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I've Been on this site for a few months now and...

I've Been on this site for a few months now and through it I found Dr. Yily. I've Been wanting to get a tummy tuck since I had my son in 2005 since then I've had 2 more Children and that has made my belly so much worse Omg!! With my second son I gained over 100 pounds bcuz I was on bed rest the whole pregnancy and on steroids so I ballooned up to 297 pounds 9 months later I went down to 215 pounds and ended up with an unexpected surprise I was pregnant again. with my daughter. I went up to 278 pounds. So all that stretching has left me all this loose unwanted skin. So bcuz of this I will be going to Dr. yily in late Feb-March 2014. I can't Wait to be the me I know That I Can be it's been so long and I'm ready to have my life back. I don't feel my best with all this flesh hanging from my midsection it's like an unwanted thing stuck to me lol. I emailed Dr. Yily for a Tummy Tuck, Lipo of My Full Back Sides, Arms and BBL. She Quoted me At 4,900 which is Affordable Compared to the 10,000 quote I Received here in New York Just for a Tummy Tuck. I'm so excited I honestly Can't Wait I wish it was Tomorrow. But I'm happy that I have some time bcuz my current Weight is 203 pounds and Dr yily wants me to be 160 pounds before surgery. I do not want to go down to 160 pounds so I figured I can get Down to 180-170 pounds have the results I want. Now I'm not expecting to come out looking like a Beauty Queen I Just Want to Come Out of Surgery a Better Me Than I am Right Now!!

About My Weight Loss

I'm Honestly not sure how much weight I should lose I know Dr. Yily recommended for me to be at160 pounds and I respect her professional opinion but I've read reviews where some girls say that it's better to have the weight on bcuz she can put it all in your butt. So that's why I was thinking 180 pounds would be good so I make sure I have enough lol just in case idk. For my diet I will be starting Atkins soon it's the only diet that has ever worked for me so that's my plan.


So I started taking my vitamins already.
Folic Acid
Vitamin C &
I Still have to purchase Vitamins B6 B12 and Vitamin D I forgot to buy them!!

My Before Pics

Another Before pic of My Arm!!

My Fears

I guess I'm becoming anxious already. I know I have a little time to lose the 20 or More pounds I need to lose but I'm afraid that my arms will look the same and my back fat rolls. I'm confident Dr. Yily will do the best she can on my TT but Honestly I'm so Nervous. I've been wanting this for so long and my body looks nothing like how it once did I have gained and lost so much weight throughout the years that my fear is I won't ever look normal. I've been through a lot of difficult things in my life including suffering 7 miscarriages. I've been pregnant 10 times I know that seems crazy but it took a long time for me to be able to have babies that survived I'm 27yrs old and I have 3 Beautiful Babies. I had to put my body through so much just to have them that's why I look the way I do now but no regrets. I feel like it's time to do something for me I deserve it after all I have been through I can't wait I swear. To see the brand new me.

I Started My Green Tea Fast!!

I Weighed Myself and I Gained 7 pounds :( so now I'm 210 pounds. Idk I've been so depressed lately and using food for comfort that this is the after math!! I can't blame anyone but myself!! Anyway so I decided to start a fast to jump start my diet in hopes that it will help me get back on track. Wish me luck everyone!!

My Mom Won't Be Going With Me!!

My Original plan was to have my mom come help take care of me in D.R but She decides to tell me now that do to conflicts at work that she won't be able to make the trip with me. So I guess I'll be going alone. I'm looking into Recovery Houses!!

I Can't Sleep!! :(

Is It Just Me? Idk but lately all I can think about is my surgery I find myself daydreaming about what I might look like..stalking Realself Comparing Myself to other girls hoping I get similar results!! I can't wait I swear!!

Wish Pics!!

My Butt Already!!

Broke My Fast :(

I broke my fast after 48hrs it was so hard but I did loose -5 pounds so I'm happy about that!! Now I'm going to be doing the Atkins Diet till my surgery date.

Leaving Everything for The Last Min!!

I Feel so unprepared when it comes to my supplies meds etc!! I keep reading other Reviews and Everyone has it all together!! :( I'm starting my supplies shopping Today I Have a Few Things already but I need to get it together!! My Dr. Appointment is This Friday I hope my PC doesn't think I'm crazy and helps me get the test I need done!! I'm crossing my fingers..about my Faja I decided to purchase my second one from Dr. Yily since I don't want to end up getting the wrong size.

