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I have lost about 90 pounds in the last few years....

I have lost about 90 pounds in the last few years. I am not loving the extra skin. I decided to have a tummy tuck and thigh lift. I had a few consultations with Doctors in Boston but I could not get the photos and reviews from Dr Robles out of my mind. I believe she would be the best surgeon for me. I have a date and am getting my things together. I am staying 20 days at the recovery house. I don't want to deal with drains when I get back. I haven't been told what vitamins to take but I do take B12,I don't eat red meat or chicken, so I need that, vitamin D, doctor recommended. Unsure of what compression garments to get for a thigh lift and tummy tuck? I will be taking 6 weeks off at work.., Hoping that is enough. A thigh lift is suppose to be hard to heal from...if my thighs were not so bad, I would not do it..

Glad I posted pics

I was goin back and forth on whether to post my pic.. I look soo bad..lol. Thanks everyone for the support. I would like to get in the 180s before surgery. I also need to start getting stuff for surgery. I am waiting for my credit union credit card to arrive to buy my ticket. I just want to put it all on one card..

Dropping the thigh lift

I have decided to not do the thigh lift now.. I think the tummy tuck will be enough, I am a teacher and can do the thigh lift in the summer or over December vacation.. Too many stories dealing with pain.lol. I have not got any info on vitamins from dr Robles. I have been trying to increase iron and lose weight. I lost 90 pounds on a vegan/veggie diet. I don't eat breakfast because lunch is at 11 o'clock.. I drink herbal tea and dandelion coffee in the morning. Lunch is bean soup, dinner salad with chick peas and before I go to bed a vegan rice protein shake.. I am going to start snacking on pineapple. It is suppose to help healing? I should be able to lose 15 pounds by my surgery. I go to the gym 3 mornings for cardio and 2 evenings for weighs.

Laura is wonderful

Laura is truly wonderful. She always gets back to me to answer my questions and I have asked a lot lol. I really don't want to spend a lot of money on stuff. I have two African style loose dresses. I am going to go to Savers to pick up 2 more. I will be goin on vacation for two weeks next week .(teacher). I don't shop at walmarts so will have to look elsewhere. Just found out I can use my ipad to call any iPhone for free.

Diet is going well


Diet is going well.. My period is on and I am down 5 pounds... I need to lose 10 more pounds in 5 weeks. I don't eat dairy which helps with the junk food. I try not to eat anything in a package.. Collard greens is high in iron and fish is high in protein. I also eat bean soup for lunch..I need to make sure I eat adequate protein before surgery.. I will be staying for 3 weeks, anyone know if I need to buy a recliner. I was thinking of getting one anyway.

Ticket purhased...

I purchased my ticket today... it was 451.00 so it wasn't that bad. I am now just waiting for the doctors note for my employer. I went out and got some sundresses and nightgowns. I also brought 2 pair of shoes. One slip on and one with out laces. I also ordered some sports type bras online from nomorerack.com.. They were 3 for 15.. I am trying to keep my cost down. I would like to get some wife beaters this week. I also ordered some iron because vitamin shoppe did not have that high of a dose of iron. I did get the b complex, vit. c and folic acid..People keep saying the pain med in DR is not that strong. I am going to see if my doctor will prescribe me some or at lease the liquid motrin. I am getting a little nervous as I get closer to the it. I am suppose to stay for about 3 weeks. I might just stay 2 at the recovery house and the last week at a hotel or resort.

picture removed

My mother is now researching tummy tucks. I will not hear the end of it if she finds out I am going to DR. I will put the pictures back when I am done. lol, no one can guilt trip you like my mom..

Put pis back up...

I took my pictures down because my mother was researching tummy tucks..She know I am getting on but doesn't know it is in DR. I just did not want to worry her or hear negative remarks, but if she can talk to me about having a tummy tuck at 72 years old and only get support from me, than I really don't care. If she find out than that is fine. My pictures I posted before was a few weeks ago, and taken with my ipad. I lost about 5 pounds since then. These pics don't look as bad..lol,

Ordered this online

Time seems to be flying....

I am almost coming up on a month before surgery. I go my iron from amazon...I started taking it today. I am doing the protein shakes in the morning and afternoon. Fish and veggies for dinner. If I want another protein shake before bed than I will have one. I lost about 5 pounds already but really would like to be about 185 the day of surgery...Got a few things today at BJs...I forgot about them for wife beaters and supplies. I am pretty much done. I have just a few more things to get..Someone said the medical supply place is close and cheap...so i just might get gauze and other things from there. I will just pay and get my compression garment from Dr. Robles. I don't want to waste money and get the wrong size. I have 4 spanex's so can use that probably later.

Protein I use

Staying Focused

I have been reading post... One women spent 20,000 and it looks like doctor did nothing. The doctor did tell her to lose some weight but there should be some difference with just the lipo.. I have a month to go, I am at 199... I need to lose at least 10 more pounds before my surgery. I am also thinking about have some fat put in my butt to round my cheeks out some...I don't want alot just a little...BBL all look big to me so I don't want to call it that. Found out if your waist was once little you an get a small waist again. My measurement in college were 34-27-40..I have always been pear shaped person. Is Bio oil worth the money and me ordering it? Silicon strips? Someone said that dried fruit and nuts are good for snacking...

Getting supplies, not really hearing from Laura....

I know that the holiday season is busy...I have been kinda letting thing go. I haven't received anything from Laura about vitamins or test at my doctor. If it wasn't for the girls on this site, I would not know what to get or what I need. She did send me a email saying let her know when I receive the doctors note for work. Unsure if it was mailed? Haven't received it....I will call this week to see what is going on. Some ladies got information right after they paid for their deposit. But I am not trying to stress due to the holiday season. Anyway, I went to nomorerack and they have alot of good things. Got Ahh bras, like sports bras but even more comfortable, for 3 for 15.00. I ended up getting 3 more. Good for DR and to sleep in..I have been ordering alot of things on amazon got liquid iron, blood boaster and a tube of cream that someone said Dr. Robles will charge you for if you don't have it. If everything goes right I will be going back to DR for a thigh lift in June.. Since I am having lipo and do want enough fat to round out my butt, hopefully my iron will be high enough for it to be done. If I get the thigh lift know and lipo, I will not have enough fat this summer for a rounded out butt. I really don't want to go shopping in the stores. There is a medical supply store close to my house.. I need compression socks. I am going to pep boys for a funnel. I will go to ebay to get gauges and other things. I ended up getting a pair of croc sandals at zappos..Someone said that they give you sheets but not blanket so I have to pack one for DR. Air conditioning makes me cold, and bring socks.. I have a month but once I go back to work, I will not feel like getting my stuff. I want my bag packed by next Sunday ready to go...

Worrying about iron

Read somewhere that laura suggest taking iron 4 times a day. I have upped my iron. I am taking 325 4 times a day. My blood buster and liquid iron is coming from amazon on Tuesday. Diet is going well. I am losing about 1/2 a pound a day. That should give me 3 pounds a week so hopefully, I will be at 187 or at least in the l80's when I have surgery. Still going back and forth on the butt. I am trying to drink alot of water which is hard now because it is freezing here. I am going to my Doctor on the 18.. I am just hoping he will give me a prescription for pain medication. If I don't get one, I guess I can grit and bear it.

