Soon 2b Cabral Barbie Baby:-)...TT, Lipo, & BBL March 2016. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello Everyone Like many women on here I too hve...

Hello Everyone
Like many women on here I too hve struggled & been unhappy w/ my body for quite some time. I will wrk out, loose the weight & dealing w/ the many stressors of life--kids, men, finances, it will hve the weight right back on me plus some. I hve been very unhappy w/ myself inside & out for last 3 1/2 years, but I told myself that the kids...they will be ok. They hve always been my top priority...this year is all about me....I'm putting myself 1st for once!
I hve been tlkn about getting surgery for about 2 years now but the last 9months I HAVE BEEN ON IT! I live in Ohio, but found a dr in Miami who hands dwn is "the truth"
Clearly I'm not the only one who thinks so bcuz when I called to inquire I was told he isn't booking clients till Jan 2017...hello it's only Nov. 2015. This fat has been served 90day eviction notice, NO WAY I'm waiting till 2017 lol. Definitely rained all over my parade...searched high & low & couldn't find anyone who was w/ in my price range w/ flawless results. A friend told me about dra yily. She knew some ppl who went to her & after seeing there results, viewing her IG pg, & reading/following the journeys of a few women who had wrk done....I think I found the one. I submitted an email today for pricing etc & I'm hoping to get sx date in March. My bday is in March so what better gift to give to myself. I'm so excited. I can't remember the last time I was excited about anything.
I dnt deal w/ lot of females but the few I do deal w/ all kno I want surgery. When I called one of them today (we also work together) she threw so much shade had I not saw snow outside I would hve flew upstairs to get my Gucci sunglasses! U kno it's crazy how ppl pretend to be there for u but when u need them the most u see there true side. I wasn't asking for help w/ financing the venture, just moral support which to me was priceless. I didn't get it which is ok. The is my journey, my life, my story...little do she kno she wrote herself right out the chapter! She did however pull my coat tail to one of the 3 roadblocks I will face during my #teamthickbutfit journey....what am I going to tell my job. I love my job but it's just that "a job" it's not a career & although I love what I do, I also hve my own personal business which is my baby so if my job isn't willing to wrk w/ me thru this, then as
jay-z said....ya lost one!!! Sounds crazy but it's how I'm feeling. I always put everyone & everything b4 myself. I need to start doing more for me & this amongst other things is one.

I hope that u ladies will follow me thru my journey, ask questions, show support & give helpful advice along the way. In return I will share advice, tips & keep u update w/ what I encounter, experience & feel along the way...from start to finish, lol.

I will keep u posted w/ response email I get from dra yily, & post my b4 pics soon.
I'm 34 y/o AA female, 2 kids & 6ft tall. I'm looking to get a tt, lipo & bbl
Here goes nothing
#yilydollinmaking #teamthickbutfit #takeone


So after looking further I have decided against Yily & am "all in" w/ dr cabral doing my surgery
Problem is for 3 days I have been trying to get a quote for TT, bbl & lipo & availability 2nd/3rd week of March & have gotten NO RESPONSE!
Anyone have any pointers on how to get info, pricing so I can secure my date?

Sx 3/28/16

After damn near calling a zillion times lol i finally got some1 who spoke English & I am all scheduled for 3/28. He only had 3 dates open in March. I'm kinda disappointed because I wanted to come sooner but...
I wasn't quoted a price. She sd I had to send my b4 pics first. Took those last night & when I say this body definitely in need of a makeover
I can't wait! Still trying to figure out what I'm going to tell my job....


