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SO I'm a fairly skinny woman, 5"4 and 110 pounds....

SO I'm a fairly skinny woman, 5"4 and 110 pounds. Not even cool. I have an okay shaped, and flat flat flat stomach. My issue about my body is my hips. I have dents where my hips should be and I hat wearing tight clothes because I look like a number 1 in them.

I decided to gain at least 25 pounds for my surgery. My ultimate goal would be to get up to 140 so as much fat can be put in. I like my weight now, I wouldn't mind being 115 and staying there, so after my surgery I plan to lose some of the weight. I have a weird feeling its going to go to my face and that is definitely not what I want.

It is really hard for me to gain weight on my own. I was awfully skinny about two years ago and I need to use weight gain pills in order for me to pack on the pounds. I stopped using them but I am going to start back as of tomorrow, I have 8 weeks to gain 30 pounds, So that is 4 pounds a week.

In order to gain weight I plan to :

- Eat as many meals a day as possible
- Have about 5+ snacks/ chocolate/ chips etc per day
- Drink 3 Ensure/Carnations/Supligens per day
- Have a peanut butter and jam sandwich with each meal
- Fast food / mexican / pizza etc as one meal
- Eat as late as possible
- Try not to get sick , no running, no stressing as those activities would make me lose weight

Bought my pre op vitamins already

Bought my flight tickets already

That is all for now

This is starting to get real. It's like literally...

This is starting to get real. It's like literally one month away. I have not been able to get in touch with Spa JM Recovery house and it is starting to annoy me. I have emailed them three times and even asked Yily to contact them for me. Her grandmother died so she hasn't been able to help me with that, my condolences. I feel like not having a place to stay is what will make me change my mind about going to Yily. The fact that I haven't received one email even stating that they have no availability shows how unprofessional it is. I wish my bf had time off to come with me so I can just rent a cheap room and let him take care of me. Also my date is one month away ... don't I received any advice ? Any vitamins to take prior ? Anything ? I feel like all I have learnt is from you lovely women on realself and mmh. I don't know what to think right now. If I don't change my mind and I still go to Yily I need to ensure she knows I want a HUGE butt. I want as much as she can stuff in there so that when reabsorption takes me I still have a big butt to look at when everything is said and done.

Which takes me to problem number 2 ... I need to gain a crapload of weight in 29 days. I still dont know how much I weight right now, I am too scared to check and see that I only gained 5 pounds, but I would like to gain 20 pounds in the next month . That's 5 pounds a week. So I need to stop up my eating game

*Ensures / Carnations / Smoothies / Supligen - anything with hardcore salaries
Cup of icecream each night
2 slices of pizza
Burger King
Kid's cereal Random chips and snacks

I am really not going to have surgery done if I weigh less than 130 pounds . I want results !!

Ladies , I just weighed in at 110 and it sucks . I...

Ladies , I just weighed in at 110 and it sucks . I really need to gain twenty pounds in 28 days. For anyone that has gained a bunch of weight in no time, I reallllly need your help. Any advice is good advice . I'm sad because I thought I was gaining :(

All of my prayers go out to Hurricane Sandy...

All of my prayers go out to Hurricane Sandy victims. I'm actually right in the middle of it and I have lost power since Monday , all of my fatty foods spoiled in the fridge . So weight gain has to start back next Monday when the power gets back on.

I hope everyone is okay :(

So some women have been leaving me comments...

So some women have been leaving me comments warning me about gaining weight too quickly etc. So i decided to post pictures of how I usually look so they can see why I'm so desperate to gain weight. 1. I want to gain weight for myself but 2. I HAVE to gain weight for surgery. I understand I may not look exactly like the wish pics but there is something called wishful thinking which I have decided to be suddenly great at. So i'm wishfully thinking that I can gain 15 pounds and get that weight transferred to my hips and butt. Until after my surgery I won't really be updating much until necessary because I don't want the negativity to pull me down. All positive and wishful thinking coming right up.

I thank the sweet ladies who have been giving me hope. Off to go ea a snickers bar

So Ladies, I don't care what the scale tells me I...

So Ladies, I don't care what the scale tells me I know I am gaining weight. I have decided I'm only going to check my weight weekly and then just you guys the final weight pre-surgery. I've been eating so much junk , im sick of food. Last night i was so nauseous even thinking about eating but I still shoved half a loaf of bread down my throat, with a tear in my eye. All i'm thinking is 21 more days to go . I don't take off my coat when i'm out , I have an oversized scarf that hides my stomach, I can't remember the last time I wore a dress or a skirt. I have never had to hide any part of my body before and this sucks. Especially walking next to my friend who dresses provocatively and I'm next to her looking like the a Teletubby. 21 more days to go , 21 more days to go. I can't take a break from eating because I will lose the weight in no time. One time i got sick for 3 days and lost 5 pounds. Even when im sick, im going to beating candy and sipping a shake. Everything will be fine... I'm doing this for a good cause... my hipe and bum.

I still haven't been able to get into contact with Jaqueline Recovery House. Maybe this is a sign not to go. Why is it so hard for me to get into contact with them? Why aren't they replying to my messages.? Why is noone helping me ! I want to cry ... and yes I'm pmsing right now and I feel ill. Maybe it's because I stopped my birth control a month ago. If i dont hear back from them this week, im just going to get some stupid cheap hotel and pray i don't get infected with something. I'm going to cry.

P.S. if sitting on my butt hurts now ...i wonder how it's going to feel after surgery (sitting on my butt in my jeans that are too small for me)


Please ignore my spelling mistakes... I type in a...

Please ignore my spelling mistakes... I type in a rant and don't even read over what I type.

Okay ... Yily sorted out the Jaqueline Place for...

Okay ... Yily sorted out the Jaqueline Place for me. They are going to pick me up from the airport yeaaa !

Mistakenly wrote this in my comments...

Mistakenly wrote this in my comments page:

Weighing in at 120 lbs !!! EEEKKKKK !! 17 more days to go and 10 more lbs to gain. I think I will start hardcore uber duber pigging out 14 days out ... Its starting to get real !!

Okay really stupid question. Say 6 months ago my...

Okay really stupid question. Say 6 months ago my waist was 22" ... but pre-op its 27 inches. Would the surgeon be able to suck out all of my waist fat so that I go back to 22" ?

It would make sens right ?

This is just going to be my journal I suppose, I...

This is just going to be my journal I suppose, I guess unless i am overweight or something noone really comments on my updates. I'm pretty sure when pictures are finally up people will start commenting . I'm glad for all of the people who commented and wrote me , when I do put up after pictures, it will be for you all.

