34A to 32DD/DDD 460 cc HP saline (.)(.) ( ○ )( ○ )

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I'm hoping to get more upper fullness and feel...

I'm hoping to get more upper fullness and feel more feminine in clothes. Right now I'm a very deflated A cup and I hope to be a full C. But if its a D i wouldn't complain! Lol I'm 5'6 135lbs I'm going with high profile saline under the muscle with the Areola incision. Also got some serious assemmetry going on! I guess one boob had the better milk supply!

Please don't let me be getting sick!!

I feel a freak in cold coming on but I have been taking vitamin C so hopefully it will pass on by... Also been having awful headaches after switching to zero nicotine in my e - cig and Tylenol does nothing for my headaches.. but I know it will all be worth it! One week from tomorrow and can't wait!!

more before pics! by this time next week I'll have boobies!

I'm beyond excited. Haven't even been able to sleep lately because all I do is get on real self and look at boobs 24/7! I plan on doing my nesting(cleaning the whole freaking house) on sunday, getting my hair done monday, and getting my nails done Tuesday plus some last min. supply shopping (any tips would be helpful) I've got all the basics! And I'll be working Wednesday then have my surgery thursday! Oh and juggle my 2 and 4 year old in the meantime! Whew busy week ahead! So I'm posting more before pics also to have some comparison for after!

2 days!!!!

Ugh so surgery is in 2 days. I'm feeling so unprepared and plus I'm working tomorrow. I still have to finish laundry, pack the kids bag,go to walgreens, clean my room, and what ever other last minute stuff I can't think of! My mind is going blank! Lord help me... Lol

I'm gonna be B00BIE-LICIOUS IN less than 10 hours!!

Surgery in the morning and I can't sleep!

Can't get my jewelry out...

Ok I'm stressing. I gotta be at the hospital in an hour and a half and I can't get my earrings out. Now my ear is red and tender from trying.. help

Just arrived in Boobieville!!! 460 cc HP's

Ok so I arrived at the hospital at 10 am and they didn't do my surgery til bout 2 I'm guessing. (Couldnt check the time)I was the most nervous about the IV but they numbed it for me first and I didn't feel a thing so if you have a needle phobia, i highly recommend numbing it first! Everyone was so nice and my husband has been great! Woke up from surgery a bit confused and felt like it was hard to breath... just the pressure. But after about 10 min I was breathing just fine. It really doesn't hurt. Just feels tight and sore.. I was expecting the pain to be a lot worse. I can move my arms around a bit too but I don't want to over do it so I'm just relaxing. My PS came in the room to check on me and told me he put 460 cc's !!!! I'm so glad because I really wanted a D and I think that would put me there! Overall the experience was a lot better than i was expecting and i would def recommend.

Took a peek at the new girls! I love them already!

So they are very high, tight, and squarish. ...but I love em! The dreaded frankenboob..lol one thing I am curious to see is the symmetry. I had two different sized boobays to start with and PS used same size implant in both kittens... i know they won't be perfect and I'm Ok with that honestly I know they will look waaayyy better than before. Post op app at 8 in the morning!

extremely happy with results

I had my post op appt this morning. Everything looks great! Woke up this morning a little tight in the boobies but I wouldn't consider it the dreaded morning boob. I'm still waiting for the pain to kick in but honestly haven't been in pain yet. I do take my pain killers on schedule so maybe that's why. But I love them so far and I'm so Damn anxious to see the final results!

Got measured today and was shocked!

Out of curiosity I decided to go to dillards and get measured for a bra. My current size is a ...drum roll ....32DD wow I was not expecting that. I'm sure they will go down some..maybe..what the best place to buy bras in that size?

Righty is aching!

Is it normal for one boob to ache. It hurts along the bottom and kind of on my side by my ribs.. hmmm? I have been pretty active because I haven't been in pain so maybe I over used my right arm.

progress picture

No pain from lefty but righty is still tight and sore!

loving the girls

Tried on some old swim suits. I've never worn the black one and had it over 3 years. Just always felt insecure in it. Worn the green one once just to take kids to swim park. I can't wait till spring/summer now! Btw I love the new app I can put stickers over my face. Lol

yesterday was stressful (for no reason)

So yesterday and the day before was the first time i had any pain what so ever. My right breast was having burning aching sensations under the crease and along the ribs(which I had areola incision so I know it wasn't incision related) called and spoke to the nurse and she asked me to come in so she could look at it. She said it looks perfectly normal but wanted me to come back at 3:30 when the Dr came in. He looked and said they look perfect. I think I was feeling nervous out about bottoming out. But then it hit me.my boobs haven't even dropped yet so how could they possibly bottom out... i guess any little uncomfortable feeling I had made me scared for Complications. I just needed to relax. But any how I start back work tomorrow and really don't want to wear a sports bra! I looked for a wireless bra with good support that I could hide under my clothes but found NONE in my size. Victoria secret measured me at a 32 DDD. I bought a good support under wire bra from there but I'm not supposed to wear under wire bra til 2 weeks post op so ladies has anyone ever just pulled the wires out of a bra and wore it instead of sports bra??? Also last night I switched into a thinner and a bit looser sports bra and woke up this morning feeling so much better. No morning boob! I guess the other one was too tight! Sorry for the rambling! Thanks for listening! Hope everyone has a great day!

The girls feel bigger today

And squishier. I got some sensation in my right nipple and it burns! Not much feeling in my left nip. They definitely feel bustier today. My ol faithful black Nike post op bra feels too tight now. Is that normal? I figured after swelling went down the bra would be too big. Well back to work I go. Maybe I will get some sleep tonight!

Who else is..

Having back pain? Oh gosh my upper back started aching so bad last night. Slept on a heating pad and it felt good. Got up this morning and felt fine for about 20 min and then back aching bad again! I know this is a big titty girl problem but will it go away?!

2 week post op appt was today!

Everything is going great. Feeling pretty much back to normal. Got the tape removed and stitches clipped. I'm very pleased with my scars. Nurse told me not to waste my money on scar treatment and not to use vitamin W in them but just keep them moisturized. I can start going to the gym but only allowed to do stationary bike. I love that they fill out clothes much better. Still fitting in my DDD bras like a glove. They don't look like that size to me! The right ready has dropped more than the left and looks a bit bigger so far but that's normal. Hope all the BA ladies are doing as well as I am and good luck to everyone with upcoming surgeries :)


Sorry it's supposed to say not to use vitamin E on them. My phone types what it wants to!

incision pics

Just wanted to share my areola incisions up close.

3 weeks update.

Well not much has changed. My nips get tender here and there. But other Than that I feel normal. They feel like they are apart of me. They are not dropping at the same pace but they still look great to me! I'm about to start going to the gym. Gotta get some of this belly off me!
Dothan Plastic Surgeon

Awesome so far!

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