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Not sure who to select both are qualified, not...

Not sure who to select both are qualified, not sure how to make the final decision. Can anyone who has had any procedures with them please chime in. Dra Medina just recently joined the site but you can find information on her from her website and on the web but you must use a translator, she responds quickly, and has photos on her website. I am not looking for a disco butt I have that already, (maybe just shaping), or any drastic changes, I just need to take in my birthday suit LOL and add some headlights. Can anyone add their experience at either CECIP or CECILIP . Also, Dra Medina did training in US as well as other countries, Dra Beaz trained internationally as well but I do not see where it says America. The only complaint I read from some is Dra Beaz is very modest with her BBL's & Lipo and her TT and BA are good, since Dra Medina just joined there is only one comment, at the moment.

thanking you!

Recovery House Recovery House

Geez how did you dolls decide it's so generic and the reviews no real solid ones I can find. I'm undecided between Real Recovery Armonia , Daisy's and Maria's . Can someone give their experience if they stayed at one of these or give a suggestion. realself please stop deleting reviews, we need to know personal experiences. The ones I have mentioned are $85 per day/3 meals / laundry / transportation / massage on-site / nurse onsite or on call. Thanking you in advance

Decision is Made

I'm a mother of three and I have decided to go for a mommy makeover (TT, BA & LIPO). Funny thing I have never thought of doing this but I ran into a friend who is currently in DR she just had a BBL yesterday with Dra Duran and she turned me onto this site and I have been researching like a mad woman that finalized my decision I could go in for some improvements. I maintain a my weight between 140 - 145lb but hated my stomach, so happy to get it snatched. I have always been a 34B unfortunately I never went up in cup size during any of my pregnancies and never really cared, but now I am making a decision to be a full C or small D - Ha. Initially, I thought I only needed Lipo but all the doctors said I need a TT and Lipo combined because of loose skin and stretch marks. Also, as far as BBL totally not needed LoL


Hello Ladies & Gents, I'm curios to know what excuses you gave or will be given to your job to take 3 or more weeks off from work. I'm not sure if I should request vacation or request sick leave, do you know if you request sick leave they require documentation or not. Knowing the people I work with they might want to send flowers ugh LoL. Please let me know

Passport Tip

Ladies I have read many reviews of woman freaking out because your passport has not arrived. Word of advice there is no need to panic and defiantly DO NOT pay for expedited service, because you can do this yourself with very little cost. You must have your travel itinerary and call the Department of State to make an appt and pick it up the same day from them. This is what the expedited service does they make an appt and send your docs and wait for them to return, they do not issue passports. I know this from personal experience. I was in a travel crisis during a Hurricane Sandy and was traveling a week after my docs were mailed because I did it a month or so prior and I needed 3 (mine and my kids) however the Dept of State offices in NYC were closed due to flooding with no estimate when they will be open. I made an appt with the Dept of State in Philly we drove there approx 1.5 hrs away and picked our passports up and left the next day. It's about a 3hr process. All the information is on their website including the phone numbers you will need to call to make your appointment. Once again do not pay for expedited service, save you funds and especially do not waste your money on something you can do yourself! Just a simple money saving tip

Recovery House

Its so scary reading about the horrible RH experience so many ppl are experiencing. Promising full service care and not delivering. Not receiving meals as promised, the house not being being clean, nurses not certified or clearly not assisting you, no help at CIPLA, walking up 4 flights of steps geez. Why can't they get it together? I think the doctors should take more interest and cater to foreigners who are bringing so much money to their country. There are a few good ones, but those are far in between or rarely talked about. I read Armonia and Upscale reviews are pretty decent nothing overly negative. It shouldn't matter which doctor you select aftercare should not be neglectful. Just my opinion.

Working With

I have always been able to maintain my weight bet 140 - 145lbs range but since Xmas, yes I'm blaming it in the holidays, yes that took place 3 months ago LoL. I am now 155lb and I carry it all in my stomach and butt ugh, yes this is what I'm working with. The problem is I love to work out it helps me eat what I want within reason and maintain but the problem is I haven't worked out in 3 months and my diet sucks I truly have to get it together. My fear with Lipo is if I don't maintain my diet and I get Lipo and TT on my flacks and belly where da hell if I gain will the weight go? Umm

No Breast At All

As you can see no breast at all? I have 3 kids and during my pregnancy I never changed bra size 34B. My kids ages are 20, 17 and 10. Why am I still a 34B, but that's about to change. I'm fine with the Lipo and TT but I hope the BA don't feel weird and I get tired of them lol. Also, does anyone who has had a BA and had a mammogram, how does that work? It's already painful without implant I can only imagine with. Which placement is better under the muscle or over?


