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I was never someone that had big titties in...

I was never someone that had big titties in highschool. I was always a 32 AA or A but i did have big areola. In 2010 i was diagnosed with Wegener's Granulomytosis and put on high doses of steroids. I gained a lot of weight and my boobs got a lot bigger. Then when i got pregnant in 2013 i gained more weight and my boobs got even bigger. I was in a 34 DD at the peak of breastfeeding and my areola were HUGE. Once I stopped breastfeeding my breasts deflated but the areola didn't shrink. I have had the worst time fitting into bathing suits bc of my droopy C cup boobs and the suits i could fit showed half my areola. I made the decision to get a lift and get the areola reduced. They were 11 cm across and my PS said he would make them 4 cm across which is exactly what i wanted. I wasn't going for big breasts. The PS said he would have to put in implants to avoid a pancake breast so i said thats fine just make em look good. My surgery was June 16 2015 and so far the results terrify me. He used 430cc HP saline implants and my breasts are huge!!! I know they are super swollen and will drop and shrink but these guys are big. I'm not in a lot of pain at all. When i woke up from surgery i had excruciating pain in between my shoulder blades. I didn't even notice my breasts hurting becausey back pain was so bad. Air had gotten trapped somehow and migrated to my back. It took about 3 hours and I finally started burping and the back pain disappeared immediately. Since then I've been great! My ultimate goal was perky breasts with small areola and i am sure that is what my PS gave me. Can't wait to see everything start shifting!!

Slight hiccup in an otherwise good recovery

Today makes 1 week post-op! Everything is healing well with the exception of an allergic reaction. I started breaking out in an intense rash on day 3 post op and it slowly spread and got worse up to today. I called Dr. Bakers office and a nurse got in touch with me within an hour. She suggested I come in for a quick check which was no problem because I only live 30 minutes away. We think it was a reaction to the pre surgical prep solution they apply to sterilize and prevent infection post-op and possibly to the adhesive tape applied to the surgical site. I starteda medrol dosepak yesterday and have noticed very slight improvement tonight. After reading about solutions like chloraprep and druaprep frequently causing allergic reactions it doesn't surprise me that I may be allergic because I have pretty sensitive skin. This rash is the only miserable part of recovery. I feel amazi g otherwise. Little to no pain depending on what I do. The pain I experienced is no worse than the pain I get after a hard work-out. (Aside from the back pain from the air that got trapped during the procedure---that was intense but gone after a few hours of being home) I was off the pain meds and using Tylenol by day 4 post op. The muscle relaxer they prescribe is your best friend. I felt a lot of tension rather than pain and the muscle relaxers help the most. I have a lot of wrinkling around the nipple which is pretty scary looking. Dr. Baker warned me that it could happen because of the amount of areola tissue he was taking. I'm hoping it gets better with time! He said it could always be fixed later. My suggestion to anyone with sensitive skin is to ask to do a skin test of any pre surgery prep solution. This rash is miserable and should be avoided at all costs!! I still believe Dr. Baker was the right choice for me!!

Very disappointed

It has been a little over a year since my surgery. I decided to update my review because I wanted to help anyone in my position or help someone avoid my position. My breasts stayed huge. They actually dropped and stretched so much. I have more back and shoulder pain than I ever had before!! I went back to talk to the PS about how I felt and about taking the implants out and doing a lift and he seemed miffed. He sounded very annoyed that I wasn't happy and it was clear he did not want to do an explant and lift like I was wanting. He shrugged and said "I might be able to make you a C cup" and then left. I will not allow him to do a second surgery because I don't trust that he won't follow my wishes again. I didn't want implants to begin with but when he evaluated me he said he was unsure he could give me a full beautiful breast without them. When I left I was under the impression we were going to try it without implants and if he felt it was necessary put the implants in. That wasn't the case. Looking back I believe I put too much trust in him and wasn't clear in my expectations. I told him I wanted to stay small but I never showed pictures so maybe his small and my small look different? I'm very disappointed that I wasn't more adamant about not using implants. I trusted that his opinion was best and am now a 32 DDD instead of the small B or C I intended. I have plenty of natural breast tissue and I want what I have lifted and my dang huge a** areola? areolli? small!!!! I go on Monday for a second opinion. I am going to be very clear that implants are not an option. I know by hearing everyone else's stories that a lift without implants is possible and the outcome beautiful. I do not want full, voluptuous breasts. Small, flat breasts with a small upright nipple is my goal. This time I will show pictures of what I mean by small, flat and upright. I won't be pressured into something I don't want. I don't blame Dr. Baker for my unhappiness but I also do not/will not recommend him.

Getting my explant and lift!!!

I'm super excited!! I met with a new PS and he understood exactly what I wanted!!! I am having my implants removed on the 19th of this month and am giddy at the thought!! He will do a full anchor lift, reduce the nipple area and take out these dang implants!!

Surgery done!!!

Had my implant extraction, lift, and nipple reduction done today!!! Surgery went great!! I am back in the itty bitty titty club and so happy!!!! A coworker's husband said the procedure on my boobies was a tragedy and that he sends his condolences to my DH!!! I cracked up!!! I am over the moon with the size they are now! I can't wait for them to relax and fluff! I would love to hear some tips on how you all keep/kept the bra band from rubbing the crease incisions!! It's a little uncomfortable right now. I will post pictures soon!!
Dothan Plastic Surgeon

Very cut and dry PS. Knows his stuff and tells it to you straight. I am very confident that my results are going to be perfect.

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