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Hello all. I am 28 years old and mother of 4 year...

Hello all. I am 28 years old and mother of 4 year old twins. I got married pretty young, no regrets. But I have always put my family before my own wants and need. Now it is time for me to do something for me. Once my husband and I decided that we were done with having kids I decided that I wanted to get some work done to improve my body. My weigh has always gone up and down because I have PCOS. Finally getting it under control I am at 195 and still coming down. I have done months of research on PS and finally decided to go with Dr. Fatima Almonte, I am so excited and nervous. My sx is scheduled for December 4. I am getting a Tummy tuck, Liposculpture full back, flanks waist, and arms in addition to a BBL. I have read so many reviews and feel like I am in safe hands. My only concern is PAIN. I read that I should bring my own pain medication but am unsure what exactly. Any advice is welcomed. I spoke with Lesley and Dr. Almonte booked my appt, and will be paying my deposit tomorrow. Also ladies any advice on a recovery house and if it is worth it to hire a nurse for the first night (contact info) would be great. Thanks in advance.

Getting ready.

Deposit - check
Vitamins - check
Starting to mark stuff off list of things to do. I go to the doctors tomorrow to get an exam and check my levels. Hopefully my iron isn't low. I still have two months to go but I know this time is going to fly by, so I need to get serious about taking all these pills. Still trying to figure out what yo do about pain medication.

Sitting after BBL

Hello ladies, hope everyone is having a great day. I have a question and was hoping that one of our beautiful ladies who has already gone through with their surgery could help me out. After you got your BBL did they lay you on your back how were you sitting/ laying? I read that you should not sit for 3 weeks after a BBL. Also many of us fly home after 10 days so did sitting on an airplane for x amount of hours mess with your results. Please help.

Doctors Appt.

We'll everything seems great, I had my blood work done and my hemoglobin level is at a 13, so now I just have to keep it there. Thank God. Also I am down another 5lbs, whoop whoop. Lol on another note these Vitamin C pills are huge, but I hate the way the dissolvable ones taste. Oh we'll. hope everyone is having a great day. :) 2 months to go.

Lesley is AMAZINGLY. ????

I have been blowing up Lesley's phone, lol. She is such a sweetheart. She has answered all of my questions and responded to all of my emails. She has really made me feel like I am in great hands. She really takes the time and make you feel comfortable. Can't wait to see her and Dr. Almonte in December, with my sx sister.

Nothing New. ????????????

Well nothing new to update, just getting organized. Writing my list on things I need for the trip and when I get back home. It is so weird I am not nervous at all. Maybe because I still have a little time left before it sinks in, or I am just keeping myself so busy that I don't really have time to think about it. I will probably wait until November before I start packing. I want to spend my birthday month (libra) having fun since after my sx I might be indoors for a while. Anyway hope everyone is doing well. Oh ladies I do have a question, what do you do/use the foam boards for? Also the maxi pads that you put inside your garment where exactly are you putting it to prevent from getting burns? A little confused, please help.

Thank God for my SX Buddy

Okay ladies, now I know it has been a while but I try really hard to stay off of here now. lol It has become a habit for me, I am addicted. lol No really I have been so busy trying to get everything in order I only have 36 more days before I make this journey. One thing I can say is that if you do not have a sx buddy try to have someone there that can support you through this journey, someone to motivate you and keep you headed towards your goal. I know if it wasn't for my sx buddy my new friend I might have cancelled or rescheduled by now. I have my days where I get so nervous or frustrated that I just be like forget it, but she is always there to keep me on the right track.
On another note I wish there was a list of supplies that separated the things that you need for the sx (people that are traveling to the DR) and things that you won't need until you get home. I hate the fact that I am not sure of what I will and will not need so I am going to end up bringing everything. Oh well, guess I will have to make that list after I have completed my journey. Hope everyone is having a happy healing and wonderful journey.

Oh Lawd!!!!