Anyways .... i have a fear of holes in certain surfaces ... there is a word for that that I keep pushing to the back of my mind, and I am not googling it because the image comes up with the word and then I'm scarred for 3 days thinking about it. So it is like open holes in the skin etc. I just saw some pictures of some afters directly after a surgery and while I couldn't see the holes, i saw blood coming from the holes , and I am far from being freaked out by blood.... but I could only imagine the holes... which I am going to have to look at when I have my surgery ... and I am afraid. Oh God like seriously , this will stop me from having the surgery. One thing I do not do is look up pre surgery pics or videos because needles, etc make me anxious , but looking at the pics just put up on realself is making my heart beat fast... This is worrying me .Again I know noone is going to reply yo this .. i don't care. I needed to vent.

Aside from dying in a plane crash I was very very...

Aside from dying in a plane crash I was very very afraid that my EKG, blood tests etc were not going to come out right . However I decided to stay positive and I only took one shirt , 2 pants and a dress. The reason I thought I wouldn't have gotten the procedure done is because of my eating habits . I don't eat vegetables or do I drink water . I go through 5 cans of soda in one day and I eat a lot of spicy and sweet foods . Being this nervous was a sign for me. And I will start to eat a carrot once a day :)
So I get to cipla at about 6:30 in the morning and I was asked questions about my health etc. Was shown my room, so I chilled out and watched ANTM until Yily came . She arrived with her assistant who acts as the translator . Yily does know some English but not that much. Her assistant Maxi was absolute sweetheart and cute . Yily herself has this royalty presence about her . I also have to add some dude came to my room , I wonder if that is cabral. He realised he was in the wrong room and left. Yily did not want to see pictures, she asked me what I wanted  and I stripped down and told her I wanted a puny waist and fat put into the dents in my hips and the rest in my butt. She gave me a look got on the phone and a couple minutes a sweet short lady came in with a garment . Yily looked at the garment , I looked at the garment . The waist of it was the size of my palm. Yily said no and said something in Spanish  . I was like thank god, no way that thing can fit me . I asked Maxi what was going on and she said that garment was an XS and I have to wear it after surgery but then i would be switched to an 3xs but they didnt have any there.In my brain I was like wtf! But Yily knows what she is doing .  I then paid and Maxi took me back to my room and I changed into the hospital wear , took a blue pill and laid down on the couch and watched ANTM . Couple minutes later I was knocked out . When I woke up I was in my bed wondering if I was in a plain crash . Day 1 pain level = 2 out of 10, during the day but 6 out of 10 and most of that came from being uncomfortable. I am actually sitting on my butt now and have been doing it for over an hour . Day 2 pain = 3 out of ten . No pain killers.

So I wake up with a iv thingamajig stuck in my...

So I wake up with a iv thingamajig stuck in my left arm, and I started to panick. My first thought was the plane crashed and I was on an island like LOST , then I peeked next to me and saw my laptop. And it all came rushing back .
I was in no pain. My butt was a bit sore , but its been like that since I started to gain weight . My jeans were so tight that my butt was sore every night after work. Nothing new. Then I realized I was on my back and my new butt was getting squished eek! So I managed to turn over in one go and fall asleep. Either that never happened or when I was sleepin the nurses told me to turn back over lol. So I wake up in my back again and a nurse came to check my blood pressure and I asked her if it was okay for me to turn over and she said  yes. And that's when I all goes downhill in a way . I turn over andI rubbed my stomach moving my hand in a wave motion so that when massage time comes around there would be less pressure to get the fluids out . I hate massages , I don't even let my bf do that because my skin is sensitive and that ish hurts. Bit by bit I started to feel very restricted. I couldn't move and I was flipping my feet around trying to be comfortable . And I was hungry . I was fed at 6:30 - soup and juice . Nothing else for the rest of the night . I'm writing this on my phone at 6:00 am. Going from eating 3000 calories per day to just having probably a 90 calories noodle soup my stomach was growling and it was mad angry . I had to beg to get more juice as there was no more soup for me . I pretty much didn't sleep from 12 until now because my stomach kept hurting and my garment restricted the hell out of me . I was so uncomfortable, it took an hour to move my hand from above my head to my stomach . I started to cry , like hardcore balling because I was so hungry , and I got myself out of bed and with my iv and full drain pod and went to the door and screamed . The night nurses must have hated me because I just kept asking for mas sopa or jugo or gelatin. Comida por favour . My stomach still hurts right now because I haven't eaten yet but I remember having a zip lok bag of snacks in mi bolsa. Btw the language barrier sucks balls here . Definitely be prepared with a translator app. When they tried to speak to me I had to ask them to write it since I can read Spanish but My brain is so odd that when they were talking to me I zoned out and could and couldn't understand them . 

The nurses kept making sweet comments about my body . The supervisor made an hour shape with her hands and smiled . I have to admit my waist is sore and swollen but it is small

That was earlier in the day , I'm at the Jaqueline spa right now . For anyone coming to the DR please bring someone with u r stay in a recovery house . You CANNOT do it by yourself . I usually can tolerate pain but this is pain plus being uncomfortable and restricted .

For anyone going to Yily please take $250 extra for meds . $10 for immigration and cash for the recovery house. I caught a glimpse of my butt but I'm going to take pics in a week after less swelling . More to come

Oh pre op Bust 34B / 32cC 28 waist 38 hips...

Oh pre op
Bust 34B / 32cC
28 waist
38 hips and butt

Day 2 night - no pain just stiffness -3 out of 10....

Day 2 night - no pain just stiffness -3 out of 10. Do brings wee wee pads for the bed and floor. The two minutes it usually takes me to run to the bathroom is now being used to lift one foot off of the bed . So wee wee pads help a lot. Don't bother wearing pants . I brought two and I peed on both of them . No number two yet but I can feel it wanting to come out . Sucks to be me because I brought no laxatives .
I realized why my arms hurt so much after surgery because I had an incision under each armpit , I hope doing all of that stretching doesn't cause it to scar. I even was trying to do some knee pushups while in bed last night to strengthen my arms .

Tummy has a lot of fluid . Yily takes out the drain when you leave the clinic so I haven't been draining and my tummy is pregnant with it. I heard she sucks it out with a syringe. I don't know when that happens but even though it hurts i heard the tummy instantly flattens.

