35 / 5'9" / 69 kg / 1 Child. Can't wait for my lift! Sydney AU

Hello, I'm going for my breast lift commutation...


I'm going for my breast lift commutation this week. I have always had heavy breasts and they are extremely saggy, which I find very depressing. I can't not wear a bra even to bed as I hate the feel of my breasts hanging down. My areloas too are huge and I feel like I have the breasts of a much older woman. I'm single and feel like part of why I'm not confident to 'get out there' and start dating is in a small way because of my breasts. My main concerns that I will address tomorrow are that I would need to know my breasts would end up the same shape and size with the nipples the same as well. As one of my breasts and one nipple is bigger than the other at the moment. I know there are no guarantees with cosmetic surgery though. I would hate to spend all the money though and still not be happy with my breasts. I'm really excited to see what the surgeon has to say. This surgery is something I have always wanted to do!

Was brave enough to to add a pic !

Consultation went so well :)

Consultation went so well and gave me hope that what I wanted was achievable. I can't afford the quote I was given there though, which is a shame as I would be confident in the hands of that surgeon. I'm hoping that I will find another surgeon who seems as capable and more affordable.

Photo of my breasts from laying down angle. Can't wait to have surgery!

Just booked my surgery date!!

After so long wanting a breast lift, I have finally found the right surgeon for me and have booked my date!!

3 weeks away! I'm mega excited! No nerves yet but I'm sure they will come!

16 days to go! Goodbye saggy bosoms :)

Hello! Any one else close to my surgery date? Would be nice to have a forum buddy to stress out and get excited with! I'm not really nervous yet but I'm sure that will come. I'm just so relieved to have found a surgeon that is right for me in both price and reputation. This site really helped me in choosing. I have my 2nd consult on Thursday. Before then I need to draw on areolas to see what sort of size in going to go for! I know that most are cut to 4cms. I'm thinking of going perhaps 3 cms though as I think smaller ary's look more youthful ????. I've always had such large ones- dinner plates I call them lol. It will be surreal to have smaller ones!! I'm worried they will get larger again after.. One surgeon I saw said there is such a thing as 'nipple memory' and they may try to go back to how big they were! :/ Anyone heard of that? Another thing I'm thinking about is if I should have a bit of tissue removed from both breasts (at this stage I'm only having some removed from the bigger one to make them more even). It would be nice to still have my current size breasts, however as the tissue is so heavy, will I still feel much 'lighter' after the lift? I don't want them at risk of sagging more quickly after due to the weight. One thing I'm concerned about during recovery is sleeping on my back as I never do and I move around a lot when I sleep. Does anyone who has gone through the surgery have any tips?? Should I buy a special pillow or sleep in a recliner the first couple of nights? My mum is going to stay with me until I feel I will be ok on my own. Not sure what to expect recovery wise. Will I feel human again after 5 days? I just can't wait to fit in bras better and not feel the horrible weight hanging down. It seems too good to be true that soon I won't have to be ashamed of my breasts and feel like a much older woman. I just can't wait to be on the other side of the surgery. I can't wait to wake up and know it's over and see the tape on! Good luck to everyone who is planning on surgery or recovering from it. Congrats to all those that have taken the step and are enjoying their new breasts :)

Hi all, I already did a review regarding my up...

Hi all,

I already did a review regarding my up coming breast lift on the 20/10. However I posted it under the breast 'reduction' area so just putting up another one as I can't edit it. 

Is anyone else approaching their surgery date? 

I have been wanting this surgery for a long time. I'm ashamed of my breasts and hate how they make me feel. If I don't wear my 'granny' bra I get sore and uncomfortable. 

My 2nd consult is tomorrow. I have a few more questions so I'm looking forward to it. 

I'm thinking about going a little smaller with my areolas.. 

Also, thinking of getting some extra tissue taken out as they are so heavy - I'm wondering if they will still make me feel uncomfortable if they are 'lifted' but still weigh pretty much the same? 

One of my concerns post op is sleeping on my back..as I have a tummy/side sleeper and move around all the time when I'm asleep. Any advice from anyone who's been through it? Is there a special cushion I can buy? Should I sleep on a recliner for the first couple nights?

2 more sleeeeeeeeps! B4 pics

I can't believe the day I've been waiting for is finally nearly here!

I have everything prepared.

Working up until the last minute so hopefully that will keep my mind of it.

I've been pretty good though, I know arriving at the hospital though will be when my anxiety kicks in.

I can't wait to feel lighter and be able to wear more clothes and be more comfortable.

I did it :)

So relieved the hard part is over! Except for major anxiousness which had my heart rate up mega high before and after the surgery- it all went well!

Back at home now. It's lovely to be home kicked back in the recliner with my puppy.

The drive home was awful as my dad got lost, went the extra long way, almost had an accident and slammed the breaks on and stopped for petrol! I never realised how many speed bumps were in Sydbey! I really didn't want him to be the one driving me home as he's prone to driving like a maniac.. so it really upset me that I was so stressed on the way home :( the trip took over 2 hours.

Pain is not too bad. I had Nurofen, antibiotics and a slow release pain killer at hospital and need to continue the nurofen and antibiotics (and mersyndol at home if I feel the need).

Sleeping on my back was hard I didn't sleep well so thinking I will try and zonc myself out tonight for a good nights sleep!

The first thing I did this morning was to go look at my chest in the mirror and see if they were still 'up' lol.

I can't see much at the moment (which is a good thing I think). But I'm happy with what I can see :) These waterproof bandages will stay on for one week until my first post op appointment where my stitches will be removed.

It's such a weird feeling wondering what my nipples and the incisions look like. After the drive home my right breast has bled a lot more.

I still can't believe it's over and I did it! Yesterday was really hard. It was stressful for the medical team to keep asking me why I had high heart rate and have I had it before. It was just cause I was freaked the f out! I thought most people would be before a major operation.

My surgeon was really nice and calming as where the rest of the medical team and I quite enjoyed my stay in my private room :)

3 days post op

I feel like I'm getting there now! My mum will most likely go home tomorrow and my 12 yr old daughter comes back tonight! My daughter is a great help and will be able to help but I'm hoping tomorrow I will be even more improved :) Still haven't had a bm- might have two laxatives before bed. Too much info? Lol. My pups keep stealing my recliner when I get up! They have been really good and now mummas not 100% I think. My boobs are looking pretty gross but actually feel like more a part of my body now :)

5 days post op.

Feeling a little blue today. Due for my period - that's prob why. Going through stages when I think my breasts will turn out great and when I think they still look really big and I should've had more tissue taken out. I'm apprehensive about Thursday (big reveal) but also want it over and done with. My breasts have bled a bit more but I'm sure it's fine - see pics. Anyhoo I'm sure I will cheer up. Everyone goes through this I'm sure with too much time to think.
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