will send a few before pix later.

BBL & BL by Dra. Yily de Los Santos ~ Loving It!

Us ladies know how we want to feel and look in our clothes and without. Running across the BBL option was like a genius thing cause I was having a straight out war with my flanks! Uuughh! No lady’s age in the world wants flanks hanging around making an unwanted curve. Yeap, it was high time for me to do something about this muffin top. Over time reading RS blogs I figure the girls needed a lift too. So here goes my journey of getting a BBL & BL by Dra. Yily de Los Santos, Dominican Republic. Her and my doctor/patient relationship was good – I paid she delivered! Beware of my b4 pix – scary!! I will try to make up for the scare with plenty of post op pix! Love to all the RS dolls that I learned from and that I can help out. Always here to share. Stay sweet International Beauties!

How I selected my plastic surgeon for a Brazilian Butt Lift and a Breast Lift

After 7 local consultations and numerous questionnaires to doctors via on-line I felt confident with my decision to go with Dra. Yily de Los Santos in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I was searching for a connection with a doctor that could assure me via communication, proof of their credentials, and pix or testimonies of past clients of their work. I wanted to make sure the doctor understood exactly what I wanted and could deliver. The fee was the last on my mind, as I felt no money in the world could redo a mess-up. In the states or abroad surgery deaths happen. I believe some countries can cover it up better, some countries have different medical regulations to abide, etc. Dig enough and you’ll find what you’re looking for (good or bad). I kept a list of questions to ask the doctors and made a Pros/Cons chart per each doctor. Yily won every time.

Securing My SX Date

Sending the deposit was key to securing my surgery date. Keep in mind many people have surgery monies after income tax time and many like to schedule sx during spring and summer breaks. I chose to avoid the influx of people. My ideal time was late April. This time of the year allowed me to beat the sweltering temperatures since I selected a doctor in the Dominican Republic.

Start a VIP Folder

This is not necessary. I like to be organized and prepared to back myself up. So this was my take on it. As you finalize your plans start filing your original receipts, confirmations, and other valuable papers. into a folder that you can take on your journey. Buy a folder at the dollar store; nothing fancy, just as long as you have it handy and can seal it to protect from water damage, etc.
• Emergency Contact Information
• Actual passport and a Copy of Passport (keep in separate places)
• Original receipt of bank wire transfer/deposit to doctor and any payments/installments made as well. (copy for doctor)
• Questions and Pros/Cons list of only the doctor you selected (the others can remain outside of this folder.
• After doctor is selected you can now print your doctor’s “Pre-surgery Meds/Vitamin List” and the “Post-surgery Meds/Vitamin List”
• Expense Log (to help keep your monies organized during your journey)
• Receipt of airplane tickets with confirmation number
• Receipt of recovery house or hotel confirmation
• Any maps you want tangible just in case your cell phone doesn’t work 24/7.
• Printed “Wish Pix” (copies for doctor)

Make a “TO DO” List (This helps since we get anxiety, excitement, and time keeps ticking away)

• Plan your “To Do” list with a column for the date to be completed so you can feel at rest with your saving of money and expenses so that this dream can become a reality.
• Date of when you want to secure a surgery date.
• Plan a realistic budget
• If you chose a doctor abroad make sure to get a passport as it can take time to come in.
• Doctors you are aiming for and their contact information.
• Make a list of “Questions to ask doctor(s)”
• After selecting a doctor make a Supply List with a column to check off as you make purchases (this column will be a stress-reliever!”). Your “Supply List” should include meds, vitamins, toiletries, clothing, etc.
• Reserve travel needs such as airplane tickets and recovery house or hotel reservations.
• Get to know the area you are travelling to. Via Google or MapQuest find the nearest pharmacies, grocery store, and taxi phone numbers. This will help especially if you arrive a day early to get situated and get your footing. You can tell I don’t like feeling lost.
• Find “wish pix” ** Know that some doctors don’t like “wish pictures”. It’s said that some doctors will say it how it is – everyone’s body is different, no one’s body can be identical to another. Sculpting a body by PS or other methods is an art and the artist knows what an individuals’ body can become. For those doctors that welcome wish pix – great . . . so have some on hand to appease you.
• Reserve a masseuse for your post-op time when you return home.
• Before I forget make a note for yourself to request a wheel-chair note from your doctor along with any reimbursement monies such as the money you may have paid in advance for a blood transfusion if you did not require one.

BBl & BL by Yily 2 Month Post op Pix

Sorry for taking 4-ever to post pix. Hope you can see the difference from my pre-op pix.

A Little Dress Never Lies!

Recovery is coming a long smoothly!

More Pix of Yily's work ~ BBL & BL

Sitting pretty!