Supplies, Iron and more Iron

Got some supplies at family dollar. I am trying to save some money now. Everything is adding up. My suitcase is in the living room and I will be closing it on Sunday. My carry bag with have vitamins and passport and snacks. I have 27 more days and I am getting excited. I got my liquid iron and blood builder from amazon. Floradix is in a big bottle 17 oz. So, I am doing 2 doses of liquid and 2 pills each day. The last two weeks I will be adding the blood builder. I am going to get some blood work done 2 weeks before to see how much I need to pump up my iron. I want to also get VitaMedica Surgery Program Kit. I will start that two weeks before surgery and continue to take it 2 weeks after. Someone said bring a small blanket because the air conditioner can be cold and socks. I am always cold, why i am obsessing over the iron. My iron is usually in the 12 range but i know it better to be higher. I was out today so could not call laura, will be calling tomorrow.

Going for the Thigh Lift

I am going to increase my iron and hope that she can do the thigh lift. I wanted to go this summer. I am going to be going to Europe and Africa for the month of July...I really don't have the time until next year to do it. I don't know if I can live with my thighs for that length of time. My iron regiment is; 2 doses of liquid, 2 iron pills and a blood builder at night. I ordered the vitamedia surgery pack and it should get here tomorrow. I am going to my doctor next week. If my iron is not at least in the 13 i will increase it. I went out last night and everyone could believe how much weight I lost. I have lost about 25 pounds since summer. I am going to do a countdown tracker on my computer. Time will fly by once I go back to work. I have a few more thing to get and order. Someone said to wear the style panties you will be wearing so that the doctor can see were to put your incision. Havent been able to talk to Laura...Just really want my Doctors note. Everything else I can handle when I get there... I asked for the Doctors note 2 weeks ago..Happy New Year everyone...

Pics... 25 days before surgery

I really need a thigh lift

muttering of today..

I finally got in contact with Laura, through a text message thanks to dukes217..I will text her again tomorrow. i am still on the iron train. I thought my doctors appointment was the 18 and when I called to cancel to move it up, I had one scheduled on the 9th. I go to the doctor every 4 months.. I am trying to get off my last low dose blood pressure pill. He had already given me a slip for blood work. I just have to go to the lab on Monday so he will have the results on my day of appointment. i have been ordering supplies off of amazon. It is snowing here and I just don't want to to to the store. Weight loss is going good. I am getting my period for the second time this month, I think...So i am up 3 pounds. I haven't really had an appetite so I know it has to be that..I have been eating cream of wheat in the morning. It is so cold that it is hard for me to drink the water but I am trying hard to get it all in. DR is 88 degrees today....and 90 tomorrow..

Started reaching out to another doctor..

I got to thinking if I am having this much difficulty in reaching Laura and I haven't paid my money, how hard will it be once I pay? I text her my concerns too. I would like to have Dr. Robles do my surgery but I can't continue with this. .... I will just eat my hundred dollar deposit..

Changing Doctors......Dr. Almonte

I am traveling to another country to have surgery and after seeing the work done in DR, I am not nervous about that part. I am nervous about lack of communication and not being able to reach my doctor when I need to, that is why i am staying 21 days.. Laura started off being available but now it is too hard to reach her. I know that Dr. Almonte and Dr. Robles work is similar and they sometimes work together. It is coming down to their team and how available they are.. I sent Dr. Almonte a request for surgery yesterday. They got back with me the same day.. I sent pics, she sent an email wanted to know the best time to reach me.. Lesley called and told me that a thigh lift with a tummy tuck and body sculp. is too much surgery. Doctor recommended tummy tuck, body sculp and bbl, just filling out my butt a little to make it more youthful ie, no projection or very little. She told me about vitamins and will be sending me information about what I need to do. Told me to call this number if I have any question. I got the package withing 2 hours. Tummy tuck, lipo sup, and bbl 4,900.. this includes 10 day in the recover house. I can also send my deposit to a bank of america account. Oh, she asked on the phone if I went to see a doctor yet. I go next week and she wants me to send the results. I am getting ready to fill out the the health questionnaire. Communication is key and I can't chase down information, I should not have to do it. I am just going to let my deposit go... and move on.

Just got the Surgery package from Laura

Just got the surgery package from Laura, it only took her a month to send it..

Got doctors note..wrong date and wrong person...lol

I can laugh about it now....lol

I blurred out the name of the person. They must be real busy over there. Not only is it the wrong person but the wrong dates. I am feeling real good about switching right now. Just think if I didn't, I would have to go back and forth on this issue.

Getting Ready to pay my Deposit

So I am getting ready to pay my deposit. I took the money out of the bank but, i want to call Lesley on Monday to double check everything. Deposit for Dr. Almonte is 350.00. I need to pay soon because she only does 3 surgeries a day and I want to make sure I lock in that date. I am weighing 198 so I lost 5 pounds. I haven't been trying lately. To cold for gym but I have been eating right. Dr. Almonte did not tell me to loose weight, but I want to get to 190 before surgery so only 8 more pounds. i finished buying all my stuff today and will take pictures soon. I have a few thing coming in from amazon, but I am done. Once I get back to work, time will fly and I will be there. I have 23 more days to go...

Ready to move forward

Hubby will be going to bank of america to pay the deposit for Dr. Almonte. I got an email today from lesley asking me what I needed. She said I would have it as soon as possible. I also got one for Laura asking me if I got the note. I told her it was the wrong name and date and be using another doctor. I smell like vitamins..lol, I am taking my vitamins. I think my iron is improving because it is freezing here and I am not really cold. The vitamins I got on amazon are at Whole Foods. The liquid iron which I am loving is 40.00 for 17 oz, it is about 37.00 on amazon. I need to get a box of disposable gloves.. I will make sure everyone who touches my wound gets gloves on. When I had a c section 23 years ago, I got pneumonia because I wasn't breathing deeply and clearing my lungs. i am going to order a spirometer to help me keep my lungs clear. Thanks everyone...I would suggest to anyone to have another doctor just in case you aren't feeling it with your first choice, you can move quick..


Supplies and other things..

I still have a bit still coming in from amazon. I am just going to order the rest. I went back to work today and just don't have the time or inclination to go out shopping. I paid my deposit for Dr. Almonte today.. I am 3 weeks away from my surgery date. I also went to give blood and will be seeing the doctor Thursday. I smell like iron pills...I ordered a Spirometer from amazon. I ended up getting pneumonia when I had a c sections years ago because I did not clear my lungs. I don't want to chance it. First day back at work and I am exhausted. This might be my last update this week. I will at least try to check in once a week.

Hemoglobin 11.9

I am have been pushing the iron. I am always cold and just knew before I took the test that it was going to be low. I take 2 liquid doses, 2 pills and a blood builder. I am going to increase the liquid iron to 4 does and 2 pills and 2 blood builder, smooth move tea 2 times a day or as needed. I have an order of vitamedics coming from amazon, that I am going to start taking. I don't eat meat but have been eating collard greens and fish and beans. My period is coming on soon....I just sent the test results to Dr. Almonte. If my iron is too low hopefully I can do the iron drips before. I am going to be there for 20 days.

Iron might not really be a problem...