Finally Picked My Recovery House. Yay ;)-

I Decided I'm Staying at Daisy's Recovery House Spoke to Daisy Herself she Speaks Perfect English She Answered All of My ?'s In Detail I Was So Scared About All This but She Put Me At Ease I'm So Glad I Found Her!! If You Buddy Up its a Daily rate $75 and $85 Single Room!! $50 if you bring someone with you that's not getting any surgery!!

Another Before pic!!

Can You Guy Give Me Some Advice?

How much weight do u guys think I need to lose? I'm not big on the bottom just at the top. I wish there was a way to lose arm and back fat. Any thoughts?

Doctors Appointment Today!!

I went to my PC today he gave me a physical got my EKG done it looked good..I'm getting my blood work done and he prescribed me the post op meds everything but Ronex bcuz he said it's discontinued in this country so I guess I'll be getting that over there!! Along with my pain meds cuz he wasn't having that. Oh I weigh 202 I lost 8 pounds in 4 days I have to keep up with my diet 22 pounds to go

Update on My Diet!!

I Started my diet 1/13/14 @210 pounds today 1/18/14 I'm @196. That's 14 pounds in 5 days I'm really happy about that. My ketone level is @80 that's considered @large and I'm excited looks like I'll be at my goal before surgery fingers crossed!! :)

My ketone level!!


My Supplies!!

Started working on getting my supplies today I'm no where near done but I'm happy I started already. I'm not trying to over pack at all I only want to bring the necessary things nothing more some woman on here are over doing it half the stuff I doubt they'll even use so that's why I'm making sure I'm only bringing what I know I'm going to use!! I'm not going to buy any clothes if I could help it I'm planning on bringing old t-shirts so In case they get bloody I'm going to trash them. the lighter my bag is on my way back home the better for me!!

More Before Pics!!

More Before Pics!!

More Before pics!!

My Ketone Level Today!!

Sent Out for My Passport!!

Finally Did My Passport I Paid The Extra $60 for Expedited Service and The Return Overnight Fee it all Came Out to 224.85 the Post Office Said I Should Have it in 2 Weeks!! Fingers Crossed!!

Hemo Level!!

Got My Hemo Checked and Right Now it's @13.7 I'm so happy I've been taking double iron and vitamin C so it's working thank god I was really worried!!

Almost Done W/Supplies!!

I Was Stressing over not having anything done so I decided to push myself into Gear and get my sh*t together so I have almost all my supplies for post surgery I got all my post op meds from my PC saved $250 there so I'm happy about that I'm a mom on budget so I have to do what I can to save every penny that I can. I have like 5 more things to grab and I'm done just waiting for my w2's now.

I Still Got It I Hope!!

I Could Never Get Use to This Body that I Have Now..Everyone that I Know Always Tries to Make Me Feel Better by Telling Me that I Look Good. Who Are You Kidding People? Not Me!! No One Can Understand How it Feels for Your Body to Change so Much That it Causes You Sadness and Disgust Toward Yourself. I Hate What I See When I Look in the Mirror I Find Myself Looking at Pictures of My past and Wishing I Could Look Like that Again. Part of Me Feels Like No Matter How Hard I Try I Won't be Me Again :( I Hope that Part of Me Is Wrong!! I Can't Wait for This Surgery. I See Who I Could Be inside. I'm Excited to Show and Prove to Myself That I Still Got It!! I Was Told By My Ex How My Body is Sloppy and I'm Tired That I Would Never Come Back From My Weight Gain. And Yes I Know That I'm Doing This for Me but I'm Not Going to Sit Here and Lie and Say That I Can't Wait To Prove These M*ther Fr's Wrong!! All Those Who Felt The Same Way as Him that I Won't Come Back From This..I Feel Like 2014 is My Year to Show and Prove that I Have Something Left in Me!! That I Still Got it. I Have Lost A lot of Weight on My Own By Dieting But Now I'm Left With All This Lose Skin Everywhere Mainly My Stomach and My Arms Are The Biggest Concern for Me They Make Me Feel so Ugly. I'm Looking Forward to This Surgery it's Honestly all I Can Think About These Days!! I've Been Sticking to My Diet it's Hard but I'm Looking Toward the Finish Line I have also Started Exercising in Hopes I Can Get These Arms Smaller. I've been Doing Sit-ups Though both My Ob and Plastic Surgeon Here in New York Told Me That no Amount of Sit-ups Was Going to Change My Abdominal Are Bcuz it's All Dead Skin. I'm Still Going to Try. I Just Hope Dr.Yily Can Help Me Become the Better Me. I Wanna be The Me I See Inside. All You Woman Here on RS Have Been Such an Inspiration to Me Every Story Keeps Me Excited for My Outcome It Gives Me Hope That I Can in Fact do This. So Ty All So Much for Sharing Your Stories I Don't Even Know Any of You Personally but You Keep Me Going and Give Me Hope!! from The Bottom of My Heart I Thank My RS Sisters!!

