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I'm seeking to have a breast reduction, I'm 40...

I'm seeking to have a breast reduction, I'm 40 and I've needed one since I was 16 . I remember having a BF as a teenager saying mine were like a 30 year Olds . Talk about deflated confidence . Anyway I have anthem BCBS and I been seeking it for a few years but I was ignorant only seeing and talking to 1 PS and he has done some other things to my nose repairing a mess made my MRSA anyway the last time he kinda messed it up but it wasn't his fault stuff like that happens . Long story short he said he wouldn't fix it unless I drove an hour a day to lay in hyperbaric for an hour then an hour home for 30 days total . So I got a second opinion and thr 2nd opinion said one of the at was needed fixed with without the grafts and I'm happy well its not perfect but ti never will be anyway . I just wanted to look semi normal again . Any way back to breasts my original PS requested amounts way under what he knew my insurance required I had no idea there was a scale at the time. But now know he knew they would reject it twice he has done that . Now he he requested thr amount they require for m right breast cause its bigger says my left breast will be too small if he takes that much and he insists I will need and nipple graft no matter what . I m just perplexed after reading on this site looking at some other before and after pics I don't see why I need a FNG. He says it's the amount 628 grams plus he says the droop which I have seen pics of women with them al,oat to their waste even a review on here and a girl had huge breast with them Nearly to her belt line that didn't need that done. So why does he insist I need a FNG? Anyway I posted a detailed question to the awesome docs here on real self and 2 already answered and said 628 is no where near too much . But I forgot to ask about the FNG I'm sure they'd disagree with hm though . Anyway I'm 5'11" right now I'm weighing in at 178 but I hope to get down to a little less so my required amount can go down to 575 . I just don't feel like they even want me to get approved by my insurance .. anyway I have a lot of consults coming up with some other fantastic doctors. I'm not going trying to say bad things about my current doc because I try not to overlook to overlook he good he has done and he really has done some great stuff for me my nose I've had 4 surgeries so far and I know this last thing wasn't his fault .. I think maybe he jus hasn't kept up with the new ideas that about anchor can be done even on very hangy breasts . . Anyway so just really anxious I'm so sick of thr misery associated with them . The cutting of my straps migraine I have muscles spasm in my shoulders and all that stuff .. I just called the office manager to remind her had already en t a chiropractor and all that mess t jump through insurance hoops to throughly and e mind her maybe she should send that to throughly them to begin with because I've already spoke with them they say the more they send in documentation the faster it happens .. but nope she won't listen she is just going to send them or PA like always .. One more reason I'm going for a end 3rd 4th and 5th opinion . I just hope if insurance approves it and I change docs it won't make a difference .. they always say send them as much documentation ads possible and she is like nope just a letter . Sheesh anyway so that my story so far .. I have some appointments with some docs that are on here . I been chatting with another lady who just started this journey too she is pretty cool she lives not far from me and her doc answered my question liked his answer he is 4 hours away so I sent him a request for a consult . I was hoping I could get a Skype consult and release him my records like dr Horndeski out in Texas does. He does the ultimate breast reduction /left with no scars.. they say it's reasonably priced and I guess if you care that much about scars and are willing to pay cash as they don't accept insurance then yes is reasonable but I can't afford it.. it twice what average reduction is.. like I said if you are doing it for cosmetic reasons and scars are a concern then yeah it makes sense .. but I don't care about scars ., when you've been in this much pain for this long you stop caring about scars or how small you might be its all just a matter of choosing the lesser of 2 evils .. anyway I'll update after I have my next consult with Dr Nunnery on the 12th in PC fl and then Dr Baker on the 14th in Dothan Al..

Had some consults scheduled surgery :)

Well aren't I glad did not go with the first doctor I saw ? Sheesh sounds like he was going to mutilate me at this point. Every other doctor absolutely refused to do what insurance demanded one even said it would be a mastectomy. Wow no I don't want that .. but the first doctor was like if that's what you what I will do it .. I was desperate and if he had not started saying I had to have a free nipple graft I might have done it too . But I knew I did not want that done . Turns out every other doctor I've seen and one I spoke with on the phone after he saw photos and my measurements said I do not need a FNG in fact far from it . My nipple t notch is mid 30s one said unless it gets up to 40 cm there is no need to plan t graft my nipple the blood supply can be left unanimously they said that .. so that freaks me out a bit being he has operated on my face twice already . The second time it did turn out worse but I never blamed him still don't I just know to be more selective next time .. anyway I saw Dr Nunnery in PC Fl I like him a lot and I would have used him but the I saw Dr Baker in dothan closer to home and 1000 cheaper . Let me tell you both doctors seem awsome . Neither have done any work in me but they both have great reviews I'm thrilled to pay for it myself so I can not be worried about being toon small . I had 1500 in an FSA and now I only have tone come up with 3500 . When Dr baker says he gives a discount because the cost of living is cheaper here he tells the truth 1000 less is nothing to snivle at and he has excellent reviews and even has some extra associations he is with besides the board of PS.. OK so Feb 23 if I can come up with the cash 2 weeks before that date if not I'll have to move it up but shouldn't be too much later . The very worat case we have to wait on tax refund we should get twice that and we usually get it the 2nd week of February. . I did Draft a letter to my insurance company cause it is crummy like one doctor said if a man came in with a hernia causing him pain there would expect no squabbling about how much of the hernia has to be removed for them to pay . Pain is pain hernia is hernia hypertrophic breasts is what it is even small reductions make huge improvements in symptoms. It's just a way to deny clains that's it . I don't understand why I can't spare the 628 maybe even 575 since I lost weight since they weight at least 10 pounds together . But it's OK I don't want to be too small being almost 6 feet tall I don't need to be and also I am trying to lost about 15 more pounds before surgery so that I'll be at a good weight and not need to lose any and mess up my surgery . In fact in just a couple weeks maybe 2 and a half I've lost 10 pounds . FYI I found a new diet supplement at the HF store called " skinny magic " don't care what anyone says it WORKS have lost weight like crazy .. I was afraid I'd lose too much and my boobs would get small and insurance would reject me . Of course they don't get much smaller when I lose weight but I was pushing it anyway .. oh well not worred now the count down begins