I am upping my iron and know when I get to DR my period will be ending...I am staying for about 3 weeks. Lesley said I might be able to get iron iv before my surgery since I am stay longer. I booked 3 weeks because I through I was getting a thigh lift. That incision scares the bjesus out of me. I am not that stressed today. Work said to just email the note and pick up the original when I get there. I put my time in at work. Everything in is on the computer now. It was very easy. My suitcase is filling up and after my stuff comes in from amazon....I am done. I

On the Iron train.....choo..choo..lol

I have bee hitting the iron hard lately.. As you know my iron was 11.9 last week. I am trying to get it to 13...I would like to do it myself rather than pay for iron iv when I get there. I have also been packing my suitcase and getting my last packages from amazon. I do have to order a money belt today. I am carry cash to DR. I also heard a story about a girl having 400.00 taken from here at the recovery house when she was there. I am bring 750.00, I don't like using credit cards at strange places and I might need iron and the oxygen, I want to get as many messages I can when I a there, and maybe buy some more compression garments, who knows, best to have too much than not enough. That money belt will never come off...when I shower I will but it in a plastic bag and take it with me.lol I started the per surgery vitamedicia pills today.. Everything is running smoothly and hoping it will continue. I moved my England trip to April and I will do Africa before I have the thigh lift in July... I am just hoping 3 months is enough time to heal after the tummy tuck. Anyone who has had it, please let me know...I will be doing alot of walking..

I am done shopping....

I just got the last of my stuff from amazon. Boppy pillow, bio oil, silicon strips, tsa lock for luggage and a money belt. I have to weigh my luggage. I think I can take 50 pounds. The only thing I want to put in may carry on is my ipad and clothes I am wearing after surgery..

Period is on mixed emotions on that

I am glad my period has come on now at not when I am in DR. That being said, the last time I had surgery my period came on 3 times especially with the hepa shots. I am just hoping it isn't heavy and doesn't plummet my iron.

Exhaling about the Iron...

I was kinda worried about my iron level. I know they will not do your back lipo if your iron is too low. I need my back done and more than one area. I talked to lesley today. She assured me that it would not be an issue since I am stay 21 days. I will do iron transfusions if my iron does not go up and have my surgery a few days later.

Time is Flying...

I put a time tracker on my ipad and I have 12 days left until I am on my way to DR. I took my letter for sick leave downtown today. I am so very ready for this. My vitamins might be paying off. I was so hot in bed last night.. I wear sock every night and I almost took them off. Underneath my eyes is very pink. I am sick of taking vitamins. It is hard to eat after I take them, I feel full, which is helping with the weight loss.. I am not going to weigh myself until the day I live for DR. I am eating right and exercising, I don't want to stress over it. I am also thinking about getting my teeth whitened while I am down there. I see dentist on this site so, why not..

More stuff from amazon...

Did I get the right pillow? It is big...I think I will just use this at work when I go back.. Unsure if I will need it in dr...It came with a small Clifford dog and an extra cover.. I might stuff it in my suitcase

I love amazon

I need to get off RS before I buy more stuff.

I was reading through reviews and will be adding a few more thing on my list. The colegate wisps, ginger ale and saltine crackers, not salt. I also have to get pillow for when I come home. I will be taking care of all of this on Saturday. Period is on and I am feeling ran down. i did not go to the gym at all this week. I will start back up this weekend. My diet has been good. After I take my vitamins, it is hard to eat, I am full. I hope to be 195 on the day of surgery.

Got my approval for sick leave....

I don't know why I was stressing over this but I was. Between getting the letter and taking it to human resources, I kept hearing this voice saying they are going to deny it. I am so glad...I am ready to go now. I am still doing the vitamins. It is getting a little easier. My period is not heavy which is good, just hope my levels don't plummet. I told everyone at work I was having a tummy tuck, I only told a few where. Most people think I don't need one. I wear the spanx and my stomach is pretty flat with that. My tracker is say 10 more days until DR...Time is flying now.

Will be getting a pain prescription from my doctor..

I will be getting some pain medicine from my doctor. I keep hearing about the pain medicine in DR not being strong. I am just to nervous not to have pain medicine. I have been still taking the vitamins and my period is coming to an end. I have Monday off and then just 4 days of work this next week. I have to make a to do list also to make sure I don't forget something. I am going back and forth on carrying cash. I did get a money belt but I am still nervous about it. If I use a card and it doesn't work or the card number get stolen..? I am leaning toward paying cash and bringing an extra 700.00 just in case. Lesley said I could pay through bank of america before I come but if I can't get all my procedures done, I don't want to deal with getting money back.

Victoria Secret

Last bit of shopping today..

I got 3 packs of the colegate wisps, plain saltine crackers, and mini cans of ginger ale and 3 pair of victoria secret thongs and a bra. I only needed one but the were on sale for 3 for something and of course I need a matching bra..lol, If my doctor can place the scare where it is not seen in a thong than I should be good for any underwear I might want to wear. Everyone has been so supportive. Thank you my RS sisters...I can't wait until I am in DR and can let everyone know what to expect when they get there. I will be taking lots of pics and updated every day, well maybe not after surgery for a day or two. I might be out of it. Happy healing and good luck to everyone...Buying the thongs make it really seem real today...j

Will be sending money to Bank of America Account

My hubby has supported me through this journey. He hasn't had a problem with any of it except me carrying 6,000 dollar to DR. So, I am just going to pay it at the bank of america this week. My final cost is 5,375.00, this includes 11 extra days at the recovery house and minus my 350.00 deposit. I budgeted 6,000 for this so I am carrying 675.00 on me. I got a lock from amazon for my suitcase. I ordered another one for my carry on because the one I have is too flimsy. I started a facebook group so that my sister and other family could see how I am doing.. My daughter is in college close by so I will see her before I go, but my son is in the Marines so I will not be able to see him before I go..I don't know why am I sad about this but I am. I am spending the day looking at Dr. Almonte reviews and trying to get myself out of this funk... Once I I go back to school time will go by and I will not have a minute to second guess myself. Oh, I am sure my iron is up. I have been sleeping in socks for years winter and summer but last night my feet were so hot, I had to take them off. This time next week I will be heading to the airport..

Recovery House

I am going to be staying at the Sorayas Relax Recovery House. Anyone know about that house. Hopefully it has an outdoor space.

Life is Good!!

I decide to take off Friday.. I need to clean my house and stock up on stuff so when I come back it is there. There is suppose to be a snow day on Wednesday so just two days of work this week. I also have to get some trail mix. luvMinieto review has been helping me alot. She really breaks it down on what to do and how it is done in DR. You should look up her reveiw. I am also going to go for a lymphatic message on Saturday. Someone said it is suppose to help with the lipo. I need to get a place after I come back so, I will just try it out first. I am making my list and checking it over and over. I don't want to take a chance on leaving something I need. 6 more days until I am in DR...

More supplies

Bio oil, hydrocodon, silicon tape

More supplies still coming in...

I don't believe that i have anything else coming in. I got two bio oil. silicon tape and filled my prescriptions. I don't know how painful my doctor thinks a TT and BBL is but i filled one for 60 pills and there are two more refills for 60. Anyway time is flying and I have to get some wife beaters. i brought tee shirts and someone said i am going to wish I brought wife beaters. I am off from work tomorrow due to a snow day. I go back for one more day and will be off on Friday. I am going to go get a message on friday or saturday. I need to clean my house sometimes before I go.. I have been reading profile and trying not to forget anything. On Friday I will be closing my suitcase and not putting anything else in it. On sunday I will go to the gym to sauna and shave and shower. I am staying at Sorayas Relax recovery house. I just hope it has an outdoor space since I will be there for 3 weeks.