Sample of an Expense List (help u b organized)

This is a sample of what I did.
Surgery Cost $ Deposit for Surgery $
Surgery Insurance $
Nurse (surgery night) $
Medicines (a guess) $250. They say $400 but that includes:
Post Meds . . . . . . . . . . . . . I have most of these
Surgery Post Compression Stockings (20. Per pair). . . I have 2 pair

ECG Test $120. Mandatory if over 40 years old (depends where u r having sx at)

Blood Transfusion $ Hope & pray u don’t need this!

Massages $ How many multiplied by amount then add tip.

Taxi Fares & Tips $

Air Fare $

Tourist Card $10.

Recovery House Fee $
Hotel Rate per Night $
Tips for RH Staff $


Grand total does not include clothing or miscellaneous supplies.


First of all, sutures have to remain as clean as possible. Your biggest mission is to not get an infection. Allow your stitches to heal some. During a massage the masseuse may do a pat wash down on you after the massage. This will serve as your body hygiene where surgery took place. Soaps have many ingredients including perfumes and deodorants that can cause infection. So beware! After my 8th day post surgery I couldn’t handle it any longer. I took a shower in luke-warm water. I didn’t let the water hit me hard nor directly on my surgery areas. I cupped water in my hands and gently splashed my surgery areas avoiding soap or any real weight contact with those areas. Eventually, I used a wash cloth to pat onto the surgery areas with only water. After 6 weeks I put Johnson’s baby soap onto my wash cloth and gently patted the surgery areas. Till now that is how I cleanse those areas since I have not met my 3 month time yet. When drying off, I only pat dry. Make sure you do not spray body sprays or perfumes on or near your surgery areas.

The Power of the Tiny Blue Pill

My experience with the tiny blue pill was “lights out!” After many sleepless nights due to anxiety and not eating from midnight prior to surgery day, I found myself holding the tiny blue pill. My surgery took place at 5 p.m., by this time, I was a starving fool and a tired wreck. I popped this tiny blue pill, was strolled to the sx area, Yily greeted me and I recall someone telling me to lay down cause I sat up when I seen Dra. Yily. Next thing I know, is I was back in a recovery room and very groggy. I was happy to not wake up during surgery like other stories I’ve read. One lady told me that she woke up during surgery but took it as a positive – she was able to realize she was alive still and somehow she immediately fell back into a sleep.

Post Massages

Dolls if you are going to have sx such as a bbl please do your massages. I know you realize how critical it is to take care of yourself to have this beautiful body you are aiming for. Proper drainage via lymphatic massages is key! I was fortunate enough to have a masseuse come to my home. The privacy and gifted hands she has was perfect. I always felt so great when she was done. My legs and feet swelled too. This angelic masseuse included my legs and feet and whole surgery area for my bbl. If you are in the Houston area, connect with me via a private message if you want her info. You will be so satisfied – I know I am! If you are travelling to Dominican Republic and are going to wing it at a hotel I have a few numbers to masseuse there as well – please private message me about this too.

Roll it/Scratch it!

Along with massages, I have to make mention of two items that have helped me make it through. I purchased a mini roller from Michael’s Art & Craft store (under $6.0 and a metal back scratcher ($ Store find). The roller- I use this to self massage. Love it! The metal back scratcher – there’s nothing like getting that itch taken’ care of on your own when no-one is around to help plus I like the extending wand it has so I can change the length of it to reach every part of my back! (see pix)

Surgery Insurance

Not sure how each doctor does it. Some offer surgery insurance and others may not. If you already have medical insurance and you are getting sx in your country perhaps you are adequately insured. Inquire to be safe. I travelled to Dominican Republic, so my insurance did not cover out of country procedures. Dra. Yily de Los Santos offers insurance and must pay upfront on day of surgery. Being that I was out of country, I made sure I purchased insurance.

What to Bring to Surgery

1. You will need to provide identification with a photo in order to complete your admission. (Government issued ID, Passport or Driver’s License)
2. You need to bring loose clothes. Example maxi dress, sweats, button down shirt, etc. Easy to slip on sandals, slippers or flip-flops.
T-Shirt/tank top to wear under your garment.
3. Box of baby wipes
4. Kotex (menstrual pads). Thick ones. (To be placed under your garment(faja) to catch drainage and provide cushion)
5. Compression Socks. Have extra money if you need to buy these from your doctor’s office (if they sell them).
6. Wish Pix (copy to give to doctor)

Lost My Faja/My Wardrobe Staple!

A faja (girdle) is not something I imagined I’d become attached to. At first, it was like I was dying to peel it off even if it was for 10 minutes. I was having a hate/love relationship with this darn faja! I didn’t realize it but, overtime, I have become attached to it. One day unexpectedly company came over and I rushed to take it off so that they wouldn’t detect my sx. Two days of looking for my faja with no sight of it, I began to realize how much I needed it and couldn’t live without it. In the meantime, I was doing laundry (3rd day) and had to put away towels and long and behold the faja was folded and sitting pretty on a linen closet shelf. Wow, I found MY faja! Who would of thought I’d crave to wear such contraption? “Go figure!” Sometimes, I sneak out of the house without my faja, I feel guilty when I do – shhh!
P.S. No harm intended, but I haven’t become a fan of the faja Dra. Yily provided, but it does help to have when I am laundering my fav faja.

