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Hey RealSelf world. So just started reasearching...

Hey RealSelf world. So just started reasearching this whole plastic surgey world about 8 months ago and I've gotten really serious about 5 weeks ago. I've been consistently gaining weight over the past year. I've never really gotten back to my pre pregnancy size and my oldest will be 15 in october. I have 9year old twins. That pregnancy really stretched my stomach out of proportion. I said to myself if I didnt have another child by age 35 then operation tummy tuck would comence. I went in for a consult witha NY PS and was told I'd need muscle repair along with the TT. I was quoted $6100. Way more than i want to spend. That's why I am now researching surgey out of the states. I am currently 5'10 and 275. I want to lose at least 50-60 pounds before surgery. I really like Dr. Almonte's work. I have gotten quotes and consults via email/whatsapp from several other doctors. Its so hard to choose they all do great work. Any tips on weightloss, and any surgery realated topics... I am all ears! Thanks for taking time to read this post!


So as a little motivation! I am gonna host a diet bet. I've participated in one in the past and I was 2.7 pounds away from reaching my goal. This time I am determined to reach it! Who knows the pot may grow really big! This bet will help hold me accountable! I am excited. It's start June 10th.... Will keep you posted on the progress

Almonte for sure...

So it's official. I am definitely gonna have my surgery Dr. Almonte. In my opinion her tummy tuck incisions are flawless. The TT is most important to me.

Got my hemo levels back today and they are 13.1 w/o building them. I want to be at 15 before surgery.

How are you all coming along with your journeys?!

Making a Deposit... Dr. Almonte

Hi Ladies,

Has anyone made a deposit into Dr. Almonte's Bank of America account? It's asking for a state & address. Is there an international deposit slip?

I emailed Lesley... Waiting for a response.

Plane Ticket purchased!!

So, I've purchased my airfare! I know my date is very far out. But I am getting prepared now.

15.2 pounds down... Alot more to go!

Won my diet bet! I am feeling accomplished. June 5 I really got focused with my weightloss. From 283.4 to 268.2

Getting closer to my goal weight!!!

Progress simce June 7, 2015

69 days to go

I am officially nervous! I've stayed away from the SX community for a bit... But know I feel outta the loop! Pretty much 2 months left and I feel unprepared! Ladies please give me some advice, tips, suggestions.


Maria Recovery House

I am considering going with Maria's RH...
Dolls... Any feedback?

Passort is here

It's becoming more of a reality!!!

Wish Pics

Some wish pics!

1 day before I am supposed to leave for surgery

I think I am ready!

I've arrived in Santo Domingo!!!

I really wish I knew Spanish. If you're coming here and you have time.... Purchase Rosetta Stone and learn at least the basics. Not knowing the language is very intimidating.

The driver of the RH was caught up in a highway closure. Waited about an hour for him to pick me up. When he arrived it was a smooth ride to the airport. Very nice guy!

To be continued...

High Class Recovery House (Day 1)

The manager Wendy is very informative, hospitable and up front.
She remained in constant contact with me from the time I sent a deposit till my arrival, as well as coordinated with the doctor and clinic.

The driver Manny, great person. He speaks english well and made me feel welcomed the moment He picked me up from the airport.

The weekend nurse Kim and the cook are very nice and accommodating.

The condo is very clean and spacious. I am sharing a room. The room is just the right size to accommodate two people. Large closet space, lock box, twin beds with lots of post op pillows, flat screen, ac and wifi.

The meals so far have been delicious and the juices are fresh squeezed.

This is my first day here will continue to update.

Surgery Day

I've been marked up

Chest X-Ray Machine isn't working properly.

I am on my way to another clinic for the Test. If all goes well.... Surgery to follow.

Made it!!!

Hi ladies! Was too out of it to post yesterday.
Feeling better today!

Thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes.
Will post some more when i have pictures!!!

Post Op- Day 1

Super sore & stiff. Doctor says i am still very swollen. Love the results so far.