Got My W2 Today!!

I finally got my w2 in the mail and I truly got my kids dressed and to the tax placed we went its so cold outside I didn't really want to bring them out but I had no choice I have no one I could leave them with but anyway so I got my taxes done and I'm getting almost 13,000 back I want to cry I can't believe it I'll have enough for my surgery,recovery house,plane tickets etc. I'm so happy and thankful to god for being so good to me I've worked 60 hours a week every week this past year I can't believe everything is coming together I am so overwhelmed I can't even explain how I feel but I'm happy excited for the new me!!

Today isn't a Good Day :(

So the guy that I've been messing around with for almost two years posted a picture of him and some girl laid up on his bed. I'm not gonna lie it fucking hurts I know we never made anything official between us but to see someone u care about laid up with some other woman it makes it real and so painful idk why I'm so unlucky when it comes to love I'm a single mom of 3 bcuz my husband turned out to be a crack head that robbed me of everything including my kids Christmas presents. And now this my birthday is on Friday happy birthday to me!!

Be Strong!!

I had a weak moment I'm not even going to lie but I have other things I need to focus on my sx..I should be receiving my passport soon and as soon as my taxes get here off to DR I go to get my body makeover. my friend will be here from Florida tomorrow thank god for her I won't be so lonely I'll have someone to talk to :) I need all the love and support I can get cuz I do feel like shit :(

My Birthday is on Friday!!

So I decided I'm going to give myself till then to feel like shit I turn 28 years old and I need a new mind set sooner than later I will be on the flat side and I feel like I have to learn to carry myself in a different way I must admit I'm not confident at all with this loose skin it's made me feel so ugly so I guess that's why I've let men treat me a certain way but that has to change I'm a good person I have a good heart I'm tired of being taken advantage of!! Me I'm a Bad Bitch in the Making I Just Have to Act Like It!!

I Got My Passport!!

I Received My Passport Today ;) it Took 9 Days I'm so Happy I Have it Already.

It's My Birthday ;)-

So I'm at my Aunts Spending my Bday She Made Me Dinner for My bday I Bought My Own Bday but idc I'm Going to Enjoy my Day no matter What I Haven't Heard from Mr. Wrong but oh Well you Live and You Learn Right?

I'm Ready!!

So I might be going even sooner for my surgery honestly just waiting for my taxes and I'm gone I'm honestly confused by all the different shit I read about Yily but I'm going to keep it 100% and answer whatever I can I speak write and read Spanish so there is no language barrier so whatever u guys need to know after I'm over there I'll be happy to help that's why I put a lot of before pics as well cuz some people really don't have great before pics but really good after pics and I want you guys to see and know everything 100% the good bad the ugly!!

Taxes Hurry Up!!

I have a babysitter time off work everything is packed all I need is my taxes and I'm out of here the sooner the better the anticipation is killing me!!

Screwed up My Diet :(

So ever since my dude posted a pic of him with some girl on his fb I f up my diet. I eat when I'm sad I was doing great but that hit me like a school bus. it's crazy bcuz I was pre paired for anything so I thought. I told my Aunt watch titi now that I decided to do something for me watch crazy shit start happening to me. like my transmission goes on my car and then the starter oh and I need a new radiator too. All that I was able to handle getting stuck with my babies in the car the day I try to go get my passport I handled it. but that I didn't see it coming. I thought the issues I was going to have to face were going to be financial not emotional. it killed me bcuz I never told him I was having surgery. I couldn't wait to see his face in awe when he'd see the new me. I wanted him to idk be proud to say I was his girl. But it's not going to happen. now we are no longer friends he ended our friendship and wants nothing to do with me. like I'm the one that posted pictures I don't understand that but I will not beg I did nothing wrong. I haven't been with anyone since I started with him so I know he's in the wrong not me. Anyway I was making myself crazy trying to lose a lot of weight fast before my surgery but I decided to just relax I feel like whatever I weigh the day of I weigh and the surgery will be a jump start for me to live healthier. I always wanted to go to the gym and I did try but me running on a treadmill with my belly flapping up and down wasn't cute and it honestly freaking hurts so once she gets rid of all this nastiness then I will keep on improving my body I owe it to myself to change the way I think, live, breathe, and eat, everything. I feel like this is my time to live I lost my first baby at 17 yrs old at 18 yrs old my second son lived for 3 hours an then passed. I still live with his ashes. My sons father would hit me almost everyday for no reason at all. I left him after 61/2 yrs of abuse. I meet someone new my husband who I thought was my second chance in life I thought god was giving me a chance to be happy so I married at 22 to only find that I married a man that turned out to be a drug addict and he loved crack more than he could ever love me. So here I am a single mom of 3 raising my children all by myself I have no family support to speak of my mom and dad both treat me like I was adopted or much worse idk. my husbands parents are both deceased so no support there either. But I want to put all that hurt and pain behind me and start living for me and my babies bcuz we deserve to be happy.