Wright loss

I meant to add this in the last update . Part of me is really relieved to be self paying for my surgery . Not only so I won't have to worry about being too small in the end but so that I can lose some weight before and not worry about losing a little in my breasts and not meeting required breast weight . I lose a little breast tissue when I lose but not near'you enough to make me small enough to relieve symptoms the sagging also causes symptoms every doctor will tell you that heavy pendulous breasts cause pain even if they aren't huge . Even just a D cup of tea sag can cause pain . Anyway I had lost 11 pounds but I wasn't willing to lode anymore afraid I would get too small and being " borderline " for insurance in was afraid it might cause me to fall outside the range . However on the other hand also did not want to wait until after I had surgery to lose and mess up my results . So now I can lose the worst before my date which will be no problem I only need about 15 more pounds at the very most and I have lost 11 in about 2 weeks maybe less on these new supplummets so before the 23rd of Feb u should have plent of time ..

Now I'm relived and thankful I'm not having insurnce pay

I spent quite a bit of time today reading a young ladies review . Wow I felt bad for her . She couldn't Afford BR surgery but she had just enough that insurnce would pay . She was short too so she could live with small breasts . She was a triple D like me but she was like 8 inches shorter than I am and a smaller band like a 32 or 34 I think . Anyway the doctor did it and insurnce paid . Sad part is she still ended up paying within 1000 of what my surgery is going to cost for her part. It's a sham . She just got a bill later rather than paying up front and had to meet to requirements. She doesn't look that bad to me especially considering she said she wanted to be a B cup . But I do think going frim such a large size to a B may have distorted the results and she says her nipple are too far apart ., she has the pre op markings posTed they are very small almost nothing just a half circle and an upside down V. OK so thing is when she complained the doctor said well yours wasn't cosmetic it was medical .

So he has a point . I'm it saying it justifies half doing it. But people need to realize for their own good that insurance though they send huge bills to them only allows a fraction of what self pay is . I'd venture to say 2000 at the most probably much less than that for the doctors fee . I had surgery on my fave recently what insurnce allow was less than half what cash paying patients would pay for the same procedure . So you can't really blame these doctors that just do what is medicallying needed . We are talking about possibly thousands of dollars . In fact I doubt they even get 1000 because I know my cosSt of 5000 is everything so myou doctor only gets part of that . I'm sure for cosmetic procedures they have another way of splitting it up. But when we agree to let insurnce pay we are talking the chance that the doctor is going to give us what we are paying for . They are not getting nearly what their fee is when insurane pays. So before anyone goes forward with an insurnce funded procedure be sure to ask questions . Ask your doc outright if he will do exactly on you what he would do on a cash paying patient . Make sure he knows that you are aware of the major difference in fee and that he doesn't get near as much and ask him if that will have anything to do with your results. I know it's hard to confront them but you can do it in a nice way without making them feel accused or threatened . Just say you've heard horror stories and you understand yours is medical but the doesn't mean you want to look messed up yon wish to look good too .

I was disappointed that I have to pay myself but like I said I'm only coming out 1000 more than that poor girl and I can choose how much I do not have to take off any certain amount and can feel good that my doc is getting paid his full fee and even though I'm sure they don't all consider that I'm sure most do their best work no matter what you cannot gamble with your body and there is just no way to know . Like I mentioned before I found a doc willing to mutilate me to meet insurnce standards but I wasn't aware that'd what was going on until I saw a few other doctors and be sure to get a few consults . I thought a little too small is just the matter of a push up bra .. not theven case .. I'm very impressed with the the reviews I've read about the doctor I've decided to go with . I had a good feelings ab out him all along before I ever met him I kinda felt like he was going to be my doctor . Might should have let him do my nose but doctor mocklet did good on that too in Panama city.. well I jus wanted to update and say those things I think most don't realize .. be careful when getting an insurnce procedure

