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I'm 23 but I had my first child so young that I...

I'm 23 but I had my first child so young that I got terrible stretchmarks. My weight went from 125 to 188 in the course of 9months but I never thought that my skin would stretch so bad. Over the years I've battled with my weight but a year ago I got so fed up of looking at myself nude and having to wear gurdle's all the time, that I started to workout regularly. Although I felt great and the stretch marks began to fade(while using bio-oil) my excess skin never went away.

I take absolutle pride in my body but when you have a young child playing with your excess skin, how great can you really feel?
Simple things like wearing crop tops in the summer and being able to wear a bikini without a cover-up....I can't help but take for granted because I never did it. As much as I'd love to have a second child..... The odds of me having a girl are 50/50.

I've already received 2 quotes from:
Dr. Pantoja
1- Tummy tuck, liposuction, brazilian butt lift $4,500dlls.
2-$4,300dlls. with the brazilian butt lift discount.
3-Tummy tuck, liposuction, brazilian butt lift and breast implants

Dr. Felipe Amaya
Abdominoplasty and liposculpture: 7.000.000 pesos (3900 USD)
Gluteal implants: 7.000.000 (3900 USD)
Breast augmentation: 6.000.000 (3400 USD)

And I'm waiting on a quote from Dr.Robles but her assistant Laura told me that average price for a Tuck with Lipo is $4600 and $5800 with a breast augmentation.

I've received my quote from Dr.Robles 1. "Tummy...

I've received my quote from Dr.Robles
1. "Tummy tuck + liposuction on waist + Breast Augmentation" US$5800.00
with that combination you cannot have more liposuction because is too much procedures.
2. Tummy tuck with Lipo on the back,flanks and waist is US$4600.00
both quote included 12 days here at the country.

And Dr. Cardenas
Quote for TT, lipo and FG is $5800 dlls.
Quote Breast lift w/ Implants $4200
Quote all together $8600

Got my Quote from Duran

Dra Duran quoted me $4300 for a tummy tuck and Lipo. She actually went up $300 on me in 2months. She's high in demand so it was expected. Not to mention that people are already booking her for June.
I'm in love with her work and she did a flawless Job on Geemmy(Rs) and Nickibutt. Check out their reviews.

I'm thinking of buddying up with a friend and staying at the Yasmine Recovery house. I've been working out 5 times a week trying to burn fat and I wear my Ann Chery shaper in a 32 while doing so,I'll post an updated picture.

Updated pics

Scheduled with Dr.Duran 7/2

Hey ladies!!! It's been a while but I hope everyone's closer to their Sx Goals! I'm booked with Duran for the first week in July. I had to call her office early in the morning to get my date. I'm still prepping for my trip, I've started my vitamins today;One-a-day women's, 2-65mg iron) and I'm still on the search for Geritol. As of right now I'm getting a Tuck and lipo. I lost 12lbs for an event I had and put it right back on within a few weeks, so my goal is to lose it again. I plan to stay at a hotel and hire a nurse, so if you ladies could recommend a nurse or hotel that would be gladly appreciated! I'll be posting some preop pics

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