Need an Upgrade Curves and Booty - Aventura, FL

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I'm 41 yrs old and was never satisfied with my...

I'm 41 yrs old and was never satisfied with my butt and stomach. *Sigh* I have what we call a FUPA or pouch between my stomach and vagina and I hate it. There's no booty there at all it is literally a BUTT! What I want is a Brazilian Butt Lift. I really hope the procedure goes well. Next year 2017

3 more months to go

I have been watching a lot of YouTube vids on different women who go their Lipo and BBL. I must say I am a mixture of excited yet scared as heck!! The recovery experiences is freaking me out. I know everyone has their different tolerance of pain and healing but OMG!! I really want this so bad but I'm really nervous! :( Since I've last posted anything it's been 6 months ago and I was hype but now time is very near and I'm nervous. I was 191 pounds and 5 '7ft and was told to lose more weight to see better results. I've been working out hard since and now down to 182. I would love to get down to 175 before surgery. Now I'm just doing more research on what I will need for recovery and start buying these items now. After surgery I will be recovering at the recovery home but still don't know what to take with me so if anyone care to share that would be great! :D I'm sorry for rambling I'm just having mixed feelings and just wanted to express with with my fellow dolls. Thank you for reading xoxo

76 days to go!!

Definitely needed

Plan to purchase this...

Just want to feel confident again

This is pretty much what I'm working with right now... I'm going for a Lipo and a BBL, but was told due to my lower stomach I should go for a tummy tuck... I agree but my main purpose for the surgery is for bigger booty with projection.. Sigh!

Iron and Vitamin C pills

Taking them now so I'll be straight for medical clearance! ????????

2 months to go!!!

Ok I'm getting so excited and still lurking around RS and the internet looking and admiring and wishing with so much anticipation!! Here are a few more wish pix!

Lipo and BBL supplies

I've been reviewing on the supplies list on what is needed and what to bring as far as supplies... I haven't received my list just yet but I've started in advance. I'm about 2 months away and all I need to get now is my Lipo foam, board, Arnicare tablets, and Faja which I will purchase on Amazon. I ordered my maxi dresses from which are on the way.... And I also ordered my Booty Buddy from Dr. Miami. When I receive it I'll post and give my opinion on it. Please tell me if I'm being extra as far as the supplies... Oh and I haven't got my prescriptions yet which of course have to wait for the doctor to give me... If you don't see anything in my supplies that I may need besides the stuff that I plan to order please feel free to add any suggestions!!!!

My A$$ is so ready!!!!

Went and purchased the Booty Buddy from Dr. Miami! Glad I bought it in advance I need some practice!

Time is near!!!!

I'm very curious on what size fajas to buy for my Lipo and BBL..I would like to buy and bring with me at least two. I don't want to buy from the facility they may charge too much! I posted a question on it and unfortunately never received not one reply! ???? I feel so alone ???? I hope someone will reply I'll really appreciate it!

Dr. McAdoo plz fix me like this...

I'm about done with the Booty Wish pix shopping! I've found my ideal hips and booty for my body?

Loose skin

I've lost 26 pounds in a year and have quite a bit of loose skin. I was told during consultation I should first get a tummy tuck, but I really wanted the BBL. Did any other dolls gave this same situation?


Will my stomach be snatched? That lower part I hate so much! ????????

31 days til Booty heaven!!

I'm still looking for that perfect Booty!!! Time is getting so close!! It's getting real!

Very heavy upside-down heart shaped

I'm thinking on going with the wide hips and upside-down heart shaped booty! With lots of projection. First I will ask my Dr. (Dr. McAdoo) if that will fit my body frame. I'm 5'7, 42 DDD breast size, waist currently 36 inches and hips 41.

Almost about that time!

Talk about mixed emotions!! Nervous, scared, yet so excited!

11 Days away to Booty heaven!

These last few weeks has been so busy, getting ready for surgery alone is draining.. My Dr. Finally cleared and sent Dr. McAdoo my lab work I'm just waiting for that email from Seduction congratulating me.. Patiently waiting.. Unfortunately when I made my final payment I was told my recovery stay was not included... when I did the math it showed I was only paying for my procedure!!! *Uggggh*I was so pissed.. So I had to do some very last minute search for a less expensive recovery home and lucky me one place had a spare spot for me. So now I'm a week and a couple days away and I'm scared!!! But excited at the same time!

Post day 2

Day 2 Dr. McAdoo suck all that fat out

2 weeks post op

Dr. McAdoo's will put tape on your back and booty to prevent Lipo burns... I took it off my second week!

Exactly 2 weeks after surgery

The roughest part has passed thank God!

2 weeks post op

Dr. McAdoo did an amazing job on me. I started off with a big stomach, love handles, a kangaroo pouch, and a flat butt... Now I have a flat stomach, no handles, hips and a booty that fits perfectly with my frame! He's the best!

3rd month update

I'm considering getting a bbl revision! I do like my results somewhat just not feeling one side looking rounder then the other plus I want more projection! Tomorrow I plan to call seduction cosmetics for my 3rd month follow up and ask plenty of questions on that!

Need more projection please

Considering revision

Considering round 2 with Dr. Blinski

I had my first round with Dr mcAdoo and don't get me wrong he did a great job but I wanted more cuff and projection, and after reviewing different doctors only one stood out the most with the perfect before and after results! That that is.................. Dr. Blinski!!! OMG!! So I request for a consultation and hopefully soon we'll set up for round 2!!
James S. McAdoo, DO, FACOS

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