Altering My Faja

As I see my body taking shape, my (I’m so possessive of it – lol!) faja has become my wardrobe staple! I have 2 fajas. One from the doctor and a second one that I ordered from Caribbean Shape Inc. (Rosenberg, TX) I bought the MariaE #9111. I love it because it has real strong compression fabric. I have sown in this faja several times already. As my swelling diminished and my body shape is becoming more contoured, I either had the choice to purchase another faja or sew it. So, sewing it in is a win-win. If you sew (or get it a seamstress to sew it) make sure to have the pleats outward so that the extra material does not dig into your skin creating lines onto your skin. Pix of my faja show an alteration I devised for the straps. I couldn’t stand the straps pushing the outer sides of my breasts. So, I sewed little hair ribbons onto the center front top seam of my faja and now hook my straps there. It is so much more comfortable! Gotta luv it!!! (see pix)

Faja Pix & Tricks

By now, (if you have journeyed into doll land already) you realize if you had lipo your skin is similar to clay taking anew mold. To be careful of seams from a faja embedding into your skin is ideal. I always layer in this order. First a smooth cotton fabric tank top turned inside out to avoid seams hitting skin, then place the epi foam sheets beneath the tank top. (if you use either of these), then my faja. If you start using a lipo board then you are able to tuck it into your faja. Lastly, my bra (with no underwire if you have any breast sx) and then whatever clothing I am wearing if I am leaving the house. Have you noticed any back rolls forming? One solution is having your faja sown in to avoid the back skin from creating a roll that you don’t want. I sewed my faja on the backside about an inch higher than my waist area. I sewed it in a horizontal line and with the excess fabric going outward to avoid it pressing into my skin. I think my torso area may be a tad bit shorter than what the faja maker measured for a body to be. No problem, just sew it dolls! (or have a seamstress sew it) (see pix)
If you are in the process of purchasing a faja I have several sites you can check out. Pvt msg me for the list.

BBL Pillow/Boppy Pillow/EPI Foam/Ab Board

Sweets, this works different for everyone. I guess it depends on what your body is comfortable with. I packed my EPi Foam and AB Board to my sx trip in Dom. Rep. only to find out I didn’t need either while I was there. I was told it was too early to use EPI Foam or an Ab Board – remember I only stayed 4 days after sx. I don’t encourage the short 4 day stay unless it is an absolute must. I have a Boppy Pillow and since I had a BL it comes in handy when I sleep as I like to sleep on my tummy(see pix). As my swelling goes down, I have been using my EPI Foam (5 sheets from and like the results it’s making on my torso area. I also use a noodle (the foam noodle to use in a swimming pool) to sit on at times. Wrapping it in a towel (secure towel with rubber bands) gives me more leverage for my butt not to touch the chair. Big plus is it only costs 1 dollar at the dollar store. A noodle is easy to cut with a kitchen knife. I cut my noodle to measure a few inches wider then my thigh span so I can use it to balance my weight on instead of my precious tush (see pix). The left over noodle was used to have one in my car. As for the Ab board, honestly, I don’t like using it. I tried, but it feels uncomfortable. Not to discourage any of you, as you may find it to work wonders. I scoped out the BBL pillow, but it wasn’t going to arrive on time for my sx. Needless to say, I carried on without it. Can’t knock it, cause I never tried it. Good luck with whatever comforts you ladies.

BBL & BL by Dra Yily @ 11 wks Post Op

Pix at 11 wks post op. So far I am happy with my results. I am very happy to have found Dra. Yily by reading many posts and not second guessing her talent/skill!

Blossoming @ 11 wks post op ~ Yily-fied!

These colors show exactly how happy I am with the results of my BBL!

Sleeping on my tummy after a BL

Awkward but possible. 38DD before and after 36DD but LIFTED! Yay!!! I prefer to sleep on my stomach. I am able to sleep my girls into a boppy pillow. See pix.

Pix while @ Dom. Rep.

Snap shots ~ Yily Land

Hi Beautiful Ladies/Gents!

Wonder'n if u are able to view my pix . . . if u will - can u let me know? Thx!

Cheers to All RS Ladies/Gents for the New Year 2016

Just drop'n a toast to everyone! Wishing the best on their journeys pre or post surgery. Always here for anyone (I'm an April 2015 Dra. Yily client). Keep it REAL!

Few pix

Hi Future Dolls & Vets
Just adding some recent pix after 1 yr post-sx.

New Faja 4 Sale

Any interest pls pvt msg me for details. I accidentally ordered the wrong size. Thx Dolls!

Faja SOLD! Yay!

Thx ladies for your interest and continued support. Have a beautiful day! (((Hugs!)))
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Yily de Los Santos worked her magic for me. Happy-happy-happy!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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