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So today is the end of day 4 post op. I never...

So today is the end of day 4 post op. I never thought I would put my business out here but it helped me and I want to help others. Any questions please ask although I'm still figuring the site out!
Surgery was Thursday and I went home the same day. My first day was the worst which was not what I heard from anyone!! I was expecting to sleep most of the day but I felt everything and my lesson for you all is to be ahead of your pain. Take the pain meds as soon as you can (put something in your stomach and set your home up for a potential reaction - clear route to the bathroom !) luckily I did not get sick but I couple of times I ran feeling nauseous and you don't want to slip or run into anything with sore tatas!!
I woke every four hours like clock work in need of medicine. Try to space the muscle relaxer and pain pills apart so not taking them all at once. Then you don't run out of it all at once and it helps make it last. The first night I set my alarm on my
Phone to wake me up shortly before the pain medication wore off so I could stay on top of it. I don't take pain meds a lot but I will tell you for some reason - I struggled with pain the most the first 24hours and there is no way I could have handled it without.
I was not advised to use ice packs but when my friend called my doctor (because I was in so much pain and could not believe it was normal since everywhere I read said day 2 is the worst ) he said it would be ok to use ice. The ice helped immensely. Also letting my friend take care of me and just relaxing helped!! Have your pill bottles open if no kiddies around and your doses already out - antibiotics etc. we kept a log so I knew I was on top of everything from pain to antibiotic to stool softener (absolute must).
Day 2 I woke up with a better idea of how to handle the pain-what I could and couldn't do and felt a lot better. My mistake was I had two visitors and I guess I moved around too much so half way through the day I really struggled again with pain. I still needed help with some stuff but mainly I slept. Then the doctors office called (as well as the surgical center - which was super nice and both very helpful with questions!) told me when I could shower and start with the Motrin. She told me once the Motrin gets in my system I would feel a ton better and she was so correct! Well that's it for now but I guess what I am struggling with now is my in incisions and the random jolts but nothing compared to my first day! I will add to this and post pics!!

5th day post op - I think I feel them...

So today is my 5th day and I am getting more comfortable with these foreign objects! It was the first day I woke up really feeling stiffer than when I went to bed. I attribute this to the fact that I am healing so I am just noticing the "morning boob" sensation everyone spoke of now. As the day has progressed it feels like I "loosened up" and I am also just going longer without Motrin. I am more aware of my chest now - before my arms, neck and whole upper half hurt but now I just feel my boobs. I kind of feel like I can feel them inside me. I wonder if others feel this way? Tomorrow is my post op and I can't wait to have my incisions looked at and Stitches removed. I still havnt tried on many things or shown them to my boyfriend. I'm afraid i guess of his reaction although I think they look ok but I never had boobs so what do I know? I guess I will feel more comfortable once they drop a bit - I like the size now and I am certain they will get smaller after swelling. I finally get when people told me I'd want them bigger not smaller if anything - it's not like I want double Ds but when you get used to seeing yourself this size it must be weird watching them get smaller.
Right now I just feel awkward pinches or side sticks on each side and sort of a heavy feeling. Kind of feel like when I move too much that I might break them! I am wearing a sports bra I got at Walmart that opens in the front which I got several and highly recommend. The bra they gave me to wear makes me sore - I think it's just too tight. Grateful my doctors office recommended I buy one or two before surgery!! I will post more later!

Day 4 post op

Incisions look nice and small but you can see they are high and still swollen!

First day back to the real world!

Much better today ( 6 days post!) ! Doc yesterday said everything was perfect and told me I am good and don't have to come back for 3 months! He said I was lucky no bruising and I am so happy with his work! I still have shooting pain but I was warned that would happen but now without Valium I'm having trouble sleeping. The shooting pains seem to be the worst when I lay back and Motrin doesn't seem to do the trick.
I was watching a scary show on tv and one part made me jump - I felt like my implants jumped out of my chest! A very bizarre feeling! Hold off on scary movies!!

5 days post op!

After my doctors appointment I did some shopping - just couldn't help myself! Although super sore, it was fun trying on and filling out tops!

8 days post!

