TT, BBL, Lipo with Dra Agustina Duran 2/26/2016 - Dominican Republic

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*Treatment results may vary

2 years researching. I'm now 51 and have decided...

2 years researching. I'm now 51 and have decided to go to Dra Agustina Hilario Duran in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic. I chose her after following her work for the past years. She is an artist. She can snatch a waist and create a rounded butt. Love her work.
I emailed surgicoordinator to gather quote. I sent pics and filled out a simple health questionnaire. A few days later (today) I got my quote for TT, BBL, & Lipo $5000. However once I get a face to face consultation then she may decide that I only need a BBL & LIpo for $4100. This quote includes the surgical coordinator's $200 fee.
The Quote Included:
• Assistance from SurgiCoordinator CareTeam (Before and after the procedure)
•Cardiologic Evaluation
•Photographs (before and after surgery)
•Operating Room
•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment) aka Faja
•Supplies and disposable materials
•Medical fees
•One night at the clinic
•One night of nursing care (not personal)
•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery
•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post-operative
This Quote do not included:
* Insurances
* Post-Operative Medication (Aprox. US$200.00 dollars)
* Testing (Aprox. US$200.00)
* Compression Socks (Aprox. US$35.00) (I purchased through Amazon for $20)
* Blood Transfusion (Aprox. US$110.00 each one)
* Second Garment (I will buy in the DR)

I've requested a Feb 24 surgery date. I will book flight once confirmed
I'm researching Recovery Homes (RH) My list: My Home RH, Serenity RH, Paradise RH, Luxury RH. Waiting for quotes. My Home RH has had great reviews thus far.

I'm 5'4" and a 30.4 BMI @ 179 lbs (My heaviest weight ever).

RH Chosen: Rocio Ortega RH

I've chosen Rocio Ortega RH based on the excellent reviews, the owner emailed me this morning and then called me via WhatsAp to answer more questions, they have hospital beds, they have a web page and a FB page, they have a new vehicle for transport, the house is modern and very clean. They offer massages for $25 per 45 mins. They also offer other spa amenities. The decor is modern and minimal. OF course they have a doc and nurse available.
The only cons is they are 15 mins away from CIPLA and the transportation fees for the 2 weeks is $100 (airport xfer, CIPLA xfers for SX and FU appt.

Deposit for SX Complete: tips for faster payment processing

The SurgiCoordinator finally got in touch with me via WhatsApp to give me instructions on payment
TIP: If using SurgiCoordinator then download WhatsApp on your smartphone and use it instead of email once you get your quote. Also the RH's owners use WhatsApp to communicate. doesn't use your carrier's text allotment.
The deposits $450: $200 for the SurgiCoordinator fee (which I could have avoided if I had called Dra Durán's office directly) and the $250 surgical fee. Must pay this before the SX date can be confirmed
This is done through Xoom, PayPal company (but not tied to your existing PayPal account). Easy process but here are 2 tips to prevent your payment from being delayed for days.:
TIP #1 for Xoom payment: When entering the USD dollar amount. Xoom automatically choose to transfer the funds into Dominican Pesos. CLICK THE BUTTON to USD. My first payment was rejected and now I have to wait 4-5 days for reimbursement.
TIP #2 for Xoom payment: Use your Debit card. The payment will go through 15 minutes - 1 hour. The company boasts 15 mins Mine took an hour or a little over an hour. This option costs more ($26.00) over the Use My Bank Account (which is $4.99) Using USE MY BANK ACCOUNT takes 1-4 days for the payment to go through. I you have time to wait then choose it. I however want to get into Durán this February so I need my monies to get to them FASSSST.
So now I have to wait until Monday to see what dates in February are available. SurgiCoordinator said February & March are booked up since so many women are using their tax return money. She said April has good availability. However, I explained that since I'm not working right now- February is perfect time for me to get away and heal. Cross my fingers.

During Doll!!! Feb 26 SX Confirmed with Dra Durán!!!

I just received my calendar invitation for my surgery. I've confirmed the dates with the RH (Rocio Ortega RH) and set up with out of the country with my bank and my cell carrier. I had my blood tested by doc today. I get results tomorrow. I've been taking: Iron drops, folic acid, vitamins C & B complex (which also has iron in it) I've also eating more iron rich foods (except liver).
Dolls- I even have my bags packed. Yes I said bags - 2 suitcases. Not so much for the clothes- which I could throw in an overnight bag,but all of the chuks (I'm using puppy pee pads instead- much cheaper.30 pads for $5) and the maxi pads, boppy pillow, the lipo foam boards, etc.

