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After reading the countless number of horror...

After reading the countless number of horror stories on this site, I decided to do a review but include pictures. Consumers have a tendency to ignore warnings but pictures help to create a jarring reality. I began experiencing Potosi with my eyes. My eyelid would literally get stuck. I originally had plans to see a doctor that does a less invasive procedure but I went to dr. Kim for Botox thinking it would help alleviate the problem until I can travel to see my doctor. At this time, Dr. Kim mentioned that I had extra skin on my eyelids. I acknowledge that I did but I told him I was going to go with another doctor. He stated his 18 years of experience and the fact that he had done a certain amount of surgeries. Having been his patient for 10 years I was well aware of his length of time in the business because he did my rhinoplasty in 2003. Given my experience with the rhinoplasty I definitely felt that I needed to go with someone that listened to what I wanted. Doctor can place a silicone implant in my nose without my permission. He was extremely proud of his work and when my family and friends said that they liked it I just decided to leave it. I thought maybe I was being overly critical. This encounter solidified my decision to go with someone else and only use him for Botox and fillers. 

Well how did I end up with a disfigured unrecognizable face? Dr Kim was very persistent and he asked me to "trust" him. I don't trust anyone but I did have a 10 year doctor patient relationship with him. During my next consultation, we talked about what I needed to have done. I wanted a little skin removed from my eyes, a brow lift done endoscopically through my scalp and a little fat place on the apples of my cheeks. We went back and forth because I was saying one thing and he was talking about a totally different procedure. It became exhausting. So when I finally thought that we were on the same page I pay my deposit and left. When I got home I was very uncomfortable with the haggling that took place during the consultation, so I called his office to cancel my surgery. I felt at this time that he was still exhibiting the same communication skills or lack thereof from the time he did my rhinoplasty. I did not want to end up with what he wanted instead of what I want it. Dr. Kim proceeded to get on the phone and tell me to trust him. I explained that the procedure that he wanted to do had a high failure rate because I researched it, so if he was not going to do with I wanted then I needed to cancel the surgery. He stated that he was a much more skilled than other surgeons. I feel that he played on our 10 year doctor/patient relationship. 

Well I ask all of you looking at my pictures does it look like my face has been touched by a much more skilled surgeon? My eyes were never marked and therefore cut cricket and totally different. The fat was not placed on the apples of my cheek it was placed throughout my face under my eyes and around my mouth. Once the excessive swelling subsided the fat dropped leaving me with cave under my eyes. There was so much fat piled inmy face it looked like I was storing nuts for the winter. He did not do the brow lift and discuss optically like I requested but he went through my eyelids and guess what happened? It failed! My brows totally collapsed. I was so swollen I knew something was wrong after two weeks and I can barely open my eyes. I could not figure out why. I went in to see Dr Kim and when he saw my face his response was "I don't get it." Imagine the terror that I felt because this is the same person that asked me to trust him because he is a much more skilled surgeon. After 3 months it was clear that nothing was done properly so I demanded my money. He asked me to give him a chance to correct his mistakes. He stated that I have options and again he played on our 10 year doctor patient relationship by asking me to trust him. The biggest mistake I made throughout this whole process was not sticking to my original plan to use someone else and failing to trust my instincts which had been good to me for 43 years. Another lesson that I learned throughout this process is if a doctor fails to get the process right the first time then the chances of them getting it right the second time are slim. When I went in for the revisions I was adamant about having him mark my face so I would know exactly what he was going to do.A big red flag was when he said "I can't."

When I awoke from revision surgery I was mortified. My eyes that were cut uneven were not touched. Without my permission, he scraped my cheek muscles from the bone of my face. Also without my permission, he cut the corners of my eyes and attached my cheeks there. Immediately my jawline and chin collapse because he dislodged it in the process of scraping my cheeks from the bone. In addition to he attached my cheeks to movable tissue at the corners of my eyes so it pulled my eyes down and the side of my eyebrows down thus making my eyes look droopy and sad. To add insult to injury, after all of the swelling subsided I realize that he had cut my brow muscles out and discarded them in the garbage like pieces of trash. I would have never authorized him to remove my muscles. The brow muscles help to shape your face. Now, not only is my face asymmetrical from a botched cheek lift, but the top and the bottom of my face is asymmetrical. Well now I understand why he could not mark my face because I would have never allowed him to do such invasive procedures. The thing that angers me so much wood Dr Kim is when I went to his office and ask him if he cut out my brown muscle he was very flippant as if he had the right to do so. As a result of my botched surgeries, I have lost a great deal of my vision. I'm now wearing bifocals. I continue to experience pain and anxiety. And now I'm left alone to pick up the pieces while Dr. Kim feels freely to move on. Please trust your instincts when selecting a surgeon. Let my face be a cautionary tale.

Pictures of collapsed jawline, chin, cheeks, eyes, and brows

I'm updating with a few pictures to document my transformation.
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I would never recommend Dr. Kim to any of my family and friends. I wouldn't want them to experience this painful ordeal. I went to Dr. Kim's office 2 times during the week of July 20,2015 to discuss the amount of money that it would cost to repair the damage he caused. He refused to see me and hid behind his receptionist and the guise of "he's in surgery." When using this site, please make sure that you read all reviews including the lowest rate.

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