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Hello RS! Like many of you I am a RS stalker! I...

Hello RS!

Like many of you I am a RS stalker! I have probably read over 1000 reviews and journeys for a few Doctors I was interested in at the beginning of my journey. These days I mostly read reviews on Dr. Almonte because she is the Doctor I have chosen.

A little about me:

I am a mother of 2 beautiful kids, they are my whole world! I can’t imagine my life without them<3 but of course as many of you know and have experienced child birth does a number on your body + 30’s = disaster!

For me it’s about self-confidence I lost a long time ago and yearn to achieve again, a love of self. When I look in the mirror I HATE what I see. When I feel good about myself…inside and out…I am a better woman and a better mom. So needless to say, I am ready to be the best VERSION of myself.

Stats; I am 36 5’4 170lbs. This is the biggest I’ve ever been EVER! I try to work out and eat healthy and for the most part I do but If I must be honest I put in maybe 60% into it. Not because I am lazy or not dedicated enough or even not wanting it bad enough but simply because I am a working mom. I have a full time career and juggle 2 kids, homework, dinner, bath time, cleaning and maintaining a house hold IT IS A LOT!!!

Why I chose Dr. Almonte:

When I first started my journey and I made the decision to finally reach out to the doctors I was interested in I got a quotes for a few doctors in the US. I was completely blown away by the prices and instantly knew it would not be possible for me

to get this done. In researching on RS I kept coming across reviews for doctors in the D.R and being curious I started to read them and was completely blown AWAY!!! Not just by the prices but by the work itself some of these doctors do. No doubt some

of them have a gift but DAMN!!! The US can never compete with these doctors!! They just don’t know how to sculpt a women’s body like the Caribbean PS do. Now this has never occurred to me even with being Dominican myself ( I was born in the US) but

it sparked something in me and I began RESEARCH…….

The first doctor that caught my attention immediately was Dr. Duran. She has handing out bangin bodies to everyone! I love her worked so naturally I requested a quote from her in Dec. 2013. While I was waiting on her to get back to me I was reading reviews on

Every and anyone who had work done with her and while I read a lot of good things about her work there were more than enough disturbing instances that some of the dolls experience such as waking up while they were in surgery and feeling pain and more than enough reviews about the aftercare in her facility. Now, YES I WANT A BANGIN BODY but not at the expense of that. So needless to say I felt like that was probably not the best choice for me so I started research again.( btw- till this day I still have never heard back or received a quote from Dr. Duran)

I came across the magnificent Dr. Almonte. Every review I have ever read about her is pretty consistent with from her work to her after care and most importantly her genuine care for you and your health. I sent Lesley a message requesting a quote and maybe

a day later I received it. I was shocked! Because I never heard back from Dr. Duran I expected the quote to take a while but it didn’t. That was my first sign that this was a good choice for me. Since then I have been in contact with Dr. Almonte and Lesley on the regular.

My surgery is scheduled for 3/17/2016. I have my flight booked, my passport and tourist card, all my supplies and casual clothes, my FMLA was approved I have done my physicals and blood work although I am due for one more before I leave just to make sure my Hemo is where it needs to be.

What I am getting done:

I am having a TT, Full body lipo and a BBL. I also wanted to do a breast lift but I will go back for that next year.

We are a sisterhood, let’s look out for each other and support each other in this transformation Journey! 2016 is OUR YEAR LADIES XOXO

ps: I will try my best to keep anyone who is following my journey informed as it is a HUGE pet peeve of mine when I start reading someone’s review and there are no updates, no pictures NOTHING!!!

Sea Lily Recovery house

Has anyone statyed there? I got an amazing quote from them but I would love to know if anyone has stayed there and what there experience was like.

Wish Pics!

Chin Lipo anyone?

Has anyone had Chin Lipo done? If so tell me everything about ????