So I feel like I noticed a solid change in them today-little lower and not as swollen up top! My pain now is reaching up, pulling or anything that flexes my muscles hurts but a lot less every day! The jolts were not as bad today - but I rested more and massaged the area below my arm pit (tip learned from a doc who answered my Q on here!!!) - not sure if it was due to the massaging or not. Biggest gripe? Sleeping- I don't have a recliner so pillows it is. Adjusting them is tough with trying to not stretch ! I haven't slept much. I'll keep posting pics! I know people's pics helped me make my choice!

9 days post

Still feel them all the time and careful not too lift too much but was able to pick up 2 year old and not feel pain. So pain is mostly gone just more uncomfortable. I can lay back easier and get up without pain but still feel like I have to be careful.

10 day post - incision worries!

Best day yet with pain and discomfort - slept pretty well too (still basically sitting up though *sign*). Main source of angst today was after the shower I took my steristrips (spelling??) off - doc put new ones on after post op appointment and said to leave on until they basically fell off but I got curious. They look fine except I feel like they are indented into my boob! i think it was the initial shock of seeing them without the white band aids but I pray that's normal. They look super healed (more so than other post op picks I've seen at my about of time post op - thankfully ) but wondering if I shoudl
Call my doctor. Don't want to panic but also know better sooner than later if it isn't healing right! But I saw other post pics and did notice it a bit on others. I think what will probably happen is that they are going to diminish and look a lot better soon but I'm just still too soon after surgery! Now I'm embarSsed for my bf to see my boobs naked because I never wanted him to see them like that - I mean he knows they are fake but they don't look right at certain angles with that indent! I'll stop blabing and whining now!!

14 days!!

I'm feeling weird today. I think I may not be wearing a supportive enough sports bra because they feel like they are hanging (not used to this!) and heavy. Today when I was with my boyfriend afterwards my right one felt like it moved. My right always feels a bit former and bigger. Don't mean to be so detailed but I figure I've been pretty open so far so ...but I think they will feel like they move a lot until they fully settle. I wish they would hurry up though! I am aware of them always and stuff like driving and picking things up still feelike I'm hurting them! Still sleeping on back and need back support but no longer painful just uncomfortable mainly. I notice relief when I have a more supportive bra on! I am very afraid of capscular contracture or whatever it's called but I just have to pay attention to my body. I would say that's the best advice. Don't worry about should you shoudnt you as much as what make them feel more comfortable because everyone is different and has different directions from their PS! All we can do is trust them and listen to our bodies. Hope info helps!

16 days post operation

Slept sort of on my side last night!!

16 day post pics

Some pics

3 weeks post!!!

Three weeks is a good turning point! Pain reduced immensely, let's discomfort and almost can sleep on side (more paranoid than anything ). Today I feel like the shrunk a size and I'm trying to fight that psychological battle where now I feel small! I keep reminding myself how weird they looked and felt and now they are looking and acting more natural! My scar tissue on right is more sensitive yet left is more noticeable!! I can't wait to feel even better!!

24 days

Feelin even more comfortable today! Feel like I can bend over and get up much better. I am more and morconfortable on my side. Spooning a pillow helps!

Before and after

I realized I never put up a before picture and its a good way to help others find people with similar chest size before to get an idea what they may look like. It's weird, I havnt looked at myself like that in a month and I'm already in disbelief at how small they were!! You can tell my right is higher before and my nipples never were even too.

Almost a month!

So in less than two days I will be at my one month post op point! Feels like it has been a lot longer! I went bra shopping at target since I can wear underwire soon! I never imagined that it wouldn't be enjoyable. Everything looked weird on. I thought I would be a C but mostly Ds were what fit. I am hoping now that they get a bit smaller! But I found that lace bras with no lining looked the best but of course no good for hard nipples!! I need to get sized I think. I'm sure it was just the shock and they still are so firm and high and I am
Assuming they still need to drop and soften and at that point I will feel more natural looking! Sorry for the run ons!

Lace bra

This is the type of bra I never could wear before that actually was the only one that seemed to fit, not make me feel fake and made me excited since I always was jealous when Id see those bras! Highly recomend trying lace if you want a quick ego boost in regards to your new shape!!