My Wish Pic

This is my wish pic. She has an inverted heart shaped butt with realistic projection for an older woman (I'm 51)

SX Pre-Work

*I got my CBC blood test results. My HGB is 13.7--excellent results since the minimum is 12. This is excellent news. I'll continue to take my folic acid, iron drops, vitamin C & B complex.
*I've submitted out of country with my bank (cards). Ordering my DR Pesos ($200 USD worth).
*Set up international calling,text, data plan with Verizon.
*Placed gym membership on freeze.
*I've purchased my DR Tourist Card so that I don't have to wait 2 hours in line like I did last year.
*I splurged with a first class ticket (I've NEVER bought a 1st class ticket) so that I'm comfy on my 4 hour flight (ATL to SDQ). I scheduled wheelchair assistance for my return trip.
* Detoxing my body
* Colon Hydrotherapy on Feb 22
* Taking the Arnica & Bromelian to build up in my system
*Withdraw my USD cash for SX,RH,Tips,SX Tests, etc

One Week Countdown & Packed Items

Wed Feb 24 I will be in the DR in my RH (Rocio Ortega). My bags are 99% packed. This is my list:
• Black Robe (1)
• Black Tank Tops & T-shirts (5)
• Black Flip Flops
• Black crocs
• X Large Cotton Underwear (16 pairs)
• Cotton Shorts (1)
• Black Pajamas w/button up top
• Cotton dress (2)
• Travel shoes (slip on)
• Black Palazzo Pants for plane
• Light zip up hoodie for plane
• Hair Scarves (2)
• Cozy Socks (2 pairs)
• Wish Pics and NO Wish Pics
• Blood test results
• Large Baby Wipes (7 pkg)
• Body Brush
• Normal Toiletries in travel size (Hair Protein, toothbrush, toothpaste, face cleansing wipes, baking soda, coconut oil, shea butter, sample package of shampoo & conditioner, razor, quick dry towel, spray bottle, satin pillow case, curling hair cream)
• Wash Cloths (2)
• Lavender oil
• Arnica Cream
• Arnica pills
• Bromelain
• Vitamin B & Vitamin C
• Folic Acid
• Iron Drops
• Oxycodone (left over from last surgery)
• Benadryl pills for itching
• Soothing lotion or cream for itching (Mometasona)
• Magnesium (stool softener)
• Compression Socks (2 pairs)
• Compression Arm Sleeve (1 pair)
• Small Throw Cover
• Overnight Super Maxi pads (90 pack)
• Female Urinal (EZ P)
• LipoFoam (5)
• Back Lipo Board (1) & Front Lipo Board (1)
• Puppy Pee Pads instead of Chux (60pack)
• Backpack and Mini Lock
• Neck traveling pillow
• Boppy Pillow
• Stage 2 Faja
• Lanyard & Safety pins
• Latex Gloves (pack of 30)
• KIND brand protein and fiber nut bars (8)
• Mophie juice pack
• iPad & Charger
• iPhone & Charger
• Selfie Stick & Charger
• Electrical Extension cord
• Order DR Currency = $200 US worth
• Get USD for surgery, tips massages, prescriptions, RH, etc
• Submit out of the country with bank
• Order DR Tourist Card
• Confirm international calling plan with Verizon
• Set up wheelchair assistance with Delta for return trip
• Detox 1 week prior to surgery (no sugar, no caffeine, no liquor)
• Schedule Colon Hydrotherapy 3 days prior
• Place gym membership on hold for 2 months
• Absentee Ballot
• Secure lymphatic massages for return home
• Start Arnica pills & Bromelain 1 week prior to surgery