I just wrote an update and it did not post. Kristy, really?

Name Change

Because we have open communication in my household, well kind of, my 10 yr old daughter now know I am going for a Mommy Makeover and I'm always on RS, so she asked me what and why am I getting anything done. So while doing my usual RS research she peeks at my tablet and notice I'm on RS, with a confused look she asks, why is the site called RealSelf where everyone talks about their procedures shouldn't it be called, Fake Self. LoL. No, I didn't smack her, I took it as an opportunity to educate her, why adults choose ps for various reasons. LoL

It's about that time

Super excited but also nervous, I'm flying down Saturday, Jan3rd surgery is actually Jan6th instead of Jan5th for my MM, apparently it's a holiday, wish I knew this beforehand, so I could have spent an extra day with my family I've decided to stay at Arelis RH it's all inclusive and I'll have private room. Dr FG highly recommends her, she use to work for him, hopefully all goes well. I just found out or I overlooked it, I'll need to purchase $150 medical insurance, although it's optional you never know, hopefully, it's not needed. I will document my journey as much as possible, I was thinking to create a IG journey page not sure yet, only If RS gives me issues uploading photos. This is me pre-surgery, currently 155 normal weight is 140-145 but with the holidays and my daily Starbucks run, it is what it is, as you can see bbl is not needed. I gain all my weight in my midsection and butt, you can tell by my saddlebags and bulging stomach which wasn't there last week, well actually a couple of weeks ago lol. I'm over my normal weight, otherwise they are not there, I have to do better job eating clean.

Day1 SD Journey

My journey to Santo Domingo Day1, I departed from JFK on a 3pm Delta flight Jan 3rd, pretty typical flight nothing to report, I was happy they gave us the forms before the flight took off, when I went to Punta Cana they gave us the forms when we landed which took up too much time when you just want to leave and get to the hotel. Went through customs and yes, I recommend purchasing your travel card prior, I forgot I had it I my bag and she told me to go back and get it, felt good to be prepared when I pulled it out. I have decided to stay at Arelis RH and when I exited the airport and seeing the sea of ppl waiting for their friends and family with balloons and huge hugs I honestly felt homesick and it's only been roughly 4hrs, lol. Finally I noticed my name on a sign and was also greeted with hugs and kisses from Arelis. Arelis driver took my bags and she asked me if I mind 
going with her to her daughter's engagement party,of course not. She asked me about my food preferences and likes and dislikes to get that out of the way, she didn't want to come to the airport dressed up so she changed into a fancy sequin dress on the way to the party, something I would totally do. We arrived at the party and it was a Gatsby Showgirl theme everyone looked wonderful, we stayed for approx 3 hours everyone was extremely friendly and set my phone up for wifi access and gave me a charger. All the ladies knew I was there for surgery on Tuesday and said it was safe to drink Sangria, I hope so. Also, Arelis daughter is getting married on Jan17th the day before I leave and she invited me to the wedding and she's taking me to the mall for a dress she said I'll be good. She has a beautiful duplex apartment in the Piantini area, I have a private room and bath, great wifi connection, i have remote to control the AC, and American channels. She provides robes, slippers and supplies, transportation and massages. I feel very comfortable like home.
I have to add she sent me an email prior to confirm my arrival time, also Dr FG contacted me to confirm she will be picking me up, although I'm traveling alone it felt like I wasn't.


That wouldn't load

Day 5 Post Op

SD Journey, today is Sunday, January 11th which makes me 5days po, and I'll be lying if I'll say I can't keep up with my days of the week, I have to heavily rely on my calendar. Here it goes, originally my surgery was scheduled for Jan5th but a week before I arrived I was told Jan5th is a holiday and I will be having sx on Jan6th at first I felt bummed because I could have spent an extra day with my family, but it all worked out I had two days to really relax and explore Santo Domingo. Dr FG sent his blood tech to my recovery house to draw blood, check my blood pressure and verify my identification via my passport. I was then informed I had a 1030am appt to see him. I was psyched because I wasn't expecting that, because of the holiday, walked into his office and the Pulmologist was there waiting for me, he gave me an EKG, checked my lungs and kidneys, making jokes the whole time putting me at ease. For me it was a certain amount of anxiety hoping I will pass all test, which I knew I would, but still you never know. Now on the the consultation with Dr FG which lasted between
1.5 - 2hrs, first he want you to show him while looking in the mirror your problem areas, then he will tell you what he can and will not do and why and to make sure your expectations are realistic especially when it comes to TT and Lipo, everyone cannot be snatched to the gods because of your personal body makeup. He's also the type of Dr that wants his patients to maintain healthy eating and exercise to aide and maintain your results, Dr FG also determined I had a hernia which he stated he will repair. IMO Dr FG gives you a lot of leeway when it comes to your breast, he wants to see pictures of breast you like, I want natural breast and the picture I showed him he said looked faked, he wanted to be clear of the look I'm going for, we settled on a look, he said he wasn't sure but the implant will be between 350-375cc he'll put them in to determine which size fits with my frame. We also discussed placement and insertion point. My implants are above the muscle and inserted via periareola, he determined I had enough breast tissue to have them over the muscle, as recovery is easier vs under the muscle. You'll need to make the decision you feel comfortable with,adding on to the holiday he had Karel call several locations to get my x-Ray, several places were closed due to the holiday, mission accomplished, show time tomorrow.