Well Ladies I officially have 28 days before I fly to the DR. I am so excited even though I did get a little bad news today. SO let me start front he beginning I have PCOS and I have never ever ever had a normal period. I might bleed for a month or two at a time or not get a periods for months, and it was never really a concern of mine because well I was never trying to have PS before. Well now it is. I went to my OB doctor and he feels that I should have a hysterectomy, like next week. I have no problem getting a hysterectomy as I am done with having kids, my husband and I are happy with our 2, but not so soon. So I went ahead and had my CBC done for the second time just to see where my levels are. Hopefully they are still at a 13, fingers crossed. Once I find out where my levels are I will decide what I need to do. As of now I am still having my sx.

A little update????????????

Well my doctor has decided to postpone my hysterectomy untill sometime around May June timeframe. Unfortunately due to my period lasting a month plus, my levels have dropped, they were at a 13 they down to an 11.6 so I have gotten extremely serious with taking my vitamins I have also started juicing spinach and beets, I'll mix in some apples and carrots to make it a little sweet but that is what I'm doing right now. Praying that my levels go up before my big day. Oh and by the way that S.S.S is the worst tasting stuff ever????????, but you better believe I am taking it faithfully thanks to my sx buddy. I would be so lost without her.


So I decided I would get some trail mix to snack on in the DR, but boy oh boy I tried these and I hope they last these 26 more days before I fly out. They are soooo good. Think I am going to throw them in my suitcase now before they are all gone. Oh I had been wanting to get a large bag that I can lock to use as my overnight bag at the hospital nothing to big but big enough to put an outfit in and personal items. I didn't really want to spend any more on one I am as my hubby says really cheap, so he found this one for a really good price at Burlington, and it was just to cute.


Well Ladies I officially have 2 week before I fly to the DR. I am so excited. I am all packed and ready. I just need to pick up one last thing which is some fluid pills, but that is about it. Earlier this week I wanted to test and see if I was still allergic to pineapples because the Bromelain pills have pineapples in it. Well long story short I am still taking Benadryl lol. I got my last CBC test done today so I am waiting to see if all that spinach and beets juice I did paid off. God I hope so. I am still taking the S.S.S., the vitamin c, folic acid. b-complex, and iron pills, but I have stopped juicing for now. Just until I get my results back and see where my hemo levels are. I plan on talking with my doctor next week about possibly getting a referral for the lymphatic massages once I return. I am thinking that she is going to say no, especially since I am a new patient. Fingers crossed though. I have found two place near me that does them, the prices aren't that bad but if I don't have to pay for it, that would be great. Can't wait to meet Dr. Fatima and Lesley in person.

Single Digits

Well it is official, I am in the single digits, only 9 days left before I fly to the DR and start my transformation. I am excited and finally starting to get a little nervous. Mostly because I will be leaving my pretty little babies for two weeks, I have never been away from them for longer than a day. Oh and my hubby too??, can't forget about him. Lol. Anyway I am all packed and ready to go. I know this week will go by fast because of all that I have to do for Thanksgiving. My mother-in-law is flying in on Wednesday as well, and is staying threw the holiday's (thank you Jesus). So not only will I be busy cooking but getting the house together for me leaving and her stay, lol. Not really much else to update I still haven't gotten my hemo levels back from my doctor and I did this test last Monday. Not sure what is taking so long but once I get it back I will forward my CBC to Lesley. Praying that my levels are up but at this point there is no turning back.

Tips I Found Helpful

That Tempting Hot Shower
During the initial weeks of post-op, the water in the shower should be moderately warm because hot or steamy water can worsen swelling. Avoid having the water stream come down directly on fragile surgical areas.

