A Much Needed TT, BA w/small implant, some Lipo of Abs, and Flanks - Dominican Republic, 5'9" - 200 lbs

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Wow, I've finally made my decision to move forward...

Wow, I've finally made my decision to move forward with this process. I am 54 yrs of age (will be 55 by the time I have my procedures), 5' 9" tall, 195 lbs. Yes I am so very nervous as hell but for some reason deep down inside I feel it's going to be ok. I joined this site last year December, 2014. I had been doing some research on and off for the past maybe 5 yrs. As of now I have been please with my experience with Dr. Manual Diaz. So I am soon to be a Diaz Doll.

I was always able to find a reason that I couldn't do this or I would talked myself out of doing this because of the cost. Well I'm over all of that now and my main focus and goal is to find more reasons and ways that I can do this.

My BFF was supposed to be going with me during this but the timing is not feasible for her as she will be starting a new job and may not be able to get the time off. I have prayed and come into my own that I can do this on my own. I will post some pre pictures soon. Until then I can't wait to reach the flat side....

Still Looking

Since my initial post I have still been reading, looking and discovering other Drs. I may be making a change... I will post some pictures of me now. I want to hopefully lose about 20 lbs before my surgery as I have read throughout the site the more weight you lose the better your results.

The Ugly Truth... LOL!!!

So I'm finally going to be brave enough to post some before pictures.... please be nice... 8-). This is hard for me because most of my life I have been an athlete. Although I am 5'9", 195 lbs, I'm still on good shape (meaning I have endurance), I want my physical body to look as good as I know I have looked before.

I just really want to look awesome naked.. 8--)

so, I've uploaded some naked pictures of myself. here are some clothed pictures. I don't look so bad, I'd just like to look much better.

15 Lbs Ago

These are when I weighed 15 lbs less than I do today. I still had a pudgy belly and no waist but I don't think I looked too bad. I really need to get the 15 lbs off before my surgery date. I was told I need to get my BMI down below 30, I'm currently at 32. Those 15 lbs would do it..

The Waiting Game

So I first had my sights set on Dr. Manual Diaz and then I saw the work and how meticulous Dr. Goico is and the more modern facility. I've request a quote from him but has only received a courtesy reply so far. Once I received Dr. Goico quote I will hen make my final decision. Dr. Goico only seems to want to work on the skinny bodies that might need a little tuck here and there and that is my concern. My BMI is currently at 31 and he will not treat anyone over 30 BMI. I'll need to lose at least 10 lbs and I can do that, but I need his quote to confirm my dates first...

Wish Pics

Deposit Made.... Yahhhy

So I made my $300 deposit with Dr. Manuel Diaz to hold my surgery date of October 15, 2015. Now it's time to get busy with my preparations.

Recovery House Feedback

Can anyone give me some feedback on the following recovery houses: Things that are important to me are: cleanliness, good after care, hospital beds, AC, Internet or WiFi, English speaking (at least enough to understand me and me them),
Paradise Recovery House, My Home Recovery House and Rocio Recovery House.

Lots to do in Less Than Two Months

Well I started going through my many list that I have put together since joining this site and boy do I have a lot to do and buy.

Moving Right along

Hello Dolls, it's been a while since I've posted anything. I've been working a lot trying to build funds so I don't have to worry about anything while I'm off work. I guess it's all getting real as I purchased my airline ticked a few days ago and I started to purchase more items for the trip. I'm nervous but also excited. Will keep y'all posted.

Received my quote from Dr. F. Goico

I am so happy that I finally received my evaluation and quote from Dr. FG. I am so ready to move forward. I'm right on schedule but may try to lose just a few more lbs before my surgery date. Still not sure what recovery house to use as he does not have packages like the others. overall I am very excited.

Recovery House?

Okay Ladies, now is the time. I need to make a decision on which recovery house I plan to stay at while in the DR.... Can anyone give me any suggestions? Cleanliness, good medical service, english speaking, medical beds, cost are most important to me. what are the feeling out there for Serenity Recovery House?

15 Days to go

Hello Dolls, it's been a minute, I've been on the grind trying to work as much as i can so my finances can stay in tact while I am off from work. I finally had my Hemoglobin done and I'm at 12. I wanted it to be it up to 13 or 14. The next few weeks will be grilling as I am going to do all that I can to get my hemo up some more.

Two Days Before I'll Be On The Flat Side RS Family

Good morning, I leave tomorrow for the DR! I am so excited and yet I am so nervous. I believe I have everything ready, I just need to wrap up some last minute thing before my flight in the morning. Please keep me in your prayers! As so as I am able to I will post pictures.