My Supplies


I checked on my refund status according to the website my funds should be in my account by tomorrow :) I'm going to try to get an earlier surgery date wish me luck I'm having drama with my baby sitter situation but hopefully I figure all this out I've been having second thoughts about having my surgery bcuz of all this drama my friend/house guest didn't turn out the way I expected her to be. Some people just love to free load off of others and I have so many responsibilities already I can't take on anymore. I'm in a really tuff stop with this girl I thought her coming to stay with me was a god send that I would have someone to talk to and be less stressed I didn't think it was possible but I am more stressed out then before all she does is lay down on my bed watch tv and text on her phone. The phone seems like it's glued to her damn hand. Doesn't clean anything doesn't wash a freakin Dish smh I have never been more clear than I am today!! I am truly proud of the woman that I am today. of who I became I'm happy my mom showed me different she thought me how to cook, clean, to be independent and respectful of other people's houses I feel like I have 4 children instead of 3 now she is now another mouth to feed and does nothing to help out around the house. I don't know what I was thinking I need to come up with a solution she either needs to start helping or for the first Time in my life I will have to ask someone to go it breaks my heart bcuz I feel like I don't have the balls to do it. But I have to grow up someday I guess it has to be soon. Wish me luck please I really need it. :( oh btw before I forget I would like to thank Symone2013 for being here for me through all my crazy Drama :)

More Wish Pics

Random Thoughts

In search for a suitcase I don't want anything overly huge I just want something that will fit my supplies and Boppy pillow I don't want to have the room to take things I don't really need. And I got my friend today thank god I'm not going to lie I was a lil scared I even took a preg test yesterday it was negative but I was like no please with my luck I thought I was done but nope not me no no...so anyway I will be putting the orange juice thing in motion I hope it stops it bcuz I usually have my period for 7 days of heavy so I need this to work I also noticed if I drink Malta it's a Spanish drink it stops it so I will be getting some of that too. Oh I also called rite aid and they have a few female urinals in stock for $9 so I have to go pick up one!! Other than that I hope my money is in my card tomorrow bcuz I will be paying for my tickets as soon as tomorrow!! Wish me luck :)

Lil update!!

I'm trying out the orange juice thing and drinking lots of Malta hoping It will stop my period ASAP. I bought my urinal and compression socks today. I wasn't able to get my plane tickets today bcuz my money didn't post to my account but hopefully by tomorrow I can purchase them. I'm just getting ready I hope I don't forget anything wish me luck people!! I still have to purchase my insurance from insure my trip and I should be good.


I got my refund today but today has been such a stressful day setting my date and booking flights is a lot harder than I thought I'm so close yet so far I want to get this done and be ready to know I'm so mad :( does anyone have yili's what's app info ? Please I need it!! Ty

My Measurements


Wish Measurements

I Said Wish lol it Doesn't Mean I'll Get it lol Js.. :)

Mixed Emotions ????

I have so many feelings going through me right now I'm feeling guilt about my surgery. I keep feeling like am I doing the right thing? Am I taking away from my children? Am I being selfish? Part of me hates myself for never having anything but the other part of me feels like sh*t when I do purchase something for me idk why I feel this way all the time. It's like I want to buy myself something and let's say it's $200 I'm like man with $200 I could buy 2 boxes of diapers this that and then...I end up not buying anything I put it back I do this all the time I live wanting things but not ever getting anything for myself I am in a situation where I'm the only parent my children have and so I want to do right by them every way possible idk what's wrong me but I am having second thoughts the last thing I want to do is take away from my babies they are my life they come first.

I Did It!!