Hey all my future dolls
Finally heard back from Dr. cabral
He gave me my other info was given which was kinda disappointing. I understand that dr is extremely bz working miracles lol, but this is a life changing procedure & we need to know how to prepare for this. Although I am pleased w/ Cabrals results, I'm kinda displeased w/ his lack of communication thru the process. Thank the lord for this forum to set the path of what to expect in my journey bcuz relying on him to give me Intel is like pulling teeth w/ no novacaine.
Normally, this sort of lack of communication with be all I need to chuck up the deuces, & look for some1 else, but I'm so set on Cabrals work....I guess I just have to be more persistent w/ details. I was kinda considering hiring bellavita even tho I have my date. Just seems like w/ language barrier & relationship she has w/ Drs, she could get me all the Intel I need
Also....drama city at my job. I just don't think
My boss is going to give me the time off for me surgery. I composed a very professional email not disclosing what surgery was but that I needed it & I provided 2 alternatives for my dept support w/ doing my job & she responded let's talk at work (sent it on Saturday) she hadn't said anything in days....idk. So much to deal w/ but I'm not loosing sight of thick but fit! As I said b4, I've served this fat a 90 day eviction notice, & it has to go
Any1 else having hard time getting info from Cabral? Anyone had surgery w/ him & can provide any insight? I heard from one recover y house w/ TT, u need a 12-13 day stay....I thought it was only 10?

Moved my SX date up

As I said b4, I think that its going to be an issue w/ my job about me taking time off. I reached out to my boss via email telling her that I had to have surgery (didn't say y) and that I needed time off. I threw out the 2 dates that cabral gave to me although I knew the 2nd date (3/28) would be better knowing how business runs.....its been a week and she hasn't said a word. so w/ that being said I called & up'd my sx date. So I will be flying into DR 3/9, sx on 3/10. Cabral told me that I have to stay at RH house for 12-15, while when I contacted Yily (my 1st pic) I was told only 10. Does anyone know how many days u have to stay w/ Cabral for tt, bbl and lipo? The longer u stay the more $ u have to spend and im trying to $ave, $ave, $ave lol

On another note, idk y it seem as tho everyone around me is being such a hater. Everyone has so many negative things to say about me getting surgery.....ITS CRAZY! But guess what. Im not letting no1 still my joy. Whats the worst thing that can happen.....I COME OUT LOOKING FLAWLESS? Imagine that! I am well aware of all the risks. I have been researching this for 9months. im healthy and confident w/ my pick of surgeon. I guess my RS dolls are my only support system in my quest to get my body together......


Trying to decide which RH to stay at. I have heard great things about Maria's RH but also read a lot of good things about Myhome RH. I reached out to both on FB and they responded fairly fast.
Maria wants $60/night and $15/massage
MyHome RH wants $75/night and $25/massage
Maria told me that if I secure my deposit by 1/31 she will also throw in nurse to stay 1st night post op for free.....

Potential Risks w/ getting cosmetic surgery

I saw this on petitemami's blog and felt an extreme need to repost this.
Most of these complications I saw when doing my own research, but ran across a few that I was unaware of. Some I even saw other Dolls experience/saw photos on their page. As I said in my previous posts, I am WELL AWARE of ALL risk involved in the procedures that I am going to get. I feel that I am healthy enough, and that God will see me thru it all.
So plz dolls read this thru and be well informed of what risks/complications are.

All forms of cosmetic surgery carry a degree of risk and a potential for complications. Therefore, you should consider it as seriously as you would any major surgery. Also note that augmentation with implants carries a much higher rate of complications as compared to a fat injection. The risks for having implants placed in your buttocks include infection and bleeding, which are common risks for any surgical procedure. Risks of infection are even higher when incisions are made in the gluteal crease. Another potential complication is the possibility of the implants shifting and causing the results to appear asymmetrical. It is rare, though possible, that the implants may also rupture or break.

Surgical Anesthesia: On the day of surgery, your anesthesiologist will discuss with you the risks of both local and general anesthesia.

Unfavorable Scarring: If the sutured area doesn’t heal properly or takes too long to heal, the scars may be thicker than normal. If the patient heals relatively quickly, minimal scarring will result. Scars will take years to fade, but they are permanent. Despite Dr. Agha’s best effort, scar appearance and healing are not fully predictable. The scars may be uneven, excessively wide, and/or asymmetrical. Scars may be unattractive and of a different color than the surrounding skin. Excessive, hypertrophic, and keloid scarring are uncommon. Additional treatments, including surgery, may be necessary to treat abnormal scarring.

Bleeding/Hematoma: Bleeding may result if the sutured areas do not heal correctly or if there is improper coagulation after the procedure. A hematoma is a blood collection that can form under the skin and enlarges as a tender bulge. If a patient notices any unusual bleeding after surgery, they need to contact Dr. Agha immediately. Do not take any aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications for ten days before surgery as this will increase the risk of bleeding. Non-prescription “herbs” and dietary supplements can also increase the risk of surgical bleeding.