I was instructed to arrive at 730am and report the the 3rd floor, as soon as I arrived the nurse was waiting for me and told me to go to room 2, she followed me with the robe and hat asked me to get undress and she gives your forms to fill out, make sure you have your family members phone numbers he calls to give them your progress after, they were in Spanish but Arelis helped with the translation, also if your getting a TT please wear a thong Dr FG likes to use it as a guide to mark your TT scar. Dr FG came in said Hello and said he will return to mark me up, a couple of minutes past he comes marks me up and explains what he's marking etc. when Dr FG leaves the anestologist arrives asks me questions, I do suffer with asthma both Dr FG and Dr Ortiz are aware, he gave me the blue pill, I'm saying to myself this isn't going to do anything for me, he starts a line in my right arm, next thing I remember I'm back in my room, I'm on the flatside. I have no recollection of anything between those hours. Dr FG visited me after surgery I couldn't make out what he said and Arelis was there as well.

While in recovery, I was in and out of sleep, you are assigned a nurse so you'll never alone even when she stepped out and I called out "nurse" she appeared and sleeps in the room with you. I was on some pretty good drugs no pain just soreness, I assumed I had a catheter because I couldn't feel it at all, the only thing I complained about, I felt extremely hungry and thirsty, I asked to eat, she said in the morning and it was barely after midnight, it makes since, I throw up a lot and was extremely neausous. They kept the room temperature very comfortable by adjusting the AC, it went from hot to cold, so she added and removed covers, sorry I know I was annoying. Finally the morning arrive and Mary says goodnight, keep in mind these nurses do not speak English but for some reason you can communicate, she made the motion she was going to take out the catheter, confirmed, it was painless, she doesn't hesitate to tell me I have to get up and go to the bathroom damn!

Arelis arrived at 930am and Dr FG came after 11am, he had a rheno job and it's preformed at another facility. Finally discharged, but he personally gives you postop instruction and reads the brochure to you, to confirm you are aware of the dos and don't . I started to walkout, he said oh no patients get wheeled out, and that I did.

My first post-op was the next day at 3pm, he schedules your appt so there is no wait you go straight to the room. There I met Yaris she does his massages the way he wants and she was trained in Brazil, she use ultrasound and her hands. She uses almond oil and have very soothing music to aid in your relaxation the first day was very relaxation, saying to myself why does everyone complain, second massages still felt very good but a little pressure but nothing to complain about, I did notice she motioned every day they'll get stronger, I'm saying to myself "oh really". Post-op day 3 massages had me in tears, came to the RH took my percs went to sleep for 5hrs I was in my feelings. Leaving my appt I was informed by Karel she will come to the RH, ugh. Keep in mind while at the RH I need assistance getting in and out of bed, bathroom everything, not in pain but sore and uncomfortable . She arrives Saturday, at 11am post op day 4. I must add the best thing about these massages is getting out the faja. When she walked in my heart dropped I was scared but it's part of the process. Finally a breakthrough it felt great. I can honestly say after that massage I was able to get out of the chair, bed and go to the bathroom and walking with pep in my step, I'm still hunched but feeling good and walking faster

Let me add, I saw Dr FG for dressing changes after massages and it gives you an opportunity to ask questions, he gives his patients a phone but for me I told him it wasn't necessary because he's so responsive on Whatsapp . Please let me warn you, TMI my period was expected the day after surgery, I knew this going in. it was delayed by a day, but be aware Dr FG prescribe heparin shots which are blood thinners and yes I was running like a faucet, not amused.