Travel Day Checked into RH

Arrived in Santo Domingo easy and fast to get through customs and immigration. Driver from RH was already waiting for me. Took an hour to get through rush hour traffic.
The RH: Rocio Ortega is super clean and modern. There are only 4 beds. 24 hour with a nurse and Doctor staffed. A cook that will make anything you want ( my gandules Von Arroz and hamburger patty and salad were delicious.) there are 7 other patients here Entire staff is super friendly. The patients are happy here
Testing: tomorrow at 10am for blood work EKG and X-ray. I may go to the beach afterwards.
I'm glad I'm here. I may have overpacked. I should have asked the RH or Surgucoordinator what I needed to bring since this RH supplies chux gloves etc. I could have brought one suitcase instead of 2

Pre Op lab work at CIPLA

I met Dra Duran for a hot minute just to tell me that she didn't have time to review my results with me today but will do it tomorrow before surgery She's slender petite and lovely
I got to CIPLA at 10am for blood work urine and EKG. My nurse from RH escorted me to Dra Durán office on 2nd floor. Crowded room with post plans pre and op patients. Wilkie gave me my pee cup and told me to go the the lab on 1st floor. I paid her $220 for testing. Got my X-ray, blood and urine by 10:45 I was back in Dra Duran waiting room with all the other patients hearing their stories. Then around 11:15 Dra Durán had me in her office for the quick 2 min conversation. Then I had to wait until 1:15 for EKG. The cardiologist said my results looked good and my hemo is 14 (!!!!) she said as further precaution to send me for ECG at another clinic and another $90
The RH driver took me there and we waited 40 minutes for the results. We left at 4:15. I was starving and thirsty and tired. Also phone only had 29% charge.
I'm ready for my surgery tomorrow. So excited. Not nervous unless the ECG is a show stopper. Her work is phenomenal in person.

Post Op Day 3

Surgery Day: Dra Duran consulted me and confirmed I needs a TT due to the lump below my belly button from my lipo10 yes ago. She said since my skin is tight she may have to add another incision She marked it and no big deal. I pay Fania for the surgery, faja. I'm sent to emergency for hospital check in where I get weight, height, blood pressure, temp. I answer more questions they send me back to Durán office. An hour later Fania is sending me to 4th floor to get my private room atound12 noon. Put on hospital gown and wait. I'm falling asleep waiting but resist sleeping. I want to be knocked out during surgery. A guy comes with the gurney at 2:45 and gives me the blue pill. I'm wheeled into operating room where I get my IV drip. Durán comes over to say she going to eat a little lunch but I'm in good hands with anesthesia. I'm not nervous or scared. The room is chilly but within minutes I'm knocked out. I never wake up during surgery. Duran came to my room around 9 to say I was an excellent patient and she would see me tomorrow. My RH nurse is there and helps me throughout the night. I'm in a LOTS of pain. They had to give me a shot and something in my drip to knock me out. It was so bad my oxycodone didn't affect me.
Day 1 post op: I wake up feeling fine. I can only drink a little of my broth and all of my tea and a few crackers. Duran came for follow up ( she's beautiful). I get my faja on but they don't close it up until my day 4 appt with Duran. Around 10:30 I'm nauseous and vomit which is excruciating pain. I mean SOB MF excruciating painful The RH driver picks me up around 1 and I get sick again. At the RH the doctor gives me a shot for the nausea The rest of the day I in a tight uncomfortable pain. I eat very little. Like 3 spoonfuls of broth. The RH staff are very loving and caring
post Op Day 2: I wake up feeling good. I walk around a little and sleep a lot. At night I take my pain killers.
Post Op Day 3: RH nurse gave me my antibiotics and stomach acid reducer but I still throw up. The antibiotic made me sick. Vomiting is real MFer. It feels like I pulled a stitch. Slept most of the day.
Oh I started my period on Friday right before surgery. My flow is like a white water river. Fast and heavy flow.
I'm draining really well so well that I e had my linens changed 4 times since Saturday.
My arms and hands are super swollen. They said it's very normal. Durán wants me to drink gallon of water daily
I have my follow up visit tomorrow.
My waist is snatched tight and thinner. I have hips. I'll try to take pics tomorrow if I'm up to it
Thanks dolls for your support! Muah ????

