Round 1 with Yily and Round 2 with Cabral - Tummy tuck, BA with lift and BBL

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Hi everyone, I have been one of those lurking...

Hi everyone,
I have been one of those lurking around this site and reading other people's reviews. Now that I have had my surgery and I'm back home, I feel I should write my own review. I hope it helps someone to make a decision as so many people's reviews helped me make up my mind.

Before I delve into it, I would like to talk about the recovery house I stayed in, the real recovery hotel or recovery Armonia:
I had a great time staying there and now that I'm home, I actually miss all the pampering; meals in bed, help before I even anticipate it, freshly squeezed juice, midday fruit snacks with yoghurt etc. They always ask you what you want to eat specifically, which is a big plus because initially you won't have appetite for mass cooked food. The nurse assistance and support was really great, Ruth and Pattraia were there to meet every need no matter how small. Everybody around including the chef and driver were always smiling, jovial (despite the language barrier) humble, ready to help and never made me feel anyhow or embarrassed for needing assistance no matter the time of day. The owner Mayra was always coming to ask if I needed anything extra. If you have your surgery with Dr Yily, Dr Ana comes to the house for all your post-op follow ups, so you don't have to go back to CIPLA if you don't want to. The frequency was also a lot more because she was always there like every other day and will see you even if she came for another purpose. The Recovery House also has a great emergency service. For instance, I had to be taken back to CIPLA 2 days after surgery. An ambulance was called and I was pretty amazed by the speedy response, I got to Cipla was taken straight to a room and had a doctor and 2 nurses already waiting for me. I don't know if everything happened quickly because it was a doctor (Dr Ana) that called in the emergency, but I was very impressed. So ladies, where you choose to stay for recovery matters a lot, especially if there is any post-surgical complication.
My only minor warning if you are planning to stay there is: take your meds before they come to give it to you, because they would put it in their hands to give me, which I wasn't comfortable with. Sometimes you may have to remind Ruth to wear a glove, she was very good with it, but sometimes I guess she forgets.
I will talk about my surgery experience with some pictures in my next post.

1 Month PO update with pics

1 month PO, I feel a lot better now, though I'm still inflamed and swollen. My back hurts the most, but I've found a Columbian lady that does ultrasound and lymphatic drainage massage. She says I have edema on my back, flanks and belly, hopefully things will look better with constant massage.

I haven't posted pictures yet because I have been a bit unhappy with my results. Lets start with the positives first: I have healed very well without complications, I never really felt any pain, just discomfort, which surprised me because my pain tolerance is normally quite low. I see my family doctor once a week for follow up and everything is good, he says my PS did a good and neat job. My arms are great, that's the part I'm happiest with. Dr Yily did a great job on that, the scar does not look worse than stretch marks. My arms can now fit into even xs long sleeve shirts. I can now fit into clothes without the arms being a hindrance. My Tummy tuck also looks great, the incision has healed well and is quite low, Yily also merged it with the incision I had from apendisectomy. I'm a bit on the fence about my butt and hips, they actually look bigger in the faja. When I'm not wearing the faja, I think the butt sits a bit lower than it was pre-surgery. Time will tell, I wasn't expecting much from the BBL since I didn't have much fat to begin with, more of excess skin. I guess Yily did the best she could with what she had to work with.

The things I'm not too happy with: Before I talk about them, I would like to say that I have already contacted Yily, sent her my pictures and we have sort of reached an agreement on this. She said that in 5/6 months time, if my results are still the same, I should come for a revision. I was also told that I will not be paying Yily for the revision. All this has been said verbally over the phone, I don't have anything in writing yet. You all know how hard it is to get a an email response from them, I will keep trying to get it in writing, to avoid any misunderstanding. I realize doctors are human and I was not expecting perfection, so I'm ok since she is willing to fix my issues.

Ok, here we go:
My breasts look weird, the left especially. The implant is not well positioned, wearing a bandage and massage has not helped.
My waist is just 1 inch smaller than it was before surgery, I did not get the Yily signature waist other Yily dolls have.
I still have loose skin under my armpits, which was supposed to be addressed by either the arm lift or breast lift.
My upper back still looks big and fat.

Measurements, before surgery and 1 month post surgery:
Bust before 38" ; post surgery 39"
Under breast before 32" ; post surgery 32"
Waist before 32" ; post surgery 31"
Hips before 40" ; post surgery 43"

I am posting some before and after pictures. I will write a review of my DR journey and why I switched from Dr Baez to Dr Yily in my next post.

Arm lift pictures

For those wanting to see what my arm lift scar looks like, I have added pictures of it. I hope they are clear enough.