Final Preparation in the making.

Ok, I decided to just go to DR with cash. I have a money belt, and locks on my luggage and carry on. I just can't pay for services before I get there. I got the wife beaters and Family dollar had tape and gauze and other thing on sale so I got some more of that too. I weighed my suitcase and it is 40 pounds. I put the things I am going to wear after surgery and my vitamins in my carry on bag. I am not bringing my laptop only my ipad. I have hula and netflicks. I also downloaded some books I want to read. I only thing I need is some extra strength tylenol. Tomorrow is my last day of work.. I am going to schedule a message for Saturday. OMG...I am soo close. I know some people don't want to go alone but I look forward to just being alone and having someone cook for me. I am going to lay around, read and watch videos. I just want to tune out and heal before I come home...and of course let you guys know what is going on...lol


Lost 8 pounds

2 more day!!!

Ok, I went to the bank and got 6,000 out. I also was doing some running around by the airport so went in to get pesos. They had an American Express kiosks that exchanged all kinds of money. For each dollar, I got 42 pesos. I changed one hundred dollars. They charge to exchange was 7 dollars. If you get 500.00 us , it is free or if you have an american express card it is free. So I got 4, 000 pesos. They only had 500 peso bill. I also go the thing you hang keys around your next for put my drains on when I shower. I am going to download more trashy novels before I go, no intellectual reading,lol. I need to repack and check my suitcase one last time. I will be cleaning my house tomorrow.. The earphones I ordered from amazon just came in...that is my last item from amazon..I still want to go for a message on Saturday or Sunday...I have to call...I am almost there...

excuse errors, I am rushing

around your neck to hang my drains...


I saw this on another RA sisters page. Unsure who but a cheap way to hang drains during showers

Last Instructions from Lesley....

I got a call from Lesley letting me know the address of the recovery house, phone number and giving my hubby her number to call on my day to see how I am doing. Instructions on what is going happen and my driver. Since I am staying 11 extra days, I need to pay 80 extra for the driving service to take me to post op visits. I don't have a problem with this, Lesley just forgot about it. I will be having my surgery around noon. I am hoping my iron is good. Going out for dinner tomorrow. My flight is 10:53 pm.. Get to DR at 3 something in the morning. I am hoping I can check in tomorrow before surgery to let you guys know what is going on. My bag is next to the door, house cleaned and ready to go. I am going to bed early and waking up late.

Hours until Boarding.....

I did not really sleep last night. I cleaned all day and forget to eat. I ate one meal so I was hungry but to lazy to get up for something to eat so I laid there and tossed and turned. I finally got up but it was hard to go to sleep. I am going out to dinner with tonight and then I will be leaving for the airport at 8. If I had to give advice about what to do so far, I would say start preparing when you know you are definitely going. Time will fly by so quick. Start taking your iron even when you are thinking about it. Have two surgeons lined up just in case something happens with one, especially if you are going out of the country. Find a RS sister with the same doctor and check her reviews. My number one is do a review and use your pictures, doesn't matter how big or how flat you are.. You will love the support and need it to help you get through... Thanks everyone, I couldn't of done this without you guys.. The next time I write, I will be on the flat side....

Just checking in

Just wanted everyone to know that I am doing well. Dr almonte and her team is wonderful..I am having minimum pain. I haven't had any issues..I am on my ipad and willl type more on my laptop later

Finally a minute to update

I am so surprised at the lack of pain.. I got in at about 4 am. Went to the hospital and took a shower. When I finally fell asleep it was time for test. Let me just say this technology has not caught up with the dominican republic, to put it bluntly. The chair and furniture in the room leave alot to be desired. Staff was nice but I have never seen a EKG machine like that. When they draw you blood the pull a syringe back to fill with blood and then fill it in the tube. I had a shot given, two, with a butterfly needle, so unsure why it wasn't used for blood. I wasn't that nervous because I was tired. Lesley and Dr. Amonte was wonderful. She came and drew me and I told her not a big but. I but kinda looks big and two people at the recover house said they wish there doctor would have given the a butt like mine. I got the blue pill and remember nothing after that.. I woke up in my bed and did not realize I had surgery. I had o fill my stomach. I do have some slight tingles in my back due to the lipo. Dr. Amonte took a picture of my stomach and it looks flate. After all the vitamins my hemoglobin was only 12.4. Dr. Almonte said I might need a blood transfusion after the surgery if my levels dip. I did not need on the levels stayed at around 12. I my pee was real dark so I had to get some shots and wait until it lightened up before I could go to the recovery hours. The dominican republican is noisy. Horns beeping, people yelling. Leslie has come to visit me. I am so glad I brought protein powder. That and a little soup is the only thing I feel like eating. The most annoying thing is the back drain or whole. It was gushing blood but know it has eased up some. Leslie only put in 10 days at the recovery house just in case I feel well enough to go home early which might be the case. I talk to Dr. Almonte about coming back for at thing lift and she said I need a breast lift..Unsure, a good bra takes care of the girls.. Bring cough drops, antacids, and protein powder. I am only two days out and getting up and down by myself and walking pretty good. I still need help for that room. Each hour is better than the last. Thanks everyone for the support.


i had my first visit today with Dr Almonte. I can't way enough about her and her crew. When she took off my garment I just couldn't believe that was actually me. My waist and back are swollen but I look small. My butt has went down some which is a good thing because my but was looking big. Roxie is got here today and we are roomate. She is a real self sister. It is nice to have some here from real self. Two other girls here too. The nurse is a sweetheart. She is up and down with me last night. I am just starting to go to the bathroom by my self. The doctor took out my back drain. Rubbed some cream on my stomach. Gave me a firm talk about eating and drinking fluids. It is so hard to eat. I am trying to do better. Apple juice and 7 up mixed is helping. Hubby is worrying Dr. Almonte and her crew to death. The first thing they said was call your husband.lol Will try to take some pictures soon.

Error because do ipad

I am tired and typing in the iPad...excuse errors


Getting better day by day...

Lesley came out last night... She checked on me and roxy. She did tell me that my compression garment should be in hook 3 and not one. Last night it hurt so bad, I could take it and put it back in one. All day long it has been in two, but at night it will be one. I thought I was being cut in half. I know it is best to wear it tight but I count't bear it. Lesley has been by twice to check on us and answer any questions. We will going to Dr. Almonte on Monday for a check up. My tt drain is not draining much and I hope to have it removed. It is not bothering me so if it isn't removed than that is ok. I am looking to come home before my 21 days if everything is fine. I have been eating better and feel stronger. I knew my appetite would return so I did not worry about it. I sent Lesley a picture of my empty plate because they are aways asking me and others if I am eating. This has been a wonderful experience. You will be well taken care of if you go to Dr. Amonte.

Leaving on the 6th

I am feeling so good that I changed my flight from the 15th to the 6th of this month. i will be going to see Dr. Almonte tomorrow,,, hopefully I can get my drain removed. My faja was cutting off my circulation for the last few nights. Roxy said when she laid flat on her back it helped. I tried it and it worked. I stopped feeling the pain in my back and was moving around. I just laid flat and it was wonderful. Tummy tuck has not been that bad. I have had minimum pain and did nt take any of my pain medicine not even tylenol. I can understand why people dont post much after surgery, you just are focused on healing and nothing else really. Happy healing everyone..

Home with drains.......?