*Eat salt (sodium) can worsen swelling, avoid foods and drinks containing salt during recovery.
*Eat leaf lettuce, eggs, and yogurt, which are excellent sources of Vitamin K, another possible remedy to swelling.
*WATER, WATER, WATER (reduces swelling)
*Ginger, lemon and Celery has also been known to reduce swelling

Silicone Gels & Sheets
Silicone gels, creams and adhesive silicone sheets promote scar reduction and make your scar less noticeable. These products can reduce, flatten, and soften the scar size, thickness, height, and color of all types of new and old scars, post-surgery scars, keloids, hypertrophic scars, and scars caused by injury, trauma, and burns. Silicone scar products help reduce scar appearance by forming a protective barrier over the skin surface, increasing hydration, pressure, and oxygen tension, and maintaining the skin’s moisture.
-Scar Esthetique
*Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking for 2-4 weeks pre-op and 2-4 weeks post-op because this can lead to poor scar healing.

Massage that Scar
Massaging scars may help reduce their appearance, although it should only be undertaken once the skin is no longer vulnerable to pressure.

Protect Scars From The Sun (No Sun Bathing)
Once incisions have closed, a sunscreen should be worn at all times during the first few months of post-op. Sun exposure can prolong the period your scar remains red and may cause scars to hyperpigment and darken.

Vitamin K, YES!!!!!
Vitamin K creams and pills help reduce post-operative bruising and internal bleeding. Some vitamin K creams also include Arnica, which decreases bruising when applied topically.
-Cosmesis Bruise Away Cream (with Vitamin K & Arnica)
-Life Extension Vitamin K Healing Cream
-Revision Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin E, NO!!!!
Avoid using or taking products (skincare, hair products, foods, supplements) containing Vitamin E (tochopherol) for 2-3 weeks before surgery and for 2-3 weeks afterwards because it is an anticoagulant that can worsen bleeding during surgery and increase post-op bruising.

The 411 on Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide can help remove small clots on suture lines which develop right after surgery due to its effervescent bubbling action. (the effect of catalase) Using a Q-tip several times a day right after surgery to get the blood clots off suture lines is beneficial as these blood clots are a potential breeding ground for bacteria. However once there are no more clots on the suture lines (as they should all be gone in a day or two after surgery) hydrogen peroxide should not be used. It has been shown hydrogen peroxide applied to wounds can actually impede their healing and lead to increased scarring as it destroys newly formed skin cells. Once the clots are gone only topical ointments should be used to aid in the healing and protection of new skin cells so that complete re-epitheliazation across the wound can occur. (article by Dr. Barry Eppley/ Board Certified Plastic Surgeon http://www.eppleyplasticsurgery.com)

Wish Pictures

These are some amazing results/wish pictures, that were on my fellow Realself sisters pages. Don't remember which ones but thank you for your post.

Five Days

Hello Realself Family, want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope everyone had a happy holiday. I am so excited I only have 5 more days left before I fly out. So excited.

2 Days Left

Well Realself sisters I fly out in 2 days. I am excited and a little nervous. I am all packed, got my hair braided so I don't have to be bothered with it for a while my mother-in-law is here to help my husband with the twins and I got all my Christmas shopping out the way. I have everything setup for my return back home. I have already transferred the money into Dr. Almontes' account, I am traveling with as little cash as possible. I do not intend on converting my cash over but I do plan on using a $100 and getting 1s, 5s and 10 dollar bills for tips. Haven't decided yet exactly how much cash I am bringing I want to make sure I have enough for emergency. Well pumpkins I will keep you all updated, wish me luck.

I made it

Well my flight was great got some good zzzz's lol. Landed and Napier was there waiting for me we had to wait for an additional lady but she wasn't Dr. fatima patient. Napier was very nice. Got to the hospital and it is literally across the street from their White House. Raquel was there and she led me to get all of my blood work X-rays etc done. Then I finally met the one and only Lesley omg she is such a sweetheart. We went into Dr. Fatima's office to fill out some paperwork and for me to give her the money for the insurance oh and get my receipts. Once that was done she took my picture and it was off to see what my hemo levels where. Was I going to stay at the hospital or go to the recovery house for the iron IV. Well I guess all those vitamins, S.S.S., and beets and spinach paid off. I was at a 13 on my period whoop whoop. Lol so I will have my surgery tomorrow around 11am because on Thursday Dr. Fatima works at another hospital in the morning. The hospital rooms are not like home but it will do, I can say that it is clean. I showered answered the questionnaire and waited for dinner. Unfortunately there is no WiFi in my room so I know the hubby is worried. Well I guess my next post will be once I am on the other side. Flat side here I come.