Anna and sweet girl , I will find out her name later ate my nurses . Adorable for both. Anna is a little older , speaks a bit of English , really sweet , she was my day nurse . Sweet girl I believe is younger than me we stayed up talking it most of the night giggling away which is weird because she knows little English and I know little Spanish but we made it through. Both are very enthusiastic to learn more English words . Sweet girl and I were reading the instructions from Yily so she can pronunciate words better.

No more sitting and laying on my butt anymore . I am still restricted because of fluid buildup but it isn't that sore anymore. But I need a bigger and harder boppy pillow because my butt flattened this one and is slightly touching the chair. The tv only has a few English stations but I was exercising to a radio station and when I saw exercising I mean bouncing up and down. Moral of that story is : bring your own entertainment

I'm quite scared of what I am going to wear when I go back home in the cold . My jeans will not fit and I didn't want to buy new ones before the surgery . I may have to wear dressings with leggings underneath and my zip up boots and thick knee high socks. I probably won't get new jeans until the three week mark because 1. I'm not going in a store to make a whole suit of grunting noises to try on jeans and 2. That's after the 30% reabsorption of the fat stage.

Day 3 pain- 1 out of 10. Doesn't take me as long...

Day 3 pain- 1 out of 10. Doesn't take me as long to get out of bed. Day 4 same so far. Did a number two twice . Was very interesting . Th sit down on the potty was normal once I put the weight on my thighs . A company should make a toilet bowl chair for bbl patients.

Beind fed three times a day . They always seem a bit surprised that I eat everything ( except the beans) . Have a hard time gettin to sleep , I miss my boyfriend's heavy a$$ arm on my back so I have to put heavy pillows on my back and pretend its him. I always have a hard time sleeping somewhere that isnt my own bed.

I promise to take pics soon. I don't want to boast , criticize, rant our insult my results until Yily sucks out all of the fluid. Let's just say I looked at my body still in the garment and cried for about 5 minutes. Im sorry or keeping you ladies in suspense but I want you to determine your own opinion about my results.

I CAME TO DR BY MYSELF. I knew noone here but Yily. The only person that knows I had this surgery is my boyfriend and the only reason I told him is because I was on a hardcore eating diet, he thought my body was awesome as it is and since I live with him I believe he needed an explanation as to why I was pigging out . He said it was not necessary but if it made me feel better about myself then do it . One day he asked me if it was safe and what if the doctor messes up . I got Completely ANGRY and said "are you effing kidding me right now?". He never said a word about it again.

However I gave him my family's contact information incase anything happened.

I weighed in at 121 pounds at the time of surgery . I thought I looked like crap . Yily thought I was tiny , go figure.

One bit of advice I have for thin girls trying to gain weight. When u are gaining and you realise your face is getting fat and you don't like it, that's time to stop because lipo doesn't take away face fat. You will get your body lipo'ed but have a fat face . And if you think about trying to lose weight after surgery you may lose the fat from your bum as well.

My butt does not hurt at all. Makes me wonder if she injected it with fat . I mean I did say I wanted as much fat injected into my hips and the remainder in my butt. But I'm literally poking and beating my butt and it's fine. It's not even hard - its soft like pre surgery. The bottom of the butt does not hurt so I know nothin was put there . But before you ladies get scared/worried - I told Yily to make my hips ginormous and if there was any fat left over then put it to my bum. So she followed my instructions correctly

Day 5 I think ? Whatever day yesterday was was the...

Day 5 I think ? Whatever day yesterday was was the worst night here yet. I was so itchy , I could not sleep . I finally got to bed after 4 in the morning. I was in the bathroom for like three hours scratching my skin away it was that bad and could NOT be ignored.

You WILL need some anti-itch cream. Silly lazy me Only brought Euceron calming cream . It took that , bactarin spray and some cream that Yily gave me - two hours scratching my life away on the verge of tears and then lying on my back to get to sleep. NOT COOL. Two things you don't mess with , my food and my sleep !

So while stripping and exploring in my itchy madness last night , I saw that Yily "corrected" my belly button. I screamed when I saw it because it looks deformed . Nothing was wrong with it in the first place and now it looks like a zombie took a bite out of it . Aye dios mio ! Again I wanted to cry but I'm seeing her today and I'm going to tell her wtf . No that was not a typo . I am going to point at it and say WTF!

Swelling is going down, but I have fluid in my tummy and back. I'm such a scornful person that this surgery is a bit much for me . I was poking my back yesterday and it felt like a water balloon. You can actually hear the fluid . To say the least I was grossed out . Like seriously ...but I was intrigued and kept doing it.

My hips went down , but again I don't know because I never measured , it doesn't look as thick as they were before. Some dude is outside singing over a loud speaker and I wish he would shut up because he doesn't sound cute ! *this is me being miserable because I'm tired*. I really can't judge my body now . I haven't taken off the garment yet. Ew? Yes? Why? I can't get it off. I have tried for the last three days and especially yesterday. This thing is a killer and get this !!!! It's a Small. I have heard of Yily giving women bigger than me an XS after surgery and tiny me gets a small? Me haffi ask she bout dis.

Man still screaming ish outside . I want to throw an apple at him but the windows are barred.

Met JCox Yesterday , she looks awesome , and is a bundle of laughs and we ate dinner at the dinner table together . I have not left my room since I got here , I felt like a royalty in a mental institution and I was starting to get bored and sad but Jcox's arrival made me feel better . If she is awake she is coming with me to Yily just for the ride . Yeaaa

Okay going to see if I can find an unabated window to tell this man to shut to hell up!

Okay found out the man outside is a Christian....

Okay found out the man outside is a Christian. Lord forgive me for wanting to throw an apple at him , but I still think he could have done this at about 3 in the afternoon or something .

Two Days Ago- So i didn't go to the clinic...

Two Days Ago- So i didn't go to the clinic yesterday because Yily had an emergency. So Jcox, Nat (another patient) and I went to the bank and to some small store so i can get parting gifts for Anna and Sweet Girl- Darriana. When we came back, a couple minutes later Yily was here. Damn she is gorgeous. So apparently I didn't need to be syringed, BUT i do need to get massaged. So i will attempt to get two before I leave, because I want this fluid out and I want to see my final results.

I took a bath yesterday, more like Anna gave me a bath. It's like when you are bathing a kid. I think they think im like 16 or something. The soap dropped and Anna refused to let me bend down to pick it up. They never let you do any bit of strenuous activities here, which is good. (Because of what happened yesterday - my next post will explain this later)

Okay So Jcox was in my room so it would be easier for me and Yily to communicate. She is a GodSend, So Yily told me I will be going down 3 sizes. And here is where i wanted to slap my face for even wanting to question her as to why I was wearing a small. When Anna brought me the 3XS garment , Darriana couldn't help but laugh at me. She measured the waist with her hand - thumb to middle finger - looked at me in shock, saw the horror on my face and she broke down laughing. I'm not one bit amused !

