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Hello I am new here and would like to share my...

Hello I am new here and would like to share my story and my journey. First off I am a 30 yrs old woman mother of two,ages 15 and 1. I lost my body at a very young age and self esteem. Fifteen years later I am ready to change my life. I have not had a bad life I do have a lot of confidence in myself its when my clothes are off i feel self conscious. I have gained a lot of weight in the past five years I am a stressful eater. I am currently 204 lbs( as of this morning). I am trying to get down to maybe 185 before surgery February 9, 2013. I have been eating healthy or sometimes nothing at all thanks to OxyElite Pro which is an appetite suppressant I work out and plan to stop smoking 01/03/2013 to prepare for surgery. O a month ago I was weighing about 222 I never went below 215 the last 5yrs.

I have been considering cosmetic sugery since lets see, 2006 b/c I have always had a pooch after my first child at 15 yrs old. I just knew that I would have another kid one day so I held off. I recently had a beautiful little girl she is one yrs old, so Im ready now. My friend had a TT, and Lipo in 2010 she went to DR and I must say I was very impressed. She has now healed and full of life. So I started doing my research again I have been researching for about 2 yrs now. I was going to go with her same PS but recently changed my mind. I consulted with him I started making plans then I kept reading reviews ( between MMH and RealSelf) I was on youtube watching girls journeys who went to DR and came across all these post about Dra, Yily. I began googling her name, going to her site( which is in Spanish) but you can have it translate it to english. When I saw her I thought man she is beautiful she would know exactly how I feel and how I want to look because she is a woman, nicely built. I looked at her gallery pics and gosh she has transformed some ladies life in a wonderful way. The girls who she has worked on have post's on this forum with before and after pics that are amazing. I email her she emails right back within 24 hrs. I considered going abroad not only because of my close friend having went abroad but when I go to the salon here in New York (the Dominican salon) the girls speak so highly of the plastic surgery doctors in their country and I have meet several girls about 11 to be exact who look absolutely stunning I mean vixen worthy, who have all went there none to Yily, but there is a lot of girls on these forums who have and they look wonderful as well( a lot of girls going to Yily starting now all the way to April 2013) so look out for those threads as well).

I am excited and nervous I can't lie but I am doing this; and I cant wait to begin my video diary to share with you all. Do your research, listen to the good and the bad so you know what can happen and what to expect, every doctor is not great and everyone's outcome is not the same so educate yourselves; I do everyday by reading you all's threads which has played a great part in my reassurance and motivation for cosmetic surgery to change my life. My plans for myself after surgery is happy healing, run a successful salon and lounge. I see nothing but the stars, the sky is the limit. OMG this is so long sorry :( but I wanted to start my thread off correctly!!!!!! Many more to come.

Good Luck to all the beautiful ladies of this forum,Congrats to the ones who have already had their lives changed for the best, and may God Bless the ones who are suffering. (It isn't over yet!!)

Today i booked my flight............ so nervous!

Today i booked my flight............ so nervous!

Hi ladies today 9 Days away!!!!! This is crazy I'm...

Hi ladies today 9 Days away!!!!! This is crazy I'm so excited I couldn't sleep last night though and a few days before that I dreamed that my stomach still had a bulge and Yily was sitting at a kitchen table very exhausted and I said hey my stomach looks the same and she looked at me and said ok no problem ill fix it, lol I'm bugging. So I don't know about getting my breast done i will figure that out once I get there my original quote was for TT, full lipo to back flanks, and BBL!!! instead of breast I think I want thighs and arms thrown in cause ladies they have bangin bras that are strapless in the back like they go around your lower back or around you arms you have to google it I never knew they had these I always said they needed to make one anyhow I am not overdoing packing I am packing light as possible that consist of summer dresses a light robe a extra compression garment socks bras I need some compression socks still I have arnica pills and gel I have vitamin c iron folic acid ferrous sulfate hoping this takes the medical expense down some O and the pills that is for heart burn I forgot the name but it was in the list of meds she emailed me I have Tylenol my passport my flight my confirmation lol I'm ready to just leave already I'm not over thinking this thing whatever else I need I will get along the way I pray that I will be blessed enough to be strong enough to be able to get them when needed if anyone wants to post MUST HAVES then please do I plane to just relax after surgery and let the girls at the spa pamper me this is a transformation for me so not only am I looking forward to physical healing but mental and eventually spiritual healing as well! Well ladies the Count Down Begins again I will be posting pre op pics once I'm in DR!

Ok so another dream, I dreamed I missed my flight...

Ok so another dream, I dreamed I missed my flight because I was packing and I freaked out and had to wait for the next flight this is crazy and now I'm feeling like I shouldn't do the tummy tuck I should just do lipo and fat graft idk I'm totally freaking this time next week ill be on the plane!!!!!!

5 days!!!!!!!!

5 days!!!!!!!!

Hello Yilly Barbs!!!! I'm still here at...

Hello Yilly Barbs!!!! I'm still here at Jacqueline's I'm 3 dpo and I feel good still a little dizzy at times YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR VITIMINS PRE OP MOST IMPORTANTLY POST OPT well I'm happy there are other girls at the RH and they are all Going to Yily she is busy so if you emailing her be patient she is getting 6 hundred emails a day and doing like 3 or more ppl in a day she is so humbled and beautiful I love her lol I am very swollen in my back that's the worst I got TT BBL full lipo to back (crucial) arms and inner thighs and the worst part is the back (who would of thought) I would put pics but I am scared because they say someone is taking pics and putting them somewhere else idk why that's crazy so I still haven't decided to post but I will tell you this all the girls at the RH is like DAMN your look GOOD and your ASS IS HUGE I feel so good!!!! Can't wait to summer time and that's for sure!!!!!

So today I am 5 dpo and I feel ok I want to get...

So today I am 5 dpo and I feel ok I want to get this drain out and go home..... I had my first massage yesterday that was so delightful my back loosend up right away I cant wait for my massage today!! So let's see I have been super blessed thus far because I came to another country alone and I must say there are no regrets I have some of the most amazing and funny woman here at the RH and we are all in this together so it's been a wonderful experience for me. It is hard to sleep here though I doze off on and off I woke up with a slight headache this morning Idk why I take my vitamins twice daily and antibiotics I also drink plenty of fluids which is very important in this recovery. Ladies I want to say that anything can happen to anybody at anytime during recovery but you have to be serious you have to think realistic as far as recovery time and outcome everybody is different some ppl move to fast and do to much some ppl just don't take care of themselves properly and end up with infections so do your research know the pro and cons of surgery I have been researching for so long and made myself aware of different complications and so far I have been okay and I will continue to take extreme cautions in caring for myself I will continue to pray and be well sometimes it is up to us not to have an eventful situation in recovery. I love my outcome so far my incision is very low when I went for my massage yesterday the lady said "Perfecto"!! I said I know right I cried because I was so happy finally I have experienced tears of joy!!!!! Well good luck and God bless you all!!!!! I'm happy I found Yily

Ok I posted pics I will be deleting them later...

Ok I posted pics I will be deleting them later today girls are stealing pics why idk but thus site really helped me during my journey to a new me so I no ass it was wide now it pokes out more I want a little more when I go back next year and a little lipo I was 200lbs going into surgery so it's realistic for me to want more :) I am 185 now I don't want to really lose that much more weight maybe like 5 to 10 pounds I love being thick plus I'm tall 5'6 so yea these are my results do far I have been sleeping in my butt ever since day 1 next time though I won't because ill be able to sleep in my stomach :) Good luck ladies!!!
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