Fluid Accumulation (Seroma): After fat grafting or implant placement, body fluids (serum) occasionally accumulate underneath the skin as a seroma. If the fluid collection is significant, Dr. Agha may elect to aspirate the fluid with a small needle in an office procedure. For buttock lifts, drains may be placed at the surgical site at the end of the operation to collect seepage of the fluid. After their removal in five to seven days, seroma may occasionally accumulate underneath the skin, requiring aspirations. If that fails to cure the seroma, then the patient will need to be seen either in the office or in operating room for insertion of new drainage tubes and the removal of seroma cavities. This is very rarely necessarily.

Poor Wound Healing: Individuals that have a slower than average healing rate or are smokers may find that they do not heal properly, that the sutured areas reopen easily, or that they are more prone to infection. Patients should avoid smoking three weeks prior to and after the procedure so that their body’s natural healing process is not hindered.

Wound Dehiscence: In general, your skin closure is in multiple layers. Separation of the superficial, deep and/or both layers may occur any time during your first post-operative month. Suture breakage, knots untying, sutures tearing through an excessively tight closure, too much movement or bending, and skin necrosis (death) are some of the recognized causes of dehiscence. Breakage of the sutures in the superficial layer of skin may be sutured closed or allowed to heal secondarily, at the judgment of Dr. Agha.

Deep dehiscence may require a return to the operating room for closure under anesthesia. These healing problems may require frequent dressing changes, extra office visits, and further surgery to remove the non-healed tissue. Open wounds may take weeks to heal or a secondary closure may be appropriate. Wounds allowed to heal on their own usually benefit from secondary scar revision.

Smokers have a high risk of skin loss and wound healing complications. Do not smoke for three weeks before and after your surgery.

Suture Granuloma: Some surgical techniques use deep sutures. These items may be noticed by the patient following surgery. Sutures may spontaneously poke through the skin, be visible, or produce irritation that requires removal.

Numbness in Skin Sensation: This is a normal consequence that occurs at the site of surgery in everyone to a different extent. You may experience “paresthesia,” which is an altered sensation at the site of the liposuction. This may either be in the form of an increased sensitivity (pain) in the area or loss of any feeling (numbness) in the area. In most patients, numbness goes away within the first four to sixth months after surgery. Massaging the surgical area helps increase circulation, and facilitates the return of normal skin sensation. Numbness is permanent in very rare cases.

Fat Absorption and Sclerosis: Approximately 20-30% of the injected fat does not survive and gets absorbed. If this happens unevenly, there could be areas were you feel or see asymmetry due to fat resorption. Gentle massage over the buttock area helps even out and smooth these areas during the recovery phase.

Skin Irregularities or Dimples: Contour irregularities and depressions in the skin may occur after liposuction. Also, the areas of injected fat can occasionally develop contour irregularities, including bumps and dimples, depending on your skin elasticity. Usually, post-operative massage can be helpful in smoothing these areas. On occasion, asymmetrical fullness, bulges, and depressions may be present.

Skin Discoloration/Swelling – Some skin discoloration and swelling can occur following liposuction. In rare situations, swelling and skin discoloration may persist for long periods of time. Permanent skin discoloration is rare.

Depression, Emotional, or Sexual Changes: There have been reports of depression after liposuction similar to postpartum depression.

Asymmetry in Scar Placement or Contour: No two halves of the body are identical. Therefore, following buttock augmentation, these asymmetries may persist and appear as differences between the contour and size of the two sides. Scoliosis or other spine disorders can magnify body asymmetry. On occasion, asymmetry may occur after a buttock lift. Although this is not typical, it is a risk associated with the procedure.

Skin Necrosis (Skin Death): The skin above the site of surgery or at the incision site may become necrotic or “die.” When this happens, skin may change color and slough (fall) off. Necrotic skin may become infected with bacteria or microorganisms. This may require further surgical management.

Pain that Persists: Chronic pain may occur very infrequently from nerves becoming trapped in scar tissue after surgery.