Yily told me I need to shove some cotton in my belly button so it would go in. Thank the Lord because it was starting to look like a mickey mouse deformity. As soon as I take off this old garment then I will put it in. Jacqueline whacked a towel on my stomach and squeezed the S zipper up. I was looking at her like she had gone mad. The small is tight already - so what the hell are you doing with that freaking towel. I wore my first tight clothing yesterday , it was a maxi dress- not tight but it held my curves in all the right places and yes lady I have curves now. The S garment is a boy shorts version , but my butt is so "big/swollen" that it fits me like a panty, it does not cover my bum. The bottom of the pants is not too stretchy and it gripped my thigh so tightly that there is a slight but noticeable dent there. I asked her about it (Yily) and she said the new garment will correct it . The new garment is like knee length I believe. I also bought some vedette garments - two thong ones so that my hips and butt would not go down. I figured after the second week I will start wearing those because I don't want my butt or hip to go down alot.

Guys, I bore through the massage . Not a sound...

Guys, I bore through the massage . Not a sound from me . It hurt but I was expecting it from all of the reviews. However for the ladies that said they felt better afterwards .... ( this is me silently cursing you). I had a good five minutes of feeling better. Let me start by saying I took the 3xs garment with me so the masseuse could just put it on one time after the massage. She picked up the garment from my bag, looked frantic and immediately got on the phone and spoke to lord knows who while staring at the garment. So anyways I get the massage yes? And then while waiting for the paraffin to heat up another masseuse came in the room and masseuse A pointed at the garment and masseuse B picked it up,clasped it shut, tried to stretch it , her eyes opened wide and she looks at me like she saw a ghost . Put it back, said something to the other masseuse and  picks it back up and reads the back of the package. Okay - paraffin wrap is done . I put on a robe and go in another room to put on the garment . Effing Hell ! No no no no no effing rasclot hell. I never wanted to use expletives so much in my life then. After we finally got it past my thighs, the clasps of the garment lay comfortably on each side of me. That is about more than 14 inches apart from each other . So I give her a smug look like yeah Chica this will not work. She in turn gave me a look like bitch please this is going on. 15 minutes later , tears coming from my eyes, me wanting to kick her in her face (she was sitting in front of me) , me wanting to pull her hair , me quietly sobbing uno minuto por favor, her squeezing the freaking thing on me saying tranquilla like over and over again, the damn thing finally went on.  At that moment I decided that I was never taking this garment off and I will buy never ending wet wipes because I'm not going in the shower as well. The pain on a scale of 1-10 was 100. 

Ps. I do not plan to shower. Just not in the next 4 days because I'm not squeezing this garment on and I know if my boyfriend tried to help I will punch him for hurting me.

Just a quick post. I measured my waist using my...

Just a quick post. I measured my waist using my iPhone plug ( seeing as my boyfriend is a neat freak and I have no idea where my measuring tape is) . My waist, one week post and still very swollen is, 24 inches . Preop it was 28 inches

Hey Ladies, I AM SO SORRY for not updating...

Hey Ladies,

I AM SO SORRY for not updating sooner. I am home and doing okay. Please Please Please after you leave DR - please try to stick to the schedule of eating 3+ meals a day as well as drinking lots of fluid and take your vitamins when you are supposed to. I came back home, slept until 12 as opposed to being woken up at 9 to get breakfast etc. I barely ate, just been sleeping so it took a toll on my body and I got sick - serious headaches. I'm now getting back into eating regularly but I was just lazy and wanted to sleep.

I am also sorry for not posting pics yet . I am super duper swollen and filled with icky fluid at the moment that standing up in a mirror trying to look cute in this hideous garment is not going to happen. GOOD NEWS - is i'm having a lymphatic massage on Thursday so hopefully my potbelly will go down some.

I tried not to shower but I had to and i have been doing it every single day since I have been back. I really had to and as expected my boyfriend and I got in a huge argument the first night. He said he doesn't think he is physically strong enough to get the clasps shut and I told him a smaller woman than him was able to get it done. Way to shoot down his masculinity yeh ? Sigh so we got in an argument . Each time I grunted he would let go of the clasps in shock, like wtf dude ... just clasp the damn thing and ignore my squealing. We still aren't speaking that much now ... thank God because I am in no mood to have sore "interactions" with him. Trust me I am not in the least bit bothered.

Scars and Incision Points
After the first night I decided to wear a vedette thong garment because it was bigger - a size 2XS. It was too big. Bunched up on me like baggy pants. I'm not returning it, but I am going to get the waist taken in later on and use that. Also Yily ladies, she makes an incision at the top of your butt crack so do no buy any thong garments to wear for the first 2 weeks after surgery or unless your cut is healed or it will rub and prevent healing.

My arm scars are raised and hard to touch , makes me wonder if it will go down or if it is filled with a bit of fluid too . They also hurt when I press them, so i have been massaging them nightly with scar gel but I will ask the masseuse on Thursday what she thinks they are.

My front scar is like one inch down from my pubic hair line. It is about 1 inch wide and 1/4 long. It is red/pinkish but not raw and it hurts to touch and is VERY hard. Slightly annoyed by it too ...nothing like wanting a nice clean vajayjay and then pop comes the scar. I don't even know if it is best to let it get bushy so i don't have to see it or shave it ...but then what if i eff it up and it turns out like my poor navel.

I can walk normally etc But I am still very sore. To be honest I can not wait to get this damn massage done. My stomach is really not cute. I grew sick and tired of even wearing tight clothes when I was gaining weight and now its still effing big and gross. I wonder why I didn't get drains, or why Yily didn't feel the need to syringe me out. I was reluctantly looking forward to it.

I was in the train yesterday and some man whacked the top of my butt with his fricking bag. I thank the Lord that some crazy screaming woman was running around half naked in the train so when I yelped noone even acknowledged me. I wanted to kick the man in the nuts like WTF dude. I literally breathed so loud for like 5 minutes just praying that my poor butt was fine. When I started to walk, I felt a sharp pain shoot up in the same area...nothing else since then.


P.S I'm still trying to get over my zombie eaten belly button. It is the grossest thing that has ever happened to my body.

PREOP 32 - 28 - 38 So my PO...