Pics at 7 weeks PO

2 weeks to the 3 months mark and looking good.

I'm almost 3 months PO and looking good, 2 weeks to go. The soreness on my back is almost gone, I still wear my faja religiously with all my paddings which I have now replaced with an abdominal board. I can't believe how flat my belly is, I don't think it's ever been this flat before. I look good in my clothes, here are a few pictures to show. The last time I dressed like this was probably in college.

3 months update with before and after pictures

Finally hit the 3 months mark, hurray!!! Things are settling and looking better. However, I have booked my revision for March 2014, RH and flight booked, so I'm going back to DR next year. I want Dr Yily to fix my breasts, back rolls, loose skin at my armpit and my arms which I initially thought were good. The difference in the arms before surgery and now is not worth that long scar in my opinion. I would also get additional lipo (back and waist) and more projection on my butt if I have sufficient fat for that.

Therefore to enhance my results and improve the things I can, before I head back to DR, I decided to start working out religiously. I chose to do a 60 day challenge with the Brazil butt lift workout (beach body). This is my 2nd week on the workout and I can already see results. I was so amazed at the change that I decided to do a before and after comparison. I will be posting more pictures when I complete 30 days on the workout. Can you see the difference in the pictures? Let me know what you think. The pictures on the left, show my back and front before surgery, the middle set shows back and front post surgery taken about 2 weeks ago before I started the workout. The pictures on the right show my back and front taken 2 days ago after a week and 2 days of BBL workout.

What went wrong?

I have been feeling very down that is why I haven't updated for a while. I look at pictures of other Yily dolls and wonder why my results are so different. I read so many reviews that claim Yily to be one of the best, a master sculptor who does aggressive lipo for that small waist we are all looking for. But I somehow missed a share of that cake. I did everything my surgeon instructed, wore my faja consistently, complete with a waist cincher on top. I just decided to stop wearing it today, to give my body some rest since I'm going for round 2 in March. With my faja under my clothes, I look fantastic but without my faja, I have to work very very hard to hold my stomach in for it to be flat. I feel like I'm back where I started with a big stomach, just without the flap of excess skin at the lower belly and my $6700 gone down the drain. I'm too sad to post any more pictures. So I stand in front of my mirror and ask what went wrong? I was completely flat after my surgery, I haven't added weight, what happened? My breasts need revision, my arms need revision and my lipo was not aggressive. Who did my surgery? my results do not look like Yily's handwork, if I go by some other people's results. Now I have to do it all over again, same procedures on the same body parts. I had thought my round 2 would be my thighs, but it has to be a revision of all the procedures I got in round 1. Do not get me wrong, I'm not comparing my body to others, cos I know we are all different. No matter the shape if I pay for a TT, I expect a flat tummy. An arm lift should mean no more saggy skin on my arms and a BA with a lift should give 2 perky boobs, not 1 perky and 1 droopy boob. I won't even talk about the back lipo because that is subjective.

My quotes so far:
Yily $2900 for revision
Cabral $6000 but cannot revise all the procedures in 1 surgery
Duran $7000 also cannot do all revisions in 1 surgery
Robles $7000 all inclusive same thing, cannot do all procedures at once

My dilemma; if I go back to Yily for revision, what's the guarantee that she would get it right this time and I wouldn't need a further revision? If she had even done one procedure properly I wouldn't be in this situation.

Should I close my eyes, cough out the dollars and go to another doctor? Oh men!! I'm not happy at all!!!!

Round 2 with Cabral! 4 days PO

Hi ladies, I've been MIA for a while, trying to get ready for surgery without negativity on my choice of doctor. In addition work was quite hectic the last month, since I will be off for 5 weeks (surgery and recovery). The good news is, it looks like I finally got my tiny waist. I had surgery with Cabral on the 19th of March. So far recovery has been tough, with a lot of pain. Cabral redid my TT, BA with smaller implants (325cc) and he took all the fat for BBL from my belly and waist. So I'm pretty sure I should be as small in the waist as I wanted. No back lipo because he did not want to leave more loose skin. Believe it or not when he went in, he said my stomach muscles were open and loose, he had to repair and tighten them. Yily obviously forgot to do that part in my initial TT, I guess that's why I still had a pouch. I haven't seen my breasts yet, so I can't say what they really look like till my follow up tomorrow. I will update later on my conversation with Yily before I went to Cabral's office.

BA revision

Just adding a pic.