Allergic Reactions: In rare cases, local allergies to tape, suture material, or topical preparations have been reported. More serious systemic reactions may occur in response to drugs used during surgery and prescription medicines. Allergic reactions may require additional treatment.

Residual Deformity- Despite best efforts to obtain tight buttock contour after a buttock lift, a small degree of residual deformity may persist or develop months after the surgery.

Need for Revisional Surgery: The practice of medicine and surgery is not an exact science. Should complications occur or some aesthetic expectations remain unmet, additional procedures or other treatments may be necessary. Other complications and risks can occur but are even more uncommon.

Suboptimal Aesthetic Result: You may be disappointed with the results of surgery. Under-treatment with residual laxity and looseness or over-treatment with excessive tightness of skin can occur with the flattening of regional contours and the widening or thickening of scars. Considerable judgment is used to achieve the optimum shape, but for a variety of reasons, the ultimate results may be suboptimal. At times, it is desirable to perform additional procedures to improve your results.

Infection: Infection may occur after any surgery and may rarely occur after liposculpture. The rate of infection increases with the increasing amounts of injected fat, but the overall rate still remains very low due to routine use of peri-operative antibiotics. There is a significantly higher risk of infection (about 23-30%) with the use of buttock implants. This is most likely due to the proximity of the incision to the rectum. Milder infections can be treated with antibiotics. More significant infections require implant removal, and the wound must be left open for it to close gradually, which can take several weeks. In extremely rare cases, infections may be serious or life threatening. In cases of a buttock lift, minor wound infections accompanied by exposed and “spitting” sutures can occur and are usually easily dealt with by limited debridement, antibiotics, and dressing care. Major infection with fever and large areas of red skin (cellulitis) is unusual. Should a serious infection occur, treatment, including intravenous antibiotics or additional surgery to remove dead tissue and drain abscesses, may be necessary. There is a greater risk of infection in smokers, those with diabetes, and with multiple procedures.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Complications: Deep vein thrombosis is a rare but worrisome complication of plastic surgery. It represents the formation of blood clots in the deep veins of the legs during anesthesia and surgery. Although a sequential compression device will be used to reduce the risks, few patients may still develop DVTs. This frequency is reduced by early post-operative mobility so that blood does not have time to become stagnant in the calf muscles. Fat embolism during liposuction is an extremely rare condition where loosened fat enters the blood through injured blood vessels during liposuction. Fat fragments can then become trapped in the blood vessels, gather in the lungs, or travel to the brain.

Pulmonary complications may occur secondarily to the migration of blood clots or fat clots into the lungs (pulmonary emboli) or partial collapse of the lungs after general anesthesia. The signs of pulmonary emboli may be shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. If you have the signs or symptoms of pulmonary emboli, it is important for you to seek emergency medical care at once. Should this complication occur, you may require hospitalization and additional treatment. Pulmonary emboli can be life-threatening or fatal in some circumstances.

Nerve Injury: Buttock implants can either press upon or migrate onto the sciatic nerve which travels in the buttock region. This can potentially cause impingement or injury to the nerve. Treatment may include removal of the implants.

Implant Protrusion: It is possible for the buttock implants to migrate and gradually extrude through the incision or other areas of the buttock skin. The risk of this complication increases if there is seroma, hematoma, or infection. Also, excessive pressure over the implants during the early period of healing can increase the risk of implant protrusion.

Visceral Perforations (Puncture Wounds in the Organs): There have been reports of visceral perforations during liposuction that damage internal organs with the liposuction cannula. When organs are damaged, surgery may be required to repair them. Visceral perforations may also be fatal.

Toxicity from Anesthesia: Lidocaine, a drug that numbs the skin, is frequently used as a local anesthetic in the tumescent fluid. Large volumes of tumescent fluid may be injected during liposuction. This may result in high doses of lidocaine, which can be toxic. The symptoms of this toxicity are lightheadedness, restlessness, drowsiness, tinnitis (a ringing in the ears), slurred speech, metallic taste in the mouth, numbness of the lips and tongue, shivering, muscle twitching, and convulsions. Severe lidocaine toxicity may cause the heart to stop, resulting in death. In general, any type of anesthesia may cause complications and is always considered a risk during any surgery. To minimize the potential for lidocaine toxicity, Dr. Agha limits the dose of lidocaine used during general anesthesia.