On the flat side

Well I woke up at about 8:00am to Dr. Fatima she was about to give me the famous blue pill. But then she reviewed my chart again and I had to be evaluated because I have asthma. So once that was over with I took the blue pill. Got back in my bed and laid down. I woke up in the recovery room at the hospital VOMITING LIKE CRAZY. Boy o boy that hurt. Only because you use your stomach muscles when you do that. Anyway I haven't seen myself yet. ???? I am so excited to, I can't wait. Also I have sent Lesley a few text and Dr. Fatima with no response as of yet. I am hoping that this isn't how it's going to be from here on out. The nurses here at the hospital are so freaking rude. This one nurse unplugged my call button so whenever I needed something I had to yell for it which hurt like hell. Lesley said that they have been getting a lot of complaints about the night nurses there. I hope they do something about because that is crazy. You are already in pain and need help doing everything and on top of that I have to deal with this bitch and her attitude. I think not. On another note I must admit I haven't felt any pain yet and I do say yet because I know it's coming. Well I am extremely sleepy so I will update you all again later. Pictures coming soon.

Just some photos

Day 3

Well loves today is not a good day for me I woke up with a fever. For some reason I can't get comfy in this bed. It is extremely hard to move into a good position. Shoot it is hard to move period. I am itching like crazy. Omg like all over. Be prepared for plenty of back pain. My boobs feel like they weigh a ton, and I had no work done to them. The recovery house is nice. I am staying at MyHome but the food could be better, when I say that I mean like they could feed you more than just a ham and cheese sandwich for dinner.

First Follow Up

Well I didn't receive good news my hemo dropped to 7.5 so I was admitted and had to get two things of iron in my IV and a blood transfusion. My fever went down thank God for Tylenol. So I am feeling a little better. I am not as weak and tired. Oh and last but not least my drain was clogged. Talk about pain, ladies I wouldn't wish that on my worse enemy. Omg I thought I was going to die. It was like a fire burning sensation and I had to have it done like four times to get the fluid/fat/slime out. But I must admit my back did feel a little better afterwards.

2nd post op appt

Well everything was great. I feel great. My drain was clogged again????????????????????. Now ladies that shit is painful as hell. I screamed like I was dying that is how bad it hurt. But honestly that is the only time I experience pain. Everything else is just discomfort. I am take by ibuprofen 600mg twice a day for pain. So I guess that adds to why I am not really experiencing any pain. Over all my experience has been really good and well worth it. Ladies please make sure you all take advantage of the massages they are so worth it. Like you can really notice a difference in swelling. Annie the massage therapist is the sweetiest person in the world with hands of magic. The only thing I am a little upset about is that I would have expected to see my doctor a little more after sx.

Clogged drain

Just some pictures

A few pictures from my trip to the DR.

2 weeks post

Well everything is great. I still have my drain in but I am only producing about 200ml per day so I am almost at the point where I can remove my dear friend, lol. I must admit not being able to take a real shower is really starting to get to me. Even though I am able to do these little wash up, it's nothing like a nice hot shower. My incision looks amazing it is pretty much completely healed. My belly button stayed round thank God. Over all I am very satisfied with my results. So is my husband. I must admit I am so anxious to see my final results. On another note my flight was pretty smooth I didn't have any problems at the airport with customs or anything. I ended up bring back pretty much everything that I took. The only thing I really used over there was my gloves, gauze, neosporin, dail soap, bug spray, and baby wipes. As far as clothes I think I bought the right amount I wore everything I bought with me. Well except the bras they were pointless. I didn't even wear one on the plane back home.

Got in my stage 2

Nothing new well except I unclogged my drain and was able to get in my stage 2 garment. I feel great. I am not producing much fluid now, so soon I will be removing my drain. Cant wait.