Typing on iPad, please excuse errors. I have had two dr appt since my last post. The reason my faja was squeezing me at night was I had fluid on my back and mt tt drain was blocked. Dr. Used a needle and took the fluid out. I feel better now but have a burning sensation on my back and I am itching at night trying to get relief with arinca and Benadryl. I also got my stage two garment..170.00. I must admit it is worth every penny. Dr showed how to use a syringe to clear the drains, after care.. After our appointment we( sadroxy) went to the mall and ate at chillis..I am eating better but still not eating lot.. Our waitress insisted that we take another meal since I did not eat mine. I am going to have my first message tomorrow . Hopefully it will help on the plane ride home..I will post again when I get to boston.


I am home now. I got in at 8 this morning. Dr. Almonte and her team were wonderful.... I will make a big update with pictures tomorrow, but wanted everyone to know I am back and in swell he'll..lol

Pics 10 days out...

I love my scare but the swelling is unreal.... This is the same day I arrived home.. Left DR at 12:15 am and got to boston at 8, home by 10:00. I should have worn my garment tighter. I have it on real tight now..

Hubby stretching my garment

Wearing garment until Wednesday morning


I am now at two weeks post op.. I am feeling good but have started to get headaches. I take tylenol and Benadryl for the itch. I have also started to cough when I go to bed. I am not as swollen as I was after the plane ride, thank god... I have been wearing my garment as tight as I can stand it. Lesley would be so proud of me..lol. I took the drain off saturday night. It did not hurt. I did not feel a thing. I cleaned the hole and put gauze on it. I have to just keep my garment on for 3 days. I am scheduled to go for a massage on Wednesday morning so I will wash and take it off and put a fresh one on for my message. Since I have been through the experience and many of you are getting information, I am going to do a Q&A.
What is the hardest part about my surgery:: The back Lipo.... I had no pain what so ever around the tummy tuck. The back lipo burns and it did not stop until I had a massage. Dr. Almonte does not do a drain for the back it is just a tube that leaks..That can be kinda nasty when you have to go to the bathroom the first few days. She did take it off after the first visit.
How was the hospital? The hospital is not like the hospitals in the US> Get it out of your head if you are going to the DR. The furniture in you room is old, but clean. The equipment they use is old but functional. They took my blood by pulling back on a syringe, but gave me a shot with a butterfly needle that we use to get blood. The nurses were nice but did not speak english.
Get Pesos before you go:
I got pesos at the airport, american express kiosk.. It was 7,00 for up to 500 and free if you get 500, which you will not need. It is good to have pesco if you want to order out or want something special. They do have places once you are mobile that you exchange money. I tipped in us dollars and they seemed to be happy with it.
How is Dr. Almonte really? Dr. Almote is the nicest, kindest person you will ever meet. She is a little brutal with you body. I know it need a thigh lift later but she is talking breast lift and arm lift. lol, She spends time with you when you go for your visits. She wants to know what is happening at the recovery house. Her team is there answering questions. I had issue with eating and that called the recovery house to see if I ate. Lesley came by twice to check up on us. I had 3 visits with Dr. Almonte.
Flight home:
Wear your compression garment as tight as you can stand.. At the end of you trip you will feel like you have nothing on if it is too loose and you will swell like crazy..Get a wheelchair.. Do not wait in line to weigh your luggage. Go and sit down in the area for wheelchairs. If you have a wheelchair you do not have to wait in line for customs.
Things I wish I would have known.....
Your throat will be sore after surgery, have you cough drops ready so you can get them when needed. I brought on loose sundress.. You need to only bring loose sundresses. When you got out shopping or dr visit you need enough room in you dress to hang your drain. Don't over pack. We went shopping and I couldn't really buy stuff because I had not room in my suitcase. If you need something they have it in DR and it is cheaper. They had this Dominican hair conditioner I get at the dominican stores here for 2 dollars us.. I buy it here for 16.00..???I couldn't believe it. I am going back with an empty suitcase...

Recovery House
You need to be open and accepting of the language and culture. I did not speak any spanish but it did not really stress me. We got in a routine of sleeping in the morning and up in the evening. We had a button to press by our bed when we needed help. The food was good after they knew what I wanted. I don't eat dairy, meat. I know it was a challenge to cook for me but they tried hard and I was very pleased they made the effort. The recovery house I stayed at was in a city setting. There was building noises during the day and people yelling and carrying on during the evening. It did not bother me. We could walk to the malls and shops. After a while of being cooped up it was nice to go out. We went to dinner at chillis and ate out on the deck. It was beautiful.. The most annoying thing about the recovery house is taking your medication. They have your pills on a schedule and if you are sleep they will wake you up for your pill. I tipped everyone when I left.. Me and Roxy also took the cook and nurse out to chillis.
Things I am glad I brought
granny panties
soft comfortable bras
wife beaters
cough drops
What you don't need in DR..
bio oil
I was not ready for any scar care until I got home. I did not have room for my boppy pillow. I wish I would have take it and left all the other stuff home. I have been so comfortable with it. I will be taking it in july.

Slowing Coming Out of Swell Hell

I checked my weight and i am 6 pounds down from yesterday. I have been drinking lots of water and ginger ale. I have been going to the bathroom alot. I never had any issue with constipation. I took two softners a day when I was doing the iron pills. I did not bring the to DR. I have been having a bowel movement every morning. I am not feeling as swollen. I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow. I paid 35.00 for a massage in DR and tomorrow I am paying 100.00. Anyone in the Boston area have a place for less, let me know. This place is 5 minutes away. I did change my garment last night. My drain hole was leaking and wet up my tee shirt and my compression garment. I washed and put a new one on. I spent extra for garments. I sew and can always run a seam up the side if they get too big. My navel is not rounding out. Does anyone know when I should start to use a marble? I might stop at the store after my massage to get some. Happy healing everyone....

Less swelling

Swelling is continuing to go down...

I am feeling so much better with the swelling. I checked my weight this morning and i am 8 pound down. I was up peeing all night. I think I got up about 6 times. I can see the change in my body. I am going for a massage today at 12. I might stop by the store and go out for lunch depending on how i am feeling. I have been cooped up in the house and really would like to go out. Happy healing everyone.

Pic in clothes

Bad Massage for $100.00

I tried to the give it the benefit of the doubt, so I waited a little to give it a chance. When I was in the DR the massage was 35.00 and I immediately felt the benefits after. I felt so good that I was able to travel from Dr at 12 am to 8 am. This massage was not focused on my back and stomach. She did my neck, thighs, arms to open up the lymphatic system she said. She did a little on my back and had me to breathing for stomach. Her touch was too light. I am going to let my hubby continue to massage my back. I am thinking of getting a messager. Any suggestions? I don't want to spend the money anyway. I am going back in July and need to save some money. Happy Healing everyone


Unsure of this BBL.....I like the shape but it just looks big too me. I have to get use to it...The jury is out... I have had no problems with pain or anything with the bbl. It is like I never had one..

New clothes??

The grey pants did not fit before surgery. My tops are way to big. I have to go and buy some new things for school before I go back. I am wearing my garment and will be wearing it for a while yet. I don't feel good without it on.

side bbl veiw

Happy V Day!!!

