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Hello, I'm a 36yro mother of one. I have battled...

Hello, I'm a 36yro mother of one. I have battled obesity all of my life. I have been wanting a tummy tuck since the birth of my daughter 18 years ago. Yet as much as I have researched and obsessed over it I have never gotten it done, well now is my time....I'm on a mission.

Although I have battled the ups and downs of weight gain all of my life, things got out of control a few years ago when I gained over 100lbs in a short span of time, pushing me to 295lbs. I have since struggled with getting this weight off (I am currently 256lbs, a 13lb weight gain since Oct.).

I have been working on adapting a life style change which includes clean eating and exercise (although I've been off of my wagon for a few months now). But I swear its the hardest thing I have ever tried to accomplish in my life. I know its not an over night process, but looking in the mirror makes it worse and keeps me from reaching my goals. Sounds crazy right, think about it like this, when I look at my reflection all I can see is all the work I have to do and how far I am away from my goal, and it discourages me. I think getting this work done, will give me to motivation I need to get on track and stay on track, I mean really who wants to go through all of that and not look their best. And to be honest its so much easier to keep weight off than it is to actually loose it.

I'm sure I will have a ton of questions down the line, and I'm hoping my fellow Yily Dolls will be able to answer some of them for me. In the mean time I'm in the very begging stages of my journey. I just sent back the pics of my body and the answers to the questions asked via email

Wish me luck


So far I have recruited two of my homegirls to travel with me to Dr. Yily. Having my girls with me makes me feel better, and even more so knowing that we'll all be returning a better us makes me feel even better HOWEVER I'm the only one who will probably be required to loose weight before the surgery. Thats going to be A LOT of pressure, not only does my surgery ride on my weight loss but so does theirs, or risk them proceeding without me *sigh*.


Does anyone know how I contact Dr. Yily using Whatsapp? Do I enter the contact number she has listed?





So I reached out to Yasmin on FB and she emailed me info about her services, she is the 1st RH I've reached out to, I will continue to reach out to others to find the best one to suit my needs but here's what Yasmin sent me....

I have a Recovery Home in Santo Domingo, DR, where my staff and I will gladly take care of you after your cosmetic procedure. I have a few single and double beds rooms, all with its own bathroom. It’s a house located in a Business District Area. My rooms are modest—don’t have flat screen tvs-- J but very clean, very neat, in ordered and have everything you’ll be needing for your Recovery.

We take pride in caring for our “girls” as our own family. When you come here, although you’ll be away from home, you’ll still feel like home!


=>US 55.00* per person for a share room with AC. (You must bring your own buddy, 2 people max) Note: If one leave earlier than the other one, the one that stays will be charge at regular rate the remaining of the days and will be moved to a single room if there is one available.)

ð US 65.00 for a single private room with AC.

ð US 35.00 for an additional person.

NOTE: Check Out time its by 11:00 am of day of departure, if leave later than that, half a day will be charge.

It includes;

=>transportation*, ( from and to Airport and all the doc's office ONLY) A pharmacy will be delivering the medicines.

=>Nurse Services- check up, and clean up- Care 24 hours

=> Massages are not included in the price. You’ll need to hire your own masseuse. (I can recommend a few)

=>Three meals; with either; juice, soda or milk.== Three meals will be provided. (Please be aware that the Dominican custom is to have a big meal for lunch, but BK and Dinner are light meals) Please bring some proteins bars for those time you don’t want to eat.

=>Be aware that before we reserve you a room, you must read some Rules and agree to them.

=>An additional US 35.00 will be charge IF you require someone to stay with you the whole night at the clinic.

=> => The night of the Surgery, will not be charge, if and only if you come from the Airport (5am -7am) directly to the Clinic or are staying more than 10 nights. If that is not the case you will be require to pay for all your nights. (Its like going to a Hotel; once you do ‘’Check In’’ the bill starts running!)

èThe day that you leave Does NOT count, if you leave before 11 am (Check out time)… if you have to leave later than that; you’ll be charge half a day. (Since we still have to feed you and care for you .)