My 2nd surgery journey to DR

Hi ladies, I thank God for a successful surgery without any complications and would like share my review on my round 2 journey to DR:

I arrived DR on Tuesday March 18th at about 12 midnight, there was no one to pick me up at the airport. I eventually found someone who let me use his phone, but no response from my RH. It took a while before they called back and Mayra came to pick me up, anyway they made up for it with discounts. 7am the next morning, I headed to CIPLA, straight to Cabral's office, paid for my consultation and tests. As I was running around to get all my tests done on the 1st floor, I get a message that Yily wanted to see me, she had heard I was around and wanted to see me before I consult with any other doctor. I thought that was sweet of her and headed to her office, I was surprised that she remembered my full name. I undressed and she looked me over, commented on how good I looked. Her overall verdict was that she was pleased with the work she had done on me except the breasts. I released my belly to show her my pouch, she said that I was completely flat when I left DR last year, that I must have gained weight, which coupled with the quality of my skin resulted in a pouch. About my arms, she said that she cut all of the loose skin, if she had cut more, she would not have been able to close the cut, the result was also affected by the quality of my skin. My breasts were also affected by the quality of my skin. I complained about the TT scar placement being high and she said that I did not have a lot of excess skin for her to pull, that is why my scar is high. She advised me against re-doing the TT, claiming that I do not have enough excess skin for a revision, not having enough skin to pull would mean that I would end up with a much higher scar, almost at my belly button. She said every woman has to tuck in their tummy anyway, she also tucks in her tummy all the time. I asked her if she could make my waist smaller, and she said to be able to do that, she would have to do a muscle repair. She said I could go consult with Cabral, who is the most experienced PS in CIPLA and if he said the same thing she was saying, she would appreciate if I come back to her for my revision. At that point, based on her defences and inability to take any responsibility, I knew that getting my surgery with her would result in a potential round 3 in the future. I thanked her very much and off I went to Cabral's office for a consultation.

I met with Cabral, he took a look at me, I showed him my TT scar and said I wanted it lower, he pinches my belly and says yes I can do that. He said I have a lot of fat on my belly which he would lipo for my BBL (along with a little fat from the inner thighs). I showed him my belly pouch and he said he would be able to get it with lipo and not have to do MR. I said I wanted a very tiny waist, he said he would have to do a MR to achieve that. For the breast, he said he could leave the implant I have and just do a re-lift to make them symmetrical, I said no, too big. We agreed he would take out the 430cc implants, replace with 325cc and lift to make the 2 breasts symmetrical. He said no back lipo because that would leave more excess skin, he would extend the BL scar a little more to the back to take care of some of the skin on my back. We agreed on price, I paid and set the ball rolling. My hemo was 14.5 even though I was on my TOM, yay!!!

Results so far: I am very pleased with my results, my belly is flat, TT scar is very low and my waist is tiny with curves in the right places despite the swelling. My breasts are perky, lifted and symmetrical and my butt is juicy, filled out a little bit more. I am amazed at how good I look now, just over a week PO still in stage 1 garment, I cannot begin to imagine what my body will look like 5 to 6 months down the line. I am happy with my choice of PS and couldn't have asked for better. DR Cabral is gentle, humble and knows what he is doing. He does not need me or anybody else to blow his trumpet, the consistency of his work speaks for itself. With all the laxity I had in my skin from weight loss, I needed an experienced surgeon, who would tell me the truth on what he or she could or could not do for me. DR Cabral delivered and I'm very grateful to God that I had a successful surgery and came out alive to tell the story.

Part 2 of my transformation with Dr Cabral (arm lift & Rhinoplasty)

Hi Ladies,
I'm sitting in Miami airport waiting for my connecting flight to Dallas, enroute to Calgary. I may as well update my review while waiting, I have about 4 hours layover here and 3 more in Dallas. I'm in Dallas now, my review did not post in Miami, luckily I had copied it and pasted in notes before I lost it.