Made it to the flat side

Thank you to all of my Realself Family for all of your prayers and best wishes. The first few days I have been so out of it. Then I didn't have internet reception in my room so I wasn't able to get on the site. I will be taking time to give details and photos as soon as I can.

Day one 10/15/15

I arrived in Santiago Dominico, Dominician Republic on 10/14/15, my surgery was scheduled the next day. After going through customs walking down the stairs to the outside there were two drivers with my name on their signs. if you that have been following I had cancelled with the previous Dr that I had already made a deposit with. Yes a very awkward moment.. Smh. Once again a note to myself why I chose the doctor that I did, his assistant was great with detail and she would have know or remembered that I had cancelled with her doctor unlike the other doctor's assistant.

From the airport I was taken to the nice modern clinic where all of my test were taken. One note if you have any test done before arriving and are able to bring your results, please do so. It will give a good baseline. Well the CBC (complete blood count) that I had taken about two week prior had my hero at a 12.7. In the two weeks before my arrival I had loaded up on Geritol, iron tablets, B complete , Folic Acid and everything I could think of to help me get my Hemo higher. Well none of it helped. I was still at 12.7. That changed everything... ????. (More to come).

Decisions, decisions

After all the test were done, Dr. FG and I sat down to discuss my options. I could not have all that I came to have done and I was happy that Dr. FG and I were on the same page, what are the safest options. At the end of the day I said to the doctor, natter what my first and if only option would be to have the Tummytuck, we both agreed that we would go for the Tummytuck and should there be a second option it would be the Breast Lift and any Liposuction he thought would not put me in any danger. This is why I chose this doctor. At not anytime in our discussion did he give me any false hopes to have more that he could safely perform. It was scheduled for me to be there the next day, 10/15/15 at 6:30 am.

To the Recovery House we go

My driver José picked me up alone with two others that were staying at Serenity Recovery House. Once I arrived to the RH I was greeted by young ladies with warm smiles and warm welcomes. They all were very nice. I was placed in a room that had three beds a bathroom and a large walk in closet that I didn't realize was the closet. The house was nicely decorated in teal, grey and white wall colors. The beds in the room I occupied had three twin size beds. The other two rooms were occupied by the other two ladies. The rooms were nice, but it would have been nicer if the beds were full size and/or maybe hospital beds. The room I occupied had a water stain that I prayed was not mold. I had not seen the other two rooms yet to know how they looked. I'd told José I had to be back at 6:30 am and he said to me when you get to the RH take a long shower and when you wake up in the morning, take a long shower because that will be your last shower for many days. By the time we all arrived to the house it was dinner time. One of the ladies working there prepared me a plate of food that looked and tasted really good. It was much more than I normally eat and asked if I could just have a little bit. I ate dinner and chatted a bit with the others, then I bidder my good night and went to prepare for my big day.

Room and Food

Surgery day 10/15/15

I had to have one Chest X - ray taken before going to the PlasticMed where the surgery would be done. Once I arrived Dr. FG came to my room as soon as I arrived. Dr. FG explained what was the game plan and begin to mark up my body. We both agreed to the Tummytuck and breast lift and anything more would depend on how the surgery progressed. He is very meticulous and symmetry is very important to him, we both laughed that we must keep in mind that the Breast are sisters and not twins. Once he'd completed my body markup the anesthesiologist can in and explained their process. Not one time did Dr. FG left my side. He made sure that i understood everything and that they understood me also. Once that was complete I was given the infamous blue pill

After surgery

After taking the blue pill, I was very relaxed. I was set up with an IV and the medicine to put me out was added to the IV.... that was the last thing I remembered.

After surgery when I'd finally woke it was about 8:30 pm. Dr. FG was right there letting me know everything had gone well. There was a nurse on duty and it seems every time I'd dose off to sleep she was waking me up to give me meds. One thing I forgot to mention, not sure if the other Dr's do this, Dr. FG asked if I had a pair of thong panties. So bring a pair with you as he wanted to use them to mark the Tummytuck scar and the " Y " location on your butt for the bbl.
There was a smaller bed in the room and the nurse slept on that bed throughout the night. It was terrible because she snored loud and keep me up most of the night.

The next day around 1:00 PM the massage therapist came and gave me a message and her and another nurse put me into my first Faja

Started Massages

On the third day post I had my first massage. Ladies start you massages as soon as possible. They made a world of difference in my swelling. Dr. FG reminded me that once I'm his patient we are married. That is his character, that is why I chose him.