=> Cable

=> You must be a minimum of 8 days for airport transportation to be free. If staying less, a fee of us 70.00 will be charge for both trips.

=> => We are only 5 mts from CIPLA and other Clinics in the city, (Depending on traffic)

=> Please be advised I do not take Credit Card, and will not accept PayPal payment for full payment

For those of you interested Yasmin's email address is

Massage Therapists

Okay so I'm officially addicted I've been stalking this site for days now, and I think I have most of my questions answered.....BUT how do I find information for the massage therapist? Who's the best out there?

Team Yily Doll By Any Means Necessary!

My journey has officially begun!

Too fat for Dra Baez

So as I continued to read reviews and educate myself on this journey I decided to take a look at Dra. Baez she seems to be a up and coming body artist in this game lol. I still haven't heard back from Dra. Yily and was presently surprised that Dra. Baez responded to my inquiry IMMEDIATELY I mean with in minutes (I almost fell out of my seat when I saw the email). Unfortunately she said I am not a candidate, I would need to continue to look for other doctors or return to her once I weigh under 200lbs. It made me really sad, that was my biggest fear and continues to be until if/when I hear back from Dra. Yily. But either way I know what I have to do. I remember reading a review from a young lady who scheduled her surgery traveled all the way to DO after going on a eating plan to gain weight only to be told she still doesn't have enough fat. I guess most of us are plagued with something one way or another. So this morning I've decided not to stay down, I'm sitting her drinking a fresh fruit and vegetable beverage as I type and then I'm off to get some cardio in. Hopefully I'll hear something good from Yily soon.

Wish Pics

I said I wasn't going to do it but I think I need to start gazing at pics for some of my motivation. I never wanted to be a small chick but definitely never wanted to be fat either. Here are some examples of how I'd love to look....well at least close to them

So much to talk about, I'm so excited!!

Okay so after much stalking on behalf of one of my sx buddies and I we have finally got a quote from Dr. Yily (((yyyaaayyy!!!))). There are four of us planning on going, the other two are slow dragging so they haven't gotten their quotes back yet. I won't post any ones else's numbers, and I can't post mine because Yily didn't include my BA in my quote so I have to wait for a revision, but atleast I'm in the running.

Here's where my challenge comes in Yily said I have to be NO MORE THAN 200lbs to get my surgery done, I have A LOT of work to do!! I reached out to Baez once again and asked her to reconsider giving me a quote, and because she's skeptical that I will be successful with my weightloss in such a short period of time, she told me to contact her in a few weeks and update her on my progress, its okay I understand her pessimism and for that reason I'm going to work even harder to prove her wrong whether she does my surgery or not.

On a good note, when I originally posted I said I was 256lbs, however I weighed myself the day before my menstrual forgetting that I'm always heavier right before my period but my accurate weight WAS 252.8 but I've been on this moderate juice diet since Baez said I wasn't a candidate for sx because of my weight and have lost 2lbs (its been 5 days). Now that I have my quote from Yily I'm really focused....I'll keep you all posted on my progress.

So now me and my sx buddies are now starting to look into RH's, so far it's looking like we'll be at Silhouette House. We're going to keep our options open, but at the moment it looks like Angie's has everything we're all looking for at the price we want to pay. One of my sx buddies found a RH called Upscale, and Dr. Yily is promoting one called Deluxe (opening in Jan 14), I've never heard of these so we will need to do further research, does anyone know about them?

Wish me luck y'all my journey has officially begun!

Gotta get this weight off....

