Tummy Tuck+liposculpture+Dominican Buttlift - Dominican Republic

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Hello ,realself sisters and brothers and welcome...

Hello ,realself sisters and brothers and welcome to my procedure review

My background im from west Atlanta,Ga i live on the southside ,i work in healthcare (so i know a thing or two )Im 30 and i have no children,

Procedures:1st round-Tummy Tuck,Liposuction of:sides and flanks ,bra/underarm,arms, abdominal(very important that you ask for this area to be included in your quote , some surgeons wont lipo it , if you gain a little weight after srx, thats where the fat will run to ), Dominican Butt Lift(BBL) i call it a dominican butt lift because ive never see or heard anyone saying they went to brazil to get anything done of that natureeeeeeeeeeee posted

back story next, with pics

Quote/Doctor/pre op pics

i sent a quote(citar) request to multiple doctors and this is how i formatted the email feel free to use it and make sure you fill in YOUR own demographics:

subject line -citar w pre op picture included

salutation-Hello i saw your special on realself.com

Objective -I would love to receive a quote from you , but I would also like to have my questions answered

My demographics
and health history

weight-195 (after weight loss of 21 pounds)
height-5'foot 4"inches
health issues-no
previous surgery's-none
pregnant/previous pregnancies-no

procedures wanted

-Tummy tuck with muscle repair

-liposuction to -abs ,flanks,back,bra areas, and arms

-Dominican butt lift (BBL)

My questions-
1.is there any additional cost I should plan for ,
2. how do I schedule my surgery with you ?
3. If I arrive Sunday will I be able to have surgery Monday ?
4. What clinic will you be operating out of ?

thank you look forward to hearing from you

when you send a quote request just write one email and put your top choice in the "to" line and put the other doctors as a bcc in the same email

Bcc stands for blind carbon copy which is similar to that of Cc except that the Email address of the recipients specified in this field do not appear in the received message header and the recipients in the To or Cc fields will not know that a copy sent to these address.
so basically they wont know who you sent the quote request to but each time a doctor replies it will be under the same email vs multiple emails all spread out in your drop box

MAke sure your research your doctors and pick whos giving you what you want and keeping you safe with a good price vs just picking the best price

the pic included is my line up

My doctor will be either baez, mallol or eusebio or ulerio , my top choices out of those is mallol
and ulerio ,omg have you seen the instagrams all i can say is dayyyyuuuummmm . they do great jobs on them girls

i cant fckin wait

All my quotes received ..and ready to make a deposit

...except Almonte, hell even duran quoted me and yall know you gotta jump through hoops to get to her to quote ,but ive sent almonte quote request multiple times she never responds,so anywho ,moving right along ,by sending multiple request i was just getting a feel of the other surgeons ,but i decided to go to sumone who does great work and not overly saturated , so it comes down to DR mallol and Dr Ulerio ,The quotes were in 50 dollars of each other ,

all the quotes start with "" "evaluate the information provided you pictures and he think "I am confident I can do a great work with her body" ""

Mallol Included:Tummy Tuck+ LIPOSCULPTURE(front, waist, flanks and armpits) + BBL
Clinic (1night)
Pre-op blood exam.
Pre-op Cardiovascular evaluation.
Pre-op EKG.
Post-Op Garment (1)
Post-Op Massages (5).
Post-op follow up checks as you needed.

extras i have to pay with mallol =nothing that he mentioned

and he does operate on saturday or sunday for a extra fee of 200 =niceee cause my flight comes in on a sunday

Dr. Ulerio
Tummy Tuck+ liposculpture + Brazilian Butt Lift

Basic Blood work
Cardiovascular Evaluation
Surgical procedure
Surgeon Fee
One night at clinic
1 Garment (first one)
Follow up
Compression sock

extras -nothing

i noticedin my quotes that if the surgeon operates out of cipla(, which neither of them (mallol or ulerio do) they charge a 150 insurance/complication fee+ if you need a transfusion its 250 for two bags or iron shots 40 for two shots ,um wtf why ? extra o what does the complication insurance cover ????

such a hard choice but if i had to choose right now it would be >>>>DR Mallol<<<< i love his after pics https://www.instagram.com/drmallol/

so now im ready for my next step which is set the date with a Deposit

yayyyy progress

by the way where the hell is Cabral

I want a designer body ,,Mallol ig

I'm not going for a subtle look , I want my Azz popping and waist snatched off , hips of a goddess,with liposculture so good that fat from the future is scared ,and I'm looking for the doctor than can give me that.... with that said I'm gonna go look at an old yily quote and re request......I really have to get my mind together and figure this out before I make my deposit , these are mallol pre/post op pics from his ig

Beyoncé + pre op pics

So I went to the formation tour when it came on Monday to the ga dome, I loveeeeeeee and idolize Beyoncé and she put on a hell of a show ,but as she ended the show reality started to set back in "I hateeeee my body",now don't get me wrong I definitely believe in self love but ughhhhh,living in a uncomfortable body for me is like a nightmare from hell and this concert was like a piece of heaven ,, this is me in my clothes at the dome and I also included pre op pics,my surgery goals aren't to be be skinny but I'd love to have a flat stomach and be shapely .i know I'm not asking for to much , may the plastic surgery Gawds grant my wishes

recovery house list

heres a list i found on facebook

so im gonna go this year but... to be continued

im in the beginning stages of buying a house ,yaaaaayyy
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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