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So I've been wanting this for ever after having...

So I've been wanting this for ever after having 3 children I hate my body and I finally got the courage after my friend went to get a bbl, my family has tried talking me out of it and made me so nervous but I'll never know if I don't take this chance so I will be posting my journey. I decided to go to Dr yily after my friend and several others I know have gone to her ,so far I emailed her letting her know that I was interested in a tummy tuck and bbl and within hours I had a response quote of $4500 , and all the pre opt instructions she also sent me the information on how to pay my deposit. I went online and paid my deposit through them because it was easy and I was able to print my receipt and email it back to yily immediately after paying, In her emails she gave me all the instructions on how to make my payment and all of her bank information such as name address and phone number everything that was needed to to do the money wire transfer.
after I emailed her my receipt she responded back to me a day later asking me when I would like to come I told her July or August and a few hours later she emailed me back with the available dates that she had I sent her an email confirming that I would like to come for my surgery date on July the 23rd I am now waiting for a confirmation email which I should be receiving tomorrow and then I will be booking my flight and start taking my medication as well as going to the doctor on Monday to do my pre op blood work after looking at other reviews I am very excited but also nervous will be posting my journey throughout ,from start to finish ,I am really nervous about the pain after the tummy tuck but I know that in the long run it is all going to be worth it.


So today I visited my new doctor today and he was sooo cool he gave me some of my mess and told me to come back two more times before I go and he will give me the rest which is all but 2 that I cannot get in the us ,he didn't know what it was and the best part about this is that I had medicaid and it will all be covered (yes ladies I said medicaid I love it :) ), any way me have a little scared because he he told me that I am taking a list but all surgery it's a risk , I ask him what could go wrong and he said only thing to worry about is infection ,which I will be taking the antibiotics for and fat embolism, which is when you are getting fat sacked out of you and the fat escapes in you blood but he also said that if I take the medication I should be OK but I am still nervous, so I know that they say that you should stay at least 10 days but I've decided that once I get the surgery and the drainage tunes are out I will be leaving the dr because at least hopefully everything goes well but I'll be home and can get the proper medical care if something was suppose to happen .so now I am waiting on my labs to come back and to get the rest of my medication ,I haven't book a flight because a friend of mine works for delta and she is going to be coming with me and also giving me a buddy pass so I will only be paying taxes but Geesh the taxes are still high $394 .but I don't have to book a flight I can just go to the airport port the day of .I have a month and a week to go and I am so nervous I already can't sleep at night my family are scaring me , and some of these post as well ,and I want my boyfriend to go with me but in order for him to go I will have to push the date back SMH these emotions are killing me I have so many different feelings .future updates coming soon wish me look ladies and thank you to all the ladies who wish me luck on my comments and will be following my journey you guys makes it so much better.

lab results back low vit d and hemo 12.8

OK so I haven't updated lately but I've decided to today since I'm at the doctor getting my lab results back from my blood work on June 16th my hemoglobin level is 12.8 and I'm a little nervous because of that but I know it's only one point off and I can bring it up in the next two week. As time approaches I'm am getting very nervous and excited, I can't even sleep at night I wrote my list yesterday and started pack I will post my supplist in a few. I know my supply list is long but I didn't want to leave anything out. I will update closer to me leaving


OK so I haven't posted because I've been trying to recovered but I decided it time I update you dolls.

first off my surgery was on July 23 so I flew in a day early to get blood work done, I flew on a buddy pass so that was awesome it cost me $390.70 ,I was suppose to stay at yasmin recovery house because she was through cheapest $550 and I wanted to saved all of my money Just for sx and after but after reading bad reviews ,and also it was just something in my mind that kept telling me to go somewhere else I just wasn't comfortable with the decision to stay there so two days before the event I contacted Virginia de la Paz and asked her about staying there she told me that it was $70 a night but I explained to her that it was my self and I also had an sx buddy and we couldn't pay more than $65 a night so she agreed to take us but we had to pay the deposit the same day that we spoke to her we had to Western Union her $200 I was kind of nervous and skeptical about it but I decided to trust her and did it plane left at Atlanta at 9:30 a.m. And arrive in the DR I went through the airport purchase my tourist card which cost $10 and proceeds through customs which was very easy they did not question me or anything the only thing they asked me was if I had any electronics or anything that I need to pay taxes on, I informed them that I didn't Have anything and proceeded to exit the airport Virginia was there waiting on me with a sign that had my name on it ,when I first walked up to her she greeted me with hugs and kisses and smiles right there and then I felt so comfortable it was like a weight lifted off of me ,we walked out of the airport and she introduced me to her driver ,I told her that I wanted to go to cipla and get my blood work done and she took me there immediately.