As you all know, I had TT, BL with implant, lipo and BBL with Cabral on March 19. My hemo was 14.5, dropped to 11.5 after surgery and the plan was if my hemo goes back up to at least 12, I would get my 2nd set of surgeries on March 31st. So immediately after surgery, I went back on my iron, presurgery vitamins and B12 pills, my RH was giving me beet juice daily. No matter the pain, I was up walking from the 1st day I got out of the hospital, walking and drinking tons of water. By March 31, my hemo was 12.2, so I was good to go. Got to CIPLA at 7am, did the test, went through the admission process and went to my room to wait for Dr Cabral. He came, marked me up for my arms, lipo on the upper part and a cut (lift) on the lower part to get my arms as small as possible. He did not make any marks on my nose, I showed him a wish picture, he said the shape of the face was different from mine, that he would do the best nose for my face. He said, trust me, I'm very good in Rhinoplasty and I will make you beautiful, I said ok, let's do it. I was the 3rd for surgery, my turn comes, I take the blue pill and get wheeled in to the OR. I met the Anesthesiologist who asks how long ago my first surgery was, I asked him if he was going to give me an epidural, he said no. I asked if he was going to put me to sleep and he said no, at that point, I just assumed he was joking with me, cos we were both laughing, I did not know he meant what he was saying. Somewhere along the line, I fell asleep, I woke up when they took my right arm and started poking the cannula in, oh my God, I totally lost it. I tried to yank my arm away, I yelled and cried for them to stop or put me to sleep, I don't want to do it again. They held my arm, Dr Cabral said no mamy, it's okay, they covered my face and continued. I'm not sure if I was in actual pain or imagined pain just because I could feel everything, my tolerance for pain is very very low. But I'm pretty sure I felt the pinch and poke of the cannula and I could smell my burning flesh when they did the cut for the arm lift, it was just too much for me. If I had been told before hand that I would not be put to sleep, I'm not sure I would have gone ahead with the surgery. They finish with my arms, Dr Cabral did the lipo and cut (he talked to me the whole time) but someone else stitched my arms. I know when he came back to do my nose, he also talked to me through the whole procedure. The 1st thing he said was that he was going to put something up my nose and he needs me to open my mouth and breathe (maybe that's the reason they could not put me to sleep). Sometimes he would say; you are going to feel a little pain mamy, like when they started stitching up my nose and also when he chiseled the bone. When they were done, I was wheeled into recovery, ladies this is the only place where you will see other ladies that have just finished surgery before you are taken to your room. I'm mentioning this because I have read reviews that claim that another lady was being operated on in the same room by the same surgeon. It is very possible that those ladies woke up in the recovery area and saw another lady beside them and assumed they were still in surgery. I was fully conscious through my surgery and up to the point I was taken to my room.

My arms are still swollen, so I cannot judge the results yet, but I can already see the definition on my upper arms.
Everybody tells me my nose looks good, even my 8 year old son says it is too good. You can see a picture of my nose (before and after) on Instagram if you follow Cabral.

I stayed in DR for three weeks and I'm finally on my way home, the stitches were taken off my nose yesterday and the rest of my incisions have healed well. All in all I am happy with the results and I'm happy I chose Dr Cabral.

Conversation with my 8 yr old about my nose

Hi Ladies, just wanted to share some laugh on the conversation I had with my 8 year old yesterday.

I was on FaceTime with my son yesterday, meanwhile he did not know I had surgery. When I had the cast and tape on my nose, I had told him that mummy had a little accident on her nose and had to go to the doctor. Yesterday he saw my nose without cast or tape and he says to me: mummy, did the doctor remove your old nose and put a new one? I go, why? He says: your nose is different, it is small, too small and pointy. I said, in a good or bad way? He says, good, too good, but you have to go take it back. Why? Because my nose is big and different from yours now, same as my sisters; if we go out with you, they will say you stole us and call the cops for you. I almost burst my stitches laughing.

Day at the mall with DeterminedBBL2014

DeterminedBBL2014 and I went shopping yesterday, we had lunch at Outback Steakhouse, see pictures of our food. It was good, made me forget I had a TT. We bought some cute clothes, I can't wait for her to post pics in her outfit, she will most definitely be causing traffic on the streets of NYC. Here are some of my pics without a faja.

Almost 10 weeks PO

Hi all, I've been MIA for a while. Just healing and adapting back to work and everyday life. All my incisions are healed, my TT scar is very thin. I still have some hard areas on my belly but they are not painful, my arms are still hard in places and painful but getting better everyday. DR Cabral's lipo is very aggressive. Here are a few pictures, will post more later. I will also post a before and after of my nose later. Those going into surgery, I wish you a successful outcome and those that are out, happy healing.

Almost 3 months!

I'm almost at the 3 months mark, 11 more days. I'm looking forward to throwing out all my fajas but will continue to wear a corset. My target is to get down to a 20 or 22" waist. Crazy right? Anyway here are some pics, including my incisions and nose.

Hurray! I made it to the 3 month mark

Hi everyone, today is 3 months PO for me. Everything is all good, arms still a bit hard and sensitive, some hard spots on belly. My VJ looks good with the fat injection, my husband actually noticed the difference, he calls it designers VJ now. Butt looks very big on some days and sometimes I feel like it's smaller, but no complaints, it's all mine for keeps now I guess. My hips are really nice, overall I look gorgeous in and out of clothes, even if I say so myself, my husband can't keep his eyes and hands to himself. The jury is still out on the nose, sometimes I feel like there is something missing from my face. Funny I hated my old nose before, but I actually miss it now, it was just a perfect fit for my face. Don't get me wrong, my doc did a good job In making my nose smaller, but it might take a while for me to get used to it. I will be wearing my full body Faja's mostly when I'm home from now on but will continue to wear waist cinchers, corsets or short Faja when I'm out and about. Still hoping to achieve 22 to 24" waist with consistent waist training and some weight loss. Good luck to all those still planning their surgeries, may you choose the best doctor for you and hope to see you on the flat side soon. Happy healing to all the ladies that have had surgery already, may you have a smooth recovery without any complications or infection. I will post pictures in a little while. LOL.