Freaking Clogged Drain

Okay so now I so understand why everybody hates going home with their drains still in. For the last few days I was producing a very small amount of fluid but I still felt swollen. So I decided to try and do what Raquel did at one of my follow up appt. In the DR. I pulled out my drain a very little bit from my side (the part that goes inside you) until you start to see the holes that are in your drain that are inside of you. There was a Hugh piece of fat/meat/ whatever you want to call it. I used one of the syringes that Raquel gave me the needle part stuck it in the hole to pull out the piece of meat. When I say that thing was long it was long and thick. My mother-in-law who helped to pull it out measured it and it was a foot and a half. Now that was somewhat painful especially when it was time to push the drain back in. Once I was all done so much built up fluid came out it fill up the drain reservoir completely, I had to dump it right away. Now I am so happy I didn't pull the drain out because I am not ready I am still producing to much fluid now that my drain is unclogged. Hopefully in a couple of days I will be ready. But besides that everything is great, I am on the second row on my stage two garment. Really loving my results. I am no longer in any pain at all. Sleeping at night has become relatively easy. I am no longer as swollen in the morning as I use to be. All in all a great experience no complaints. Just can't wait to make love to my hubby again.

Seroma or Swelling that is the Question.

So I am about three weeks post and I still have my drain in. I am a little concerned that I might have a seroma. So I did the Seroma test to determine the difference between it being swelling and a seroma.
if you don't know what the test is you place your hand on one side of the area of concern and you feel a “wave” sensation with your other hand (on the other side of the area of concern) you likely have a seroma, if not than its just swelling. I sent some photos to Dr. Fatima just in case.

Just a few Photos

Not sure if I want to have my faja taken in or buy a smaller one. decisions decisions

My Dr. Fatima shirt

Working progress, loving my results so far. ????????

Just swelling

Well it was confirmed that it was just some swelling. Other than that I am doing great, healing well. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year.

Things that I bought / things that I used

6 Tank top/ wife beaters (I used these)
6 Tee shirts (only used 2)
4 Maxi Dresses ( I used these for my follow up appt)
2 Sweat suits (only used 1 for my flight there and back)
10 Granny Panties (I used all but they do wash your clothes for you)
6 Sports bras (only used 3)
1 Robe (used)
1 thick throw blanket (now I used this because I get cold easy)
Boppy pillow (I got a bbl so this came in handy)
2 old lady night gown (I used both)
Flip flops (must have for me for the bathroom)
Slide on bedroom shoes (must have)
5 pair of Socks ( must have my feet stay cod)
2 towels (now they do provide you with towels so it is up to you)
2 wash cloths ( must have they didn't provide these)
Lotion (travel size)
Toothpaste and toothbrush
No jewelry (don't want to stand out or have anything stolen)
2 TSA approved locks (one for your suitcase one for your carry on)
Pads without wings ( now I didn't come on my period after sx but I did used these to stuff in my faja)
Travel size detergent (now they do wash your clothes in their stuff if you don't have your own
Anti embolism socks ( must have)
Urine funnel ( for me this came in handy)
Hand mirror ( don't need you can use your phone)
Small scissors (don't need)
Tylenol extra strength (or any of your own pain meds are a must)
Feminine wipes (2 no more than 2 packs will be enough for a 10 day stay)
Antibacterial soap dail (not the bar, must have)
Arnica cream (only bring with you one tube, keep the rest at home)
Gauze (won't need until you get back home, they change your bandages)
Medical tape (won't need until you get back home, they change your bandages)
Mederma cream (can't use until your scar is completely healed)
Rubber gloves (I used rarely)
Tums (only ate like two)
Thermometer (came in handy)
Stool softener( I would bring this just in case)
Benadryl ( I didn't need until week 4 but I would bring it just in case)
Hand sanitizer (must have)
Bleach wipes (must have)
Ear plugs ( must have omg)
Moinstant 7 (lucky for me I had no problem but remember if you are taking antibiotics you might need this)
Alcohol (leave at home)
Neosporin (must have)
Cotton balls and q- tips (didn't need at all)
Important Reminders:
-BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE DR REMEMBER TO ASK FOR SOME SYRINGES you will have to unclog your drain yourself so make sure to get some.
-Print out 3 copy's of your passport (1 copy stays. at home for relatives to get to easy 1 copy goes in your carry-on separate from the original and 1 copy goes somewhere in your suitcase a place that you won't be going into all the time just in case).