Day by day

I would say that the first three days are to hardest, but everyday gets better. Also if you can afford it try to find a house that has the hospital beds that would have made a world of difference. There are a few down sides to staying at Serenity RH. Two big ones were not having the hospital beds and the other is the Internet not working properly. I have been trying to take new pictures everyday to see the progress or to see when I have a set back. Still getting a massage everyday

Drains, drains go away, never come back another day

Today is my 11th day post surgery. I thought I would have had my drains out buy now. I'm not draining a whole lot but just enough to keep them. I'm still having massages so maybe that's why I'm still draining. Well it is what it is, I'd rather have the drains then to have them then out too soon and have that cause me problems later. ???? I took more picks today

14 Days Post

Well I had my last massage today and I am so excited to be going home tomorrow. I got my drains out a few days ago and I feel really good. This has been a very good surgery experience for me. The ladies at the Serenity Recovery House were very nice. I prepared my tip to all of the ladies by writing a personal note to them in their language to include in their tip envelope. They all thought that was very nice to do. So if you think you will be able to save enough money to tip remember to bring envelopes and or blank post card size thank you cards. I didn't have neither so I asked one of the ladies if she could bring me some envelopes when she returned and she just gave me some plain brown envelopes that look like blank bank or ATM envelopes. I wrote the notes on some note paper I already had. It was nice to see the smile on their faces. The one lady that stays overnight said I made her cry and asked how long did it take me to write them, the notes. There is nothing like the gratification of making someone smile... ????

10-29-15 ( Surgery date 10-15-15 ) Still lots of swelling

Sleeping in my own bed

I arrived home this Friday. I was so excited to one, finally to be able to take a shower and two, to be able to sleep in my own bed. I did ok. My 2nd sage faja was here at home so after my shower I tried it on and it was just a bit larger than I wanted. I have the Marie E brand number 9152. After reading all of the reviews I ordered a larger size. I'm between a size 12-14 and the reviews were saying the faja ran small so ladies in the 12 - 14 size range were ordering the 3X size faja. I ordered the 2X and it was still a bit large for me. I was able to hook in the lat hook with a little resistance. For e that meant that I would be out of this one in no time. I returned it and re-ordered a size large which should be perfect. It should give me jut enough resistance in the first hook and give me enough to work my way to the 4th or last hook as my swelling goes down. If I were to follow my waist measurements i would need a size medium, i don't want to be that uncomfortable though so i went with a size large.

The Faja Nightmare

Awh yes, the Faja it can be really bad, but it doesn't have to be. I didn't do what most have done with the Faja. I chose the one that is considered the best one to use, the Maria E 9154, but I didn't start out with the smallest one like most do. I read the reviews from others on the purchase site and that is where you get the best information. Information like. does the size run smaller or compared to the size chart listed. I'm about a size 12/14 , and the size chart put me in a size medium. However, reviews from the site in my size said they purchased a size 3XL , I got a 2XL which I found fit snug but I could get it to the 4th hook with some effort so I knew that was way to big for me. I returned the 2XL and got a XL and a size Large . When the two arrived I tried on the Large and could barely hook the first hook , so I kept the large and exchanged the XL for a size medium to work my way down. I wear the size large during the day and I sleep in my stage 1 compression garment that I first got from the doctor. I will also get one that you just wrap around the waist/tummy area too just for sleeping and continue to where the full garment when I'm not sleeping. That is what has worked for me. I will post some recent pictures soon

Latest Photos

One Month Today

Today marks one month since my surgery and I feel pretty good. Still a bit sore in some areas, but not unbearable. It's mostly on my sides or flanks where there was a little bit of lipo done. I moved to my second hook on my faja today also. It's tight but feels good.

4 1/2 Months Post

Feeling great, sometimes my stomach is still a little swollen, but wearing my Faja helps with that matter
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I started out with Dr. Diaz. There was one other doctor that I very much wanted to do my surgery more than that of doctor Diaz. Well my first choice recently replied and had lost his server hence; all of my information as well. Once back in contact with him everything was as I had expected and I made the decision to change doctors. I stand to lose my $300 deposit and asked if it could be transfer to someone else but I was told no that was not possible. I guess just another way to make you pay for changing doctors... I am a believer that things work out for a reason and I also believe it was meant for this doctor : Luis A. Fernandez Goico, MD. to be my surgeon. Just a note to others the price given does not include my travel and any other expenses for things that I need to prepare for my trip and stay in Santiago Dominico, Dominican Republic. Dr. Goico is awesome. He is very kind, had a wonderful bed side manner, but is also to the point and honest about what he believes is best for his patients. Safety is his number one concern and he will never risk your safety. He believes that no patient or money is worth a patient life and if the patient chose to go elsewhere so be it. Dr. Goico is awesome in so many areas of his practice and his life.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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