3 month pictures

Things to consider when choosing a doctor in DR

Hi Ladies, just want to share my thoughts on what you should look out for when choosing a doctor in DR only. Please note that this is just my opinion based on my research and all the post op results I saw on realself and in my total of almost 5 weeks stay in DR (both 1st & 2nd round). I will be discussing mostly the popular doctors in DR. If you disagree with me, that's fine, no offence meant or taken, but if it helps you in making your decision in any way, I will be happy for you. I will try to be as unprejudiced as possible but if I'm biased against Yily or favour Cabral, please don't blame me, it is based on my experience.

1) Determine what is most important to you because the best breast doctors are not the best in BBL and Liposculpture unfortunately. Is communication and aftercare more important to you? Sadly there is no doctor in DR that has it all in 1 package. You will have to trade off something for what matters to you most.

If I have a good body already with good fat storage (no saggy/excess skin), a little something on my behind already and was more interested in having an excellent breast work, I would choose Baez (the lady), Robles or Disla in that order. They have had no reported deaths or infections that I know of. Baez has top notch communication and aftercare and uses FDA approved implants which costs a little bit more. She is also the only one that has textured implants which stay where they are placed and you won't have to worry about your implant dropping or wearing a breast band. Their Liposculpture and BBL on small girls with enough fat and no saggy skin is on point and amazing. If you are in the same RH with Baez or Disla patients, you will envy the aftercare they receive. The doctors clean the incisions themselves and take care of their patients better than any of the other doctors I will talk about. Robles aftercare is great as well but the time taken to book an after care appointment and wait time to see her is just horrible. If I'm a big lady or have tons of excess skin, I will not go to any of them except maybe Robles. You will not like the results from them if you do, except if you want to console yourself by the fact that you look much better than what you started off with, but that's not what you paid for or is it? Some of Robles patients are complaining of their belly not being flat after TT.

Duran is great with after care and does it herself and communicates very well with her post op patients but it will cost you an arm and a leg to get through to her to get a quote or a surgery date, but it is worth it at the end. She is one of the almost well rounded doctors there, good with all body types, her skills are just crazy. She does good breast work with different lift techniques depending on your body and what you ask for, note that I said good not excellent like Baez. She sculpts a lean and mean torso like Cabral but she still maintains the definition at the waist line for extreme curves. The S curve at the back and the curve at the bottom of the butt cheeks differentiates her patients from that of other doctors. By looking at pics I can tell if the doctor is Duran or Cabral (their work is quite similar and different from the others). The only faults she has: extremely difficult to contact initially, 1 reported death, infections more than 2 that I've read of, 1 patient still unable to walk post op, some complaints of volume loss from BBL and hips and some have complained of belly bulging after eating (that may be normal I think?)

The great Yily acclaimed to have mad sculpting skills, yes I agree but when she actually does the work herself, there are lots of reviews to prove and disprove her results. Yily is a skilled and excellent doctor for certain body types. If I have a good skin tone (big or small it doesn't matter), some foundation for BBL, no TT, breast work or any other lift required I would go to Yily. I would also require a guarantee that she would do the job herself. Yily is hit or miss, when she does the surgery herself and gets a hit, the results are jaw dropping awesome but when she misses, it is quite mediocre. For breasts, she misses more than she hits, her Liposculpture success depends a lot on body type. There has been lots of complaints on belly not flat after TT, loss of volume from BBL and hips with time and horrible breast work. Communication is okay for pre-op but mediocre to non-existent for her post op patients. Aftercare is handled by another doctor, so it's great. A lot of how I took care of myself after my 2nd round was what I learned from my 1st round aftercare with Dr Anna (Yily's post-op doctor). Yily's cons: 1 death due to sepsis, several cases of infection, burns, poor communication post surgery, results don't always withstand the test of time.

