19 more Days Untill I'm a Duran Doll!!!!

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Hello girls, I'm currently confused, I love both...

Hello girls, I'm currently confused, I love both Yily and Durans work, Yily gave me a quote of 3700, I'm still waiting for Durans response.. I'm so anxious to find out Durans quote!! I can't wait to get my surgery done I'm very insecure about my body, I plan on going in May so I can look good for the summer but Then I won't be able to enjoy my summer if I get done so if not may in august.. I'm very confused!!!
Anyways opinions are welcome thanks girls

Sorry I forgot to mention the most important part..

I'm planning on Doing lipo from my stomach, back, and arms and doing a Brazilian butt Lift.. Still waiting on Durans Quote.. Ugh so anxious!!!

These are my wish pics

I really wanna look like this

Def going in August... Still trying to reach Duran.. HELP!!

So I decided I'm def going in August with my girl friend, I been still trying to reach Duran.. I'm very frustrated:( I really want her to be my doctor but she hasn't wrote me back a quote.. I literally wrote her 5 times because she emailed me asking me some questions, I responded with the answers and asking her what's my quote like 5 times but she never responded ughh...so I'm going to stick to Yily for the time being because she's def just as good .. Sending my deposit next week..
If anyone knows Durans email addresses please comment back with them.. She probably has more than 1...

Here's another wish pic...

Wish pic

Decided I'm Going to Be a Yily Barbie...

I finally have a set Date for July 31st!! Yayyy super excited!! I decided to go to Yily because i can actually get in contact with her, I hate the struggle I have to go threw to reach Duran.. I don't think it's fair how I have to send her emails everyday just to get a quote and plus wouldn't you wanna go to a doctor that you can easily reach with no problem? Don't get me wrong Im in love with Durans Work but yilys Just as Good Don't You Agree?

Here's more Wish Pics

I decided im going to be a duran doll instead of a yily doll!!!... - Dominican Republic

So I know in my last update I said I would be a Yily doll but I was being iffy after I saw sisterless post also I love love love Durans work!! I know it's so hard to reach her so when I finally got a hold of her she gave me a quote of 4000$ I recently went to Santo Domingo in the end of May for my 24th birthday I said I can't leave DR without going to cipla to check out the clinic and maybe get a consultation from duran.. The clinic was 10 mins away from where I was staying so as I got there it looked ok nothing too fancy I went up to the 2nd floor to Durans office and thank god she wasn't busy I asked if I can plz speak to her they let me right in her office room she looked so beautiful and nice, I told her how I was looking forward to getting a consultation so she took out some papers to fill out asked me my height weight etc and then asked me to go in the room and undress top and bottom down but to leave my bra on so I did as I was told she looked at me front and back and changed the quote to 3800 witch is great she also said I have to lose at least 15-20 pounds so I can have great results being that I'm 4'10 and weigh 156 :-( so I told her I had no problem with thAt cuz if not I would have to get a Tummy tuck and I don't want it cuz i have no kids or extra hangin skin so loosing some weight shouldn't be a problem.. She also told me to keep following up with her on how my losing weight progress has been she also said that she is available this year that lots of ppl put dates in but never show up so I made my date for dec 2nd I'm super excited!! My overall experience from meeting her was wonderful she's very nice and answered all my questions..So far I've lost very few pounds just a couple more to go :-D I took a picture of the famous sign lol

Oh yea and let me mention how I wanted to be nosey and go check out Yily and cabrals office since there both on the same floor.. I got to see Yily she had that serious face and looked like she just came from performing surgery and cabral office is huge!! He got a suite with glass windows that says his name on it lmao he must be the shit cuz everyone has reg small offices and he has a suite.. Anyway it was like seeing celebrity's lol It was super exciting