Post Op Day 2 (Feb 10)

Feeling very weak today. Lipo is more painful than tummy tuck. Couldn't get comfortable last night. Sleep in living room on the couch. Rented a post op recliner and use either your bobby pillow or neck pillow from plane ride for neck support. Drink water

Post Op Day 3 (Feb 11)

This morning was the worst so far Nausea, headaches, vomiting. Went to the hospital for followup and the doctor says I am dehydrated. Will need to go back in the morning. Very sore and stiff

Post Op Day 4 (Feb12)

Day 4

Very tough that morning. Hemo dropped to 9, vomiting, dizziness, & awful headaches. Had to go back to hospital. They kept me under evaluation from 9-3 giving me IV fluids and IV iron. Felt better... Constipation kicked in and now that's kicking my u know what. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. DONT BECOME DEHYDRATED!!!

Post Op Day 5 (Feb 13)

Still constipated. Got my first massage today wasnt to bad but from what I understand if it doesn't hurt then its not worth it. My drain dropped on the floor and cracked! So fluid leaked out the back... I had the nurse manually pull out the excess fluid with a syringe but because it was right after my massgae there was sooo much there. Its started leaking from my incision. I managed to get my waterproof bandages to create a bit of a seal so air couldnt exscape. It did the job for the most part. A new drain was being delivered in the morning.

So last bowel movement was on Tuesday. I am a regular person so I was getting backed up. I do believe that contributed to my overall not feeling well. I was becoming toxic. I was up all night without my faja trying to have a bowel movement!!! To no avail I eventually just fell asleep.

Post Op Day 6 (Feb.14)

This had to be the worst day thus far. Woke up no faja because I was trying to Poop all night. That was a huge mistake. I was so swollen and sore all over hands, feet and legs you name it.. SWOLLEN! Please keep your Faja on at all times and keep increasing the compression. Its provides relief.

The night before I am taking laxative stool softeners anything I could get my hands on. Nothing worked. Order a fleet enema from the pharmacy and it worked with 25 mins.

That was the worst 25 mins of my life. I would have delivered a baby naturally 10 times over than go through that again. I was sweating, I blacked out 2 times, crying, yelling and regretting surgery. When it passed i felt some relief.. But, i could feel more. But i said I'd work on that later. I took all I could take.

The new drain is delivered and replaced and I felt better seeing all that fluid flowing as designed.

By now its lunch time so I have lunch and go to sleep. I took a sleeping pill and had a cup of tea and felt better. When I woke up I passed the rest with no problem. Thank Goodness!!!


I've been taking Arnica tablets, using the gel, drinking the tea. I am taking bromelian and having fresh pineapple and cucumber juice.

Is there anything else I can do?



So my first three massages were more relaxing then painful. Sometimes uncomfortable in tender spots... But tolerable. I added some Zen Music and imagined being in a spa!

Now my massage today I used the translator app and asked for more pressure! Boy did these HURT... But I must say more fluid was expressed into my drain and the knots are broken up!

So ladies grin and bare it... ask for more pressure

Post Op Day 7 (Feb. 20)

Post Op Day 7

Feeling GOOD today! Washing up by myself... Put my own faja on....Walking around the RH unassisted...Laid out on terrace to sun bathe....

Ladies, that was a wrong move...
I "thought" I could do all that alone because of "the burst" of energy!

Don't let your body fool you into thinking you can do more... YOU CANT. SIT DOWN AND LET THE NURSES TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!

I was a train wreck by 7pm.. Running a temp, sore, exhausted, crying, worrying everyone cause all that extra activity maybe me ill, I was a hot mess!!!


Post Op Day 8 (Feb. 16)

I am cleared! Went to see my Doctor for the final time today and I am cleared to go. Write down ALL of your questions for your final appointment.

I am prescribed a water pill because I am bloated. My swelling is insane.
Traveling home with my drains because the doctor wants to see less than 50cc a day for two consecutive days. I was given my stage 2 faja but because of swelling she did not allow me to put it on. She said by Monday I can get into it.