My daughter came home from college.. she is only 20 minutes away but it is good to see her when I wake up. I told my mother I went to DR for surgery. I wasn't sure how negative she would be or supportive, worried so i just did not tell her. She loves what the doctor did. She has always wanted a breast lift and maybe a tummy tuck. She is 72 but in great health. If it makes her feel good than why not. I told her she should go for it. Some people might feel at 51 I am too old for the work I got done but who cares as long as it makes me feel good. Age is just a number. I told her I was going back in July and she thinks she wants to go too. Unsure if she will follow through on it. She has never been out of the country and I think she would not be accepting of the lack of technology in DR. We will see. My swelling is going down. Got on the scale and am 5 pounds away from my weight when I had surgery. My hubby has been massaging my back. I am going to just continue with him doing it. I was too disappointed with the one I got for 100.00. My drain hole is scabbing. I would like to take a shower tonight.. I don't want to push it so if it is not fully scabbed I am just going to wait. I am having tingling feelings in my stomach and back. It doesn't hurt just sometimes surprising. This is my last week of recovery.... Next week I want to get back in my routine. I am still off work but I want to start driving, go shopping and put clothes on during the day. Staying in the house is starting to get old. I haven't experienced constipation. I am more regular now than I was before. I am going at least twice a day. I will start taking iron on March 1... That will give me 5 months to get my iron up. Hopefully I will be in the 13 range. I brought 1 loose sundress so I will be looking in the thrift stores for 3 more before I go back...I got some silicon tape for my tt incision... My tt is scabbing and falling off. I can use the tape on my incision after the scabs come off? I can start usingmederma cream with the tape? Anyone who has use the tape, please let me know.. I spray alcohol on my belly button and tt incision, then I us rose oil spray, the I put some neosporin and a thin layer of gauze. I have been doing this daily. My scar looks good. i want to concentrate on fading it once the scab is all off. I am going to take a picture to post later before I take my shower (crossing fingers)....Happy Healing

Compression garment

TT scar and drain hole

My TT incision is scrabbling and falling off. I have also started putting cotton in my navel. I had a previous surgery so have an old incision line in the middle of my stomach.. My drain hole had a scab on it but stuck to the gauze. I took a shower last night. Hubby gave me a massage and I put a new garment on...I am 15 pounds down from my flight 9 days ago. I am 1 pound away from my pre surgery weight. I still have swelling on my back and lower stomach. I am still itching on my back. Headaches and coughing went away. I feel 80 % myself..

I think I am coming out of "Swell Hell"

I took a shower last night. I sprayed my incision with alcohol, used bio oil and neosporin. I put a light layer of gauze on it. My hubby gave me a massage. He uses shea butter and rubs the hard spots. After he finished he was able to snap my garment in the last hook, hook 3. It is not that tight. I am going to get my sewing machine out and run a seam by the hooks. I spent enough on garment and and will not buy another one.. The site for my garment is www.fajate.com.co But I would not recommend buying one before. Wait to after if you need a second one. Today is the last day of me sitting in my nightclothes watching tv. I am feeling 90% so I am getting dressed tomorrow. Going out shopping and getting back in my routine before I go back to work on the 24.. I am getting use to my butt and loving the changes in my body due to the swelling going down. I am 1 pound less than I was the day of my surgery. I can't believe it is Day 20 post op. If you are nervous about going to DR, don't be....get the right doctor for you and you will be fine...Happy Healing everyone...


I think I have fluid in my stomach. It is moving and i can feel it. I wanted to go shopping in New York this week anyway. So, I contacted Jessica Spa, one that Dr. Almonte recommended about an appointment tomorrow. I will get there have it taken care of and get an ultra sound lym. message and go shopping and dinner later. I also went shopping today with my daughter. This is just a hiccup in my road. Hubby can get me to new york in 2 and half/ 3 hours. I will let everyone know how it goes..

Full body pics..3 weeks

I still have swelling on my lower back..I am loosing 1 to 1.5 everyday. I am also 2 pounds lower than the day I had surgery.

On my way to New York

On my

In car typing on ipad lol

Again on my way to New York. It's snowing so we will be taking it easy.. We should be there by ten. I am numb so not worried about the needle. Dr. Almonte took fluid out of my back before I left. This is my excuse to buy some more boots lol. I am lovin what Dr. Almonte did to my butt. At first I wasn't sure but now I like it. I am going to have to wear sweaters to school for the first few weeks...I teach 6 year olds and I know one of my girls will say.. Mrs.... Ur butt got big...lol

Not a Seroma

I guess it good new that I did not have a seroma. It is just inflammation and swelling. Jessica of Jessica spas in New york stuck me about ten times. I did not feel a thing because I have no feeling in my lower stomach. She said I need a massage. I can find a place here that does massages like they do in DR. I scheduled a appointment for Saturday if I can't fin somewhere here. Lesley is going to help me look for a place closer. Jessica's Spa was great. I did the Sauna first and she tried to get checked my stomach and there was not fluid. Than I had a massage. She took at least 90 minutes massaging me. It was the best massage I ever had. I felts so good. I might have to take up my compression garment today. I don't like the feel of a towel. So if you live in New York Jessica Spa can't be beat. Just wanted to do a quick update...


I have not found a place closer to Boston...I will be traveling to New York tomorrow to Jessica Spa. I really dont want to do the drive but I don't have any choice. I have been clothes shopping. I am going to London in April. My friend said I need at least 4 party dresses. I went to the store and the size 14 fit me like they were made for me. Not the flowing but on your bootie dresses. I got 3. I have been walking and out for the last few days. I feel tired at night and my back is kinda tight so I know I need to take it easy today. I look forward to the massage tomorrow. Shout out to Superthickrissy who is coming up to her surgery date and feeling nervous...and like most moms do when they spend money on themselves, selfish, I feel like this when I spend money on myself, I am going to spend it anyway, so why not on me.. Instead of upkeep on your home it is upkeep on you. You will do good girl, step up...it is your time!!! Peace and Blessing Everyone....Happy Healing

Clothes No Garment

I can still wear my clothes but the waist is big. I am still swollen but I look so much better in my clothes. The lipo on my flanks made a huge difference..

1 month picture update...

It was my first day back at work. I made it but I started to have a backache around 11. I have tons of things to do but wanted to post pic.


Swelling is easing up some. I still have it at my lower stomach and back. I think my back will be smooth once all the swelling is gone. Jessica's Spa in New York is great. I can't say enough of them. I have been wearing my compression garment all day and night. I only take it off to shower. My scar is completely scabbed so I have been using tape and mederima. I also sometimes use shea butter. I will take a picture of it soon. The scar placement is wonderful. I am still losing weight. I eat a very good diet. I don't sit on a pillow, I am still sleeping with my feet elevated and my back up in bed. I just hope that the swelling is down before I go to England. I am still trying to walk hunched over. I can't go to the gym for another month. Happy Healing everyone..

Felt Great this Morning...

I have to start going to bed at 8:30..I went to bed at that time last night and felt wonderful when I got up at 6. I ended up with 9 hours of sleep. I was able to clean my house and put things in order before I left at 7:45 for school. I have let the house go and now I feel like tackling it at little at a time. Hubby is away. My son is home from the Marines for 2 weeks and daughter moved back home from her off campus apartment. Stuff is everywhere. I do take 2 tylenol before school. I can walk straight but I am still trying to bend when I walk. I am going to do a 3 or 5 day juice fast this Monday. I have done 14 day juice fast. I am doing this to help with the swelling. When I juice fast, I do the green juice which is spinach, cucumber, pineapple, green apples, lemon and ginger, celery...