I did it I started listening to music got the motivation I guess I needed that push and I did It I purchased my plane tickets I'm scheduled to leave March 10th having surgery March 12th I still can't believe I did it because I was having second thoughts but you know what I need this I'm tired of feeling like I'm not good enough because of how I look on the outside. There is no turning back now oh and I paid $33 for travelers insurance that includes emergency medical everything through JetBlue they offer it when your about to pay for your plane tickets so paid for that. I know everything is going to turn out good so I'm ok with that I know God has me in his hands I have faith in him I will be fine. I also trust Dr. Yily I Can't Wait!!


Tired of taking one step forward ten steps back I'm almost there. To my dream come true and yet and I'm depressed I'm sad I have so much going on inside my head I'm not happy. I hate the way I feel I should be smiling ear to ear but I'm not. I need to snap out of this I hope I do soon I shouldn't be feeling this way right before my surgery but I guess I have things I have to go through to prove my strength I'm tired of feeling like I'm running towards a finish line I can not see I keep telling myself things will get better but I'm not sure they will I'm sry for being negative guys but I'm in a negative type of mood I guess!!


RS Sisters Please Believe in Me Bcuz Right Now I Don't Believe in Myself!!

Almost Packed

I Really Wanted to Just Bring only The Absolute Necessary but Even Still I'm Ending up With Two Suitcases Smh Not Part of The Plan.

Everything is Packed!!

My Bags are Packed I'm Ready to go I Changed My Plane Ticket and My Surgeon I Will be Getting Surgery Monday the 24th with Dr. Cabral I'm Nervous Excited Scared Everything I Keep Looking at My Babies I Just Want to Come Home and See Their Lil Faces Again. My Mom was Begging me not to go bcuz the news was reporting a young girl passed away from having surgery in DR but they didn't Mention her surgeon. Of course that scares me but I really want to do this. pray for me you guys I'm scared but I'm leaving it all up to god!!


In NYC waiting to get on the plane tomorrow I have a lot of thoughts going through my head but I guess it's time to put my money where my mouth is. meaning I need to be strong and make my dream come true I've wanted a tummy tuck since my first son was born that was 9yrs ago. So it has been along time coming. I'm nervous I'm scared but I'm as ready as I'm gonna be I guess. Maria Dr. Cabral's assistant will be picking me up from the airport and bringing me straight to Cipla for my Labs I'll be staying in Ciple overnight so that I can be there early in the Morning. Oh I'm on a strict Diet I have to lose 5 pounds by Monday or Dr. Cabral won't operate bcuz My Bmi has to be under 35 wish me luck please!!


NYC Bound Future Me Here I Come!! ????????????????????????????????????????

Random Thoughts!!

Looking at my before pics and thinking I hope that when Shakira is gone I don't end up looking like Spongebob. ugh I want to be realistic about my results I'm not trying to expect the impossible. I really want to ask him to weigh her once she is cut off. I've tried to weigh her myself several times by her I mean my belly Shakira lol idk how I'm going to feel when she's gone I wonder if I'll ever miss her? No lol I doubt it. though she represents me having my 3 beautiful babies I'm glad to see her go. Her leaving is me getting me back. And I've missed myself for a very long time I want my life back. to live again to feel good about me. I hate seeing people I went to high school with bcuz I get these looks like oh she's let herself go I can't wait till I no longer see people look at me that way and instead say wow she looks good u know? Anyway my RS Sisters Ty for All of Your Support Gn I'm Going to Bed I have to be At the Airport early in the Am!!

Shit Just Got Real!!

@ the airport waiting to board the plane I swear I'm so emotional I cried saying good bye to my mom grandma but most of all saying bye to my daughter my boys I'm ok but just the thought that I won't see their little faces again hurts me deep in my soul. I can't live without my children but anyway positive positive my life is in God's hands and I'm not ready to go yet so I believe I'll be fine. Maria Dr. Cabrals assistant is so nice she even spoke to my mom over the phone and let her know that she was going to call her before and after my surgery. And gave my mom her number so that my mom could all her if she wants so my RS Sister Stay tuned for the next episode lol

I'm Here!!

I have so much to tell u guys it's not even funny I'm up still I was unpacking my supplies getting ready for my surgery tomorrow. Ok so airport it was simple really to fill out the paper work check in pay your $10 and get your bags as soon as I walked out Maria was sitting on the floor waiting for me with a smile on her face. She is very nice but she lied to me about knowing English and she charged me $60 one way to cipla but I found out its on 30-35 $ one way to cipla so she got me and the other girl that is also getting surgery with Dr. Cabral that's $120 people all together. so I got to cipla a weird smell hits u when u walk in like weed or some plant smell idk over all it's nice and clean. We get our rooms and Maria brings us upstairs to pay our fees so $285 is for concult faja labs with Cabral. $60 for the cab. The cardiologist came to see us both. I'm cleared for surgery tomorrow :) he was laughing at me the whole time why idk bcuz I called my belly shakira maybe? and I was honest about everything maybe too honest lol but I was dying to take a shower so as soon as I got the ok I went into my room and showered omg No Hot Water Here Wtf I felt like I was back in P.R visiting my Grandma but I did it. Oh they don't provide towels :( so I dried myself with a t shirt :( I didn't know anyway I'm as ready as I'm going to be for tomorrow.