Day 5 1st Lymphatic Drain Massage

I had my 1st lymphatic drainage massage and it was AWESOME. The owner of my RH (Rocio Ortega) also owns a medical spa and salon. The therapist applies gel and the ultrasound wand with a gentle touch for 15 minutes then gives a gentle hand massage for 15 minutes. The she poured paraffin wax let it sit for 10 minutes and removed it. My faja had an extension that I no longer needed after the massage. All for $25
I then had a pedi medi and hair washed and straightened for another $33. Today was a good day. Feeling pretty

Post Op Day 9 feeling sad

On PO day 7 I had my 2nd post op visit with Durán. Had my drains removed ( didn't hurt I felt it sliding across my belly for 2 seconds) they gave me my stage 2 faja to put on day 9
On day 5 I had 1 massage. On day 6 I had 2 massages. Day 7 I had 2 masssages. Day 8 I had 2 masssages. The massages are pulling out so much of this excess fluid. The fluid that comes out is now clear instead of red & yellow.
Today is day 9 and I gave my stage 2 faja on. It took 2 nurses and we had to use the extension from the first faja. This is an XL faja. I also took pictures. My waist is thinner but still swollen. My belly is flat. I love it. I love my new hips. My ass is making me sad. It's not the inverted heart shape that I wanted. It's just a wide rectangle. I hope it's just the camera angle. I'm so disappointed I don't want to post pics of it

Cleared for take off tomorriw

Dra Duran cleared me to leave tomorrow. She had to drain my belly with a needle. Got 2 little cups filled with my fluid. She also prescribed me diuretics and a anti swelling injection.
Not happy with shape of my ass but this is my natural ass plumped up. Live my waist and flat belly.

PO Day 14/ day After Travel Day

I flew home yesterday from Santo Domingo DR to Atlanta Ga. 3 hour flight. I upgraded to first class for the room and comfort of close bathroom. I'm glad that I did. Prior to flying the swelling in my arms hands feet had drastically reduced. During flight my feet blew up 3 times their size. Maybe 4 times. Painful. Today my feet are normal. My husband gave my feet and legs a dry brush massage to move the fluid to my groin. It worked. I peed 20 million times and my feet look normal today. My incision didnt hurt during flight. The lady next to me was day 9 and had some sharp pains in her side. The only discomfort was from indigestion. If anyone suffers from acid reflux or hiatal hernia brings strong meds. This 2nd stage faja is so tight on me that it squeezes my stomach too tight so I have indigestion after every meal. Now that I home I'm going to do smoothies. My first shower after 2 weeks was wonderful. Dra Duran does not recommend showers in the DR unless you use bottled purified water. The shower water in DR homes comes from a tank sitting on their property and its stagnant. For 2 weeks I've used baby & makeup wipes and coconut oil and Agua de Florida to washcloth me clean. Coconut oil is an antibacterial anti fungal and deodorizer and moisturizing. Highly recommend bring this
Definitely ask for wheelchair service as soon as you make your plane reservation. I got thru security 10 times faster in the DR and US customs. There is no way I could have walked with my swollen feet.
My husband has been a real winner. He stocked up with everything that I need and has had to close my faja 3 times so far. He's surprised at the size of my ass. I had to remind him that this will change in 3 months. Also surprised at length of my TT incision. It's going to be a nice thin low scar. I'll take pics later next week
Peace & love dolls!


