Dr Ben Talei is awesome- day 4 after Lip Lift surgery and so far very happy

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Talei is amazing! I can't recommend him enough! He did my lip lift on Tuesday (4 days ago) and so far I could not be happier. I did a lot of research and after having a consult with him, I felt very confident in choosing him. Just a little info on how my procedure went (cause this was the info I was looking to find out when I was researching it) :-) It's a local anestetic procedure so you are awake for the surgery- although the idea of that freaked me out a little so he gave me a mild Valium and I ended up falling asleep during the procedure which was ok by me :-) .. the procedure Only takes about 30-45 min and the first day of the surgery was the most painful with the swelling and stitches but he prescribed me mild pain killers that helped with that. I am fair skinned so I was told I might take longer to heal, but so far I'm on day four after the surgery and the swelling has already subsided dramatically and the incision area looks great. I have been taking regular doses of vitamin C, zinc and Arnica and I think that has helped a lot. I also used pedialyte ice popsicles to ice the area inside and outside my lips because it's a tough area to ice with ice packs and they also help with keeping hydrated and are quite tasty :-) Hopefully the swelling will be gone by Monday which is when I get my stitches out. I will keep you posted on my progress. But if you are considering this procedure Dr Talei is amazing, look no further! And a few healing tips that have helped me so far of you're interested. - Sleep in a recliner if you have one, it helped in keeping my head elevated. - vitamin C, zinc and Arnica are amazing! Take them as regularly as indicated- they really help. - pedialyte ice popsicles are awesome to ice the area- just careful to not get the liquid in the incision. - keep the incision clean and lather it with Bacitracin I hope this helps anyone who is considering it or looking for healing tips. Happy reviewing :-)

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