Packing list

Luggage w/TSA lock
Portable Safe
Bed Pads
Arnica gel ( For the reduction of Bruising, this will also be used for your Lymphatic messages)
Stool Softener
Antibacterial Soap ( Dial hand Soap) make sure anyone that touches you after surgery cleans their hands with soap.
Hibiclens Soap – antibacterial soap you will need to wash your body with before surgery
No rinse cleansing adult wipes ( You will not be able to shower for a few days)
Urinal Funnel ( in case it’s too painful to sit on the toilet)
Dermoplast ( I’ve heard it helps with the lipo pain on your back)
Compression Socks are A MUST!!! ( This will help prevent blood clots)
Vitamins to restore your body’s nourishment ( Folic acid, Iron , B12 & Vit. C)
Pain Killers prescribe by your PC ( if you’re lucky your PC will give you a prescription, mine did not ?)
Comfortable clothes such as loose fitted maxi dresses
Make sure you bring a least a pack of tank tops to use under your faja to prevent burns
A pack of granny panties
Flip flops to walk around with for comfort
Insect repellent – This is a MUST!!! With the recent outbreak happening with the ZIKA virus, we all should be cautious especially in the D.R.

There are other things you will need but not until your home and your scars are healed such as your scar treatments. For most of the dolls going home with a drain, There is a wound treatment called MediHoney. This is a well-known and proven medicine that helps heal wounds quickly and prevents infections as well.

You don’t want to over buy and over pack. Most recovery houses will have their own supplies as well. The lighter you travel the better you will be better off when you’re coming back home!

Safe travels/surgery/recovery to all of you! XOXO

Hemoglobin a 13.6!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

I am so excited!!! Tomorrow is my last day at work, I fly out on Wednesday morning. WOOHOOO!!!
I can't believe this is actually really happening for REAL!!!! Thank you Jesus!

I am snatched ladies!

I actually just woke you from recovery. The pain is unbearable right now but completely worth it from from I can see.
Lesley is a God send and Raquel too. They are so helpful and beautiful. Dr. Almonte is stunning, this short little D.R. can do her thank! She's checked in on me 2 since surgery. God Bless her, she is an amazing doctor.

Anyways guys I am hurting bad I will continue the review tomorrow hopefully with pics :)

PS, thank you for all your prayers XOXO

1 day post op

Hi ladies, just catching up on my journey with you guys. I am in tremendous pain but I am managing it well. I just got to the recovery house and the ladies here, Christina, Marlene and the cook Seneida are a blessing. They take such good care of me. I am blessed to be here.
So I had surgery yesterday morning, everything went well. The nurses were checking on me around the clock. I felt cared for. Dr. Almonte is a doll! She's so tiny and so pretty. She takes her job serious so if your not on point with you health she will not do you! She sent a girl home because her hemo was not high enough, she don't play with your life or her profession. If you picked her rest aassure that she will take good care of you. She also prays before each surgery she does, I loved that about her:). Lesley is amazing, she speaks English very well and so does Raquel. They are sweethearts, very caring and attentive.
I will take pictures when I can upload them and I will do a more detailed
review soon. XOXO


I will try to upload more when I feel better. The pain is REAL!

let me try again! pics

Update!!!!! Sorry so late

Thank you all who kept me in your prayers and reached out to me to see how I am doing. What I can confirm to all who are planning on having surgery is that RECOVERY IS NO JOKE!!! I’m sure many have heard it over and over and you will hear it again from me, IT IS NO JOKE!!! I clearly under estimated it myself.

This week I will be 1 month post op and while a month sounds like a while now I still feel very much so in pain and discomfort.

Surgery and Clinic
Now, into the nitty gritty…..I had tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo done with Dr. Fatima Almonte. The day I arrived in D.R. was pretty much spent doing labs at the clinic. I was there for about 6 hours. I met Lesley & Raquel, beautiful sweethearts. Both speak English well even though I speak Spanish. The next day I came back to the clinic at 6:30am for surgery and finally got to meet Dr. Almonte in person. She is the tiniest cutest lady! Nothing like I had her imagined to be. She was very nice, asked me what I wanted done and marked me up. I got the infamous blue pill, wheeled in to the OR a few minutes later and met the anesthesiologist who was also very nice. She put my arm on her shoulder and before I could ask her why I was out!!!! I woke up about 4 hours after my surgery in my own room with my faja on. I was so happy and grateful to be alive. Other than throwing up the anesthesia which didn’t last too long because they gave me meds for it, I was fine. No pain, no headaches, I was not cold or freezing like I have been in the past after other surgeries. I was lucky and healthy enough not to have needed a transfusion of blood or iron. I was pleased to see that the nurses at Cecip were attentive the whole time I was there. I opted not to hire an overnight nurse because I figured I would be sleeping most of the time and I’m glad I didn’t. There was no need to if you’re staying at Cecip. There nurses check on you your entire stay. I appreciated that very much.