Fluid Imbalance: The liposuction procedure involves the injection of large amounts of tumescent fluid into the tissues. Although much of the fluid will be suctioned, the remainder will be gradually absorbed and may result in a fluid imbalance. While you are in the surgical center or hospital, the staff will be monitoring you for signs of fluid imbalance. However, this may happen after you go home and can result in serious conditions, such as heart problems, excess fluid collecting in the lungs, or kidney problems as your kidneys try to maintain fluid balance.

Fatalities Related to Liposuction: There are reports of deaths related to the liposuction procedure. Studies conducted to date have not been definitive, so it is difficult to be sure how often death from liposuction occurs. In order to understand the extent of the risk, one study compares the deaths from liposuction to that of deaths from car accidents (16 compared to 100,000). It is important to remember that liposuction is a surgical procedure and that there may be serious complications.

Forgot to mention.....

My SX date is the day b4 my bday,.....although I didn't want to spend my bday out of commission but what better gift to give to myself. My last 3-4 bdays have sucked. Last year I cried so bad on my bday it was so depressing. Im looking forward to a new year, and a new me!!

Infectious disease....

Has anyone been following this disease Zika that's in several countries but when I read it was in the DR.....definitely caught my attention. It says that it severely effects pregnant women & children....thought I'd share the link.....


Was able to get my passport taken care of today. Paid the extra fees to expedite & to express mail application to them & express mail my passport once complete.
I just need to decide on a RH & get deposit. So hard been hearing so many mixed reviews. I was on YouTube & heard horror stories about Maria's RH so I'm back to drawing board!

16 days b4 SX w/ Cabral

Hi Dolls
I kno it has been a minute since I've been on here but let me bring u up to speed. I went to my doctor to get myself checked out. Everything was good except my hemo...11.7
I have been taking so many iron pills & drinking that nasty ass beet powder trying to get my levels up...I go back to dr 1 week b4 I leave to see where I'm at so I'm praying I'm good. I booked my flight, secured my room at RH. I will be staying at Maria's RH, I received my passport over the weekend so things are coming together. I have been watching so many videos and reading stories trying to prepare myself on want to expect. My main focus is my hemo tho. I hope that it is raised before I'm due to leave
I also have brought ALL my supplies

anti bacterial soap & wipes
Gauze tape
Benadryl gel & pills
Arnica cream & pills
Combination lock box
Poise pads
Shower shoes & house shoes & flip flops
Fiber bars
Granny panties
Compression socks
Wife beaters
Bottled water
Boppy pillow
Antibiotics I got from my dr here

I may be forgetting a few things
I'm so ready to get my SX. So anxious to see myself transformed :-)

Sx day is finally here

My experience so far...
DEFINITELY not in the US. U can walk around in public drinking liquor & drinking/driving is legal here!
The city look dirty ass hell. The ppl drive CRAZY!
When I arrived at clinic no where near as modern & up to date like US, but the are very thorough. Also crazy bcuz doctors be walking around all willy nilly tlkn to ppl & u kno in US u not bout to be in the hall/elevator w/ ur dr. It was just weird. Also, how we are w/ privacy....not the same. Cardiologist did my ekg in my doctors waiting room....
Meeting w/ my doctor went great. He speaks VERY good English & made me feel very comfy in knowing he gone get this body ALL THE WAY TOGETHER!
So today all I hve to do is get my X-ray then I'm off for surgery. I do kno there are 5 of us as of now waiting on sx w/ cabral
I thought I would be pulling out my google translator trying to talk to ppl but I only had to once w/ driver. & everything here is so freaking cheap. At airport I had a huge piece of lasagna that was good, garlic bread & a 24oz water (water here is contaminated so u hve to use bottled water for everything except showering) & it was $2.10. In US the size of that water alone would have been $3.
And let me also say that the men here ARE FINE ASS HELL!
I mean FINE.
Later in day.....
Cleared by all specialist l, just waiting to get marked up/get sx. The waiting is killing me. All other ladies except one have had sx b4 & they sd the pain is real....
I also want to say this. Staying at Maria's RH. I have NO ok complaints thus far. Driver was on top to pick up from airport & to take me to clinic in the am. The house was clean & staff was nice.
A lot of people have a lot of things to say....I haven't experienced only seen any of it thus far. Ladies please done listen to or believe everything u read....
I will post more after sx
See u on the flat side :-)