Up Early!!

I can't sleep it's hot in my room and here u pay $20us for a tv remote and an ac remote and u get your money back once u return your remotes back. the office for the remote was closed. so today I can rent my remotes if I want. but the nurses let me borrow the ac one and someone turned on my tv for me. Listen when it comes to the nurses a lil kindness goes a long way I made sure to treat them like people. Please and Ty and what is your name so far I met two nurses Icidra and Adona. Listen the best advice so far bring a towel so u have something to dry yourself with for your last shower and pay for your own taxi from the airport that will save u $30. Oh Dr. Cabral asked me to bring 2 packs of ensure and I brought Gatorade just incase. Oh you get a mini fridge in your room. My throat is killing me I have a cold I sound like a man and it hurts to swallow :( I hope my dr lets me take something for the pain idk we shall see anyway so the clinic opens at 7:00am and at 7:00am I have to be downstairs with my id in the lab getting blood work and something that's called Emergency and another thing I forget what the other thing is called but all this is located on the first floor 3 doors pretty much next to each other. Oh the night nurse leaves her post at night and goes to bed somewhere so I wished I would've hired a nurse to stay with me at least the first night. Down the hall two sister are sharing rooms they got surgery with Cabral on Thursday I haven't met them but I heard they are really swollen including their fingers I'm going to meet them later today. Oh the EKG machine is ancient yup!! The wifi sucks big balls. My phone doesn't work at all here Ty Verizon!!

More Cipla pics

In My Mode!!

It's Funny listening to music is what gave me the push to be here and I bought my ticket and now the same Music is getting me ready to do this I'm not going to lie this is such an emotional roller coaster you have to be physically and mentally ready for some shit like this it's no joke!! My RS sisters I need your support today more than ever please keep me in your prayers. I will post an update as soon as I can after surgery I promise!! See you on the flat side!!


So the Doctor is still in the operating room with his first patient so I'm still playing the waiting game!! She did have a lot of work she was getting done so I understand it's a process!! I'll keep ya posted!!

On the flat side!!

I had some pain last night on my rib but the nurse explained to me that it was my muscle from the muscle repair today I feel better stil my rib hurt but it's not as bad as people think it didn't hurt to put my faja I actually couldn't wait to wear it. Now that it's on I've been walking bcuz the more I walk the faster I heal. Dr. Cabral is an amazing surgeon I deff recommend him and I would go to him again. I'm a Cabral Barbie Finally!!


Hello My Realself sisters I'm still in cipla doing great I feel very little discomfort I wouldn't even call it pain it's my two ribs that are bothering me my right hurts the worse. I walked 4 times today front and back I know the only way to heal is to walk so I'm walking. I'm out of here tomorrow I'm not sure what recovery I'm staying in decisions de ions. So my beautiful ladies I'm posting a pic of me. So that u can finally put a face to the name.


Last night wasn't all that great I couldn't sleep bcuz of the tightness I felt on my ribs. The nurse came in and opened my girdle a little but it still hurt. Once she opens my girdle I started to rub where it hurt me and I started to hear like bubbles under my skin I could feel water trapped I told the nurse all she said was to tell the Doctor in the morning. After they gave me a pain med and something to help me sleep I passed out so I slept 2 hours I'm greatfull for that. The owner of armonia will be here to pick me up. I can't wait honestly all I want is to get this girdle off and get a message I feel like it would help the trapped fluid I have. Anyway my RS sister I have to start packing so stay tuned lol

@Armonia Recovery House

Let me start by saying I love it here the people are so nice they go above and beyond to help you. The owner Mayra Every time she sees me kisses my forehead idk what that's about. but no one believes me that I have 3 kids. Lol I'm draining like crazy I mean like crazy I guess that's cabral's way of keeping you small they said he leaves 3 open drains to help u lose weight. I would say this before I left cipla he said he tightened up my stomach so tight so I can't eat as much and I tried eating today I had some of my mash potato and one small peace of chicken and I was completely full. The food here is good balanced home cooked meals. I get my first message tomorrow I can't wait to get rid of all this extra fluid. I heard it's painful but worth it if it's gonna help me feel better I'm game. I deff feel way better here then I did at Cipla it's more peaceful way nicer it feels more like home.