1 month scar

Massage today

It is 4:30 am..I am gettin up at 5 to juice and get ready to drive to New York. Hubby is away so I will be makin the drive myself. I have been going to bed at 8:30.. I have been putting my house in order and cooking. I am feeling 90%. It is just sometimes my back will hurt.i still take two Tylenol in the morning.. I have been drinking pineapple juice. Swelling is down but not gone.

Pics without garment

New York

I can't say enough good things about Jessica's Spa. Carmen is the one that works on me. She is the kindest, sweetest, gentle person you will ever meet. Jessica the owner is very nice too. My treatment starts at 11 and I usually get out around 2. I do the sauna, and some cuff things that stimulate your body. She did some needles with air coming out yesterday. It burned and I had flashbacks of the back lipo..lol, She just kept saying it is is good for you. I trust her completely. I always feels so good after I leave there. My friend called me and wanted to go out to a Jazz club. I went back and forth on the dress and wore one I just got for my london trip. My girlfriend was soo surprised at how it fit. I was complaining to her about swelling but with my garment on I was ok. After driving to New York, I used my Boppy Pillow and put the ring around my waist, I was so tired last night. The male attention was a little annoying and something at 51 I am not use too. This one guy came up and was young, I thought he was one of my former students. I see former student everywhere.lol

Party outfit with garment

Juice fast...

I just juiced for breakfast and lunch and had a chip pea wrap (falafaI) and bean soup for dinner, also drank lots of water. Got on the scale and weigh 1.5 pounds less..I am going to continue this for the week to see about the swelling.


Forgot vitamix photo

5 week pics..

I woke up and am down another pound. The green juice is taking off the water. My back and ankle and bottom stomach are less swollen. I ate veggie hot dogs and salad for my one meal last night. This is the junkey food I eat. Do well everyone, and happy healing..

6 week update

Hopefully I will have time to write tomorrow or sometimes this week.. I have been crazy busy..

6 week reveiw

It has been a busy week...I am committed to updating at least every week. I know it is going to be hard to find the time on Monday so today is the day. I have been juicing for breakfast and lunch, it has really helped my swelling. I no longer have the pocket of fluid in my lower stomach. The lower stomach is firm and my back and and lower back is going down. I am now at 192 but my period came on today. I should be in the 180 next week. Have not been that weight since I got married. I am not juicing this week. I want the weight lost to slow down some. I want to go to the gym so I can tone up. I will not be able to go to the gym until April 1. The recipe I used for juicing is 10 celery stalk, 3 cucumbers, 4 handfulls of spinach, 3 lemons, thumb size ginger, 4 green apples and I have the small cans of 100% pineapple juice I add maybe 2, handful of cilantro. This makes enough for 2 days ( breakfast and lunch) for me.. I eat one meal in the evening...I rarely snack.. If I do, hummus and pita chips or nuts...I did not go for my massage today in New York. I don't think it need it. I did schedule for next week..it is a 3 day weekend for so this will my last one. I spend in gas and tolls about 200.00 so it is not something I want to do but if I have do than fine. I had a wonderful experience in DR but not everyone is suited for DR. Know yourself, and research, research, research...if your doctor doesn't get back to you than chose another one. Don't go during tax season. Know that they will squeeze you in a tight, tight compression garment. The weight on my was 140 something....I weighed close to 200 pounds. You get use to it...now I sleep in my stage 1 and wear my stage 2 during the day. I only take them off to shower...I do this because I am less swollen in the morning and my stage 2 is harder to get into..hubby is traveling so I am on my own...I don't mind if you inbox with any questions... happy healing everyone and it does get better...

No more New York...yay!

The swelling has really come down..I have been sleeping in my garment plus a waist clincher..it has helped alot

7 week update

I am heading into 7 week since surgery this Monday...I can't wait to get to 8 weeks so I can go back to the gym.. I never thought I would miss it so much. I did not go for my massage and will not be going back. I have had burning in my lower back..Not as bad as when I had surgery but still burning. When I take my garment off, I don't feel as unstable as I use too.. I am now at 188 pounds..I would like to lose about 10 more but will wait until I go to the gym...I am still going to bed at 8 so my body must need the rest. Happy Healing everyone.

Before/After pics

2 month....finally

I am so happy to be at 2 months. I went back to the gym this morning. It was nice to go back and sweat a bit. I only did 10 minutes techno gym and 20 minutes bike. I did do light weights and some leg and arm machines. I sauna and steamed too. It was kinda weird not being in my compression garment at first but after a while I got use to it. I did put it on when I came home. I don't feel like I swelled anymore with me not wearing it. At 2 months, I am still getting tired. Before surgery I never took a nap now I take one whenever I feel like it. I still got to bed about abut 8 or 9 and get up at about 6..My back has come down a lot and I have been having burning sensations now and then, nothing like right after surgery but I think it is kinda weird. Happy Healing everyone


I am at 9 weeks... I went to the gym 4 days this week and it felt so good. At first not having the compression garment on bothered me but now I finally feel normal with out it. I still have very little swelling..I go in the sauna and steam room... I am doing more weights but not anything for the stomach. My back is still burning sometimes at night but it is not bad. I went without a compression garment for the first time today. I will be wearing one at night. I will post pics later.. Happy Healing everyone...

9 week pics

10 Week reveiw...

I am still having some lower back burning at night. One night I did take tylenol..It doesn't happen every night but is surprising. My measurement are 34, 28, 43... I am going to london at the beginning of May and was looking for pants. No such luck..If it fit in the waist it did not fit the butt/hips. I know how to sew so might end up taking stuff in but really don't want to do it. Dresses and skirts look good on me. I am wearing a 12 booty hugging dresses..lol.. 14 pants, small and medium tops..My weight is 186 and I am 5'9.. I love the scar placement...and it healed well

Pics in clothes...no garment

I just wear my garment at night. I first it felt funny but now I am use to it. I started ab work at the gym this week, I was very careful..

11 week update..jeans that kinda fit...

I have been looking for jean or even pants, caprice that fit.. I found some Jones of New york Secret slimming, Lexington Straight jeans. They are still too big in the waist but not so much that I couldn't take in. I brought blue and white jeans. I got them at macy's... I am having less burning at night. My period is still coming whenever it wants to. I am going to make my yearly gyn appt. and talk to her about it. I have been eating alot of beans and I am still losing weight.. I am making myself eat more so that it has slowed down. I want to firm up with the weight loss. Nothing is really happening. I am preparing to go to london in about 2 weeks...I am going away next week also.. So this is the last update before I come back from London. I am going to wear my compression garment on the plane, I don't want to take a chance on swelling. I am also not going to eating as clean as I do at home so I just might wear it more...Happy healing everyone...good luck to those going for surgery..Talk to you after I come back...

11 week pic update..

11 front forgot

13 week reveiw...

I have been busy shopping and getting ready to travel to London. Pants have been the hardest thing to get but I have been taking in the waist. i am down about 1.5 since my last post. I haven't really had a appetite.. The back burning is slowing way down. It doesnt happen every night. I drove 7 hours to visit my parent and was ok... I did wear my stage 2 compression garment and slept in my stage 1 garment. I will be wearing it to london on the plane..If I am walking alot I will have to wear it because I sometimes get lower back aches if i don't have on my garment and I am walking alot. Happy healing everyone. I wanted to take a pic of my scare but forgot, will do it when I post again in two weeks..