three weeks to go

Well looks like I will have surgery on time .. I don't know if I had mentioned this but I was going to sell my daughters car to pay .. not cause I'm mean but because she nearly killed herself in it . But I have just parked it and taken the keys I really need to sell it . But if I did and bought boobs with the money she'd never speak to me again . No sweat though I have to pay by the 9th and I've paid part as I said I think and I'll have the rest this week . So I called my doctors office to schedule pre op and tell them maybe I could come in and pay at the same time .. well she said I don't need pre op . I thought that strange .. now I scheduled on thr 14th and she gave me my scripts that day and it's only been 16 days .. he did tell me that day what he plans to do ( supromedial pedical about 300-350 grams ) but they aren't running any tests or mammogram which is fine I prefer to avoid the breast press if I can .. but I thought I'd see him again .. I'm getting anxious I'm really REALLY tall and I'm fearful of being too small .. I need to lose 10 pounds . I've lost some weight but seems like now I m at a stand still and can't lose anymore I really need to lose 10 more . If I can lose 10 more I kmow I'd be thin enough if they were smaller it would look still good .. but right now I'm kinda in between and afraid I need about a D cup to look right . Maybe not . Another concern I have is he only has 1 before and after pic for BR. . But hus reviews are awesome and he is a member of the American society of Aesthetic plastic surgery . Which only has less than 3000 members world wide and is pretty exclusive I hear . That's not counting his other associations including being board certified and all that stuff .. he has 5 stars on real self and all the other sites I've found nothing but good reviews . I found 1 bad review and it was from like a really really really long time ago when he first took over thr practice And it was just silly something had hurt somekne or something .. he wasn't gentle enough I think but it was over 10 years ago at least .. so I should feel confident . But I guess it's just that I don't kmow him and he isn't overly friendly . I spoke with a Dr over the phone in ATL recently gosh I liked him so much . But my papa is sick now turns out he probably has stage 4 lung cancer and has to have radiation and chemo so I can't go 5 hours away for surgery . It just made better sense to have it in dothan .. I guess it's eating close and I'd be nervous no matter who was going to do it and what happened . I've had confidence so far in fact since I rad thr n fists review about Dr Baker I thino deep down i knew he was going to be my best option . His prices are great too . I couldn't believe 5000 for BR . That's for me I kmow they chnage prices and other circumstances might vary from Pt to Pt but still .. that's really good for BR surgery . The lifts I saw looked great and thr one reduction I saw looked good too . He does thr SMP using a superior medial pedical from what I hear and it makes sense this bottoms out less and gives a better upper pole result .. that is what I really want . I'll upload a before pic I guess if I have one . But mine are huge but deflated on top .. less bottoming out the better for me .. well I'll update more as it gets closer

Before photos

coolest thing and weird fears

The coolest thing just happened , well I hurt my back which is very uncool but it's giving e time to obsess and read reviews .. so when I looked the first one suggested for BR was for a young lady around my area . She's having surgery same exact day as me , same hospital as me with my old doctor ( he one who insisted I needed a FNG ) pretty cool huh ? She's even the same bra size as me .. cool maybe I'll have a friend in holding .. lord knows I been in that holding area enough times nit for cosmetic but reconstructive .. I should have told her to look for the one who the nurses can't thread an IV on my first time in flowers they put it in my NECK is my IV IN MY NECK .. that comes from a decade of IV drug use ..

So as anyone can see from my before pics my areola is almost thr color of my skin it's also prettybug . So now I've developed a fear if being worried thr doctor won't see my whole areola when he cuts it down and part of it will end up in a random place n my boob .. then when it gets cold it will kinda get erect and Pinker in some strange place .. I kmow I'm crazy as a bat .. I also forgot that I'm but D deficient and I have been at least 2 months that's when the test was done and I just forgot . I'm going to go get supplements tomorrow hope it doesn't effect my surgery .. yikes

all set am i having a lift or a reduction?

Well today I went to dothan to pay for my surgery .. so now it's all paid for .. I started kinda getting a tad freaked out thinking I might need axillary lipo ( not looking for a side boob ) so I asked thr booking lady would Dr Baker have mentioned it if I needed it . She said yes he will usually say if yiu need the lipo . I don't have a lot of fat rolls anywhere . Mostly starting to get a little in my belly but I don't have any fat rolls under my arms that hang over my bra unless the bra is way too small .. anyway she said she would look at my case . She pulled it up and said oh no he doesn't usually do them for a " lift " I was like wait I'm a lift ? Anyway I guess when they only take out like 300 grams they call it a lift . Or maybe it's if it doesn't qualify for insurance .. I don't kmow but I verified that he is taking out volume kinda freaked me out a second .. which I'm kinda glad though cause u Bene worried about him taking too much having me mixed up with others having these giant reductions and forgetting how tall I am and making me too small .. yes I guess 2 weeks and 2 days away it's time for me to start freaking out about all the " what ifs "

Well anyway it's all paid for so I'm set for the 23rd . My mom can't take me my papa is sick and she has too much on her . if I asked her to she would not I told her not to worry I'd get someone else. My husband said he can take off work but I told him no too .. I'm the kind that would go alone if they'd let me . Anyway I asked my friend who happens to be my pastors wife to drive me . If I kmow mamma she will show up anyway my husband is known to also . If they do I'll let my friend off the hook . It's a long surgery I hate for her to be stuck at the hospital the whole time but it's an hour from home . So I figured I'll fill my car up with gas and if she wanted to go home she could then they can call her when I'm in recovery and she can come back she will be back about the time I get released . My mother in law is supposed to come over and help me sone thr first few days YAYYY ;) ..

They said to wear a comfortable button down or zip up shirt to the hospital. Well hello when does someone like me ever find one to fit? So today at the thrift store I found a set of men's pajamas nice cause they are extra large and extra tall . They button up so I'll take them with me to wear home . Got my meds filled they said stop taking herbs I hate that . I'm on a ketonic diet ( meat and eggs no carbs ) trying to lose these last few stubborn pounds but I don't like not taking my herbs ..anyway that's all I guess for now

anxious and sick

Now I'm starting to freak out thinking I'm going to wake up flat chested . I'm nearly 6 feet tall I'd look crazy .. plus I've lost some weight doing keto 10 pounds to be exact this past week and my boobs look like they have lost some volume . Maybe it's just me my husband says I worry too much . But I'm afraid thr 300 he planned to take will end up being too much now that I've lost or that I'm mostly loose skin like I been reading about and 300 will be too much . But I'm self pay most those I see that regret are insurance funded ..