I've already started taking some of the vitamins in anticipation of my surgery for the most part I'm taking supplements I found at my local Wal-Mart eventually I'll invest in the better quality stuff as time gets closer. I don't want to wait until the last minute I want my numbers to be right for my surgeries I don't want to have to forfeit anything if I can prevent it. Not to mention having to loose so much weight in such a small period of time and there being no room for error I need to make sure I'm getting more than enough vitamins (thank goodness Im good with swallowing pills and staying consistent with medicine). I'm doing the moderate juice fast and with time I will upgrade to a full juice detox. I have so much work to do but I will succeed! #teamyilydoll2014

So I'm not going to put all of my eggs in one basket

FINALLY!!....I got a quote from Dr. Yily, however it wasn't easy and it wouldn't have been done without the assistance of Angie of Silhouette RH. On the flip side some of my sx buddies are still waiting for their quotes (Angie is working on helping them too). I have to be honest though, I'm really not happy with the fact that I have to have another third party be the middle man in getting in contact with my PS. I mean really, I have to save long and hard to get this sx done, I have become the kitchen beautician/nail tech queen. I haven't eve been going out lately (Lord knows I love my social life). Every dime is being put aside in order to save up for this journey and I can't even get in contact not only with the Dr. but with anyone at their office (I've even called the office and got nowhere) to give them my hard earned money. Ummmm NOT A GOOD LOOK AT ALL!!....I knew Dra. Yily was hard to get in contact with and I understand she's coming off of maternity leave but she is running a business and I would like to see more lines of communication open.

On a better note, I am definitely impressed by Angie, she has really been instrumental in trying to get everyone in my group their quotes, and she hasn't even tried to milk us for money to do so (if I had to pay someone $150 to set the arrangements them and the PS could forget about it). Angie's professionalism and constant lines of contact will definitely get her our money. Even if we don't get our work done with Yily we are definitely looking to stay at Angie's.

As a group we decided to research different Dra's and decide which one works best for us individually. We realized that its not important for us to go to the same Dr. but for us to be together during recovery. So far the list of Dra's we're looking at include Yily, Duran, Baez, Robles, and Almonte. So far I've gotten quotes from Robles, and Yily (still waiting for Almonte). As mentioned in an earlier post Baez won't give me a quote as she states I am not a candidate FOR HER because of my weight, even once I loose the weight I doubt if I go to her, being that I keep reading that she doesn't like working on plus sized women, which is what I will still be considered (height to weight ratio) even after my weight loss. I doubt if I bother trying to look into Duran because of the lack of communication from her to her patients (would defeat my purpose I can stay with Yily for all of that). What I can say is so far I am impressed by the professionalism and communication I've received from Dra. Roble's office. After looking at her and Dra. Almonte's pics I'm torn between the two. We shall see the out come as time passes.

Virginia's Recovery House

I've read a few people who mentioned staying at Virginia's Recovery House, but can't find any information on her/them. Can anyone assist?

Dr. Fatima Almonte it is and I know I made the right choice!!!

Hello All, I know its been a minute since I've updated everything. And to be honest not much has changed. I made my deposit to Dr. Almonte a week or so ago. That process went really smoothly, honestly it wasn't even a process. Lesley, Dr. Almonte's assistant gave me her Bank of America account number to deposit the funds. Conveniently I have a Bank of America account, so I just set her up to be able to transfer funds directly from my account to hers. This is going to be especially useful when I travel to DR. I won't have to worry about traveling with large amounts of money. I can just take what I think I will need in cash, and transfer my payment within minutes (sometimes I just love technology). I must say, Lesley is the greatest, she's professional, informative, insightful, and patient. I can't wait to actually meet her in person.

Currently I am working on getting my passport, I have an appointment with my local post office next week. After that I will start shopping for the supplies I will need in order to get that out of the way, and from there I can just continue to save up the rest of the money I need for the trip and continue to concentrate on my weight loss. Back in December when I originally started this journey I was 256lbs, I am now down to 244lb. I know its not a lot of weight, but slow progress is better than no progress. By my surgery date I have to be 200lbs, wish me luck.

Until next time.

A pic of me

I've been asked to post pics so here's you can see why I need this work done. ....I had on a girdle and that belly was still a mess...