Pre op pics

Update on everything

So sorry dolls it has taken me this long to post.
So when i got here driver was on time waiting in airport for me w/ sign. Left here went straight to Cipla. Let me just say that u will read so many things about other people's experience, & it will have ur head it 10 different places....learn to filter thru all that cuz ur experience will not be same as some1 else's
Anywho, I had 50 different images of Cipla and when I arrived it was nothing like I had heard or imagined. I was back n forth about cabral for about a week so bcuz I kept hearing he scheduling to many ppl in a day, he burning ppl...just all kinda stuff. Both my sx buddies jumped ship from cabral and went to dr Rodriguez Pena. I scheduled w/ him also as I liked his work as well, but i couldn't shake cabral. My sx buddy flight got delayed and I was headed to Cipla w/ another doll who was scheduled w/ cabral I met at airport, so I figured it was a sign from God to just go w/ Cabral my first choice anyway.
So get to Cipla, go to cabral
Office it's nice, clean and COLD lol. His staff spoke good English and were nice. I had my consult w/ cabral...everyone says it's rushed as he's got a lot going on, which is true, but I didn't feel rushed. He answered all my question and concerns. he asked Me my name, where I was from, and what I wanted done. He then asked could he see my body....I showed him and he actually quoted me a cheaper price than what I was emailed. So I paid (sx & $190 for labs) and began process. Went downstairs to get blood drawn, cardiologist saw me right in cabrals office lol, and I had to wait next day to do X-rays for they were closed.
Made it to Maria's RH. Very basic, nice and clean for cost. Haven't been a big fan of food since I've been here but I am a VERY picky eater so....& let me also say nurses here are the shit! Idk where I would be w/ out them. Please be sure to bring extra $ to tip ur nurses for the ones here have defined deserved it.
Woke up next day, went back to Cipla. Before I go on please make sure u pack ur over night bag day of ur sx. Include following items (pain pills, lots of maxi pads, arnica cream, clothes to come home in, halls for when u wake up after sx ur mouth will be soooo dry, passport, $, antibiotics, faja, compression socks, phone charger). Got my X-ray, also have to get a physical and dr reviews everything (blood, X-ray, cardiologist) and clears u for surgery. U also have to go to admissions and get registered. So once I was cleared (hemo was 12.4 yah), I waited on 4th floor for sx. As u kno u need an overnight nurse to stay w/ u at Cipla. I hired a lady by the name of Esa (whatsapp 829-539-4940. She charges $50 but I gave her $60 for she deserved every dollar). When I say she's the she speaks very good English and walked me thru everything. I got my sx about 5-6pm. There were a total of 8 dolls that i kept count of, getting sx that say. I was told it doesn't matter who gets thru registration process 1st, it's up to cabral what order he performs sx based on what ur having done. I was #3/8.
I was awoke most of my sx. (Ikr)
Don't kno what that was about. Didn't feel any pain just tugging and pressure. But finally I kept tugging on this lady asking could she give me something I didn't want to be woke. I swear I said it a million times but it was like I was tlkn but words weren't coming out my mouth...
When I came to I was out of sx and VERY COLD. Esa was there in room and tended to me every time I called. She even arranged for me, other doll I met at airport and my sx buddy to be in room together for all 3 of us were hvn sx same day.
Cipla doesn't play. They wake u up bright, early trying to get u up/out so they can have those rooms dolls getting sx. Cabral
Came and saw me, told me I was doing good and he snatched me and knew I would
Love my results. I think he took extra good care of me for when he came to mark me up pre op (forgot to mention that) I had brought him a small gift and he loved it lol. They put u I'm ur faja & discharge u.
Other dolls were released but I was told i couldn't leave bcuz my hemo was 7.2...I needed a transfusion. I was so upset. I sat in Cipla all day (Esa still by my side) waiting on blood transfusion just to be told they couldn't find my blood type.
So I was finally released next day. Dr cabral had nurse come to RH and give me iron infusions ($64 for 2 day treatment) via iv
My post op visit wasn't until Tues, but I was told to come in Monday. Cabral office was a circus. There were so many ppl there it was unreal. Post op ppl, walkins and appt ppl. I was there for 2.5 hrs b4 I was seen
I was in a lot of pain and very dizzy. Nurse asked did i eat, I said no. She said my skin was very flushed looked so she gve me juice. She emptied my drain, drained fluids off my back, and tended to my incision area. I was given a slip and told to go get hemo dropped from 7.2 to a 5. I had to be admitted. I was upset bcuz Cipla is not the most fun/comfortable place to be. I was stuck 7x b4 they could find a vein. It was very painful. I was scared. I called Esa and she came, put me in another room w/ another doll so I wouldn't be alone. Blood finally arrived and I was given transfusion.
Ladies, make sure u stay on nurses at Cipla about wearing gloves. They don't like wearing them and get so offended when U ask them to put them on. Also, it is nothing like US. Cleanliness,! Oh by the way my blood transfusion was $230, $10 pay to have my hemo ran. I was told it takes 18 hrs to see if my body accepts transfusion and i was discharged. So happy to be back a RH. Feel like I'm doing better 6 days post op, but I have a lot of fluids on stomach and back which is causing me to be very stiff/painful
Went to dr Wed. My drain was taken out and a lot of fluid was drained from my stomach and back. Had my hemo ran again and my body accepted transfusion and hemo is 9
Just have to maintain it until I leave so I can be cleared to go home. I hve dr appt again today. I was told I can't wear my faja till Fri. Haven't wore it much since I've been here bcuz of hemo issues. They don't want u2 compressed if it's low and none at all after transfusion. Haven't had a massage yet either, same issue
All my family and friends have been flooding my phone asking for pics. U kno when u get sx u r in so much pain, taking a pic be last thing on ur mind. I am 7 days post op and yesterday was 1st time I saw my body in lil sundress I had on. I can't even stand up straight. My sx buddy and nurses are ones who have been keeping me "informed"
Of what my body is looking like. I am feeling better so I will try today to take a pic...I think
I may be allowed to get massage.