Cabral: A lot of people call him the king of barbies. He is very good at what he does and is excellent with every body type but to be honest, I think I would give half of that title to Duran. His results are just amazing, he takes big and shapeless and turns it into gorgeous Barbie (I am one of them). He pushes the boundary, does what other doctors say is not possible, finds fat where others say there is no fat. If you are big or small with excess skin or other complications or require lifts on other body parts, Cabral or Duran will be your best bet. If you are not sure if you have enough fat for a bbl and want to be sure the little the doctor can give you will stay, Cabral is the one. His bbl's and hips hardly ever lose volume except if you are losing weight, his lipo is very aggressive (my arms haven't recovered yet) but the results are gratifying. He sculpts a lean and mean torso, gives you that s curve at the back and overall Barbie look. If you want the curve at the bottom of the butt cheeks, you would have to ask for it, but Duran does that best. Communication with him is the best both pre and post op via whatsapp and FaceTime. He is humble and open to discuss his history if you ask about it. Cabral has a doctor and nurse for post op and aftercare. They are ok, if you had only lipo and bbl, they drain you and check that everything is ok. They never cleaned my incisions even when I insisted, they only looked at them and told me they were healing fine. I came with all my supplies, so I cleaned by myself and applied my antibiotic ointment with the help of a lady at my RH. If you want and can wait, you can always see Cabral for aftercare, for my nose I always waited to see him, cos I didn't want to take any chances with that. Cons: 2-3 deaths, lots of burns and 1 infection, aftercare needs a lot of improvement and some complaints of uneven stomach after lipo.

2) know your body type and dimensions because the doctor you are raving about may not be the one that gives the best results for your body type. Note that the doctors can only re-distribute your fat, they will not remove or reduce your rib cage or hip bones. If you know a doctor that can move the rib cage or make them narrower, I'm interested. So if your ribs are wide from the top to bottom, then getting the hourglass shape will be quite difficult and depend on the doctors skill with fat re-distribution (a steel boned corset can also help). The most important thing to know is: are you short waisted, average or long waisted? Then how long is the distance between your bottom rib cage and the top of your hip bone? That is the soft part that can be pushed in or lipoed to create that dramatic curve at the waist. If that part is short, don't expect that beautifully curved waist you see on a lot of ladies on realself. It has to be at least 4" or more to get that kind of result for an amazing hourglass shape. If you are average or long waisted, then almost any doctor you go to will be able to give you that definition at the waist with lipo for the hourglass shape. But if you are short waisted and also have a short gap between bottom rib cage and hip bone (1 to 3"), then you need to choose a doctor that will lipo your torso for that lean look and use the curve of the hips to create the illusion of an hourglass shape. They start building the hips from around the waist and it curves into your full hips for that wow effect. It's only Duran and Cabral that I have seen do that, that is why I dub them the king and queen of barbies. That is the difference between what Yily did on me and what Cabral did. I only have about 2-2.5" between my top rib cage and hip bone, my waist now (26 to 27") is not so much smaller than what Yily made it (28"), but Cabral built up the hips and used the flare of the hips to create a much better hourglass silhouette than what I had before. When Cabral worked on me, I had even less fat than I had when I went to Yily, but he was able to still harvest fat from my belly (which Yily had worked on before) and some from my thighs for hips and BBL.

3) doctor's history and 'background' check: after all said and done, you still have to be comfortable with the doctor you choose. You can see that the most popular doctors who have done the most surgeries have had cases of deaths and infections. I would not rule a doctor out without trying to ask them about it first. Talk to your doctor and discuss their history, be sure you understand why the issues happened and the steps they've taken to prevent them from happening again.

Above all ladies, pray about your decision and choice, be at peace with it in your spirit and believe that you will be safe. Be prepared to take care of yourself post op whether the doctor does it or not.

Goodluck and best wishes!

Waist training

Picture of me in my 22" steel boned corset fully cinched. Trying to get this waist to be as small as possible. Continuous waist training over the next year hopefully should achieve that.

Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy me!

Somebody tell me what I'm doing in CIPLA again, all bandaged up. Round 3, you guessed right with DR Cabral, thank God I made it out safe and sound. Before I delve into my review, let me post a few pics at over 8 months PO. When I feel stronger I will write up my round 3 review. Meanwhile, thank you for all your comments and well wishes and I am very sorry for not responding to them all.

Round 3 review (thigh and upper back lift, minor lipo and BBL touch-up) - DR Cabral:

My take on things the third time around:

I am writing this review on my way home from Santo Domingo, seating in Dallas waiting for my connecting flight home. This is going to be long, so please excuse any typos.

Procedures done - thigh lift, upper back lift, fat injection to lips, minor lipo (not much fat left anywhere), touch-ups to hips and butt, just filling in dents and any additional projection possible with the little fat the doctor could harvest.