17 more days left

hey guys I know I been mia on my reviews but I'm officially leaving with 2 other girls to DR to be a Duran Doll in 17 days!! How exciting and nerve racking is that lol anyways in the past few months I been preparing myself trying to reach my BMI at 30 like Duran said being that I'm 4'10 so far since my last review I've lose 8 pounds I got 5 more to go.. I went to see my cardiologist she said I'm good to go.. I went to get blood work and my hemo is at 11.6.. :-( I been taking blood builder and S.S.S Tonic.. Eating healthier and eating more food food with iron.. I have to build as soon as possible I have 17 more days till I leave.. and I get a physical done on Friday so I'm gonna ask for another blood work

Last summer this summer journey

Hey Ladies I'm 25, 4'10 and i weigh 153.. I leave to DR in 17 days I have 19 days to lose 5 more pounds.. My BMI needs to be at 30 because Duran recommend it Being that I'm 4'10.. I went to visit Duran last summer for my 24th birthday when I was in DR I weighed 157.. It's been a long Rough weight loss journey but I feel better in my clothes now.. I uploaded my pics from when I went to see her last summer to how I look now

Hemo issues

I pray my hemo goes up as soon as possible I been eating healthier and taking SSS tonic and Blood Builder pills because My hemo 2 weeks ago was at 11.6 and it Needs to be at 13.. I have decided to stop taking vitamin c iron pills and Folic because the blood builder pills have all those in 1 pill and I don't wanna overdose.. I been eating more greens more then ever.. I'm really trying and my physical is Friday I'm gonna ask for another blood work I pray they give it to me.. Here's what I take now pray for me please!

I'm here !!

Currently landed in DR at 2 am it's Saturday now my surgery is
Scheduled for Monday.. Super excited and nervous!! Right now I'm staying at my friends house and then I'm gonna a stay in Kindess after the surgery

Currently here at Kindness Recovery House

Omg I love it my Room is amazing and comfortable the staff is amazing!! love them very clean n nice.. Met some girls here that been here for 2 weeks they came out nice and have very good things to say about this recovery house! I totally recommend it

In bed nervous!! Surgery in the morning with Duran!!

I'm here in bed super nervous.. I been wanting this for as long as I can remember!! I pray to god everything turns out good! This is my life on the line.. No turning back now! I feel confident that everything will turn out good with Duran.. Though me and my friend can't sleep we been on this journey together she's just as nervous as I am.. I can't believe this is finally happening!! Anyways gotta be up at 5:45 am for surgery!! I'll definitely keep you guys updated!! Please pray for us??

currently Here at Cipla

Already did my blood work x Rays saw the Cardiologist now waiting to get marked by Duran.. super Nervous!! Hope everything goes well

Day 3 post op with Dra Duran Lipo and BBl

Since I didn't get to update after surgery let me tell you how it went down.. I shared a room with my friend.. She went into Surgery first.. Then like a hr later the nurse came in told me to take the famous blue pill.. 20 mins later this man came to get me took me to surgery.. They put anistisia then I fel right out.. I woke up in my room and I was all done.. My frind was already in the room when I got there.. Thank god we both were safe.. My body felt like I had a million fights at once.. Next morning They checked my hemo.. It went from 12.7 to 7.. I needed a blood transfusion.. I had to pay 220 for 2 bags of blood.. Before they put the blood in me I fainted for like a few mins.. My body was throwing out so much blood fluid it was nasty.. Then I was fed some soup and the moment Duran came to check on me I threw up all over myself.. Very embarrassing lol after that they put the blood in me and I came right To kindness recovery house.. I felt so much bett r after they gave me that blood.. Now it's day 2 going on 3 and I feel like shit!! My body hurts like crazy!!! Thank god the staff here at kindness is amazing !! CC and Ana are my favorites!! And the cook Doña Luz cooking is always on point!! I definitely recommend this place!! Friday we have a post op consultation with Duran.. Can't wait to start these damn massages! I will keep ya updated thanks to all who kept me in there prayers??

Here's some pics from my 1st week post PPP

Hey guys I'm currently 3 weeks post opp Duran doll I'm late on showing you the pics
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Wish she would of lipo my back fat some more n filled my ass in the bottom cheeks more but other then that I'm satisfied because I had nothing before this so I'm grateful for what I got

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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