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I haven't done anything yet I'm looking @ Robles...

I haven't done anything yet I'm looking @ Robles yily and salma. I'm really scared to go out of the states. I've Been on this site now feeling a little more comfy the ladies on here r soo nice I've Been a Buggaboo asking soo many ?'s I haven't done any thing yet still tring to decide what doctor please help

Want to make the right choice

Im soo ready for this tummy to b flat I'm confused what to yily Robles or almonte I'm hearing a lot about each 1 but which is goin to give me the look I desire ugh that's the annoying part idk well this is why I'm on rs to get help from u ladies


I was jus told that I will pay the same price in the states becuz I have to pay for passport and plane ticket and rh has any1 felt this way

Already scared to death

I'm already having a hard time with goin to dr and I have to read this. Reply: There are way 2 many horror stories as people flock to these docs. I just understand why people take chances going to these mills. When there is no ccs limit docs go crazy which causes people to get transfusions and all that. Only in DR can you have to lipo tt book job and bbl at the same time. All that sx in one sitting is ILLEGAL in the US. Really we become desperate to......

Dra almonte

I feel really good about my choice I've Been a Buggaboo lol I talk to almonte's assistant Lyke evryday with all my concerns and ?'s shr Is sooo informative and answers all of my ?'s I'm thankful that Leslie isn't concerned about the money she keeps everything 100 with mee. I can't wait to meet them n feb


Im tring to get my plane ticket and last night my car breaks down wth I'm all stressed out now I have evrtyhing planned out for this trip n it seems Lyke things r tring to block me from goin I didn't cry I'm tring to stay positive n not let this bring me down rs ladies pray for me I've Been wanting this 4 years

Goin crazy

Ook I'm Tring to maintain my weight I need to lose weight just in my tummy but u can't spot reduce I do a lot of cardio but l lose my butt n legs I don't want to that but it seems like my tummy keeps getting bigger n bigger I'm soo tired of cring over this please feb come already I stayed home on sat night 1st day off cause my tummy looks bad n evrything I put on ????????


I try n try to send pic just won't allow mee to do soo ugh

Soo excited

Hey ladies I'm soo excited I got my passport it's getting real I'm sooo nervous this is goin to happen finally after soo many years of carrying around this gut.. I can't wait til feb almonte here I come


How do I add pics ??

Rs ladies

Random: I've been single now 10 months I'm heartbroken I havent talked to my ex in 2months n e who I decided to reach out we end up doin the couple thing I was soo happy but I guess it didn't mean anything to hym I've been crying this whole week I can't wait to get this Tt soo I can feel better n start loving me ladies pray 4 mee ook please


Ook soo 2day my cuzzen and sister were telling mee that I shudnt go to dr its jus to scary n that it's not safe but I have done sooo much research I feel fine about MY choices.. 1 thing I do Want to ask is the states don't take out that many liters of fat Lyke dr does. Is this ook to do why r ps n dr taking out more then the states??

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Rs I hope evry1 enjoys. I'll b @ work I'm soo sad but I'm soo happy @ the same Tyme I'm getting hours trying to make enough for my sx in feb sacrifices but I'll b finally happy with my body and have fun n the summer ook hve fun ladies


I'm soo excited I have a new buddy goin soo it's goin to b 3 of us sharing our expierence 2getha soo elated


I'm tall I hope this look will look good on Mee


Finally here 2014 this will b my year new body new mind thank gawd I have Been on this site everyday since I decided to have the sx I have met 4 wonderful ladies on Rs soo blessed. I'm now getting my list 2getha I just need all the vets who has done tt and bbl list wut did u bring that u really needed I c soo much on here I don't want to spend a million dollars if I don't need 2 soo pls any vets will share there lists thank u n advance


My buddies help Mee with these wish pics and help Mee decide that these bootays would look Gud on my body pls almonte get Mee close as u can