Since Rocio Ortega RH supplied the chux and medical supplies this is my revised list for the DR which could fit in 1 suit case (I overpacked and had 2 suitcases which was overkill even for 15 day stay):
• Black Robe (1)
• Black Tank Tops & T-shirts (5)
• Black crocs (swollen feet)
• SUPER XXL Large Cotton Underwear (5 pairs)
• Maxi or below knee Cotton stretchy dress (4)
• Travel shoes (slip on) I could have just used my Crocs which would have been more comfy
• Black Palazzo Pants for plane (roomy maxi dress would have been easier to deal with in bathrooms on plane)
• Light zip up hoodie for plane
• Hair Scarves (1)
• Large Baby Wipes (7 pkg)
• Normal Toiletries in travel size (toothbrush, toothpaste, face cleansing wipes, baking soda, coconut oil, quick dry towel, Hibicleanse for night before and morning of surgery wash down)
• Wash Cloths (2)
• Super long overnight Maxi pad (1- Package of 45) I brought 2 but only used 1.
I also bought a package of adult diapers in the DR which the nurse cut to size This really helped the excess draining from my back. I would recommend bringing them instead of buying in the DR. Cutting them in advance would even help. I had to be changed less and had less leaking on my chux pads.
* Arnica Cream (excellent for reducing bruising)
• Arnica pills
• Bromelain
• Vitamin B & Vitamin C
• Folic Acid
• Iron Drops
• Oxycodone (left over from last surgery)
• Magnesium (stool softener) and STRONG ACID INDIGESTION meds if you suffer from acid reflux
• Compression Socks (2 pairs)
• Small Throw Cover
• Female Urinal (EZ P) (I hardly used this sibce I could easier squat to pee even in faja)
• Backpack and Mini Lock and a travel safe for money valuables
• Neck traveling pillow
• Boppy Pillow
• KIND brand protein and fiber nut bars (8)
• Mophie juice pack
• iPad & Charger
• iPhone & Charger
• Electrical Extension cord (Excellent to have!)
• Order DR Currency = $300 US worth for tips, grocery shopping, prescriptions, extra medical testing (I had to get a ECG for $90)
• Get USD for surgery, tips massages, prescriptions, RH, etc $8000 ( Ended up having $800 left over I did get some botox in the DR. I could have done it here in the US for same price)
• Submit out of the country with bank
• Order DR Tourist Card (I did not have to wait in line for tourist card)
• Confirm international calling plan with Verizon
• Set up wheelchair assistance with Delta for return trip (MUST DO!!!!)
• Detox 1 week prior to surgery (no sugar, no caffeine, no liquor). I should have lost 20 pounds before this surgery I should have been only 10-15 pounds above goal weight)
• Schedule Colon Hydrotherapy 3 days prior (excellent idea since I didn’t feel nauseated from my 5 day constipation)
• Place gym membership on hold for 2 months
• Absentee Ballot
• Secure lymphatic massages for return home
• Start Arnica pills & Bromelain 1 week prior to surgery.( I could even started this 2 weeks before. I wasn’t nearly as bruised as some others in my RH)

PO Day 16 Pictures

This is OP Day 16. I feel good. I'm even finally liking the shape of my ass. My faja is still tight. While it's being washed I wear my waist corset. I hate the faja but I love the tight hug it give me. Like being swaddled.

Contacting Dra Agustina Hilario Duran (Durán)

If you want to call Durán directly instead of using surgicoordinator or some other service then:
Call office 809-565-5348 You'll speak with Walkiria (speaks English/Spanish) or Fania (Spanish). They'll want you to email ( this information prior calling:
# of pregnancies,
date of last pregnancy/ c section or normal delivery?
List any medical conditions,
Smoker? if so how often
HIV or Hepatitis b or C?
List Previous Surgeries with dates
What surgery are you wanting with Durán?
Diabetes? Family history of diabetes?
List Drugs or Alcohol and frequency
Phone Number and email address and pictures of front, sides, and back

Send the email with pics (make sure the pics are sent and they must be clear) and then follow up via phone call a few days later. Durán is in surgery from 11am-7pm Mon- Fri. She has pre-op and post-op patients from 7am-11am. I only got to speak to Duran once I arrived for my pre-op appt.

Wound Healing

I just got Medihoney Dressing Paste for my incision care. Going to use it instead of Vaseline or triple antibiotic ointment. Researched the Amazon reviews on it. Very excited. I don't have any burning bumps or infection. I want this incision to heal 100% without incident. Also got through Amazon : Mepitac tape to keep my scar from raising. I'll start the tape next week along with scar reducing cream/gel I measured my waist. It's a 34. I stayed at 38. This is a huge difference for me. I'll be happy with a 30" waist. I've never had a tiny waist. My swelling is dropping. Very happy healing booty romp shake going down.

PO Day 18 lymphatic massage in US

I had my first US lymphatic drainage massage today. Do different than the ones I got in the DR. In DR they gently pushed the fluids from tummy to the back to drain out of my Lipo hole and then did the same for my entire back and flanks. It relieved so much tension I had from the fluid buildup. Today's US lymphatic massage was a gentle finger tip movement on my lymph system starting at clavicle then thighs and calves and then armpit and arms. He even showed my hubby how to do the massage. Hubs was amazed how he could feel the lymphatic moving and releasing. Therapist suggested to continue dry brushing and it's smart on my part to stop deodorant that have aluminum. I use coconut oil instead.
Weight loss: I have lossed 11 lbs since surgery!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not trying to lose weight but so excited! I'd love to get down another 20 lbs

