TT, BBL, Yily Doll in the Making!!!!!! -Dominican Republic, DO

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I've been lurking around here for a while now,...

I've been lurking around here for a while now, making little comments here and there. Love this place and I think I'm addicted to it lmao. Lots of beautiful ladies here. I'm starting with a small review. I'm so dam busy with work is not even funny! Well I wrote to Yily and she wrote back in like 3 days!!! I will be getting a TT, BBL and lipo, can't wait. Nervous as hell but this has to be done lol. She's charging me $4,100 which I think is awesome! I'm thinking October 18, date is not sure yet. Gotta get back to work, I will post more and will put pictures. Love ya all!

Added the Breast Lift!

Well for the TT, BBL and lipo, Yily quoated me $4,100. But I added a Breast lift without implants, so now it's $5,100. I still think it's good. OMG so excited. She responds to my emails quick and text on whatsapp.

Sending my deposit

Sending my deposit next Friday! Yikes, is this for real! YES it is LOL

Bought my maxi dresses!

Hello my beautiful ladies! Sorry I don't update much, so dam busy with work. Anyway I bought 4 maxi dresses, medium size, I'm usually a large but won't be for long LOL. I'm trying to loose the weight, haven't weight myself since the last time. Will do it soon. I'm drinking Guava with red peppers juice. My Dominican people told me that builds up your hemo. I don't know my number but I'm not taking any chances. TTYL


Hello ladies, can anyone give me information on this Vitamedica kit I've been hearing about. Am I supposed to by that before sx?

I made my deposit today!!!!!!

OH LORD I just made my deposit. This felt so freaking real, I'm even nervous!!!!! LOL One more step into the new me!!!!!

Good day Saturday!

Had a massage with the hubby and dinner. the lady was killing me with the massage and all I can think about was how the massages were going to feel like after sx lol I text yily yesterday and told her I am waiting for my confirmation letter so I can reserve my flight! she text back and I send the deposit receipt to her on whatsaap. she said ok and to remember to bring it the day of surgery. i'm still waiting for the email tho.

So excited and nervous!!!!

I just received the email confirmation from Yily for October 18!!! OMG I have chills as I write this!!!!!!

One more step done!

Hellooooo, I went to the doctor today and did my test. EKG and chest exray all good! I have to call tomorrow to see if they have the Blood results. Please pray that my hemo is good!!!!!!!

Forgot something.....

I lost 2lbs! lol


Hi ladies, has any one stayed or will stay at Silhouette/Angie's?


Hi ladies, I'm so upset. My hemo is LOW 10.6. I hope I can build it up by Oct. 18. I'm here popping pills like a crack head. I just bought the Pur absorb iron too. Has anyone had that problem and build it up fast?

So here I am

eating Liver for lunch in the office. Anything to get some extra iron in me lol


Exactly one month from today I will be on a plane to YILY!!!!!! Whoooohoooo! If my hemo level goes up, and it will!!

Changing Date!

Hi, I haven't updated my review in a while. Going thru freaking rollercoaster rides! LOL, so I won't have sx on October 18. I have to change the date. Hubby didn't want me to do it cause of all the CIPLA deaths UGH!, but I told him yesterday that I am doing it because this is something I want! so since Yily will be going on maternity leave in November and coming back on January 2014, My daughter is having her first baby in January, and I can't go during Feb or March, soooooo April of 2014 it freaking is! I don't have the day yet, but it's April. By then, my hemo level will be up to the moon and I have lost all the dam weight lol. So far I've lost like 6lbs! Everyone that is going now and before Yily goes on Maternity leave, I wish you all my very best!!!! Good luck to all you beautiful ladies. Gosh it sounds like I'm going away lol I will be here daily LOL
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