I didn't want to post my pics until I got there cuz my stomach is out of this world I've Ben tucking my stomach for soo long smh and I've learned to do we'll lol but I'm now brave enough to show this redundant stomach that sticks around n laughs @ Mee we'll New Years I had a funeral for good ole bessy she is noo longer welcome she dead n gone tired of her ruining my Lyfe and the way she makes Mee she's is Otta 4 Good

Missing words

But bessy is Otta here for Gud can't wait to b on the flat side wit the rest of u vets


Soo I've been thinking about this sx soo much we'll Lyke everyday ugh I'm obsessed I've Been reading the vets blog and it's more scary for Mee now all the pain there goin through the stiffness lumps and not able to sleep geesh idk about this is it worth it soo many months of pain and God knows I'm soooo tired of this flap I'm rocking lol my Tyme is coming up soon and I guess these feelings r normal but dammit all the pain can I deal with this if I can have 3 babies all @9lbs I can deal with it I guess but the pain was only 4hours not months ook I'm done I can do this cuz I'm ready to b on the flat syde with a ghetto bootie soo lemme stop bn a baby n hush lol Rs ladies pls keep Mee in ur prayers


Ook I'm taking iron folic acid and vit c am I 4 getting something??? Any 1 pls help a sista out

Wish pic


Lol ook I'm now excited about the sx I guess these feelings are normal 1 month awy can't wait I'm staying @ daisy Rh can't wait to meet her she is soo nice and has been a real friend answering all my ?'s she is awesome soo if anyone lookin 4 Rh daisys is the place to stay

New wish pic


Ook I'm soo close to my sx date no more talking I will b getting my plane ticket this weekend paying daisy Rh ugh nooo more talking tummy thank gawd also getting my supplies and packing can't wait to be on the flat side.. Also I'm goin to try the kale smoothie boost my iron levels also taking blood test 2marra


Ook soo I'm a month pre op next week on the 18th soo I can't have a drink?? Why it's not a month yet vets can u help Mee with this


My brother n gf said they wud drive Mee to Frisco it's soo much cheaper to leave from there I paid 526 for my plane ticket. This trip is really happening it's been all talk up 2 now reality has set in I'm really getting this done geesh I'm feel a lil scared n nervous but I'm ready for the change I went to a bday party n my size 13 pants but I had a muffin top I kept pulling on my shirt Lyke it was goin to disappear ugh I can't wait til feb my gosh

It's goin down


Now it's Tyme to work on this list shot out to @ afterlife83 with list thank u gurly soo much God knows ima wreck Ryte now Idk about the boppy pillow I've used it for my butt and it seems Lyke I'm still sitting on my butt soo I think I'm goin to use something inflatable jus need to find something here we go on a mission


Went out shopping 2day got 5 maxi dresses arnica gel n pills blood builder bromelain still need to go to the doc and try and get pain meds 2marra I will get all the medical stuff yikes ladies it's almost my turn

Vets who had a bbl

I'm soo confused about the faja vets who had a bbl bootie out or n which 1 is the best for ur butt.. I read all the blogs about fluffing I don't get that either I need help pls I want the best results


All I can do is think about this sx dammit 4weeks to go I hve the best sx buddies in the world we are all staying @ daisys Rh witout them I don't think I wudve made it this far thank u ladies I luv u bad bytches.. And to all the other ladies I met on Rs u guys are all awesome I'm also a real friend geesh I feel loved.. Soo I found sum swim wear that I will b wearing n the summer



I can't wait to dress Lyke this


Ook soo I'm getting a tt and bbl I'm reading soo many stories it's ook to sit on ur butt I know Yily says it's ook Salma says don't sit on ur butt 3weeks I have to ryde the plane home wth am I goin to do help vets

Hemo levels

Ook this is just nuts man I'm taking a blood builder and iron wth am I doin is this ook lol to do geesh I need to get b complex sat I can't wait til this is over this has got Mee felling sum type way #crazyoverthisnewbody

Ok yea

Please some1 tell Mee where to get the best tummy board how I know wut size to get.. Still debating on the butt cleavage it's soo sexy soo many things still get ugh