One month post

I wondered I will ever feel comfortable having my boyfriend near my tatas. I used to be insecure about my small boobs and never want him near em but now I don't want him near these because they still feel so hard and I worry he'll be freaked out. I pray they get softer. He's very nervous of them I can tell too. They still feel like I can't push them together and they don't move. Will they move ever again? All and all I am happy and know I all of this will pass but I'm just ready to feel comfortable and confident with my body!!

6 weeks

So it's been about 6 weeks and I feel so much better. Everything they say is true and once the one month mark hits - it's amazing how everyday you just feel more and more like yourself. I barely think about my incisions or about my boobs at all during my daily activities. I got fitted and at Victoria Secret they said I am a 34DD! This is discouraging but DD implants don't look as big as natural DDs do they say and I think Victoria's DD is probably more like a D other places but I'm still learning. Also a tip I would suggest is not to go for the triangle bikini for your first post op suit. I really wanted to as I never could wear them before because I looked like a little boy in them! I went to the beach and they don't support you so laying down was not comfortable for me and when laying down, if your incisions were at fold, they can show and the sun is not a friend of healing scars!


Over 3 months post op

It has been awhile since I posted but I know I was super curious how my boobs would progress as months went on. If they really would feel more a part of me (they do) or if they would really get much smaller like some say (they didn't). Well I felt like sharing my status so to help all you boobie newbies who like I was probably are on here 24/7 looking for someone who has posted past the one month mark! I am now a 32 DDD or 34 DD (from 34 A) - apparently when band goes up letters go down but I can't believe I am that size! No one believes me except those who have sized me at nordstroms and Victoria's. I have learned a lot about bras!! They feel a lot softer and sit a lot lower but my doc at my 3 mos post op appointment told me in 3 more months they will be even softer. My boyfriend loves them now and says they feel like the real deal. I am not 100% as I feel they are bigger than I expected but they also still feel a bit foreign to me. I think as they continue to soften I will be happier. Mine did not go down at all in size and doc says they won't get any smaller. Over all I am super happy and my scars are fading nicely. All my worries are in the past and none of my fears were true! Hang in there girls, it really is worth it!

feel like my new girls are too big

So here is an update (5 1/2 months post) :I hope girls deciding on what size to get read this! When I decided my size I read all about "go bigger " "they get smaller after the swelling goes down" etc but I never read about women feeling like they were too big. I don't regret having the surgery at all and I liked the sizers I tried on. I read all about the CCs (380) and they seemed like a normal size to go to (if not on the small size) but now I have to say I feel that they are too big. Every picture of me I feel heavy and not sexy. I feel sometimes like I have these two beach balls vs a natural look (but they feel and look natural naked). I don't blame my doctor but they were unable to assure me I would be a certain size and I get that but I was hoping to be about a large C and I am wearing 32DDD ! I spent my whole life unable to wear sexy clothes and lingerie and now I can't find anything to wear because they are so big. I went from everyone calling me skinny and althetic build to a bigger girl and muscular . I never noticed how some women aren't big at all but they just have large chests!
I love them in so many ways and again I don't regret having the surgery but my advice is don't feel pressured to go huge. It's not all it's cracked up to be. Really know what you're choosing. Don't feel rushed because It's your right to take your time and only you can know if it's the right size. Take the sizers home or make ur own before committing. Just sayin - Now all the models and women I was jealous of how big their boobs were all seem to have itty bittys to me. Victoria secret lingerie doesn't fit and feeling skinny is so much more difficult. I am working out more and planning on hopefully loosing weight will make me feel sexier. It's funny I spent my whole life trying to make them look bigger and now I have to learn how to dress to make them smaller! I'll include pics to show because without clothes on or in bras -it doesn't show my problem as much. If you have narrow shoulder width and a small ripcage - be careful. You don't want to look too heavy!!
Again not trying to be all "boo hoo my boobs are too big " (I hated those girls when I was flat!!) but it's a legit true problem that I had to learn the hard way! Worst case you go bigger later, I think that's easier than unstretching skin to go smaller.
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