20 days post op

Hey dolls
So today I'm 20 days post op. U kno, for months I was on realself reading damn near every post just trying to get a feel of what to expect etc
One thing I'm certain I didn't read is trials/tribulations u go thru AFTER sx. I hve been very fatigue, sore, irritable & depressed...& sleeping is the absolute worst. I can honestly say I slept on the pain and recovery process. I was so " I want my waist snatched" that I didn't investigate recovery time. 20 days post op and I still hve swelling in my back and stomach. I am still hvn to pay a plastic surgeon in my city weekly to drain me (back) on top of fact I've been draining myself daily (stomach). Dr here said he's thinking of putting another drain in me....idk y I'm draining so much. I wear my garment all day. I am still in stage one garment bcuz I can nvr get 2 ppl at my house together strong enough to put me in stage 2 lol
I cried all weekend and stayed in bed like y did I do this and when am I gonna start feeling better. I heard its normal to get depressed I just didn't think I would go thru it. I just knew when I got out of sx I would be feeling myself, not feeling some kinda way. And cabral burned me...(no I'm not a smoker) so caring for burn has been a process and I know it's gonna be a minute b4 it heals smh. I'm not posting this to be a negative nancy, bash cabral (bcuz I do love my results) or deter anyone from sx...I'm just being and giving the real. What I'm going thru. I'm trying to stay positive and I know I will heal and things will get better but I know it's a process
Just getting in w/ my dr (went to er and no one would touch me after I told them I went out country to hve sx).....the hand that I had blood transfusion in is swollen and tender to touch (the blew out my vein in that hand). And I am experiencing ALOT of shortness of breath (I hve upper respiratory infection)....had my blood tested and everything came back normal (thank god)
As I said it has been a up dwn roller coaster trying to get well but I promise I will post pics later today
Any questions plz feel free to ask
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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