I was able to write on Post-op Day 5 the other days I was not feeling it, luckily for me I'm not homesick I speak to my family via FaceTime and Skype all day, my husband said he knew I was feeling good when I yelled at him for having a pile of clothes on the floor, now he Whatsapp LoL

I love my results my biggest issue has been the drains, Dr FG gives his international patients 2 and they suck, you can feel them in your skin and they are held in place by stitches which pinch with every movement especially if they are not positioned right I the faja. I'll try to post pict but RS is quirky, not sure why they aren't posting


Dr FG discovered I had a huge ass hernia which took him 1.5hrs to repair and my muscle separation Diastasis was massive, he explained to me when you have that much separation he cannot simply pull it super tight because it can possibly put me at risk for muscle necrosis and Dr FG does not put his patients at risk, with proper diet I will get the look I want, trust me I'm not far from it, however my stomach is flat and I'm swollen, it will only get better, especially after these damn drains are removed. You must drain under 50cc in 24hrs and my numbers yesterday were 220cc per drain, ugh I have some time to go

A few photos, trying again

Hopefully these load, funny how I feel the fluids on my back, it feels like I'm sweating, I've been fortunate not to have any Lipo pain which I hear feels horrible, I guess it's the numbness. FYI if your not getting a BBL big grannie panties are not required I have these folded so much to keep them from falling down, lol

Up Close

One side more swollen than the other

Post Op Day 8

Today is post-op day 8. I have finished all meds and will take my final heparin shot tonight at 10pm. I could not have had a better experience overall, Dr FG is a very caring doctor who cares for his patients welfare, you will see him your entire stay and if he's in surgery and if time is permitting he will stop by briefly just to check on you, he will also let you know if he will not be available the next day due to surgery. Your daily visit to the office will mainly be for massages (not preformed by him), bandage changes and you will get an opportunity for Q&A, he starts his patients on massages the day after surgery, baring no complications, he recommends getting the first 5 by him, I looked forward to going to the doctor's office because it gave me an opportunity to get out and move around. The massuese he use will change your bandages if he's not available she's trained to do as Dr FG instructs. Also, ladies please keep in mind when selecting a PS you feel comfortable with is just the beginning, you need to also select a RH that has your best interest at heart because you will be spending the majority of your time there. For me the first four days were my most vulnerable days, I was not able to do anything without assistance, bathroom run, eat, sit up or down, practically useless without assistance, after day 4 , I was able to fend for myself. You also should make sure you select a place that will maintain your drains, they do get clogged and if not cleared they do not drain, which defeats the purpose of them being there, I had my drains cleaned twice a day, and it's more involved than just dumping them. Also, keep in mind Dr FG needs to know how much you are draining in 24hrs before he can safely remove them, he likes you to drain less than 50cc in 24hrs, and you will need to keep track of this. I stayed at Arelis RH and she did all this for me plus more. Also, I know a lot of woman like to buddy up and share a room, I selected Arelis RH because all her rooms are private, I was not interested in sharing and here's why especially realized during my recovery. For one, when you share a room you will also share the bathroom and there will be a lot of days when you just miss the toilet, your bladder may be a little weak due to the recent catheter, and you may or may not be on your cycle, I was and it was a mess. Also, the draining reservoir needs to be maintained, measured and dumped and the bathroom throughly cleaned with Clorox 2x a day, I can only imagine doing all this for 2 patients sharing a room, it's just too much body fluid IMO to be sharing a room. Also, when your recovering the last thing you want to do is listen to someone else whine and complain. You may want the light off, they may want the light on, they may want the tv off you may want it on, they will be on the phone talking to their family and you want them to be quiet lol, to me it's a little too much comprising when you're not at 100%.

I will be departing Sunday, last doctor visit Friday and I will be switching to my 2nd garment tomorrow and I'm attending a wedding on Saturday, I'm pretty busy. I've had a wonderful experience with Dr FG and could not have wished for anything more, he is a top notched surgeon! Also, Arelis RH has exceeded my expectations.

Post-Op day 9 & 10

Yesterday was Post-op day 9, I am in my stage 2 garment, size medium, and 4th row, I should have got a small but my legs are so swollen especially my thighs and vajayjay it made no sense to cut off circulation to my thighs. OMG my vajayjay is so swollen that it feels uncomfortable and I only bought grandma undies, I have no idea why, and what I need are super tight undies to compress my privates, so just in case this happens to you, in addition to grannie panties, also bring some panties that will fit snug in case you need compression there, my faja is open in that area. The body is amazing in its ability to heal itself, the places in my body where the drains were have closed and Yaniry had to reopen one to get the fluids out, and no, it did not hurt. I was told I'm healing "rapidto" and I had very little fluids, happy to hear. I do not want to return home and have access fluids which could possibly turn into a seroma or hematoma, which is way I set up last massage on Sunday before I depart and my first massage making it my 9th massage I have received in DR, I have m first massages on Monday in the states.