I was nervous going in this time, I don't why, but I was a little bit afraid. To make matters worse, my sister told me she had a dream where I went to DR for surgery but did not come back alive, nobody could say what had happened to me and my husband and kids were crying. She did not know of my plans for another surgery, she knew I had already done my round 2 revision, she concluded it was just another bad dream because I was done with surgery as far as she knew. When I told my 9 year old, I was getting surgery, he said " but mummy, you could die". So you can imagine my misgivings going back this time around, I was actually praying that my hemo would be low or the Cardiologist would not clear me for surgery, I would have just turned my trip to a mini vacation. I decided that if I was going to do it, it had to be now, because by the new year, I would be starting a new job and moving across country with my kids, this is virtually the last time I can leave them with their dad for the next two years. So I decided to just have faith that I would be okay and go for it, be as safe as possible. I prepared myself physically and mentally, I got to DR on Sunday December 7th, though my surgery was for Tuesday December 9th, I didn't want to take any chances with blood clots, since I was going to get cut in the leg. I met with Cabral on Monday and it went pretty well, I explained what I wanted and he marked me up. I specifically told him I wanted the cut for the back lift to be along the 2 sides of my body running from breast down towards the hip bone because I wanted him to take away some excess skin from the breast area which would result in my nipples being properly centred. I didn't want the traditional bra line back lift. By the time I was doing my lab work, I met only one other girl, I was given the impression by Cabral's assistants that we were only two, both when I booked and when I arrived in DR. I was happy that I would either be the first or second which was okay. You can imagine my shock on the next day when I show up for surgery to realise that we were 5!!! I was not comfortable with this at all. Now in hindsight, I wish I had moved my surgery to the next day. I was neither 1st nor 2nd because all of us had done labs the day before all hoping to be 1st for surgery. My markings had gone off when I took a shower and Dr Cabral had to come and mark me again, he was in between surgeries and was so much in a hurry, ladies that is a recipe for disaster and I should have run. He marked me up differently from the day before, I assumed he was still doing what we had agreed when he held all of my excess skin together, but that is not what happened. I still asked to see him again before I took the blue pill, because I just felt like he had left something out, but he also rushed in and out of my room. I finally took the blue pill and was taken in for surgery, I was asleep during surgery but may have woken up 1 or 2 times in between. After surgery, I was so happy to be alive that I wasn't bothered by my results, I was happy that this is the last elective surgery I would ever do.
I stayed for 2 nights in CIPLA, I noticed a big improvement from the last time I was there. My room was big and spacious with clean sheets, I got a pillow and blanket, the only negative was that I had a regular bed not a hospital bed. The nurses were a lot more attentive came in regularly to check my IV, give medications, empty the catheter and check if I was bleeding or staining myself. I had someone from my RH stay with me all through the 2 days. Post-op care from DR Cabral's team also improved; the day after surgery, they came in, cleaned me up, put me in my t-shirt and panties, no faja yet since I wasn't leaving till the next day, got me out of bed, the sheets were changed, my room was cleaned. They made sure I was comfortable before they left. When they put me in my faja the next day, they padded my incisions and told me not to let the RH staff touch it, they would do the cleaning themselves at my post-op. During my two post-op visits they cleaned me and cleaned my incisions and put the antibiotic powder. I was not cleared for massages and I haven't be cleared to move to 2nd stage faja yet. Recovery has been way easier than the last 2 rounds, I haven't taken any pain meds since I left CIPLA and I have been more mobile than I thought I would be with the thigh lift. I could even manage without the wheel chair assistant at the airport.

What do I think of my results:
I cannot say right now. I love, love DR Cabral, I love what he has done on my body, with my last revision but I am not happy this time; DR Cabral did not do what I wanted on my back. Yes he did the vertical thigh lift I asked for but for my back, I have a scar running from my breast lift scar high up towards the middle of my back on the 2 sides. Remember I said initially I wanted the scar by the 2 sides of my body, that is not what he did. I understand he wanted to reuse the existing scar from my breast lift and his previous attempt on a mini back lift, but that was not what I asked for, this is exactly the procedure he did during my last surgery but it did not take care of the excess skin. This is my 2nd time paying for a back lift, that is why I wanted it done differently. If he had told me during consultation that it would be better to go through the back and not the sides, then I would have gone for the full bra line back lift which would have given me a smoother back than what I have right now. I would have preferred for the scar to be across my full back and low enough to be covered by my bra strap instead of high up on my back. Did he get rid of the excess skin? yes he did but not all of it. Why am I upset then? When you start this journey, you already decide on the scars you want or do not want on your body, I don't like that decision to be made for me by someone else without my agreeing to it. Moreover the incision I wanted would have fixed 3 issues: excess skin on back, arm pit and sides of breast. Now I have a somewhat smoother back, excess skin under my arm pit and breasts that my nipples are not centred on. Not that my breasts are not beautiful, don't get me wrong. Did I talk to him about it? No I did not because I hadn't seen my back in a mirror without my faja till this morning when I was getting dressed to leave. All the times I have been changed has been in his office and there are no mirrors in those rooms. I had an idea where my incisions were but wanted to be sure, see them for myself before saying anything. Will I talk to him about it? What's the point? I'm not going back to DR for surgery ever again, I've made that promise to myself and my loved ones who were all scarred out of their minds this time around, I won't put myself or them through that again. I refuse to spend any more money in pursuit of beauty and vanity, total spent on surgery fees alone to date is $19,900 (Round 1 $6,700; Round 2; $9,700; Round 3 $3,500), excludes flight, accommodation, supplies and incidentals. I'm done, they won't get my money again.