32 - 28 - 38

So my PO measurments:

32 - 22.5 - 39.5

Not much was added to my butt apparently ( or maybe because I have been sitting on it everyday ) - but I do believe that making the waist smaller definitely gives an illusion.

I have one thing i would have done differently but Im going to give it another week to see if it corrects itself first.

Hey Ladies, So recovery has been interesting. I...

Hey Ladies,

So recovery has been interesting. I don't know what to say really. Only once have I taken off my garment to try on clothes (I was an XS/S before gaining weight for surgery ), my dresses ... no longer fit my waist. All the dresses I have bunch up in my waist so I will have to get them taken in. None of my jeans fit except one and I have to wear a big shirt and leave it unbuttoned. My boyfriend said my butt is humungous. I'm not about looking at my butt every day to get disappointed when the swelling goes down - I'm not going to be that woman nor am I going to have any regrets.

I have been wearing my garment on the second clasp now. I believe in another month or so I may have to get it taken in. It's not hard to get up or down anymore. Try using baby powder on your legs so it slides up. I weigh 118-119 now and I'm going to try and stay at this weight 118-120 and maintain it. I no longer take meds and I have been really bad about taking my post op meds - bad as i haven't taken any since coming back from DR. But i'm going to start taking them again this week. Maybe they will help with the reabsorption of the fluid. I thought I had seromas. I have two pockets of fluid on my stomach and two on each side of my waist. When I went to get my massage the masseuse told me I am doing great for only being two weeks post. She never expressed concern about the fluids, she said it was normal and having lumps after lipo was normal for like months so not to be worried.

I'm going to go to Rainbow (yes that lil ghetto cheap store that i LOVE) and get some thick $6 leggings because squeezing my butt in those jeans everyday will not do. Im going out this week to a holiday party and I am NOT wearing my garment - so unsexy. I really do not think i will see a change in male attention as I had an okay body before and men are just thirsty anyways. However I will update y'll on that as well.

I'll attempt to take pics every thursday so stay tuned

I also want to say that my butt was HUGE after...

I also want to say that my butt was HUGE after surgery and I do not believe the majority of it was swelling. JCox told me it was way too big . When I got the 3XS garment it compressed it alot and she said it looked more natural now and I do agree. Directly after surgery it looked like two basketballs chucked on back - it looked awkward.

I do believe if I had that butt still now that I would be uncomfortable leaving the house. I'm the sort of girl that likes wearing poom poom shorts, tight jersey skirts etc. Being skinny and wearing those things did not cause too much unwanted attention and it didn't look skanky because I was shaped like an OC girl so it didn't look like i was trying to be sexy . But now that my butt is bigger. I am going to have to wear soccer mom shorts and knee length skirts because my butt causes the length of my short skirts now to ride completely up and hate to see women tugging on their skirts when they are walking and I will not be one of them.

Hey Ladies, I wont be posting pics this week. I...

Hey Ladies,

I wont be posting pics this week. I have been having a rough week. Crap just keeps happening to me and pulling me down but I'm trying to stay positive. Having said that I have lost more weight. I was 121 at time of the surgery and now I'm 116. As i said I want to maintain a weight of about 120. I don't know if my butt has shrunken since then but I know i have barely been eating plus i'm not taking my appetite pills so everything is going down hill. I just took one and i plan to eat regularly now. Plus it's the holiday season so I should be getting back plump.

The pocket of fluid on my left side of my stomach seems to be completely gone and the bigger one on my right side has subsided dramatically. My lower stomach still seems abit full but it's going away. Even though I havent been eating - I have been drinking alot. I go to the bathroom about over 15 times a day so I believe the fluid is reabsorbing. So Ladies, drink up. When I press my stomach now it hurts way more than i remember.

Ok so i just measured . Waist is the same 22.5 and the butt is 39. I need to start taking care of myself and stop letting external issues bring me down. Happy Holidays Ladies.

Decided to add two pics, since I know people were...

Decided to add two pics, since I know people were looking forward to pics. Sorry , I only wear black ...if i find colourful clothes I will put them on for the next set of pics

I'll update later - Need to think

I'll update later - Need to think

My waist with garment on is now 22" Circumference...

My waist with garment on is now 22"
Circumference of one thigh with garment on is 21"

I am unhappy because what asked for was not done. I asked three times for a specific thing to be done and Yily said she can do it . Now that I expressed my concern after that fact because it was clearly not done - I received a reply from her assistant saying "And she's so sorry she couldn't but some times there are things that can't be done. "

Are u effing kidding me right now. If it couldn't have been done then don't tell me it can be done. I didn't have to fly my skinny ass to Dominican republic by myself, stay in the airport for over an hour because someone thought my flight was in the evening, waste my fricking money on a procedure that was only half done, let half the world see my vagina out because I was too stiff to get a blanket and cover myself, hear some tone deaf Christian over a weak ass loud speaker every fricking morning , come back home and can't even tie my own shoe laces. Can't do anything for what ? To be told it can't be done .

I'm not even going for a round 2 . I am over and should have been happy with my number 1 body that God gave me.

Happy Holidays

Hey all !! So I'm back. Right now my personal...

Hey all !!
So I'm back. Right now my personal life has sort of taken over my life as expected. I would have preferred to list my reason for being unhappy and posting pictures at the same time . But seein as I'm on my phone I won't be able to post pictures , I don't have my lap top with me so I will have to borrow someone's and use a reference. And the only reason im posting it now without pictures is because some of it have been messaging the hell out of me and it was starting to get really annoying .

My issues were the dents in my hips . They are the same as before , and I didn't notice it only when I got home , I noticed it in DR and I expressed my concern to Jcox as well as Yily and she told me the new garment will fix it . Which it didnt.

People are saying my body is better than it was before . Actually no it is not . I had a nice curve to my body before , it wasn't video vixen but more of a model type . While a lot of people told me I had an amazing body , I decided to be greedy and now I have a body that looks bad and very disproportionate . My hips are not curved like C's but like S's.

Yily is great at what she does sculpting. So if you have a bad body before, lots of fat, straight up and down then Yily can give that to you. But she was not good at doing the only thing I was concerned about and that was filling in my hips . Which comes to the next question , if she didn't fill in my hips not my butt what did she fill in.

Ps. Even my boyfriend said that my hips just look weird . He said you look the same as before but your waist is just a little smaller . The top of my hips are the bigger part and they curve like a snake to my thighs .

So there you have it . So seeing as bbl or lack there of didn't help me. I'm going to research getting 'safe' injections . So if anyone has any info or advice on that please let me know .




