April 2016 looking to Get a Tummy Tuck W/ Lipo and Fat Transfer Dr. Yily. Dominican Republic, DO

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I have been wanting to get a Tummy Tuck for about...

I have been wanting to get a Tummy Tuck for about the last 3 years. I am claiming 2016 to be my year. I am planning on going to the DR to get the procedure done by Dr. Yily late April or early May 2016. I am looking for a travel buddy that will be going around the same time. If anyone has any advice for me please feel free to leave a comment or inbox me.

My Before pic and wish pic

I have a nice shape however after 2kids I need a Timmy tuck to get rid of excess loose skin and more fat in my butt to get it rid of the dimples and make it more round.

I am 5'5 220lb i was told that i need to loose 15-20pd before I have surgery. Do anyone have any tips on how to loose weight fas

Do anyone have any tips on how to loose weight fast but keep it off? I have been struggling :(

Soon to be Yily April 2016 doll Deposit paid. Yay...

I will be having surgery April 9, 2016 the count down has began. I have been in the gym 3days a week. Eating healthy I have 10pds more to loose. I am so ready!

Wish pic

I can't wait til April 2016

Before surgery pic

My shape and body in clothes before surgery as you can see this stomach has to go. ASAP

The count down has began 30days until my Surgery date

Saturday I visit my pcp and he did a full work omg they drawn 7tube of blood I had an EKG and Chest X-ray done everything came back normal my hemoglobin level was 12.3 I have not start taking any of my vitamins because I am waiting to hear by from my dermatologist she has me on an antibiotic for my face now if I can't take them together then I will just stop taking the antibiotic and start my vitamins.
For as my weight loss I have loss 10pds with the hope of losing 10more before my surgery.

Passport Dr.Yily here I come

With less than 4wks away I am not starting to get excited that my dream will finally com true.

It's almost that time

Before pic

Count down

Soon to be Yoly doll

It's just about that time. I will see you guys on the other side.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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