Recovery House
I stayed at Sea Lily recovery house. I was originally going to stay at my home recovery house but I switched a week before my surgery to Sea Lily. Let me tell you, BEST DECISION EVER!!
Their staff is AMAZING! They are so sweet and caring to every patient. Christina and Rosangel mother daughter are the owners. Orlando is the son who is in Med School to be a doctor. He is a sweetheart. Maria is everything! She cleans, does laundry, and sleeps with you overnight in case you need help or something. She’s amazing. Zeneida is the cook; she will make you anything you want! Delicious food! Frank is also a house employee, very helpful. Juan is the very sexy cab driver, he’s also very nice. Then there’s Arlene and Arthur, the house translators. They are brother and sister. The house is very nice and modern and clean. Every bed had its own boppy pillow so if you’re thinking about traveling with one and you’re staying there, don’t!! They have one for your use there. They also have recliners if you prefer to live in one while you’re there. Their packages included all meals, snacks, transportation to your follow ups, all your massages, and laundry services and translators for those that don’t speak Spanish. Extra’s would be facials that Christina does, transportation to other places like the mall or the beach.

When I arrived at the airport Christina and Arlene where there to pick me up. I didn’t have to wait for them; they were already there with a sign and my name. They took me to the clinic and stayed by my side the whole 6 hours I was there getting my labs done. The next day Christina stayed with me until I went into surgery. Later that night she called to see how I was doing after surgery and if I needed anything. Orlando received a frantic call from my mother asking him to please go check on me and call her when he arrived at the clinic. He drove all the way to the clinic and called my mother back and put her on so she can calm down and know that I was ok. I will forever be grateful to him for that. Juan the cab driver stayed with me at the airport until it was time for me to be wheeled to my gate. These are the things that made this recovery house amazing! They truly care and they go above and beyond for everyone that’s in their care. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

So much more to tell ya’ll so to be continued…….on the next update ?

Part 2 of update

Part 2 of update

My recovery thus far:
I’ve read many times before from other dolls that the first 3 days are the hardest and by day 4 it gets better and better. Well that couldn’t be the farthest thing from the truth for me!! I believe it started to become tolerable by day 8. I truly didn’t think I would be in such bad shape having had 2 C-sections and surgery to remove my gall bladder and only having done a tummy tuck and lipo. I really thought it would be a breeze ? NOT!!!! What I have been struggling with these days is that my stomach ( pelvic part under the belly button) has not gone down at all, in fact it has gotten bigger almost like it’s protruding out like I’m 5 months pregnant. When I push on it, it hurts and feels like I’m pushing on something hard. So me being the paranoid person I am I go to the ER to get it checked out to make sure there isn’t anything wrong. I’m expecting to hear that it’s just swelling even though deep down I don’t believe all of it is just swelling. I get a cat scan done and spent 8 hours there while they find a surgeon willing to come and take a look at me!!!!! No surgeon in the hospital or the surrounding area would touch me!! NONE because I had surgery out of the country. I left the ER with no answers so I got on the phone and called my insurance and got a list of PS in my network and starting calling them all. Out of
12 PS in my network only 1 agreed to see me. I had to pay $200 for the consultation which I didn’t mind; I was just relieved that he would see me. So of course I got the 3rd degree about why I shouldn’t go out of the country to have surgery ? uugghhh! Anyway, he was very nice
Even while telling me off lol the CAT scan from the hospital showed I have a seroma but in looking at the bulge he knew if couldn’t just be that so he proceeded to try to drain it and all he could get was 2 cc of liquid, not much of a seroma there. He explained that by this point my stomach should not look like this and that he is concern that my muscle repair might have not
held up and collapse! To confirm his suspicion I had an ultrasound done on Monday and tomorrow I will be going in to review the results with him.

At this point I am hoping that everything is fine and if there is anything wrong that it’s an easy fix. I couldn’t imagine having to need a tummy tuck revision.

For those of you that are planning your surgeries out of the country please keep in mind that should anything go wrong once your home aftercare in the US will be difficult. I experienced it firsthand. I never thought a doctor would ever turn someone in need of medical assistance
Away, but they can and will.

To be continued on the next post…….
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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