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On 12-28-13 I went for my first consultation to...

On 12-28-13 I went for my first consultation to the LSL Center in Downers Grove Illinois . I was so excited because this was after all going to be what they call " A life changing experience " and indeed it was but in a horrible way . The assistant Monica Alexander convinced me that this procedure would transform me into a younger looking woman and she stood behind me as I sat looking at myself in the mirror and demonstrated how the doctor would pull up the skin on my face and eyes during what she called "procedure" . I asked her if I would meet the doctor and she said " oh no ...not today ! You will meet him on the day of your procedure". she made her sale and she told me I can have the procedure done very soon a matter of days ,but I had something planned for the next few weeks and agreed to have the so called procedure done on 1-22-14 . The biggest mistake of my life ! I arrived on 1-22-14 on time . My appointment was for 1:00 pm . They told me the doctor would be in about 1:30 because he was running late . So I waited and waited and after a few hours I was worried . 

Dr. Kagan arrived 5 hours later and there were still 2 patients waiting before me . It was so brutally cold that day in the Chicago area that I considered myself lucky to have made the trip to Downers Grove with all the snow , ice and the freezing temperatures . When the doctor arrived 5 hours later I wasn't even sure if he would have the time to do my " "procedure". He did the 2 patients in front of me and I was the last one to go . It was almost 7 pm by the time they took me to the back . The doctor came in for a very brief consultation and spent approx . 10 minutes with me. I could see that he looked tired and agitated . At this point I was nervous . The assistant then started giving me the 25 mg of Valium in what I believe were either 3 or 4 increments. I started getting a little drowsy when the assistant brought in several papers for me to sign . There was a camera pointed right at me so although I was already getting drowsy at thetime I knew that it was important for them to see that I was reading the papers before signing them . I looked over each page and signed them all and moments later the assistant came in to make sure the papers were all signed and then she came back for me. I followed her into a small room and was seated in a recliner . The doctor came in and started injecting me with about 20+ needles . ....into my face , neck and behind my ears . The pain was horrifying ! 

Then the cutting began. First one side and then the other . During the entire surgery ( I don't know why?) he had his forearms on my chest and I found it difficult to breathe comfortably. He had my eyes covered with something but I was still able vaguely see him from different angles . The LSL is a very invasive and painful surgery . This is not a procedure ladies and gentlemen . This is a very rushed , invasive and extremely painful surgery , not in a hospital setting but in a small room sitting in a recliner . No one monitors your blood pressure or even asks how you're doing / feeling during the surgery and overall very little interaction with the patient during the extremely painful surgery . No one should ever have to feel the amount of pain which I felt . Not with the medicine thats readily available today . And I know this is done to cut corners on theand save huge amounts of money . There is No regard for the patient whatsoever! Afterthe doctor was done with me his final words to the assistant were " I'm out of here"! And out he went through that back door like a bat out of hell ! 

It's been over 2 full months now since my horrible experience and I can see that I don't have good results . My eyes are so much smaller and they swell up each day and they hurt so bad . My face us numb in certain areas and the scars around my ears are so large and have developed into keloids . I know for a fact that if this doctor had taken the time and done the surgery with more precision I probably would have been lucky and have good , maybe even great results . I will never know because this doctor that only met me for 10 minutes ruined my face and eyes . I have cried my eyes out because I was planning on going to Europe this summer . I'm not sure I want to be seen looking like this ? I've become so depressed because of my horrible experience . And the lesson I learned from this is to never, ever settle for less when it comes to your face. Don't be fooled into believing that they're so affordable because they're not . The $10,000 they took from me was a lot of money...and for what ? What did they give me back ?

A nightmare !!! To anyone reading this post , please learn something from my experience and go to a good plastic surgeon who will operate on your face in a hospital / outpatient setting where you'll have the right kind of anesthesia / conscious sedation so you don't feel the horror that I and countless other patients felt . Don't fall for their lies because that's all they are is lies . Because after they're done with you , you will be me , and the countless others who have gone through this horror .
Good luck to you all !

Here I am now ! from this :( to this :)

It's true that I didn't have a positive experience with my life style lift but I learned a great deal from this endeavour .
Anger never resolves anything and makes most matters worse . I took a positive approach and its working . I learned that my scars and my eyes can be revised and I'm extremely happy about that . Dr. Kagan is a good person and perhaps I took out my anger on him too harshly but it is only because of my face . If this was a part of my body I can easily hide , I wouldn't dwell on it as much , but the face is different altogether. Every woman wants to look and feel her best . This is why so many of us have these procedures .
I recently spoke to Dr. Kagan and he is a good person, and I understand that he is only human.
I'm hopeful that with the revision everything will improve and what started out as a negative experience will become a positive one . The staff have been very wonderful and very supportive and I appreciate that so much because it does make everything so much better .

I'm very disappointed again .

Back in March I was seen by a different doctor and was told that I will need some revision done to correct the thick scars and my right eye . Then in April I met for the first time with the doctor who performed the life style lift and he was very upset about the review about him I put out on this site .
He told me that the problems I am facing can be fixed and I couldn't agree more , however I decided that I wanted them fixed by another doctor and at a different Life Style Lift location . I'm still waiting !
And wondering why I have to wait so long to get this problem corrected? The scars around my ears hurt but my eyes hurt even more , and on some days they swell up quite a bit . My sister (who also had a life style lift the same day I had mine ) and I are leaving for Europe in mid summer so I would hope to have this corrected ASAP .
I've become very depressed lately.
Nothing has been or is being done whatsoever.
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