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I am 40 with three kids.I reside in atlanta.I have...

I am 40 with three kids.I reside in atlanta.I have been interested in the tummy tuck in bbl for a year now I was going to go with dr.robles because i absolutely love her tummy tucks but after careful consideration im not impress with the bbl.I want the whole package to be bangin so i have change my doctor to yily.Im comfident that she can do the job.Im going to domican repubic alone so if anyones going around that time holla because it will be good to atleast travel with someone going out the country.I will be staying 8 days at jacquiline spa.

caught +

looking at this site has been so additive.Iv have been lurking through my real self sisters experience and finally got caught.I didnt want to tell my husband because i know he would be against me going to a third world country to have surgery.At first he thought I was gay lookin at tits and ass all day.But finally i had to sit down and tell him the truth that i was going abroad.I was right he was against it and said to get life insurance just in case i dont make it back and trying everything in his power to convince me this is a bad idea.I really appreciate my real self sisters support because its given me the courage to move on wih my plans.Im going to post some pictures real soon to show how i look now.I hope i dont scare any of my sisters lol.

before pics

before pics

Taken vitamins

yay!I started taken my vitamins which contain iron,folic acid,vitamin c,,and viamin b complex.I see alot of girls going abroad and having to get blood transfusion.I got 7 months to get my self right.Next step loosing some weight.smh i look at my before pics and it reminds me of a tele tubbie.Girls, Yily got her work cut out on me lol.

Date confirmed

I deposit $500 from my chase account to yilys.My date is confirmed march 7 2014.Im so excited.

change date

I just change my date the new date is march 4.So excited can't wait to be a yily doll.

Thank you

Thanks to yily as a master sculptor and yily dolls for sharing your husband is more excited than me about this procedure.He offered to pay for my surgery lol.

lost weight

Hey dolsl i lost 15lbs using dieters tea.Now im 200lbs.Yay me!!I cant wait for yily to finish me off!


My husband is telling me after I get my new booty im not going to know how to act.I try to convince him that if he acts right i wont be going no where.Do any of you dolls have to deal with a insecure man?What did you do?

Booked flight and recovery house

Finally booked my flight the cost is $517.I was thinking of jacquline spa but all these positive reviews about real recovery armonia that is def my choice.Im so excited!!!

Ekg and Hemoglobin

Yay!My ekg came out fine.My hemoglobin is13.0.It is going down!!! Cant wait to see the new me!!!

Palmers stretch mark cream

I bought cocoa butter palmers cream to increase the elasticity of my skin.The shrinking of my stomach and augmentation of my buttocks put me at risk of formation of new stretch marks.Im using this a preventive measure.Smh i dont want my new assets to also have new unwanted stretch marks!


Im so excited my husband gave me the surgery money.I told him that i was shocked that he gave me the cash because i thought he was intimidated by me getting my new big booty.He says girl i was just joking around.Your getting to serious with your old age.I guess hes right by him calling me old smh I started looking into botox. Smh im a hot mess!!! Im also excited thanks to realself i met and amazing recovery buddy tradeinahoopty.We arrive march 3 and we both having surgery march4.Im so glad i found someone to share the journey with!!!

Turned up!

I got 26 days for my transformation!Im all the way turned up!!!I have not been consistent with using the dieters tea.But was able to still maintain the 15lbs loss.Now im back on track.I started the dieters tea again yesterday trying to atleast lose another 5lbs.Im going to buy my supplies next week.Im def turned up!!!Im so ready!!!


From being turned up yesterday to being uncertain today aint life a bitch!My mom told her hairdresser who is dominican that i was going abroad to have surgery.She says that demonican republic is her country and she would never consider having surgery there.She claims many people have died in this country from having plastic surgery.Now she got my mom freaking out!Now my mom is telling me to find a dr in the Atl she offered to pay for it!But Im going to remain with yily.I pray that i made the right choice!


It is getting down to the wire! I finally bought my supplies.if I forgot something that is crucial let a sista know!!! So far I got
Big panties
Wife beaters t shirts
Boppy pillow
Baby wipes
Anti bacteria soap
Maxi dresses
Hand sanatizer
Long thick maxi pads
Night gown
Compression socks
Arnica pills
Tooth brush
Tooth paste
Pez urinal


i have 8 more days to board the husband just literally lost his dam mind.he told me he was going to hide my passport. Smh how you gonna give me the money now try to alter my and believe a chic is out!! He should of married a weak ass chic! Because this surgery def going down!!!


I had emailed yily confirmation of the quote we agreed upon of 4100.she stated as of january her prices went my quote is 4500 for tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo and quote is no longer valid.I did get my quote over 6 months ago so I def understand! Future yily dolls dont forget to confirm your price.because I literally would of been ass out for a extra $400.

One day intill lift off

I have one day intill lift off im so freaking excited!!! I cant wait to get it over with!!!I told my husband about yily raising my price.He said she must of reviewed my pic again and said this chica is really jacked up.Im going to have to call for back up Lol!smh he thinks its so funny but this dude better dish out the extra $400.But if not lol i got this!!!But on a serious note you girls are all in my prayers!!I pray we all come out with a successful surgery and speedy recovery!!!I will post pics once i made it to the flat side!!!

Finally a yily doll

Loving the projection

Im almost 2 months post op and loving the projection!!!


Im very thankful i ran across this sight!I met some amazing people which gave me the courage to go abroad!!! Yay i finally got my sexy back!!!Yily hooked me up!!! The only negative experience i had in Dr was the recovery house.It was just too overcrowded and you heard alot of traffic outside.Im very thankful for tradeindahoopty!She Kept me sane because a sistah was getting home sick.Thanks sis for checking up on me and always keeping me laughing!We did it!!! We finally got our sexy back!!!Im thankful for meeting Royale Rump thanks sis for calling and texing me to make sure i was ok!I really appreciate it.Everyone always ask If i could do it all over again would I chose dr to have my surgery.I most def would!!!Because im loving my results lol i think my husband loves it more!smh he cant keep his hands off me!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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