So I figured I'd get ahead of the ball and start purchasing supplies.....this is what I bought from Walmart. ...still waiting on my Amazon delivery. I have a few more items to get but I wait til its closer to my trip

Recovery House

I meant to mention I'll be staying at Soraya's (Relax) Recovery. Originally wanted wanted to stay at Virginia's but when I called Virginia her attitude was horrible. She acted as if she was annoyed that I called her to offer her MY Soraya's it is....

Removed my pic

Hey ladies, I decided to remove my pic because there are some really evil messy people in this world. Apparently someone decided to create an Instagram page where they we're stealing girls before and after pics from various places like RS and private FB groups and putting them on blast. I guess this isn't a big deal if you want to show case your work to the world but if you're like me and rather this be a private journey its an issue. I'm still considering posting before and after photos but they will not include my face.


Ordered my lipoboard waiting for my triangle for my back :)

weightloss progress

My progress hasn't been that great I'm only down 15lbs and I only have 3 months to loose 41lbs it isn't looking good :(

Tropical Recovery....

So apparently Tropical Recovery is the place to be. I was informed by Lesley that Dr. Almonte is referring all of her patients there 1st because it is ran by a nursing staff and they have more experience with dealing with surgery patients and are certified to do things like provide a iron drip if necessary, making things more convenient for the patients and the Dr. Additionally, I have gotten some feedback from those who have stayed there already and they said the place is great. I'll be sure to add my review once I return from DR.

Shopping/packing list....

One thing I've figured out about what to buy and what to pack is that it is very subjective. What one woman needs another may not. So just in case I'm taking EVERYTHING. I'd rather have too much than not enough. Walmart gives you 90days to return stuff, so I've kept all of my receipts, and yup you guessed it, what ever I don't use will go back upon my return! lol But here's a list of everything I have purchased for this trip....

• Adult pads
• Adult wipes
• Arnica pills/gel
• Aspirin
• Baby wipes
• Benadryl
• Boppy
• Button-up shirt (Baseball jersey)
• Cavi Wipes
• Compression socks
• Cotton balls
• Deodorant Spray
• Depend diapers
• Dermoplast Antibacterial Spray
• Dial antibacterial soap
• Diflucan
• Extra Strength Tylenol/Prescription pain pills
• Face moisturizer (travel size)
• Face wash (travel size)
• Flip flops
• Gauze
• Hand Sanitizer
• Hard candy
• Heating pad/blanket
• Hibcleanse
• Hydrocortisone Cream
• Ice packs
• Iodine
• Lip balm
• Lipofoam board(don’t need if have lipofoam pad) /triangle
• Lipofoam pad
• Lysol
• Maderma/scar gel
• Moo Moo (2)
• Nausea Medicine
• Neck/Travel Pillow
• Neosporin
• Off Spray
• P EZ
• Panties (crochless faja)
• Peroxide
• Plastic gloves
• Pregnancy wedge
• Q-tips
• Reading material/Tablet
• Rose Hip Oil
• Safety Pins
• Scented Candle
• Silicone scar sheets
• Sleeping pills
• Slippers/Fuzzy socks
• Small blanket
• Small tote
• Sports bra
• Spray body oil
• Stool softener
• Sundresses (10)
• Surgical Tape
• Toothbrush (travel size)
• Toothpaste (travel size)
• Towel
• Travel Safe
• V neck T-shirts
• Vita-Medica System
• Washcloths
• Water pills
• Yoga pants
• Prenatal pills
• Vitamin C
• B12/shot
• Super B Complex
• Bromelain
• Iron
• Folic Acid
• Hemoglobin Tea


Okay so I've learned that in order to keep swelling down it is important to consume A LOT of Protein post sx. Lesley advised me to bring it with me because its very expensive in DR. I noticed a lot of Dolls buying regular (pre made) protein shakes and bars (i.e. Special K). However, the Protein content in them is very low. I am a Sam's club member and I took the time to browse the Pharmacy area, and guess what they have some really great Protein options, I'm taking bars and powders that have 20-30 grams of protein!!! Much better than the 12 or 14 you get from Special K., so I purchased a powder which is way convenient for travel and trying not to pay extra for overweight baggage. I even purchased a blender bottle from Walmart so all I need to do is add water and shake.