PO Day 20: Lipo Back and Front Boards in Faja

I finally have enough room in my faja to put my lipo back board and front board. I ordered through I'm only going to wear them in the day and at night I'll slip in my lipo foam. I want to get the wrinkles out of my skin. I bet next week I'll go in another row of snaps on my faja. Pictures to follow in a couple of days

PO Week 4

Today is PO day 28 or 4 weeks!!! I've been able to start sleeping on my left side. I've also started wearing maidenform high waist compression as of Wednesday I add my Lipo boards or foam to give me more compression. It's more comfortable than the faja since I'm not dealing with straps.

Swollen and feeling achy

I've blown up today. I even did a recheck of yesterday's pics and can see I was swollen Maybe too early to switch to the high waisted compression garment ( like a Spanx). I'm back in my faja. This week sucked. I had 2 days if diarrhea and then 2 days where I slept most of the day. TT recovery is no joke. I'm glad I'm not working yet. My job search begins April 4.
Uggg. Going back to bed. Bye dolls

Hard Ridge Above Incision

My excess bloat went away with 4 diuretic pills. For the past week I've noticed this hard ridge above my incision line. I found this info from a plastic surgeon 'At this point you may feel a hardness along your wound. Don’t panic, it’s called a healing ridge, and it’s the collagen your body lays down to knit the wound together. It will disappear over the next few weeks. You are still swollen here and there and some areas are numb. This will all get better." This is such a relief. I thought I had damage something with my violent vomiting my first 5 days PO.
I've been using Medihoney on my incision and inside my belly button. My incision seems closed. I've read that belly buttons take much longer to heal so I'll continue with the Medihoney after I clean it with tincture iodine. I use Mepitac silicone tape over my incision. I'll start Mederma scar cream this week. I'm impressed with how thin and straight my incision is. Duran is an artist. I just want to avoid my scar from raising since my skin tends to do that with cuts. My belly button is so cute.
My butt is tender when touched. I'm notorious for not using my boppy pillow.
This is a random rant. Hope not to boring. Smooches dolls

Surgicoordinator Pay Ahead Option

IG post from Surgicoordinator

8 Week PO Anniversary

Wow-- it's the 8 week anniversary. At this time I was in the surgery room completely passed out and getting either my tummy tucked or my bootay inflated with my lipo'd fat.
I quit wearing my faja and any compression garment 2 weeks ago. I really hated it. I still get this really hard ridge/bulge by the afternoon-- especially after I've been sitting for more than an hour. I've included pics of this bulge. It's just above the incision. It's hard. A GF thought it might be a hernia which freaked me out. The research Ive found is that it could be pulled muscle or just swelling I need to wait for 6 months before I freak.This was helpful:
Some pants fit and most do not get past my hips which are not that big but bigger than what I had apparently. I can no longer shop online. I have to try on everything. So I haven't really bought anything new. I'm still swollen on my back, sides and stomach. My clothes leave indentions.
I haven't had any more lymphatic massages in weeks. I am starting back at the gym and will swim which is suppose to be like a lymphatic massage according to the massage therapist. I can't wait for the 3 month review.

9 weeks PO: Back to Wearing the FAJA!!!! My bad for not wearing it...

Ladies you and my friend Carmen were right-- I need to wear the faja the full 3 months. Just wearing it the last 3 nights and days- my tummy is flat again. I still hate the faja, but I now recognize my bad and it's only for my benefit.
Oh-- the skin on my back and sides (flanks) is feeling 'loose' (not tight) and doesn't hurt. I think i'm ready for a regular back massage. The skin on my stomach still feels a bit tight- not as tight as it was a couple of weeks ago.

PO week 11

Just pictures in my new bikini

3 Month PO - Beach Weekend

Swollen belly in the late afternoon & evenings (all of these pics are me swollen).
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra Agustina Hilario Duran is an artist. My TT incision is thin and very low. She has me super flat and snatched. I had my entire back lipo'd and it looks awesomely smooth- even though I'm still swollen. My BBL is a bit too big for me right now but I need to give it 3 months to shape up. She is very sweet, professional and funny. Her staff of Fania and Wilkiria are friendly, just to the point since they are so busy.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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