My Turn! Finally my Mommy Makeover

I am excited to finally start my journey. I've...

I am excited to finally start my journey. I've contacted several doctors local and out of town. I recently had my last baby so I can finally say I am done and ready! I had no idea what was going on in the Dominican until I came across a review on RS. Once I started looking and reading I went on FBI mode lol stalking, reading and contacting dr's for quotes. The results are amazing compared to the US. I had consultations with dr's here in the USA and I felt like they not only wanted your entire life savings but their results were not what I was looking for. Like hello where is the small waist at? Why is her bbl not big enough? So let me get started about my choice so far. I contacted yily, medina, Duran and Cabral. don't judge me lol I got scared of Cabral I don't know why I guess I let all the reviews get to me. I love Durans work but I will not beg anyone to answer my emails. She replied back with her quote and I never heard back from her to book. Yily I hear mixed reviews but I love some of her work. I think she will be good for me since I already have a decent shape (pear shape) she was very Responsive in a timely manner. I went with her and booked my date for 3/1. I asked for plan D BBL,TT,BL and implants. I read many reviews where they say she doesn't do everything together. I guess I will find out more when I get there. I little about me. I am 5'2 weight 140 lbs with measurements of 34-30-42.. I recently lost 30 lbs so I hope the fat I have now is enough. My hemo levels as of last week were 13.6 started to take iron pills just to be safe. I hope I made the right decision. Feel free to drop comments and suggestions. I will keep everyone updated.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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