Do I look good? Yes I do, my belly looks a lot flatter (if that is possible, it was already flat before), I had additional lipo on upper belly, upper back, knees and back of thighs. I have the silhouette I always wanted, my waist looks a bit more defined now that the excess skin has been taken from my flanks and back. My knees no longer knock together and my thighs don't slap each other and make their own music when I walk. By the time I start proper compression, I'm sure everything will come together nicely. I hope my hips even out, I filled out a dent on one side and it is now bigger than the other one. I look like Donald the duck with my swollen upper lip, which is way bigger than my lower lip which I think should have also been injected with fat, I hope a lot of the fat re-absorbs. My nose looks a bit crooked (I seem to be the only one that sees it though) and one nostril is slightly bigger than the other. I took selfies at different angles and had a good laugh at my own freak show. Next time when something is not broken, I will definitely have the wisdom not to fix it.

My conclusion:
After all said and done my verdict is that we are just a number and dollar sign to the doctors out there, no matter how much they pretend to care. They are swamped with the number of surgeries they do daily especially Cabral and Yily. Monday and Tuesday almost all the ladies doing labs were either Cabral or Yily with 1 or 2 for Duran, who has actually cut back on her no of surgeries per day. How can you do all those many surgeries everyday and not make mistakes? aren't they human? They still get off work whenever they are done and respond to ladies sending pics and requesting for quotes, wow! When would they rest and prepare for the next day? So being the first for surgery might actually be risky cos they may still be drowsy from sleep or not at their best yet, but by the 2nd or 3rd surgery, the caffeine or whatever keeps them going from day to day would have kicked in. I actually hail DR Baez who has stuck to 1 surgery per day and 2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays no matter how alluring the dollar signs are.

That is it from me ladies, pictures will follow later when I'm up to it. To all post-op dolls: happy healing & speedy recovery, to all the ladies getting surgery soon: I wish you a successful outcome, be safe & prepared (there is nothing like perfection, your doctor is human and can make mistakes) and for the ladies starting their journeys: good luck, be wise in your choice of doctor and procedure, learn from the mistakes of those that have gone before you.

Almost 1 month PO

Just to clarify a few things: I'm very happy with my TT, BBL, Liposculpture and BL/BA. I still think Cabral is the best in sculpting, TT and BBL, you can't go wrong if those are the only surgeries you are having done, he is still the most consistent out there. This statement is specifically for the ladies who have chosen him as their PS despite his history, I don't want to start any debates on that. I look so good, even if I say so myself, I've never looked this good in my life. Here are some pics to show.

For the ladies that want to know about the thigh lift, I feel it could have been better, my right thigh is very good, with the incision properly placed in between my legs, which got rid of all the saggy skin and stretch marks. The incision on my left thigh was made towards the front of the thigh instead of in between the legs and that thigh is a bit more saggy. My thighs are still big though and I hope they go down some with compression. I was expecting to have the thigh gap, but doesn't look like that will happen.

Overall, I would say the DR doctors are experts in sculpting, TT, lipo and BBL. But when it comes to excess skin from massive weight loss, the US doctors seem to handle that a lot better.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Initially communication was quite difficult, it took a long time to get any response to my emails. But when I got to DR, what I experienced was the opposite of what I was expecting. Dr Yily's staff were quite attentive and helpful. I insisted on seeing the doctor before payment or the pre-surgery tests and they were ok with it and understood my need to feel comfortable with the surgery and anticipated results before proceeding. Though the wait was a bit long, which I expected but I finally had my consultation with Dr Yily. She answered my questions and told me what she could realistically do for my body. She was straight to the point, no frivolities, spent as much time with me as I had questions. She only marked me up for surgery when I was ok with it. Overall my experience with Dr Yily was above my expectations based on all the reviews I had read.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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