Leaving the doctor's office I became overwhelmed with Fatigue. I was perfectly fine all day, talking with Mom, loved one excited I got cleared to go home. Then all of a sudden, I was in excruciating pain out of nowhere. I felt like literally I was going to explode. My skin around my waist was on fire!!! The nurses had to strip ALL my clothes off including Faja to make me comfortable... They gave me pain meds and I tried to sleep it off and I couldn't.

Wendy the Manager at High Class RH insisted I be taken back to the ER so they could manually release the fluid... I begged and pleaded not to go back... She gave me 60 mins to get it together or the driver was taking. She suggested I take another water pill and it helped so much. Thank Goodness for her! I was able to tolerate the discomfort and fall asleep.

Post Op Day 9 (Feb. 17)

Feeling Good and Sad all at once!

Today is my LAST full day at the house. Over the past couple days I have met some amazing dolls... Some amazing nurses and amazing people that I felt genuinely cared for my well being!

There is one doll that just made me laugh when all I could do was cry Blue is her what they call her. This doll that kept it 100% she is my solider we call her China and My girl Mira who was the first to greet me at RH and even came with me to my post op consult and held my hand thru all my tests. My SX Vet CiCi.. She came in and we all bombarded her with questions and she answered everything and was so insightful. Last but not least Kayalae, this doll was not at my RH but we had the same surgery day and dra and she always checked in on me and we followed each other on Real Self all along and didnt realizeI it. I love you dolls! You dolls got me thru this. SX sisters for life.

Plane Ride Home

Please be sure to request wheel chair service. Have your letter of clearance from the doctor.
It was ok for me to leave with my drains...
It was ok for me to have my Faja padded.... I had to return home with my house slippers on because my shoes would not fit because of the swelling. If your going during cold weather... Wear shoes that you can slide on and off and dont go past your ankles (uggs are great). I wish I had know this prior !
Get 1st class or comfort seating for maximum leg room. Take a heparin shot two hours before flying to reduce chance of DVT. Have an aspirin and and anti-nausea med as soon as you get on board. Walk up and down the aisles. Stay hydrated!!! Relax and sleep!

Post Op Day 10 (first day home)

I am so happy to be home and in the comfort of my family and surroundings.

However, I should have stayed at the recovery house minimum 14 days. Ladies, come home only after you feel independent enough to do basic things alone.

My Family is scared to touch me and its hard for them to see me in pain and uncomfortable. Not to mention they are not nurses so they don't know how to help me with my dressings or empty my drain. They are supportive and do the best they can to make me comfortable.

Post Op Day 11

Last night was ok. Sleeping in living room on the couch. Legs propped up on ottoman and surrounded by pillows. Trying to mimic the Post Op recliner I used at the RH till the one I order for my home arrives on Monday. Moving around better today. Just constipated again no appetite. I eat soup all day and drink water.

Went to My PCP and she said I am healing nicely and I prescribed me more 800mg ibuprofen for pain and something to move my bowels. She said I am very backed up and I NEED to go. She is sending me for lab work tomorrow.


Ok I am going to say this first... Please don't come for me!

I did what My heart said!! I took hand made gifts for the whole Medical team & My nurses! I hand wrote cards to them in Spanish.

I gave the morning and night nurse $200 each. The cook $70. The Weekend nurse $40. The Cleaning lady $30. The Driver $20. The wheelchair service person $10

This is simply what I did. Please tip generously based on your experience and interaction with your team. They can make or break your recovery!

What I packed but, DID NOT USE

-Bug Spray
-Alcohol Wipes

I personally did not need any of these things. The recovery house had it all. Check with you RH so you don't overpack.

What I SHOULD HAVE packed... But didn't

Fleet Enema (for constipation)
Smooth Move Tea (Sienna Tea)
Extra Strength Tylenol
Benadryl Pills
Slip on shoes to go home
Broth to make soup (love soup)
More wipes ( ran out after 144)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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