On to next anxiety I'm SICK as a dog my dog is actually sick too I had to lock her in a kennel cause she kept throwing up . She is a tiny yorki so she doesn't make a huge mess but still . We go to thr vet tomrorow. In fact I'm dropping her and my chihuahua at the vet whIle I go see my family doctor and see if he can give me something to make sure I'm better by the 23rd well really need to be well be the 22nd which as long as this isn't the flu I should be and if it is thr flu he will swab me and give me Tamiflu. . So I'm freaking over nothing. . Except I get bronchitis sometimes and it doesn't just go away over night it takes weeks sometimes months for the cough to go away .. ugh I'll be so mad haven't had it in years nit since I quit smoking in 2011 that I can recall .. well yeah maybe one time since then .. sheesh just what I need .. pray I get better please

OK counting down

I'm starting to really kinda trip out .. I've lost 11 pounds and I think my boobs are smaller so I've discussed that fear already . Am I going to be too small after surgery ? But now it just seems like everyone is sick my pastor and his wife and their whole family have the flu . I thought I did but it wa s just a sinus infection . I went to the doctor Thursday and thr gave me lots of good stuff . Rocephin, B12 shots and also by mouth leviquin. . But if I pick up the flu at church tomrorow that not gonna matter . I'm terrified I cannot just not go to church I'm the adult Sunday school teacher and sing in the choir and thr piano player I have to be there plus I'm the secretary so I gotta be there Sunday night to count the money we take in and pay our bills and stuff .. I just have to .. but I'm so afraid now I'm going to catch what they all have 4 of them have the flu . I was swabbed for the flu thursday it was negative so as of now I don't have it . But the next day I think is when they found out they did have it . But she had been showing symptoms since sunday they all got pretty bad .. wait maybe they was all sick by Thursday too yeah they was and she was sick weds cause I missed church weds night no teaching and counting on weds night . I didn't go that night but Sunday I have to . anyway I'm just hoping by tomorrow they won't be contagious anymore . yikes well then I started getting worried with everyone being sick will I even have a ride ? My pastors wife is supposed to take me and my mama would have but now papa has made some appointments on thr same day in a whole other city so she has to go with him . So my husband said the other night he had said all along he would go with me . But I hate him t take off work for something I chose to do .. not like I'm sick or anything . So he told them today that if my daughter don't show up which I doubt she will get up that early she is well intentioned but just young and can't depend on her that he will go with me .. I don't kmow now I'm just kinda tripping Its all becoming real .. I'm afraid of what I might look like after everyone in see for the most part looks great . But sometimes I see some that look like WOAH. . But shoot guess I already look like WOAH so I'll at least feel better even if I don't look great .. so I'm like what ? 8 days away now should be ready to go but I'm starting to really get scared now .. it's all paid it's all set up got my meds got my date only thing don't have is the time .. it's like a dream coming true . For my birthday and stuff my husband asked what I wanted I insisted nothing .. that this was all I could hae wanted . But today for valantines day he got me a George Forman grill and a microwave bacon cooker ..cause I'm working so hard on a ketogenic diet he figured he would make it easier to cook my meat . I have the best husband

almost there

Today I had to make the hour drive to Dothan where I'll be having my surgery Monday to take papa for his first radiation treatment. It's all right there in outpatient. . I had my pre anesthesia appointment at 2 right when I got back .. I was a tad aggravated when she said I'll need to come to dothan by Friday to get my nose swabbed for MRSA ( I have a extensive history with MRSA though tested negative many times since ) she said if not I'll be on isolation precautions which might not be so bad really but I'm afraid it might mess things up plus she said I can take my pregnancy test then which is a big help cause I had surgery in November and after being NPO from midnight on its dang hard to pee on command . So they tried to put in an I V thinking the fluids would make me pee but being I was dehydrated from no fluids and my issue with bad vain cause of past drug use made it impossible to thread an I V so thr nurse got one but it quickly infiltrated and my hand puffed up then thr anesthesiologist and thr nurse were on either side of me sticking me over and over and thr doctor was ready and I still hadn't peed so they waived the test .. mean while I had no meds of nay kind to calm me down when I was wheeled into the OR and it's bright lights .. I was so glad my cousin who I grew up with and has been more like a sister to me was my OR nurse and was waiting in there for me or I would have freaked . I wish she was going to be there Monday but that was back home when I saw a Dr closer to my mamma insurnce paid and it's way more expensive down there .. but if she hadn't been in there I would have come unglued ..

Anyway so thr pregnancy test before is a great thing. . But another thing . Anesthesia when she called to verify my procedure I told her breasts reduction she said " hmm are you sure " I said does it say lift ? She said yes I said well I guess that's what they are calling it so that's twice they said it's a lift then I called my doctors office to ask about taking my celebrex pre op and she said I won't need it caused the pain from a LIFT isn't that bad

What's with all this stuff ? I mean it's OK cause the more I look the more I seem to be mostly skin anyway . I mean not like some I've seen totally flat but I think a lot of my volume is skin and I think maybe he just Considers a small reduction a lift and mine is 300 grams. . Probably end up being less cause I truly think mine is mostly skin .. look for yourself