Okay so as I was saying , when I gain weight it goes to my boobs and butt first then goes wherever else. I had a butt before going into surgery and I completely apologise , and have to say its my damn own fault for not having recent pre op pics but when I met my boyfriend I was around 110 and when I showed him the same before pictures that I have up here he did not believe they were me until I had to show him the ones with my face in it. Also if you really read my pre op post you will see where I say that my butt is sore now since its bigger and it hurts just to have my jeans on.

So I will repeat, I had a butt going into surgery. Which I believe was way more pronounced due to Yily sculpting my back.

And for those ladies on mmh or whoever else thinks the same . I will NOT be going for a Round 2. My expectations were NOT UNREALISTIC AND I AM NOT BEING GREEDY. Sucking out 15 pounds of fat (let's minus 7 pounds that probably went to my butt, boobs, and thighs) , so sucking out 6-8 pounds of fat til fill in my dents...which would have been less than 200CC... IS NOT BEING UNREALISTIC. I am not saying this to offend anyone at all ... but do not look at my after pics and think its awesome just because you think it's awesome - think about what I'm saying. MY DENTS ARE STILL THERE. My stomach was flat before and it is not flatter than that now. Please. It may get there after my "swelling" goes down but right now I can pinch fat on my stomach and before when trying to pinch it it was impossible.

I have heard ladies say their butts were hard after surgery. I don't know if this is a new procedure that Yily does but no part of my butt was hard after surgery, slight soreness here and there but it was not hard - nor were my hips. Yily sculpted the hell out of my waist. I dont givva crap about my butt to be honest because I know it's all a weight gain process for me (the guys i've been with have been entirely happy with it :) *cough* *cough* , it was just my hips and it has always been about my hips when I emailed Yily. It was about my hips when I stood infront of her naked and SAID and indicated what I wanted. I even exaggerated and gestured humungous hips so she would get the picture. How about you tell me right there and then , before I paid ... that "some things just can't be done" (I think that part of the email was what pissed me off the most)

I am far from being bitter about the entire thing. One - I did not spend a whole set of money to get the results I did not want - even though I did spend more than some people have. Two - I got a baby waist which i am happy about even though I pretty much have to watch what I am wearing and hide my irregular hips . I'm fine about the process , I don't feel as sexy as I used to when I look at myself naked. I think I was happier with my body before but I have three months they say to see final results ? So let's see if anything changes

I did not go to Cardenas because she told me she does not inject hips // or something like that . I believe her words were my measurements will not change much... HMM eh ? But at least she told me that

I'm not going to stop updating. However I will post pictures when I can post pictures

And for those of you asking .. yes my belly button still is in the running for being the star in ZombieLand 2 (no theatrical makeup needed)

PS. To be fair - if after three months i am not happy then I will change my rating back to NOT WORTH IT. How long are you supposed to leave these garments on anyways - I ordered lipo foam and a board and will be using those as soon as I get them since i believe the hard scar tissue (they hurt like a motherbeeper) at the sides of my waist are due to the folds made by the garment.

Hi Ladies !! So as I said before I thought it...

Hi Ladies !!

So as I said before I thought it was stupid of me to have not posted recent before pics after weight gain. The last two pics posted were of me in 2011 at about 110-115 pounds. As you can see I am not nearly as flat as I was when I was 105 pounds. And this is maybe why I am not as excited about my butt like y'll are. THIS TIME : After about 115 pounds the weight started to hit my stomach and waist and widened it quite a bit. So imagine me at 120 pounds... yes my butt was big but my waist and stomach was too so It wouldn't have looked any bigger than at 115. However when Yily sucked out my stomach and waist fat and the curve in my back swooped in more - the projection would be more pronounced as well as the "fat that Yily injected into my buttocks" Do you see my point now ?

Having said that ... For the last two days my butt has been sorer than it was after surgery. IS IT FLUFFING ? !! lol Ignore me. Anyways I have been having sharp shots of pain in that area. This may be the time where I should stop sitting on it I think lol.

SPA JAQUELINE - $90 a night. CASH I stayed for 6...

SPA JAQUELINE - $90 a night. CASH
I stayed for 6 nights and 7 days
Massages with Jaqueline - $25 . It was like an ultra sound massage and a paraffin wrap.

My procedure cost $2800 . For lipo and fat transfer to the butt and hips .

My list :
Wet wipes - necessary
All of my vits ( which I did not use except for bromelain and arnica )
Wee wee pads for the bed and the floor
Two panties
One pair of sweats and one pajama pants ( did not fit )
Two dresses
Eucerine calming cream - waste of time
Laptop, iPod, iPhone, DVDs, chargers
Two camis
Very little makeup

If I remember anything else I will add it .

What I wish I brought was benadryl, a book to read , more DVDs

Slippers to wear though the airport as my sneakers were so tacky with my maxi dress. However I did get some airport dudes asking me if I worked out so i couldnt have looke tht bad teehee. DR men are so hot.

I received my lipo foams. Should have gotten two or three sheets. I wish I had them before my surgery because they are life savers . Completely removed my the majority of my scar tissue at my waist where the garment was pressing in too much. Bought from amazon- just put lipo foam in the search bar

Received my board last night. This thing right here is what you call a board . It's hard on the inside and the outside is cushioned. It does not conform to the body . I have to wear my garment on the first clasp to get it on. It's my first night wearing it and I thought it would have been uncomfortable but it's the most comfortable I have been in a while . I slept great. Im a bit eh about wearing it to work though. It cannot be worn with tight clothing. Thank God it's winter. Bought this from lipo express for $20, free shipping

So update on my actual results . I have switched...

So update on my actual results . I have switched living positions so access to a long mirror is limited. I haven't really looked at myself in a while except from looking down minus a mirror.

I have a new garment which compresses the hell out of my fatty high hip. In the garment I look like a number one but out of it, it is shaping my body well. Plus I use the foam pieces to cinch in my waist a little more. So I measured my waist but with the foam paddings and it is 22.5 still. I have to take in my 3xs garment because it is starting to get big on the 2nd clasp. In two weeks I know I will have to switch to the third clasp.

I have been wearing my garment 23.5 hours out of each day. I take it off to shower and I put it right back on. To me it is another layer to keep me warm for winter so that's one good thing about this. Sometimes it is effing annoying but it is really necessary for that compression . So don't mess with it and don't skip days etc. I had cut slits in my garment since my butt wasnt fitting in each time I tried to get it in and off and I believe it contributed to my lower stomach not being and flat and compressed and the rest of my stomach. It actually looked like a little pouch. Now with the board, it is flattening out quite nicely . I can still pinch a bit it at between my hands so I guess Yily didn't suck out everything but it's not even a lot. If I did an crunches at like 2 months post for like three weeks that would easily go away .