15 week reveiw....

I am back from London and what I time I had. People in London are so warm and friendly...Going out to pubs and partying..I did see some historic sites but not many.. I was worried about food since I don't eat meat or diary. There were tons of little resturants.. We at indian most nights. I ended up losing a pound. I have lost another pound this week. I don't mind losing a pound here and there. I just don't want to lose it too quick. I think mybutt has fluffed.. I haven't had back burning since before england. My swelling is down and almost gone. I still drink pineapple juice every day and lots of water. Still thinking about the thigh lift. Just wanted to get on so you guys know I am still around...Will post more on my next update..

clothes with spanx on

12.95 dress from h and m ..size medium


I am doing well. I still sleep in my compression garments at night. I just like too for some strange reason. I have sleep a few night without it on. I am still drinking pineapple juice. I have almost no swelling. I will take some pics this week in bra and panties so you guys can see my back. I am at 182..I am 5"9. I haven't really been trying to lose weight it is just happening on its own. I measured my butt and I am still at 43 so that is good. I don't want to lose any of it if I can help it. I am still thinking about going to dr. almonte for a thigh lift. I know..one minute I want it the next I feel they aren't really that bad.. I am also wearing a size 10 dress. I wear dresses in the summer so I don't have to worry much about the waist of pants. Life is good and I am going to Atlantic City for Memorial Day weekend. I am planning a trip to vegas in July.. I am not feeling Africa at the moment so that trip is on hold.. I pockets are getting low... Take care.. Happy healing everyone. Those of you thinking about having surgery...just do it..

Update .

Unsure how many weeks, I lost count. I had a wonderful time in New Jersey... I am trying to go to vegas this summer...lol, I am still wearing my compression garment at night. I just like to wear it.. I have not been much 1 or 2 times a week.. This is the last month of school and I am so busy and tired that the gym slips. I am starting a 7 day juice fast tomorrow. I feel I need to cleanse my system. I kinda like juicing... I don't have to think about what to eat. I am still thinking about a thigh lift but having it done here. Unsure....I don't think I have any swelling left. I do have maybe fat in the bottom of my stomach but that is ok. I pretty much tell everyone and anyone who ask me about my body, that i had a tummy tuck and other things.. If they question me more than i tell them who and where. Just losing weight would have never given me a shape like this and it is hard to spot reduce so why not let other know. I eat two meals a day and one is usually soup or salad. I don't count calories but I try not to eat much..Take care everyone. Hope everyone is doing well... If I can swing the cost, which is a big if , i am going for the thigh lift...

It's been a minute.lol

I have been busy living life...school is out and I have been cleaning and relaxing. I have been going to the gym and continue to eat a veganish diet. I eat when I am hungry which means most days two meals a day. I continue to be in awe of Dr Almonte work..I do weight and cardiovascular at the gym but she gave me a body I don't think I would have with diet alone..my legs are looking better and I have let go of having then done. I sometimes wear a waist clicker on the weekend..my stomach is still kinds numb..anyone who is thinking about doing this in DR..I had a wonderful experience..I would highly recommend DR ALMONTE..peace and Blessings everyone

7 months tummy tuck scar pictures


I got lazy and stopped doing scare treatment a while ago...I love where my scare is...I can wear a tiny thong and it is covered. It is fading well. I stomach is still numb so I go at belly button peircing. I do ab and butt and thing weights at the gym..I go every other day. Someone asked about my diet...I get up and eat pink grapefruit, when I first get up and tea...Iunch is usually the biggest meal, fish, greens, beans, sometime seafood pasta,
dinner is usually salad with avocado with schrimp or beans, veggie burger, veggie hot dogs.. i dont usually snack.. I do like pringles /doritos and get then sometimes... Fruit in the morning and after 8pm... I like my curves and dont really want to lose weight I just want to firm up...I like being thick..

9 month update..

9 months later

9 month Update

I posted pictures from my phone previous, I hate typing on my phone. Well everything is going well. When Dr Almonte tucked my tummy it seems like I can't even eat what I once did. Yes my stomach is still numb, that is why I got a belly piercing. I have been going to the gym 3 times a week most weeks. I do mostly weights. My butt hasn't lost volume, and i don't do anything really... I do sleep with an donut because it is more comfortable for me to do so. I don't even think about surgery now..My incision is fading..

well worth it

I have been away..contemplating retiring from school. . anyway I am doing well. I still sleep on my pillow around my waist. My lower stomach is still numb. I still have loose skin on my thighs but at 52, I have to be realistic. I still eat healthy but this winter has been brutal in Boston so the gym workouts have slacked. Dr almonte talked me in to getting my butt done but I am glad I did.. I wear a spandex but in these pictures..I am not..
biggest advice before surgery..be realistic about how much it will improve your body..after..wear your support garment... It is uncomfortable at first but u will get use to it..I slept in mine for about 6 months..it's in my profile..I forgot..happy healing

16 Months update

15 months later..Update

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The Nerve of futurealmontedoll2015..

I can't believe someone is missing a life this much and would go on a surgery review website to obtain one.... I know that this site was hacked but don't see the end game in her trying to be me. Anyway, ...Karma is such a bit*h..

March 23,2016 picss

I will do more of an update on my computer. I hate typing on my ipad

March 23,2016 Update

It has been two years since I had surgery. I do not regret any of it. If I had it to do again, I would. I had not complications or pain really. Just the back lipo for a few night burned. Having surgery did not change my life. I had a friend die from lung cancer a year before I had surgery. She was healthy, vibrant and just a beautiful person one minute and 5 month later in hospice care and dead. Kids are grown, just one graduating from college this year, I retired. Why wait.. I started hating going to my job. I now go across the hallway to my sewing room. I am selling the house this spring and moving to a 800 or so square feet something. Life is good. I try to eat comfortable...What that means is I dont obsess over what I eat just do what is right for me. I am going to list things that were important for me to do and might help you .

Research...read all you can on your surgery.. look at profiles from your doctor. See what people are saying.

Have a second doctor if you are traveling out of the country. Communication is key if you dont
speak the language.

Check your iron...Start taking iron supplements

Pineapple juice after surgery. Swelling is unreal.

Surgery is just not for the thin and young. If you are healthy and want cosmetic surgery,. than go for it.
I will try to check in a little more often now....Happy Healing everyone...

Crossing my finger for more surgery

I know it has been a while. I have been in perimenopause for the last 3 years. I think I am finally out of it. My lowest weight was 186 and I hovered around 195. Today, I am at 203. It has been a effort to stay at that weight. My chest has exploded. I am wearing a 34 DDD bra. Well, I am looking to have a thigh and arm lift with lipo on the back and flanks again. I am unsure if Dr. Almonte does thigh lifts. I really want her for this surgery because of the positive experience with this surgery. I sent my pictures off to her and am just waiting for a response. I am not nervous because I know what to expect. I will not over pack like I did last time. I brought summer dresses at the end of last season just in case I was going back to DR. I will start a page for the new surgery...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Almonte is a wonderful doctor. She listens to what you want. She takes the time to deal with with issues during you visit. She does not rush you out the door. Her team, Lesley and Rachel are wonderful. I had a wonderful experience in DR and will be going back in July. If you are considering surgeons you can't select a better one than Dr. Almonte. If you are nervous about going to DR or communication, Lesley will ease your nerves. I am still a little swollen but I love my body and my flat stomach.

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