Sat nite

I went out sat nite I has a dress on but Mann my tummy was also saying hii omgawd I'm soooo ready for feb I keep pulling my dress down Lyke u cudnt c my tummy

Pics of Mee sat

Sat nite

I put pics up of Mee but my face was showing idk bout that 1 yet lol


Ook soo I was supposed to go do all my tests but guess who came to visit damm Aunt Flo she gets on my nerves soo I have to wait til leave I'm goin to try the oj thing she if she will leave couples early geesh oo yea I found two new wish pics ook this is it I want this 4 sure I have to keep this 1 cuz I'm tired of lookin @ butt it's getting ridiculous I can't think if anything else noo I'm not gay either lol


Missing words yaw fill in 4 Mee sorry yaw ????????


Tt ?

What is tummy tuck recovery generally like? If I get it done, what can I expect post-op care, checkups, pain? How long does complete recovery from a tummy tuck take


hank you for your question. I have always been an advocate for performing full tummy tuck procedures as it corrects the upper/lower abdominal skin looseness, the muscle weakness from having children or losing weight, the side contour of the abdomen, and overall skin tightness and flatness of the abdomen post operatively. It does come with some downtime though and depending on your job or interests you may need to take two to three weeks off. The typical post operative follow up care at my office is designed to assist you and confirm you are doing well. Follow up is on post operative day one, then one week, two weeks, and when the drains are removed I will see you more frequently to assess if any fluid retention is occurring. Post operative discomfort will vary from patient to patient. Some suggest it consists of significant discomfort, others feel just the opposite. Complete recovery where you can get back to a full exercise routine will depend on your post operative course but can be as little as two months and as long as 3-4 months. Hope this helps


Vets if u don't mind pls I need help with the faja squeems tummy board the and the foam and triangle when do I start waist training do I wear the faja and sqeem @ the sametyme sorry I just want the best results pls help

Sat nite

Ook soo lastnite I was n my feelings I was feeling Lyke I shouldn't get this sx Lyke how would a flat tummy n bigger butt and maybe a bl change my Lyfe what do I think is goin to happen ah we'll idk but I know things will b better 4 Mee emotionally I want b soo ensecure about the way I look I think maybe it's just emotions that ladies feel when it gets closer I guess.. I can't wait to get this over with soo many things I want to wear lol and I won't have to tuck any more


Ook ladies I tried drinking the oj to c if it really worked wow it does I'm soo excited I wasn't heavy @ all and it seems Lyke I will b off 2marra soo whoever thinks they will b on there period during sx drink oj oj oj

Calling all vets

Vets who have already had a tt what did u guys use for ur belly buttons????

Hemo level

Ook soo the nurse told my level was 13 the doc called 2day and said it was 12.7 geesh I want it to b 13 or higher soo I guess it's liver evryday this week I leave feb 16th pls GOd let it raise

Do n dont's in dr



Ook ladies praying that everything goes we'll I don't need n e drama or stress n my Lyfe I want to b as healthy as I can I'm soo excited that ole Betsy the talking PAC man tummy will no longer rule my mind n e more I will b able to feel Lyke a woman n feel sexy no more pulling on my clothes to Hyde my tummy smh soo many years of bn ensecure we'll Tyme to shine Lyke a damm diamond lol I can't wait ladies.. I still not finish wit my list ugh


Rs ladies thank u sooo much for checking on Mee I love u soo much this is soo scary but exciting I finally got my list done we'll @least I hope will re check again ugh it's really here ladies I still can't decide on a wish pic this is really bothering Mee cuz I want to b really specific on wut I want I don't want a butt bigger then my legs lol and my tummy I want flat just don't want to look to skinny I Lyke the thick ook soo I think I'm just really nervous I need to calm down and relax geesh this is my new wish pic

Nerves are badd

Omgawd my nerves r getting the best of Mee I'm soo ready but can't believe it's here I'm leaving 2marra 8pm omw to c almonte pls pls ladies keep Mee n ur prayers