Also as for my asymmetry my nipple to norch measured the same on both sides when he measured me and in was puzzled they look so different . But in one of my pre op pictures above thr crease where my belly fat s looks to be crooked . I wonder if my back is crooked causing it r something .. but I do think some is volume just maybe not that much maybe my body is crooked

forgot something

I forgot to mention about doctor Owens office sending me a bill ..I'll be sending it back with a 3 page letter .. what a crock .. because December 30th I had a consult with him to do my reduction and we had a laid out plan to get insurnce to pay which included requesting them to pay only for my right breasr as it was way way bigger so he said anyway . Then I'd only have to pay half his fee ..which was still nearly s much as I came out of pocket after I used FSA for Dr B but anyway I agreed . So Olivia his ever so botoxed and enhanced assistant told me she would send it right to them .. a few days later I called her to remind her she needed to send over all the medical nessisity things I'd already done like chiropractic stuff and all all I had to meet was the required weight removed that'd the ONLY reason it was denied and Te guy at anthem told me himself send it right back in that way only the new grams and it's covered .. but she said she was just going to send in the regular PA and if they needed anything they would ask ..,except the guy told me to send it right off and it will expedite things .. but who cares I've only been seeing them padding their pockets since 2011 while they send in PAs they KNOW will be denied .. anyway so later I call anthem thry n haven't received anything from Dr owen since 2013 for a BR on me I spoke straight to pre Auth department NOPE .. I called them 3 times total the last time being yesterday after I received a bill from Dr Owens office for the date of 12-30 for one or was labeled followup .. follow up FOR WHAT ? It was a consult .. but none the less what I went that day for wasn't done so why should I pay them or my insurance? Last year they charged me my 500 deductible for surgery but didn't report it to my insurance company and when my FSA company wanted me to prove where I used the funds I went to my benefits thing on anthem thet charged me 668 but only told insurance 168. . So in may I got a 500 check that said refund on it .. just in time for my vacation but that's not the point if my FSA had not been keeping up with that I'd never known an d now they are seeing me billing insurance and charging me for this visit in which they did not even do what they were supposed to do ? Talk about mad .. oh yes I have a nice type written letter tellimg them how they should find a new way to get the PAs to anthem if they never get them as Olivia has said before then clearly there's a problem. Being as the news keeps repeating anthem BCBS is the 2nd largest insurance company in the USA they are getting them somehow and not one other doctors office have said anything like that .. I may be saying too many unkind things but I was willing to over look the nearly 2 months it's been without hearing anything and the fact that they didn't even bother to send in the PA but billing me on top is too much even if it is only 39 dollars I could pay that sure . I've always paid them but it's thr principal involved that's wrong and now not only do I dislike thr idea of having a FNG I dislike their business practices .. doctor Owen is a good doctor though it's not his fault his office staff is a bunch of ding bats .,too bad he pays the price because I always went back to him even after I had to go somewhere else for other things but not now I'll never go back unless it's just to tell dr Owen face to face why he didn't do my boobs ( which some was thr FNG but certainly had the stayed in contact with me and not screwed me around so many times with PAs I'd been more ready t deal with them )

Rant over

story of my life

So everyone is sick and I'm super paranoid I'm going to get sick . Today I stared getting stomach cramps and freak out called the dr to ask them to call in Tamiflu ( regular doctor ) since I been exposed to it on sunday though I tried to avoid it .. a child with it came to church though he had been on Tamiflu a few days by then . Anyway I realized after that I had called I took my vitamins on an empty stomach this morning and later I started feeling better. .But tonight when I got home from church my husband was already in bed . I thought hmmmm weird not like him , then it hit me OH NO HE IS SICK . So I woke him up and said ARE YOU SICK and sure enough .. ugh .. so now I'm in my daughters bed she isn't home I've sprayed everything with lysol and I have hand sanitizer .. and now my head hurts . All I can do is pray I am not sick and I don't get sick . I just know Murphys law is the story of my life

OK got my surgery time boy it is early

Today they called , just now actually to tell me surgery is at 5 am or that's when I should be there which means leaving by 4 it's an hour away . Which means up before 3 cause I have to do hib scrub that morning. Which I could do really Sunday before bed and Sunday morning would make better sense . Anyway I told her my husband had the flu but he is taking tamiflu and so am I to prevent it she said that's great. So now it's real unless they cancel my surgery when I get there for some reason I'm actually having this surgery. .

I'm still kinda trying to figure out if he will really reassess my boobs right before surgery surely he will . The have changed I can still fit the same bras but they look smaller . My band measurement has went down 3 inches weird how I can still wear thr same bra well I was wearing a 40 and I think I should have been wearing a 42 so that may be why . Now at 35 around 40 may be the right size . I'd like to lose about 3 more inches and that way be a 36 around the band . That'd be great .. well here's to new boobs :)

Well this is it

So it's Saturday afternoon 3:33 PM .. I'm sitting here procrastinating on all the junk I have left to do . I got my clothes in thr dryer like my Pjs that button up the front and so forth , think I'll change my sheets cause I got to start that Hib bath and my husband is getting over the flu . Don't need any extra germs floating onto me after I scrub .. I was thinking I'm basically put of time .. cause church in tr morning , then back to church at 530 and then we'll my surgery is an hour away and I gotta be there by 5 which means leaving by like 345 which means to take the hib bath and get ready I gotta get up at like 230 I'm just nearly out of n time . I was sitting here gonna update my review thinkong soon as I hit post I'll get busy and finosh up and my phone rang . It was my hubby , I had not tbought of it but he drives thr service truck for his crew thry have to have that Monday and he will be with me . Which mean he has to leave it in town somewhere close to where they are .. so now I've gotta finish this and drive to go get him and his work mate who rides with and drop him off . It's half an hour from here which means I'm looking at about 5 before I even get back home.. so who knows I might as well shorten my to do list

well here goes nothing

Its 8pm gotta be up at 230 I'm not sure if I'm calm or so nervous I'm numb . Doubt ill need an alarm but I'llset one . I drank some minieral oil last night to try and have a good movement before but no luck yet .. not sure how to handle that I stay constipated all the time . Yeah TMI I know .. anyway probably won't update again unless it's from the hospital if get time .