Post op Pics.

I took some more pics they're not that great bcuz I can't really move arms all that well. Got my first message today yay it hurt but I feel a lot better.


I'm still very swollen my ribs hurt bcuz of the girdle ladies make sure u get the right girdle cuz apparently Maria gave me wrong one. So tomorrow I'll be buying myself the right one. Second Stage though I honestly can't wait cuz I hate the one I have it's too freaking tight. And it doesn't come up all the way so it's messing with my lipo results. I'm also getting my second message I'm happy about that it does really help to get rid of fluid in your body. Once Ruth Drained me I felt like a new person less heavy idk but it was worth the pain. Anyway I'm really tired so I'm going to bed. Gn


What can I say? Recovery is a Mutha for real it's again an emotional roller coaster. At first I loved my results but when the swelling sets in and the fluid is stuck inside your body it makes me feel deformed. Everyone keeps telling me that I need to give it time. I guess i have to relax and not expect everything in one night. Sleeping oh boy with a tummy tuck and a bbl u could only sit on your ass I did bring my Boppy but it's hard to sit on it. So most of the time I don't use it. I don't like my bbl results :( but again I'll wait and see what happens in 3 months.

Random Thoughts

I love my second stage girdle and I guess it's the one that shapes you. I know I'm not completely happy with my results just yet but my shape is crazy already so I know it will only get better. I leave on the 6th I can't wait to be home with my babies but before I leave I really want to try and purchase the same girdle I have but I want the butt out one cuz I feel like it squishes my butt so it looks smaller idk but I'm hoping that with the butt out I look better idk. Oh I went for my follow up yesterday and my drains were removed yay so I won't be on the plane with that nasty thing. I'm nervous of my recovery at home cuz Idk where to get my messages I don't want that to ruin my results. I was also told by Ruth the lady that does the messages here that if I can I should wear my girdle for a whole year not only 3 months well see what happens.

Updated Pics

Post op with clothes on!!

I'm Home

I'm finally home and doing good. I left dr on the 6th ten days after surgery I wasn't suppose to leave bcuz I was retaining too much fluid and dr Cabral advices me it was dangerous for me to leave but I had to go. He have me this number to a lady named Wendy that does messages in the Bronx I went to her Friday she is amazing and worth every penny. I paid $85 for draining and a massage. But come Saturday fluid was back and I live too far from Wendy to keep going back so I went to the pharmacy bought the needles and drained myself I ended up removing a whole cereal bowl full of fluid my friend messages and drained my back and I feel so much better. I would say this every day my body changes but for the better my shape it crazy I keep getting dirty looks from woman cuz their man is checking me out. It's crazy I'll be posting pics soon I'm a little tired I'm going to take a nap.

After pics!!


I had an idea in my head of what I would look like after surgery. But my results are way more than I ever expected I love my shape my curves butt everything I didn't Think I would look this good I'm so greatful I'm happy I did this.

My Butt is not Even!!

Omg this is my 3rd time trying to update hopefully this works. So over all I feel good I keep losing weight though I don't want to. I love how small my waist is but today I noticed one of my butt cheeks is smaller than the other and I'm so self conscious about I swear it wasn't like that idk what's going on. The worst part is I have no wY of hiding that I will be emailing Cabral to talk to him about my issue I hope my butt gets back to normal soon :(

Updated pics though my butt is smaller now!!

More Pics

Arm pics after Lipo as Requested lol

I don't think I could get use to this.

All I wanted was this surgery and I made my dream come true my results are better than I ever thought possible. But what I wasn't prepared for is the oh your only pretty bcuz u had surgery or I seen a beautiful girl but she's a all natural she didn't get anything done like you Or who would have sex with you with that scar across your stomach. And it makes me feel like oh now the only reason why I'm pretty is bcuz I got work done? And no one is ever going to wanna have sex with me bcuz I have a scar? Wtf? Before I gained weight I had beautiful body after having kids yes it changed and now that I got plastic surgery to people it's the only reason why I have a nice body but I had a nice body before having kids I did gain a mess of weight during my pregnancies but I lost over 100 pounds before getting plastic surgery. Now today I have lost 117 pounds doesn't that count for something? and I did it without any weight loss surgery on my own. With diet not really much exercise but I did it. I feel like no matter what I do or look like people are always gonna have something negative to say I just wish people would be truly happy for me for once yes I might look different now or w.e but I have a good heart and I'm still the same girl I've always been on the inside I think you guys are my only real friends.