Made it

Hey ladies made it safe I'm @ the clinic now it's 11:35 here sx @ 6:30 I'm goin to get some rest big day I'm soo happy that I finally met Leslie almonte and Raquel they are all soo sweet I'm happy ook til next Tyme ladies pics will b up soon

Hey ladies

Had sx yesterday I have soo much to tell u ladies but in doin a lot of sleeping


Ladies Mann 2day was all badd 4 Mee I felt Lyke I drank 80 gallons of water 2day I was soo swollen I cud barley breathe Fatima almonte and Leslie Maria came to daisys to check on Mee wow I love them she massaged Mee and took thr drain out of my butt wut a relief I'm now laying down Trynna get n a comfy position lol it's not working she Also checked my incision says I hve no bruising and it looks soo Gud but I do have or starting to burn cuz my waist is soo small Wutt Mee small waist this is soo unreal


I had my 1st massage yesterday man that felt soo Gud I get another 1 2day lastnite I sleep pretty Gud but really sore this morning I feel really stiff idk wut this is but I'm goin to drink a lot of water praying it make some of the swelling go down Mann ladies it's been 4 days I can say it's hell all the changes ur body is goin thru Mann it's has to b a easier way.. I'm a social butterfly but I have Been soo quiet not really caring about talking jus want to rest and walk get thru this n feel human again lol

Ooo yea

I luv u ladies soo much I'm soo happy I met all u ladies I wudve backed out long Tyme ago it's sucha a great support team sharing my expierence wit u ladies means a lot to Mee love u ladies I'll keep postings pics


Hey ladies a lil update I had the sx stayed 10 days I got a really badd burn from the faja I had to take faja of which caused Mee to get super swollen I wasn't eating properly I didn't have a appetite ugh. The 7th wile n dr I got a text that the love of my Lyfe passed omgawd ladies I prayed God block that news soo I cud heal made it back home and have been goin thru it my son is 9 it's Been really hard funeral is sat ugh.. I haven't wore my faja now for 4days due to the burns I've been super swollen this recovery soo far has been ugly soo many people have been praying for Mee and son thank y ladies soo much. I had my 1st massage yesterday I cudnt take it anymore I was about to bust oo yea ladies I still have my drain in can't take it until I'm able to wear faja 3days Ina row I'm putting creams on the burns soo we can get this show on the road I will post pics as soon as I get over the hump.. Oo yea almonte is soo awesome I'll do my review lata I hope u ladies understand stay tuned luv u ladies b blessed


Hey ladies I made it thru the passing of the love of my Lyfe soo hard I'm still in mourning but taking care of my body I've had 3 massages wut a difference I felt sooo good I still haven't take any pics cuz my tummy not all the way down but this journey is ruff it hurts to sneeze Mann




Hey ladies I've been getting my massages I'm finally goin down my burns are healed I went got vit e soo I don't have a scar I really want to wear a bikini geesh. Soo ladies lipo sucks tt is fine didn't have any problems. It just hard to get out of bed. Lipo makes u feel some type of way lol u get stiff lumps n ur back and Mann riding in a car sucks balls u feel every crack bump n the road ugh soo uncomfortable. I wouldn't change a thing I'm just letting u ladies know that lipo is noo joke get ur massages drink ur water eat pineapples walk. This is reason why I had a slow process healing my son and hys dad rip Curtis

2 day



I'm still swollen I'm getting massages it goin down slowly I shud b Ryte by the summer

Can't breathe

Omgawd I'm n the second stage fajette or wutever this is called I can't take it I'm busting out of it think I need a extra large I can't do it Mann

First Tyme

Hey ladies this is my 1st Tyme wearing a bikini it feels great

More pics


Ook I was a month on the 18 I'm still soo swollen I haven't been to the masseuse Ina week ugh I ran Otta of money the massage really help I can't wait to get back my back is soo full I hate this feeling I started making smoothie cucumber celery and pineapples it helps wit the swelling. I also went to the local health food store and got some natural anti flam pills I take twice a day. @ nite is when I notice i get really swollen suck soo I elevate the whole nite I'm on the hook on my second stage fajate that's not how u spell it lol I'm goin to get a waist cincher and wear with the fajate I have until summer to get my bottom tummy flat a lot of fluid.. Ladies lipo really gets on ur nerves shooting pains up and down my back ugh


