34 with 10 Year Old Saline 400cc High Profile Replaced with 655 cc cohesive shaped Implants.

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I feel that my implants are too small from my 5'10...

I feel that my implants are too small from my 5'10 165lb frame. I have a consultation scheduled on February 11th to discuss a revision with my original surgeon. I am hoping to go from a c cup to a full d/dd cup. I can't wait to meet with the doctor!! 10 days and counting!! Thinking maybe 600-700 cc's. I would like to have more cleavage and upper fullness.

Date on the books!!!

BA scheduled for April 6th!!! 7 and a half weeks!! PS recommended shaped silicone. After talking to my husband, we both agreed that I would be happier with round implants. I am planning on getting with my doctor to make sure we can still do 615-685cc'so with the round implant. I will keep you posted! :)

Today is the big day!!

My PS had to reschedule my surgery to today because he was going to be out of town yesterday. I did decide to go with the tear dropped shaped implants and I will post later what size he ended up using. I had to be at the hospital at 7am so I am just waiting for them to wheel me back!!! I will keep everyone posted!!


I got home around 6pm today. My PS ended up using Natrelle 410 Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped silicone filled implant, 655 cc's. Pain isn't too bad right now. I have been able to do without any pain or nasuea meds. I do have drains right now. I will try to post some pics tomorrow. So far everything is going good!!

A couple of pics...day 1

so far so good

I went to my follow up today and everything is looking good. Here are a few pics of day 2.


Day 4

So today is day 4 and I'm a little disappointed. I still have my drains in which is a pain, but the main thing is that I don't feel that they look much different from my original implants. I know they are still changing, but you would think an increase from 400 cc's to 655cc's would be a very noticable difference. Anyone else experienced this??

Looking Better!!

Today was a better day!! I got my drains out and my "girls" look bigger also!! I think my drains were making me miserable and almost depressed but I am feeling much happier today!!

Day 12 and still happy

Things are starting to settle. My left implant seems to have dropped quicker. Hopefully once my right side catches up they will be a little more even. They are starting to feel like a part of me now and not so much like a foreign object sitting on my chest. Very pleased so far.

Day 18

Got my stitches out this week.My PS gave me the OK to wear a regular bra, no padding or push up. I went and tried on bras and ended up having to get a 36dd. Wow!!
I am going to start my silicone scar strips tonight and will keep everyone posted on how well they work.
Not a huge change in the past week. Still happy with how things are progressing!!

Photos didn't load before...

Trying again

Day 18

I couldn't get all the other ones to load so I am going to try one.

I think it's gonna work this time...finally!!!

As you see, there isn't a huge difference from the side, but from the front it is very noticeable. I don't feel like they are too small for me anymore!! ????

Day 26

So it has almost been a month. There hasn't been a big change in appearance. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that this is my second set. It is crazy has they look different when pics are taken from different angles. I have been using my scar strips for a week now and they seem to be getting better. I think I have developed a mondors cord but by what I have read it isn't anything to worry about. Still pleased!!

14 months

It has been 14 months and everything had been good. Not much has changed. Just thought I would post an update.
Dr. Dwight Baker

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