It's 3 am not even 24 hours out

My before are above here are my first post op pics . Keep in mind I just got out of surgery at 1130 am nd it's 3 am now so they aren't beautiful yet but I've seen enough I know they are going to look great . Wished for more roundness but I think only implants can really do that mine look natural and really great just my right nipple I s blue scared the doctor he said it was fine during surgey . I panicked whe he said there was a problem . But it turned out looking like a bruise my whole boob is bruised ad thr middle of my nipple is really pink .. anesthesia over medicated me because I always w a ke right up feeling nothing . But I can't see words they are blurry look like arabic or Hebrew I can't read them unless I hold a magnifying glass to my eye and close the other one.. it's scary I hope it goes away she re a lay dosed me I did also end up with an I V in my neck again . I think my anesthesia nurse was new she tried my EJ which is your big neck vain the first time she missed and again I went to OR with zero meds . thry never told me they were putting me to sleep cause they always say close your eyes and count not this time .. anyway thet look great I hope they don't drop much . The shape is really nice they seem small but im sure it's just me getting used to my boobs . Well I can't see well so I'll post pics and update more when and if these side effects which I've never had till now wear off .. it doesn't hurt either except drain spots and this awful swelling in my stomach which I think is making my chest hurt . Feel like pressure inside my upper torso. .. more later

40 Years Old So Glad I Had This Done I'm S Pleased So Far

I have already written a review that documents my journey . but for some reason I cannot edit the doctor part and I truly wanted to give my surgeon credit . He has done an amazing Job with my breasts . I had a few consults before deciding on Dr D. Baker in Dothan alabama , but I has read his reviews which were great and his credentials were also great amd once I met him I knew he was my doctor . He is not there to butter you up which I liked a lot . I had seen 1 doctor who said I needed a FNG and I knew I could find someone who wouldn't do it that way . I knew I didn't need that . So I made some consults . I had serval appointments but Dr Baker wa s my 3rd I had a few more after him which I canceled 2 in Panama City and 1 at UAB in Birmingham . thr doctor I saw just before Dr Baker in Panama City not the one who wanted to do thr FNG but the 2nd surgeon I saw said no way I didn't need one . My cousin is an OR nurse down there and had unused hI'm she would have been my nurse which I love she had been my nurse before . I really liked him he has a good rep too but he didn't measure me at all and my breasts were very asymmetrical and I thought it was important to be measured . He was very nice and they gave me a quote . I considered using him but once I met Dr Baker I scheduled my surgery that day . He measured me a million different ways which I loved because my asymmetry was a big thing and I figure if he measures me good and goes by that stuff I'll have a better chance of having more symmetry . I knew and he told me up front that they may not be perfectly the same after .. but Woah I didn't expect them to be as close as they are.. no lie I asked the question to the doctors about symmetry and one doctor said " your doctor is good but he isn't God no doctor could fix make your breasts symmetrical " I was kinda bummed expecting them to be way way off .. but they aren't thry look incredible . Of course I'm not yet a week out and I kmow thry will change some . But as close as they are I highly doubt they will be way off after they settle down .. I will post plenty of pictures . He did such a great job when I look in the mirror it's hard to believe they are even mine .. Monday my suregry lasted about 3.5 hours though I was in thr OR a but longer than that . I'm a recovered addict 4 years clean and me veins are shot . The young lady who did my anesthesia ( she was a nurse anesthetist ) I think she was nervous about threading my IV poor thing I felt so bad for her . She missed so many times not her fault at all my veins are shot then she turned me into a position where my head was below the rest of me and tried to hit my neck but she missed . Before that Dr Baker come in and he measured me again and marked me all up .. I was so relieved cause I've looked at a lot of stuff and some doctors just scribble a few marks but I really felt like he would go all out and me sure it out and mark me right and he did .. I was so happy about that .. anyway she missed my neck and I had to go into thr OR without even an IV so no meds prior for nervousness . Not the 1st time though . But this time I freaked out I think . They put the 02 mask on me and I started to flip out so she had to hold it away from my face . I remember just saying Jesus Jesus , I think they wanted to shut me up .. I don't remember them telling me it was time to go to sleep but I do remember the meds hitting me . I felt so much better for a half a second and