Hey ladies how is every1 doin I'm doing a lot better I ran out of money I haven't had a massage in 2weeks ugh my back and lower tummy is still swollen my back is killing Mee shooting pains Mann I try to massage myself but I really need my masseuse ASAP.. I kept my strips on my tummy way longer then I was suppose to I was scared I wud rip out stitch lol I'm son clumsy I still have the cotton ball n my belly button and I still have a stiches on my back I took the 2 out of my leg. Also the stage 2 garment is already to big ugh po is soo expensive geesh



Hey ladies it's almost months po I have been getting massages thank God I got some money cuz I really needed them. My back is alwys hard I hate shooting pains up and down my back I try and massage myself to help with the pain it helps a lil.. I can't wait to feel human again.


Back pain

Man this back pain is ridiculous I hate it I can't take it ugh when will this go awy already there's has to b something I can do I get sharp pains @ the top not sure why and the other the day the masseuse had to massage rolls on the sydes of my back I can't wait til it's all over pls lord help Mee lol I can't stand this faja it's digging in my skin my shoulders hate Mee. I would do all over again if I had to cuz my tummy is gone I feel soo much better I look in the mirror all the Tyme I used to Hide from the mirror now that I have this new body I feel I need to b dressed everyday lol we'll I'm single and ready to mingle



Hey ladies

Hey I'm still swollen on the bottom of my tummy I haven't been dieting maybe that's why idk but I'm goin to start working out just tone not cardio @ all I don't want to lose any weight I Lyke the thick look lol but I need to try something I want my tummy flat


Hey ladies almost 3 months still getting massages I'm wearing the squeem more then the faja the squeem hurts soo much I hope it gets my really flat I really want that hour glass figure

Bootie pic

The pic with the suction on my cheeks lift my butt and makes it look a lot bigger love this machine.. My lower part of my tummy still isn't flat but it's getting there thank Gawd I will eat better cuz I really want that hour glass figure lol


Ladies look @ this mess ugh

Bikini shopping

Belly button

I think my bb is to big I think I left the cotton ball n for 2 long cuz it looks Lyke I got sx I can't lie and say I didn't ugh I wonder will it close up


Hey ladies I'll b 3months on the 18th soo why is my foot ankles swollen wth is going on also I feel I need a to wear a medium faja but I can't fit it cuz I'm tall soo confusing soo what about compression geesh this sucks not having a Gud day @ all

Ladies as of 2day


I want my tummy on the bottom flat idk wuts goin on geesh I soo happy I did this sx but I have extra skin is this posed to b Lyke this ugh

Still swollen really

My current situation


Tummy not as flat as I want it I started working out again praying that it works I really don't want any more lipo that crap hurts. I'm still getting massages hopefully it helps


Hey ladies soo I think I'm going back for round 2 I'm going to get serious and start eating healthy and working out my tummy isn't flat I have a bulge on the bottom I hate it. I think I want to go back n feb soo I'll have enough Tyme to c if I can get it down I hate lipo ugh I also want to get a breast lift but I heard it only last two years hmm we'll ladies here I go back to getting this body where I want it pray 4 mee

Front view



Hey ladies how has all the vets been i still have a bottom bulge I have been going to the gym a lot of sit ups and crunches I really need to get serious I have back rolls as well ugh I don't want to get Lipo again giving myself until March if not back to dr I go pray for Mee ladies

Year in February

Can't wait for round 2
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Fatima almonte is a sweetheart I love her soo much I think all ladies should go to her she cares soo much for she's comes to the Rh and checks on you and her assistants Leslie and Raquel t amazing they treat u soo Gud I just love love all of them you r in good hands with them I'm soo happy with her work. I've been home 2 weeks and she still checking on Mee oo yea she sent the masseuse to c Mee already paid 4 two wow it's gets no better then that love u almonte

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