I think the bbl gods have been playin games with me. Since my post ranting about how this ish never hurt, my butt has been so sore. They were like "didn't hurt right ? That's what you say? Beat and poke it and it didn't hurt? Well feel this, BOOM! " now it's been throbbing everyday , still isn't hard though , very soft and jiggly and still have to admit , it's looks the same as before surgery but after weight gain.

My belly button is gettin slightly better . I did something stupid and poured like a teaspoon of tea tree oil on it and went to bed. Woke up with a rash all around it but everything had started to dry up . It was looking white and black and ish before. Was not cute. So I used some cream a doctors had given me a year before on it and it's looking better. I just have I watch for how the hole forms as its quite lopsided now.

I'm feeling better about my results as I made this choice and I have to live with it. Some people's bodies are different and Yily is a talented doctor. I believe maybe the fat I thought I had just got killed off in a week or something. I'm just going to go with maybe a small dose of PMMA in each dent if I find someone that is reputable enough to do it.

I went out for NYE. No Garment . I wore a Yaris Sanchez style outfit . A cropped long sleeved tight shirt with mesh at the cleavage and a faux leather skin tight high waisted leggings. I received compliments about my body the ENTIRE night. Even gay guys had something to say . A Brazilian model came up to me and asked me if I had silicon injections . I reacted the same way when a couple of my friends asked me that same question last year , I giggled and was like What? Some guy asked me how I got my stomach so flat, I was like Burger King. I usually get a lot of attention but this was a different kind of attention in that gay guys were commenting too. People usually comment on the size of my butt and my face but this was now about my entire body and the face was a bonus :/ . I must admit , this itty bitty waist made a big difference in my shape. Also I wore these seamless boy shorts on the fatty part of my waist to flatten it and give it a more gradual curvy appearance .

Ladies , if you PM me or ask me questions in the comment box and I don't answer you , it's usually because the answers are right in my blog. Please read it as I hate repeating myself .

I bought one sheet of foam. I cut it into three equal pieces and I wear it at my waist and my back where the garment folds. I bought it from AMAZON. For about $15 or something . Search for LIPO FOAMS in the search bar.

I bought the board for my stomach. You put in your measurement and height and it generates which size you should get .I think I got a 2Xs or something like that. It took a while for me to get the board because of he holidays then it was in a big box and I had to go to the post office to get it but I would have gotten it after about 5 days are so. The board is for my stomach . It does not conform to the body like Salama's boards. I will not fit into the curve of your back . Maybe the upper back but I wish you luck with that.

That's all, pictures for you guys with no garment when I get a chance . Hopefully it's soon.

My waist is now snugly at 21.5 inches. However I...

My waist is now snugly at 21.5 inches. However I lost some weight due to the flu so when I gain that back I will measure over.

Pics to come at 8 weeks post op

Will take more pics later when Im not trying to...

Will take more pics later when Im not trying to hide from people.

I sent Yily pics of my dents and she said wait it out til 3 months ... hmm I doubt anything is going to change . Maybe she is hoping I would fluff or something. Anyways i've been trying to gain back a couple pounds so the dents aren't so noticeable and I have to maintain that weight

33 - 21.5 - 38
thighs 21

I'm wondering if it is weird that my waist and thighs are the same measruement. I took a pic of my body today and it looks fake. My bestie bombs said I look the same way as I did before but with a smaller waist but I dunno ... I look ... manufactured

LORD HAVEST MERCY PEOPLE ! I said I am going to...

LORD HAVEST MERCY PEOPLE ! I said I am going to take more pics !

Sorry ladies, all of the pics didn't update, so Im...

Sorry ladies, all of the pics didn't update, so Im adding the rest now

Hey everyone , so I have been getting alot of...

Hey everyone , so I have been getting alot of messages on what I think about Yily, my recovery etc. So I will try and put everything in this blog so I don't have to repeat myself and so people don't have to scroll down in my comments to look for answers

DR YILY's email :

I emailed her ONCE and waited until she responded and then replied to her email. However I set my date back in September when noone was really going to her and she had time to respond to me. Also you ladies are lucky that you have alot of people going to her now so you get to see her results. I based my decision on her website and on one patient Angieem. I always had a good feeling about Yily, even though I got quotes from Salama, never got a quote from Campos because they said I was too skinny to get a quote, Cardenas and I think Pantoja .. can't remember.

I NEVER felt a certain way about leaving the country to go to DR. My total cost came up to what Salama's quote was alone with no flight costs etc. I figured I didn't need a big set of lipo etc so I wasn't going to be paying a big set of money for someone to suck what little fat I had on me out.

I recommend for the bigger ladies to lose as much weight as you can to look as natural as possible. I do not believe Yily has a limit like American doctors. She sucks out as much as she can and leave you looks as natural as your body allows, so if you are on the bigger side lose as much weight as possible and do some light exercising afterwards to set the results. Your waist will be VERY small. I don't know what technique she uses but your waist will be puny , your faja may bunch up on you. So get maxi pads / foams/ boards etc to decrease the creases that the faja forms at the waist. Recently I have been using the foam I have rolled up and placed at the waist to decrease any creases. By the way ... as everyone can see from my results Yily's pictures on her website may be photoshopped in terms of colour /contrast etc but her sculpting skills are the real thing. Let me remind everyone again that I went in with a size 28" waist and 2 months later and swelling down I am 21.5" . So she sucked out 7 inches of fat from my waistline.

People have asked me about compression socks, I kept hearing about them but I never got them . My feet never got swollen , my vajayajay never got swollen.

I took Make Me Heal pre op pills one week before surgery and 15 minutes before surgery, I started taking Vitamin C, Iron, B-complex, Zinc and a Multivitamin three weeks prior to surgery and stopped taking Iron and Zinc (as it has vitamin E in it) a week before surgery. As I mentioned before I was not in any pain. I was sore and stiff and I don't believe you will be prepared for the stiffness. I got out of the surgery bed on day one to get some damn food but it took me about 30 minutes to get off of the bed alone. The only pain I had was when that woman tried to get the 3XS garment on me and when that guy on the train whacked my bum. I popped Arnica and Bromelain pills whenever I felt like. I bought them both from I always buy my vits from that site because they always have awesome buy 2 get 3 free deals.