bam I woke up back down in m room with my husband . He said doctor Baker had called him and let him kmow when the surgery was over . and I don't remember much I don't kmow I've never had a hard time snapping back frim anesthesia but I was bat crazy for a few days .. Dr Baker was gone by the time I really woke up and so he wanted me to come by his office . He checked my nipples for blood flow and my right was blue . It was hard to tell if blood flow was compromised or if it was just badly bruised . So he asked me to come back 2 days later at which time it was still hard to tell so he wanted to see me in another 2 days and start looking into home treatments of hyperbaric 02 , which I had no clue you could do .. my insurance wouldn't cover it so I told the lady at his office id wait until he saw them today because it was looking better and . Sure enough in saw him today and he said it looked good and in didn't need the 02 .. of course it wont hurt it but since it cost 100 dollars and it's going to be ok without it I decided not to do it .. when I first woke up I thought they were really small . But right now I can wear a pretty good sized D cup .. they look amazing .. he had a mess to start out with one was WAY bigger than the other .. they are already getting a bit softer .. I stayed at my papas for a few days cause my husband needed to go back to work and I did get to where I cou don't breathe . I thought I had pneumonia and it got so bad my heart was racing and I thought I was dying so I went to my regular doctor yesterday he said I was fine my lungs were clear but I was having an anxiety attack .. my breathing had been like that for 3 days but got really bad yesterday .. later I read symptoms of anxiety and sure enough I had them .. I was terrified of dying I was praying the whole time if I die lord be sure I'm right with you .. truly I heat making myself right with he Lord being sure or trying to . Anyway I was crazy but after I found out I was okay it calmed down some .. I'm still having some symptoms I did in my sleep last night .. I always thought no way would anxiety effect me like that but it did .. I came home yesterday and played my piano for a while and I felt a lot better .. I had vision problems the first 2 days I could not read anything I could see the letters but not make them out I had to use a magnifying glass to read and even then it was hard . everyone's eyes looked funny and scary to me and lights looked colorful like fireworks . Traffix lights at night looked crazy too .. I think I had a reaction to thr scop transdermal patch I was wearing I looked at its possible side effects to try and figirl out why I was so batty . Sure enough I'm saw where a lot of people had problems and psychotic reactions to it .. I hope maybe he will let me slide on using that if and when I ever have another surgery done . I'm not sure if my anxiety attack had to do with that or not .. anyway I had surely Monday morning ad it's fride at lunch time and I feel much better . I meant to ell him about my anxiety attack cause I had mentioned my breathing to him I thought it was swelling but I plumb forgot because we started talking about the FNG which was my biggest concern .. he is a super smart doctor .. he really is , he said the nipple looks better if it's left on even if it goes through a bad stage with decreased blood to and takes longet to heal than if it's done as a graft .. makes sense to me .. I'm glad I didon't have one but if here had been no other way I still would have done it husband has been great through the whole thing. . Monday night I kept telling him not to pass out cause he looked funny and like he was fuzzy .. I realized today he might have been looking crazy while Dr Baker was checking my nipple for blood flow .. I hand t thought of that being hard for him watching a stranger touch my nipples .. but to him I bet he gets sick of seeing nipples .. and especially bleeding ones bruised up wot stitches .. but I don't kmow maybe it was me being the president of crazy town .. I know one thing id recommend this suregry to anyone most especially if you can use Dr Baker he is really good at what he does .. ( I'm not getting anything for saying this he is a great Dr) .. I have another review like I said that I'm posting on because it woup not allow me to chang who my doctor was and for some reason I don't kmow he isn't linked in with the revides .. oh yeah on more thing .. my other review says reduction this says lift .. I saw him for a reduction but it was scheduled as a lift because he estimated about 300 grams to be removed per breast which is a lift really .. but I could not do another reduction review so here is one on a lift which mine I guess could be either .. he did end up taking I think he said 550 on the right and 350 on the left and said insurance might give me some of it back on my right breast . He said my breast tissue was more dense than it looked .. I was shocked I thought mine would be mostly fatty soft light fluffy tissue .. but it weighed more than he expected . OK I think that covers it .. now for the fun part .. before and afters :)