Speaking of Sam's Club, that is a great place to purchase your vitamins, I was able to get a large bottle of B Complex for like $9. They also carry Vitamin C amongst other things.....I'm sure you know someone with a Sam's club card USE YOUR RESOURCES!!!

Lipo Pain.....

So I ran across this Doll who was very informative on the post op pain from the Lipo. From what I am hearing all of the surgeries are pretty mild to medium as far as pain except for the lipo. From what I hear it's so bad you will want to make a deal with the devil. So one doll explained to me that its called nerve burn. The more aggressive your surgery the worse the pain (probably another reason why the states don't approve of so much fat removal). She said the only thing that will ease the pain are pain meds, like Oxycodone or Percocet and Ice. She said in DR they use heat therapy for EVERYTHING however you need Ice therapy for nerve burn. That the heat only causes the body to swell and increases the pain. So she advised to bring the strongest pain pills possible, if you can't get Percocets or Oxycodone, then atleast 500 mg pain relievers. She also advised to bring your own ice packs atleast 4-6 of them to use on your lipo areas. DO NOT APPLY HEAT!!

Oh and she also advises to bring aspirin, for the 1st few days you will be bed ridden, increasing your chances of a blood clot or pulmonary embolism so you want to take aspirin or ibuprofen every 4 hours to thin out your blood and decrease your chances of clotting.

During that conversation she said the most profound thing I've heard, keep this in mind....and your experience will be a much better one

"In DR they are very good at what they do, however their methods are very primitive"

Can't make a decision on my breast......

I can't seem to makeup my mind as to what I want to do with my breast. Originally I wanted a reduction and a lift. However, with my weight loss my breast are starting to shrink, so I don't think I need a reduction anymore. So I was thinking just a lift (although you still loose at least a half of a cup during a lift). In talking to Lesley she asked me how small I wanted to go down to and I told her a D cup, so she advised to keep in mind that when I keep my breast large there is a chance that gravity will hit over time and they will drop again. I even have a homegirl who told me that she was told the same thing when she had her reduction, so she went down to a C cup and her titts still fell, now she has little saggy titties, and advised I get an implant. I did some research and that seems to be the consensus. Most when who get a lift still drop over time, and in many cases within the 1st year of having the procedure. I'm not going thru all of this to end up with saggy titties in the long run anyways, not to mention I'm not too fond of the scaring, the idea of them removing my nipples and reattaching them, just my luck I'll be part of the 1% who looses feeling in her nipples (I lost some feeling when I got them pierced although I was told I wouldn't). So what's a girl to do. I was thinking just get implants to make my boobs sit back up, but then again my breast may look too huge. Or do I get a reduction only to get implants? Or do I get a lift with implants? *sigh* I'm not going to kill myself trying to make a decision, hopefully when I sit down face to face with Dr. Almonte and we go over my options to achieve the look I want things will be more clear and easier to decide upon. I just know one thing I need my titties to be pretty for at least another 10-15 years!!!

7 days and counting

I'm finally down to the wire. In 7 more days I will be on my way to DR so Dr. Almonte can finally take me out of my misery. The final days are dragging by its like slow TORTURE. I'm trying desperately not to think about this surgery and keep myself busy but it isn't easy.
I'm all set and ready to go I'm already packed and everything. The one thing I am worried about is my hemo I've been working hard trying to get it up, it was only at 13.2 two weeks ago and that isn't good enough.
Anticipation is a mutha but I'm almost there after 19 years with this ugly body I'm so ready!

one more thing.....wish pics

Here are my final wish pics....I think me and this girl are built very similar if Dr. Almonte can make me look like her my life would be perfect

This has truly been a journey

I have so much to yell y'all I will definitelybe doing a detailed blog upon my rreturn
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I don't have a review for her as of yet....but I do plan on using this blog as my personal journal....Please note I have switched to Dra. Fatima Almonte...please see my separate review on her.

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