when I arrived at cipla Virginia first took me to yily's office there is where I'm at Yarra gave her my receipt for my deposit and proceeded to go get my blood work done ,When I went to go get my blood work done I felt very uncomfortable because a guy I was doing my x-ray and I had to get naked in front of him but I was like what the heck I will be getting a new body in a couple of hours ,when I was doing my x-ray I placed my purse that I was carrying around my neck on this scale behind me and that was a big mistake I don't know why but I felt like something wasn't right and I heard the guy fidgeting with my purse luckily I turned around when I did because my wallet was halfway out of my purse ,after that I grab my purse and I kept it with me the whole time ,I also had a save that I bought from Walmart with a combination that I kept all of my money passport and important things in ,I am telling you this so that you. Will be careful when you go. Anyway after my X ray I got my bloodwork done and I went to the recovery house I didn wait for my blood work because Yara informed me that she will call the recovery house when they came in.
I went to the recovery house bear I'm a Virginia's daughter and saw the room that I was staying in ,when I first got there I was surprised Because I was expecting to see other girls there and I thought it would have been kind of like a recovery house but then I realized that it was Virginia's private home and she had a room set up for recovery ,at first I was iffy about it but it was the best it was really good because it was just myself and my sx buddy there so their main focus was on US only the entire time I was there they really really great care of us ,they made sure we ate healthy ,we we were clean ,we got her medicine on time and the upkeep of her house was very very clean even when I didn't want to eat or take my medicine Virginia make sure that I did I didn't feel like I was at a recovery have I felt more at home her and her girls treated us like family.on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give Virginia de la paz a 10 .


I woke up at 6 30 that morning (,July 23)
ate breakfast got Dress and went to cipla, I arrive at around 8:30 /9


I woke up around 6:45am that morning (,July 23)
ate breakfast got Dress and went to cipla, I arrive at around 8:30 /9am ,when I got to cipla I had to redo my blood work because something went wrong the first time,I did my blood work and within 30 minutes my results back going into surgery my emo level was 13.4 ,I paid the remainder of my money and then I saw the cardiologist ,after I saw the cardiologists I met with yily she was very pleasant I know that some people said that she had a bad attitude but my experience with her was very well she even asked me what was wrong because you can tell on my face that I was very nervous. Yarra who is yily's assistant was also in the room,she was translating for yily ,after I showed her my wish Pics Lol, they took me downstairs to meet with someone else I don't know what it is called but I met with her and she asked me a lot of questions about my health history and check my weight ,(Please please please be honest and truthful with them about your health because that is what is going to determine your recovery, and that is how some people mess up).after this was done I went upstairs to my room I got undressed and then the nurse came in with the blue pill ,I took the pill and then they came in to wheel me in on the bed into the surgery I was up and alert and then I remembered the nurse tying a glove to my arm as if ,the last thing I remember is they asked me to sit up and a guy was in front of me holding me up close to him and rubbing my face and I was getting the epidural I remember saying out there hurts and that was it I was out.I don't know if it was in the middle of surgery are towards that end , but I think it may have been the end that I woke up I remember saying ow that hurt ouch that hurts and put me back to sleep I want to go back to sleep ,I also remember trying to pull the green cover back and someone saying you're done you're done I kept asking for water and one of the nurses came over and told me to open my mouth and squeeze a sponge with water in my mouth after that I remember waking up in my room when they were lifted me onto my bed ladies make sure when you go there that night after surgery to have someone there with you because you will need them , I hire someone that I met in one of the Facebook groups who lives in Dominican Republic but she is originally from California I felt comfortable with her because I knew she was American and spoke perfect English she was very very helpfull if it wasn't for her I don't know how I would have made it through that night.the first night was horrible my butt and back hurt more than anything else I was in excruciating pain and they wanted me to stay still the whole night it was very hard the night after surgery yily did come and visit me and made sure everything was ok with me before she left for the day.Oh and on that day I was the only person that yily did, it was supposed to be two of us but one person had a negative blood type and they had to find blood for her you find out what your blood type is before you go that would be very helpful especially if you have a rare blood type. Anyway I hardly slept at night they did give me I shot in my IV to help me sleep but it did not work.



Day 1 and 2 after surgery was ok I was in a lot of pain but I slept most of the time.I sleep with two pillows understand my heard and two under my butt and legs .

Day 3 was the worst yily do not close the faja right after surgery I got my surgery done on Wednesday and I had to wait till the Monday for them to close my faja up, so by the time day 3 came I was very swollen and in unbearable pain.I was in so much pain that day i ask Virginia to take me back to cipla,it was on Sunday so yily was not there the nurse did call her on the phone and spoke with her they told me that it was normal and gave me a shot for pain which knocked me out for the rest of the day .the next day I went back to see yily and they closed my Faja it was so much better with the compression and my faja being close I also Started getting massages every time I went to sleep and woke up my back was in pain but after I get my massage I was ok for the rest of the day until night again at when I went to sleep.I also broke out with unbearable itching spree around a 7 I was itching so bad I was actually in tears ,if it wasn't for the lipo and my back be so painful everything else would have been great going into surgery I was so scared and devastated about the tummy tuck but that was the least pain .if you are going through this just prepare yourself for the back pain and a little pain in your butt and the itching everything else would be smooth sailing. Today I am 17 days post op and my problem is still the same I have these itching spree that is so bad sometimes I can take you to the point that it has me in tears ,my back is still hurting but I am learning how to manage it ,but ask for my results so far I love it except I just wish that she had given me a bigger butt I do not think she did exactly as I asked for one my wish Pic , and one of my but I think that is because of the train being on that side ,I will not know my true results because it is still too early so I am hoping and praying that my butt fluffed and fill in a little more but I am overall happy with my results because it looks a thousand times better than before I will keep updating my profile and post some pictures as I go along hey are a few pictures of my journey so far.

post op pics

11-16 days post op pics

7 weeks po

7 weeks po

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So far so good.

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