So I took my faja off last night and let my girlfriend try it on the same girl that said my butt isn't even and to my surprise so is her ass uneven on the same butt cheek too so I realized it's my faja the thing is I had it taken in in DR bcuz x large became too big for me so the way they took it in in the back makes my butt look funny I guess lol thank god cuz I was buggin but I deff will be getting a new faja soon I want the one with shorts though for the summer. Also yesterday I was able to remove about 15 syringes of fluid from my body I was buggin out bcuz I had fluid stuck inside of me for like 6 days that's dangerous I guess but I kept poking myself and couldn't find it like it wasn't coming out so yesterday my belly looked so full on the bottom like a water bed so I poked myself at least six times and right when I was going to give up I found it. So I'm really happy about that. My belly is back to flat I'm so happy.

Updated Butt pics please Look!!

Ok I took some booty pics and maybe you guys can look and tell me if you see if its uneven. I don't see it but that's just me idk. Anyway I went to the er today I have a uti the doctor checked my incision just to be sure and he said it looks great though it's hard to look at bcuz it's hip to hip I can't wait till it gets better so I could maybe tattoo over it. Oh I got put on antibiotic macrobid for my uti. Anyway For the summer I decided I'm good with a one piece since people want to talk shit about my scar. I never was one to show off my body no matter how skinny so that's fine with me. Oh so my so called friend will be leaving on Thursday back to Florida I mean it sucks I'm going to be alone again but she hasn't been much help really and keeps talking shit about my surgery so it is what it is. I don't want or need that negativity around me I've been through a lot and I want to remain positive. Oh I keep getting asked the same ? By woman if I have a man or the I bet you got men lined up. Ladies not the case at all!! the guy that broke my heart for posting a pic with some girl he seen me, he called me beautiful apologized for hurting me but that's it. I thought that he would've asked me on a date by now but I guess to him I'm not good enough to be taken out. Idk I think he's embarrassed to be seen with me. Before I thought it was bcuz of my weight bcuz of "Shakira" my belly but now shakira is gone and I'm 20 pounds lighter and no date night for me. So I pretty much give up on that. My husband is so happy for me but he's in prison doing a 41/2-9 year bid so that takes care of that lol idk life is funny sometimes. I realize today it doesn't matter how pretty or ugly you might be if you have a great body etc. these days men don't realize what a good woman is I guess idk. So my focus is to remain single and to raise my 3 babies I might be alone but I look good doing it!!

Almost 2 months out

On the 24th I make 2 months from my surgery I'm doing good my scar is changing it's turning red. I've maintained my weight bcuz I want to remain team #Thick all day lol over all everyday I feel better but my body still hurts from the lipo I can't wait till that stops. My body is so itchy tho I hate it so much but I guess it's how your body heals from the liposuction I googled it lol. over all I'm not perfect but I love my results. Compared to what I looked like I couldn't ask for better results oh I'm not making anymore fluid that's over with thank god. I will be going back for round 2 I want an arm lift breast lift with augmentation I want more lipo and a bbl yes I have body greed I want a bigger ass yup ;)

My measurements!!

Drum Roll Please No Jk
So I didn't get my goal waist just yet but honestly I'm happy with my waist compared to the 44 it was but I did get my 46 ass yay!!


Oh Btw

I still haven't been asked out on a date yet idk what's wrong with these men I wanna go out do bad but no deal :(

So I'm back!!

Here I am 3yrs after surgery and planning on going back for a bbl revision. when I got back from dr the first time. My friend had mentioned that one of my butt cheeks are bigger than the other. And she was right it wasn't the faja it was my ass n I also have a bigger love handle on my left side the same side my ass is smalleron. None of this was really noticeable but now after having my son who's 18 months old now u can definitely tell and it's so hard to be hiding it now that it's very warm out. So I contacted Dr. Cabral and I've been let him know when I got back the first time my issues but I didn't have the money to go back right away. Anyway so I contacted him again n he quoted me 3,800 for the bbl and an extra 400 for my arm Lipo so no discount just the same as everyone else but idc about that I just want my ass to look normal he did say that the fat dies it happens I guess and also Bcuz the first time around I did have a tt so I couldn't sleep on my stomach n I barely used my boppy pillow Bcuz it was hard to. This time I will be sleeping on my belly f*ck that lol ain't no fat dying I can't wait to have my upgraded ass lmao.
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