I'm loving it!!!

Healing Well

Well I have officially started using my scar cream. I hope it works.

My journey so far??????????

Well I am officially one month post-op, my entire experience with overall pretty good. The service at the Recovery House with grea, the nurses were amazing, the food was pretty good even though I stayed hungry. They kept it really clean oh my goodness, it smelled so fresh every day. You would see the cleaning lady mopping and disinfecting everything, wiping the beds and cleaning the bathrooms. My room with fresh and clean my bathroom with fresh and clean every day. The Internet was the only complaint like the Internet will go in and out I'm assuming because of the many ladies in House, all of us was trying to log on at the same time and then we also used the Internet to watch Netflix. We watch Orange is the New Black and shows like that, so that was my only complaint. As far as my follow-up appointment that would be another thing that I was a little concerned about Dr. Fatima came and saw me when my Hemo levels dropped really low, she came and checked on me but the only other time I saw her was with my last follow up appointment before I left. I wish I would've had more interaction with her but her assistants were really nice and really helpful and feel like they didn't know what they were doing. You just really expect I guess to see more of your doctor especially When your having sx. The flight home was a piece of cake, honestly I had no problems at all. The airport in the DR oh my gosh, the people there will try and rip you off, you know as far as the will chair service. But I really had no problems going through customs or anything it was a piece a cake. Once I got in the states like my layover was in New York so once I got in the states I had no issues you know they even took me to get something to eat. Once I got home Dr. Fatima checked on me, Leslie checked on me she requested that I send her a picture of my incision and scar every week. and she would What'sApp me asking how I was. I really like that about Dr. Fatima, she always check me to make sure everything was going good as far as the incision. I can honestly say that I haven't gone through too much of the surgery blues, I guess that is what the real self sisters are calling it. You know one day you're happy the next day you're crying, one day you like your results the next day you're disgusted. I haven't really experienced any of that yet hopefully I don't but we will see. One thing I can advise to the real self sisters is do not, do not try and overdo yourself once you get back. You know take it easy, ease into your regular routine. Just try and take your time and heal, don't try to do too much too fast. I know that's easier said than done especially when you have little ones but you really really need to take some time for yourself so your body can heal.

2.5 Month Update

Can you say Bootay

Not to big, not to small, just right.

Got deleted

Love my newbody, still a little swollen

Just some updated photos

Everything is great, can't complain. I am having the most amazing sex, lol. The hubby can't keep his hands off of me. lol
Anyway I am still a little swollen. I have taken in my faja and it fits like a glove omg. I almost forgot how tight this thing is suppose to fit.

So some of the RS sisters requested some before pictures

So I did another before and after photo.

First night out since sx

5 months post

Still swollen.


Hey ladies, yes it's been a while. I've been super busy but here is a little update.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Ok so let me start off by saying the reason I desided to go with Dr. Fatima was solely because of Lesley. When I first booked my sx I spoke with Dr. Fatima once and Lesley every time after that. Even though my interaction with Dr. Fatima wasn't that much I still felt comfortable with her doing my procedure. She did an amazing job and I am very satisfied with my results. The only thing is as far as getting in touch with her directly, for me was very difficult. After sx I only saw her once when I got really sick when my iron level dropped and once for my last appointment. But she has an amazing team that works with her Raquel and Lesley were incredible, and they made me feel very safe and secure the entire time. If you take in consideration how BUSY they are I am surprised I received the amount of one on one attention that I did receive. Overall a great experience. I just would have wanted a little more time with Dr. Fatima herself.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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