Today is post-op day 10 and my last doctor visit, all went well. I had my 8th massage and will be receiving my 9th on Sunday before I head to the airport, I feel fantastic after I receive my massages, I feels so loose almost like normal, please note, they can be a little uncomfortable, therefore, I take a pain killer 1/2 hr prior. Dr FG removed all remaining stitches in my Lipo areas, BB and areola, he also removed couple of knots stitches along my TT he also informed me the TT stitches are dissolvable, we discussed how long I need to wear the faja and bra, told me how to take care of my BB and TT scar, he said in a month time I can start with the silicone strips, finally we said our goodbyes and he asked that I keep in touch. If you're looking for a doctor who will give you his undivided attention, answers all question and not in a generic manner, is available and delivers on his promises, he's the doctor for you, Dr FG also guarantees his work.

I would recommend not to go crazy with supplies, the supply lists that are floating around are good items to have in your household anyway, but not necessary needed while you're in DR, well I my case anyway. Check with your RH and find what they will supply you with, I neglected to do this and bought a lot of unnecessary things, at JFK I was told my bag was over weight and would cost $75, but she allowed me to remove items to put I to my carry-on so my luggage could make weight. Gauze and tape was supplied by my doctor and RH, Dr FG took care of my scars so there was no need to mess with them, the dressings were changed daily. Make sure you bring your toiletries and those little items that make you feel good, like lipgloss, lipstick, I'm not talking full face but just a little something. I wish I would have bought my brow care kit, trust me when you feel better you'll want to look better, sunglasses (it's very sunny here), house coats with the pockets, which are a perfect fit for your drains and great for walking around the RH and to sleep in (RH provided theses for me) zip or button front dresses to wear to doctor visits especially when you have the drains, I purchased a couple of those bathing suit cover ups with pockets and zip front, it was so easy to get in and out of especially during those first couple of days, maxi dresses, I bought 5, but you can get by with less, I started wearing my maxi dresses when the drains were removed, they felt so comfortable without the drains. After surgery, I came home in a maxi dress and the nurse hooked the drains on my faja under the maxi, I felt constrained, no beuno. Also, bring flip flops, 2 pair, one pair to wear inside the house and the other outside, also bring shout-out wipes, they were useful for me to clean little stains on my faja, floss (I have an obsession) q-tips, Lysol for your #2. I bought 3 packages of baby wipes and flushable cleansing wipes, these flushable wipes you will use after multiple bathroom runs, as far as the baby wipes I didn't really use, Arelis wiped me down with it once and it left me feeling sticky, after she used soap, water and wash clothes. Don't be fooled, you can wash yourself daily just not your incisions, I washed daily to keep me feeling fresh, remember I had a messy cycle and I stayed fresh by washing, baby wipes was not cutting it for me, a good book, let me recommend Baby Huey by James Hendersen, it's a quick read and will have you turning pages, it's about a couple, man, wife and step son and how he became a crackhead, omg you'll be flipping pages, no it's not based on a true story. I also suggest to have a subscription to Netflix and let me recommend Luther it's a BBC series with Idris Elba he's a detective, it's filled with suspense and my final recommendation, you should become a member to some of the FB groups the ladies will keep you entertained with the questions and drama, when you start to feel better you'll have a lot more time than normal to entertain the shenanigans. Finally, my last recommendation, make sure you sort out which applications you will use to communicate with your family, I FaceTime via iPhone & iPad and Skyped for my Android family members and of course Whatsapp, I continued to Whatsapp Dr FG while at the RH, as I mentioned, I didn't want the phone it wasn't necessary for me.

Today is the first day I actually feel home sick and I'm ready to go, I wished I would have taking this into consideration and was leaving Saturday instead of Sunday, because you won't be see the Dr on Sunday and if you do see him on Saturday it will be early giving you enough time to make a late flight, damn, I know he says 14days as a precaution but I'm ready now! Wishing you all good luck with your future journey.

R2 in the works....

And I'm going to Colombia....stay tuned. I'm in the process of researching. Why R2, ladies don't fool yourself with the natural look because ultimately you'll want that snatched waist, I'm not a bbl girl, I guess because I never lacked in that department but I might want some hips, lol. The thing to keep in mind with Colombian Dr's so many of them do great work and they do not post on Social Media, some do but a whole lot do not. A lot of them are trained in Brazil and it's frowned upon to post pictures on social media. Not in America we got to see it to believe it, lol so researching is definitely a challenge and on top of that, I'm thinking of getting my teeth done, F it, why not?

Also it appears when i started my journey in 2014 people really wrote about their journeys, now I cannot find a damn thing on RS, everyone is in private FB and IG groups
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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