I packed VERY lightly to go to DR. I took a carry-on and it only weighed like 10 pounds. I was not worrying myself about luggage etc throughout the airport. What I didn't realise until after I got back to America was that I had a 3 inch knife in my hand luggage, it was weird that neither airports noticed it .
I got jacked up at the DR airport going back because of my garment I guess, maybe they thought I had cocaine under it. So i had to be searched in a room but I told them if i take this off it isnt going back one. I think they were more amazed at the size of my swollen butt than getting it back on. So i unclasped like four clasps, showed them the padding I had underneath and then they helped me clasp them back.

I went back to work on day 10. It was fine but I was still stiff, however I put no pressure on my back, I kept my posture straight and carried on as normal.

I wear my garment 23 and a half hours a day. If you leave it off for an extended amount of time your body will swell up like its bloated and when you touch it it will have a burning sensation and getting the garment back on will be like the first time you tried to put it on yourself. Right now I'm wearing a waist cincher because I didn't have thigh lipo and I don't believe I needed to wear that garment so much. If I leave home I wear the thigh garment as that is an extra layer of clothing to keep me warm but I think my thighs were starting to get aggravated with it and I was just sick of it. I bought a short thigh garment but because the bottom of it has lace that didn't stretch it would slice my thighs making it very very uncomfortable and ride up and hurt my crotchy. So its either waist cincher and/or garment.

I do not know how many CC's Yily put in me. I do not know how much fat she removed. I didn't ask her anything about my surgery after the surgery. I was alive and happy lol

Ladies, please do not fret. Your body will change in front of your eyes every single day. One day you will look pregnant and the next you your garment will be falling off of you. One day it may burn and another day it will feel like you never had surgery. Just take care of yourself , if you cant afford massages after surgery then get a boyfriend/girlfriend or friend do it for you and let them do it hard so it hurts. I received two massages and I massaged everyday for like 15 minutes when in the shower with soap. Sometimes if I need a break from the garment I will get baby oil or Arnica oil and rub myself down.

Okay that's all I can think of for now . Byeeee

To the ladies who have Yily's PayPal information,...

To the ladies who have Yily's PayPal information, please do not post it on your blog or send it to anyone . Leave that for the assistants to do , it is not your place to be giving away her personal information like that . She is getting a whole heap ton of money and I would hate for her to be targeted by hackers . I know it seems paranoid of me to say but it does make some sense. PayPal is very safe and secure , I have had it or like forever and never had problems but greed is a serious thing so please wait for her to get back to you instead of being impatient and asking other people for the info. That's all from me.

So my ex dating friend sees a pic of my waist and...

So my ex dating friend sees a pic of my waist and swears up and down that I'm anorexic . Nigga please , I weigh more than I did when you and I were doing the nasty . So I sent him a pic of my bum and well that's the end of that story .

On another note I'm sick and tired of ladies complaining about their results after three days . Like what the fudge !!!! It's been three frigging days , u can't even bend down to wipe your own a$$ but already complaining that your a$$ is flat or your bra rolls are still there , or your stomach looks like a nuclear bomb.E-SLAP!!!!!! Seriously, ask your nurse to give you a chill pill!! Anyways rant over and I feel so much better .

Also I see there is a new option to add pics from...

Also I see there is a new option to add pics from my phone yeaaaaaaa !

Ladies, a bunch of my pictures went missing. I...

Ladies, a bunch of my pictures went missing. I have no idea where they went. But i'm going to try and add them back now. These were posted before.

Men are something else. I'm a sorta jokester so I passed a group of guys , who went completely silent when they saw me .. I even saw nudges being exchanged. So I counted 5 seconds after I passed them and spun around and was like Something I can help you with fellas ? Hhhahahha I don't think they were expecting it , after like 10 seconds of shocked faces one got down on his knees and said Oh My , God blessed you with an amazing body !! Thank you Lord !!!!!! They wanted to know where I worked out etc. I smiled, thanked them , told them I don't work out and said to myself God blessed me with a good canvas and a bit of Yily, and walked away .

I have slightly slightly buff arms... so i think when people see them they think i work out. They don't know i'm the laziest thing ever. Walking up subway stairs fags me out to the point that I try to get escalators wherever possible. However I have cottage cheese legs so i'm going to have to start doing squats. Aye Dios Mio

I had bought the Vedette Adora in 2XS . I tried it...

I had bought the Vedette Adora in 2XS . I tried it on for the first time today and let's just say I am not garment lucky at all. I think i have garment burns for trying to get it up my thighs alone. After 20 , yes TWENTY minutes of trying to get in up my thighs and back down I decided to try it over my head, that only took like 10 minutes. The thong part dug so deep into my butt that when I took it out I thought I would find gold. It almost ripped my clit into two pieces as well. However I was willing to deal with the pain if it compressed my stomach, that didn't even happen as my waist is so small that the bottom rode up and bunch at my waist leaving the stomach part open to uncompression (not a word i know). Soo i was saying well i could as well just sell it... those thoughts went down the drain as I couldn't get the damn thing off. I had to cut it off . Vedette Adora Strike 2.

Just been thinking alot of some things recently,...

Just been thinking alot of some things recently, it is not a sudden decision but I made it final 10 minutes ago. I will add my last set of pics this weekend and then next Monday I'm deleting my account.

I met two or three wonderful women on here and I thank you all for the knowledge and support you gave me with Yily (since absolutely NOONE was going to her when I wanted to go - okay that's a lie maybe about 2 people) and weight gain.

I just feel like this chapter of my life is over and while I would love to stay here and update , realself recently seems to be full of ignorance, negativity and just somewhere I don't want to be at this point in my life.

So yeah, it's been real.

I really hope some of you ladies aren't going to...

I really hope some of you ladies aren't going to Yily for the wrong reasons. It actually started to "worry" me recently because 8 in every 10 bloggers seem to be going to her and the majority of the wishpics seem to be on Jimmerson's level. Don't jump on a bandwagon just because the price seems right. Also don't blame anyone but yourself and your surgeon if the results are not what you expected. If the surgeon you are going to has not produced what you wanted in terms of other people's results , then why are you going to him/her ? Why are you justifying your reason ? I'm just going to sit back and watch how everything unfolds , because I have a strange feeling about it all. This is the last written blog update you will get from me .


I flew to Yily the morning of my surgery. I got in...

I flew to Yily the morning of my surgery. I got in the plane the night before and 5 -6 hours later I was in DR at about 4 ish in the morning. Jacque
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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