here are some more pictures

I had written another review because I couldn't chage my doctor thing . Which had always said Dr Baker but it didn't have the link to him it was just in all black .,so I made a new one .. I guess realself just fixed my issue and added thr review as an update . Works for me but the pictures didn't come with that . So I'll try to upload some more pictures .. I am still having some major anxiety I wish I know what was causing it . I don't think it's my breasts but maybe it is . It's the only new thing . I found out I'm hyperventilating that's why I feel like I cannot breathe . So I been doing some breathing exercises and tricks like breathing through my hand and in a paper bag to get more CO2 . I feel some better this morning but again I felt better when I woke up yesterday too . I guess cause in my sleep I'm not gasping for air I probably breathe normal .. oh well this will pass I'm sure . I still think it's got to do with thr scoplamine patch that thing made me crazy or something did . But it's insert described exactly everything I was having as side effects . So I'm sure that's what it was .. but everyone cuts me off and says it was anesthesia when I try to tell them about the Scop patch .. they should look it up it has a bad rep for making people hallucinate and giving them fixed put like I had .. I felt like I was o ecstacy or acid ( yes I tried them both in my teens and early 20 s I don't suggest it not fun )

OK well here are pics

almost forgot

severe anxiety

I removed all my before and after pics due to severe anxiety and panic attacks .. I emailed real self and asked them to remove the pics from my questions but as of yet they are still there . Here is some advice. . If you're going for surgery don't use the Trans scop nausea patch if your doctor uses it to prevent getting sick fom anesthesia. . Tomorrow will be 1 full week since my surgery . My boobs look great ive had little to no pain . But on waking from surgery for over 2 days I couldnt read because my eyes would not focus up close , I hallucinated , head lights looked light fire works , red traffic lights looked like the Devils face . My mother's eyes looked like she had 2 irises one green one blue , my papas eyes looked all black with no white and I couldn't look at them very long without being struck with terror . Last night I dreamed satan raped me thursday I went to my regular doctor because I was sure I had pneumonia I cried and prayed all thr way there telling God I wasn't ready to die but if it was my time please help me be sure my sins were under the blood . When I arrived at b thr doctor out of breath I was told I was having anxiety /panic attack and I was breathing fine .. all these are KNOW SIDE EFFECTS of trans-scop patch .. this is only a fraction of the things I've had to deal with . My husband looks at me constantly as if he is wondering if he will ever have his wife back again .. today I went to church and by God's grace was able to teach my class but burst into tears as one lady read a verse about healing and then they realized I needed prayer . I've felt better and better since that moment . Even took an afternoon nap with no bad dreams .. I been having to sleep with an audio Bible playing in my headphones and whwn it goes off is whwn the dreams comes .. then I wake up and turn it back on . But not this afternoon .. a few nights ago I thought to tell my husband he might better hide the the bullets that are loaded in my pistol in case I wake up with crazy thoughts and hide the bullets and shells in his guns too just in case but I was afraid to tell him to because I was afraid of what he might think . I gasp for air nearly every breath .. and I have mentioned this patch to my doctor (my regular doctor ) who just blew me off and said was going through a lot having this suregry and it's causing me anxiety ..I will be printing out all the information on it in the morning to prove to him I don't just have some mental illness or anxiety disorder. . Anyway my reason for this post is to warn anyone who sees this . It's not likely you'll have a reaction like I did . Everyone doesn't but there's a chance and I've had 6 or 7 surgeries and never once worn one until now and never had trouble with anesthesia .. oh yeah and it slows down urination which makes it longer before you get out of the hospital . I was in the hospital from 430 am to 415 pm because I couldnt pee .. it's not worth the risk I'd do without suregry before I'd use that mess again

still nOT 100 getting better 1 day at a time

Though I think it's jerky of real self not to remove those nude pics of me when I explained it's adding to me severe anxiety I realize they don't have to . As if I knew I'd start having these strange thoughts right ? like I knew I was going to turn into a basket case after suregry . I read one review where the lady pointed out a reduction messes with your hormone too. Well maybe that's adding to it I don't know .. looks like they could make an exception when someone is about to go over the edge .. plus I had no idea it was possible my pictures might show up in a search engine .. yep better read their disclaimers .. I thought only members could see them . Anyway what's done is done .. I still can't breathe yesterday was better and today was too but tonight I can't breathe it's the only symptom I still have

On my breasts , I'll be 2 weeks Monday it's Saturday now , my left one is bigger but I think it's swelling cause my left nipple protrudes out just looks like swelling . My left nipple is a tad taller too 1 cm taller to be exact but it looks more stretched out from swelling . So hoping it will go down and nipples will be closer to thr same size and breasts too .. not even 2 weeks surely I have some swelling still .. other thna that they look great perky and cute about a D maybe a DD of course thr bra calculator says I'm a 38 F which is nonsense .. well that's all its Saturday time changes so I gotta get to sleep gotta teach SS in the morning so I need to be fresh not falling asleep .. pray my areola /nipple will settle down to the same size thanks

Not as crazy

After surgery I had some issues with anxiety , and it caused me to freak out about a lo my nude pictures on here . I just freaked out really bad . That passed a while back but I wanted to be suse before I posted anymore.

My breasts look really good my left areola is way bigger than my right I think I may have a small seroma in my left bresst right under my areola . But it's definitely swelled at least a little . don't kmow how much this will go down . But if it doesn't it can be fixed easy enough . I'll be 6 weeks Monday 3-30 I think is the date but whatever Monday is close to then .. I'll post a few pictures

Also I'm mad at my old dr , he sent me bill I documented that he never requested to anthem bcbs like they were suposed to so I wrote a letter and sent back the bill . Well I got a letter from bcbs approving my surgery on both breasts last week ..ugh that makes me mad .. it took less than a week to get approved and for both breasts when he was said only one would be covered .. anyway my surgeon says we might can get paid back so we will see .

5 months PO

Haven't been on real self a lot .. Just been really busy and tried to stay off cause I was having so much anxiety and I. Stayed here too much wanting to guess how I would turn out .. My left nipple still numb but some of my incision areas are too ..still hoping feeling will come back . my insurance paid my Dr but I'm still waiting for anesteisa and hospital to file ..then they will refund my Dr and then he will refund me .. Of course they are all dragging their feet so I called BCBS yesterday and explained it all and they called the other places .. Dr bakers office hasn't even told them to file it Yet I was so mad .. They been paid since May ..which means I paid them and BCBS paid them .. That's fraud if they don't pay me and it's almost August m.they been paid since the 11st part of May .. Anyway I know they aren't committing fraud just dragging their feet. You know how drs are .. Sheesh even my regular doc . I call over and over and leave messages but they never call me back.. Just gotta keep calling . so annoying I hate how they do

Anyway right a tad smaller than left but still a huge improvement..
Dothan Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Baker is an unknown secret of the south eastern US , he is a great doctor . I cannot recommend him highly enough . Like anyone would be in was afraid of what might happen . Ending up too small too big or deformed for whatever reason . My breasts were very asymmetrical and he did a great job of improving that . He is thourough and up front and not there to play . I can tell he takes what he does serioisly . His office staff is incredible they never seem put off when I call to ask a question. They are helpful and kind . I hear people travel from far off to see him now I know why .. the work he does is top notch and the price was almost unbelievable. . I thought it was a mistake at first . I got a lift and small reduction anchor scars for what some are almost paying for implants . That's not why I used him but it was a great perk .. his work does NOT REFLECT the great prices he offers . I'm super pleased

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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