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Hi Ladies, My time is coming near and I am...

Hi Ladies,

My time is coming near and I am getting excited all over again! I received an email from Dr. Yily last night. She basically was checking in with me on the status of my trip; which I really appreciate because I did not expect to hear from her this soon because I still have 2 more weeks before I leave for the DR and I have already received several emails from her just making sure that I was all set with transportation to and from the airport and who would be picking me up and if I needed anything or had any questions or concerns. With that being said.... this makes me feel even more confident about choosing Dr. Yily for my surgery. I am not one to post continuously or on a regular but I do want to keep you ladies informed and updated on my process. I will update again but I am not sure when. Thanks again ladies for all your information that has helped me or someone else! I am also getting more than a tummy tuck, I am having full lipo, BL, BBL , Lipo under chin, thighs and arms. I did not include any pricing because I do not want to cause pricing descrepanies; pricing does varies. I will definitely add photos after I have completed my surgery and keep you all updated on my post-op status.

One week and waiting!

Well ladies, I have one more week and I will be boarding a plane headed to the DR without my wonderful husband, children and family. I will miss them while I'm gone and I know they will miss me!

Ladies I have had some up and downs and mixed emotions about going and having it done but I learned that all of that is usual behavior when making life altering changed or decisions, so ladies if this has happened to you or is happening, it is ok, it is part of the process. Right now I am not feeling excited, anxious or anything, just ready to go and have it done. I am sure once I get there I will be more excited and very excited and happy like some of the recent ladies that has been transformed in to Heavenly Bodies already such as njprbeauty and superbooty, they have great results! So now it's my turn. Stay tune ........


Leaving this Sunday!!!!! ????

1 More Day!!!

Hi Ladies in Miami. I will be in Santo Domingo in 2 hours. Ladies I can't believe that I am doing this... But its done now and I am just waiting to see the result!!! Put GOD first and you shall succeed! Surgery tomorrow


Good Morning, I am here with Angie. Got my blood work done. Now waiting for EKG to be done. :-)

Made it to the other side.

Thank you as you can see I made it through. I have seem myself but just from feeling my body I know she did a hell of a job and I can wait to see myself. Some of the things I wanted I did get because Dr. Yily said I really didn't need them. The things where my chin and arms and I appreciate that because that show a lot about her character and she do really and it is just not about the money. I am not in much plan and the ladies at CIPLA are very nice and empathic . Ladies remember the Dr . Knows best if she tells you when you get that she can not perform all of the procedure that you talked about don't get mad or discourage, just get what she suggest because you will be saving yourself from extra and unneccessary pain and health risk. Dr. Yily is nice and attentive to your body before marking your body up for surgery; so ladies please honest with her and yourself. Dr Yily answer any questions that I asked and Angie and Samira was right there with the whole time, even Anns came before surgery. So ladies I recommend Angie' RH which is Silhoutte as you can see I've only been here 2 days and I have nothing but good things to say, if anything changed I will definite let you all know. Ladies just go into your journey with an open mind and expect the best, it always work! I know everybody's process and healing is different so ladies take care or yourselves and listen to Dr. Yily. I also didn't get a breast lift because I really didn't need one just wanted it. I'm saying it because when you see my pic I do want people thinking or say Yily did a bad job because she didn't . I did not get anything done to my breast. I did not feel any of my surgery being done and I was not wake except for the last few or couple of minute when I was being wrapped by Yily assistants. Take it from a loving and caring mothet of 3, ages 27, 22 and 16 year of age and no one believed that here or anywhere else for that matter because I listen to my Doctors and take care myself.

Loved & Blessed????


Well ladies, I made it through the night with some pain but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Now I just got whipped down and my faja on and it hurt getting into it, but once it was on I felt better. Now just waiting to be discharged so I can go back to the RH. Stay tuned for what is to come

Faja pic

I tried posting more than one so you can see the whole shape

B4 Pics Its wasn't pretty but now it is!!!!!

Hi ladies, as bad as I didn't want to post these pics I decided to go ahead and put them up so that the real result could be seen, so here there are.:-(

Day 3 post op

Well Ladies,
I wasn't feeling to well on yesterday . I was a little hot, sick on the stomach and threw up. I believe it was from the anesthesia was wearing off. Over all I am feeling fine, a little sore and stiff in the mornings. I am not bruised that bad. I am still taking my vitamins and I believed they are helping with my healing process. I will be going back to CIPLA tomorrow for my follow up. I have posted a few pics.

3 days post op

3 days post op

I forgot to add I removed my faja today to sponge bathe and wipe down some I am a little swollen compared to day 1 post op pics

3 days post op

My phone is working faster than me, so I added this pic.

Massage & Itchy!!!!!!!!!

Hey ladies , Well I had nt first massage today and it hurt so bad, but it helps!! I almost couldn't take it and contiplating if I should have a second one; after the massage I have been itching g like crazy but I am not as sore or stiff as I was before the massage . Tomorrow I will convert into my second stage faga because this medium faja that I got after surgery is already to loose around my waiste. Also I am probably going to be going home with my drains as well. :-(????

2 Massage & stage 2 garment

Hey ladies today is the second massage and they really help with the drainage and swelling because the faja I got right after surgery had gotten to loose by yesterday I was on the 2nd set of hook and after the massage later that evening I was on the 3rd set of hook on the medium faja that Dr. Yily gave me after surgery; this morning when I woke up I was feeling very comfortable and I was told if you feel comfortable in your faja that means it's to loose and you need a smaller one. Well I'm glad that I brought my 2nd faja with me which is a size small and it was a struggle getting into it but I made it!!! I don't know how because everyone it teasing me about how huge my butt is... It is huge! I be glad when some more swelling goes down. Well ladies more to come!!!

Faja, Flight home & Meds!!!!

Well ladies I left this morning from the DR with small second stage faja and I was not suppose to even have it on until 21 days after my surgery but they did not tell me that at the RH house until 4:30 this morning on they way to the airport but they out it on me yesterday ......knowing that I should not a had it on but because they did not do my laundry as stated yeah that good when I keep saying it's not gone fit... Anyway my plane ride hone because I had on the small second stage faga,it cause so much swelling to my vajay Jay that I was scared, I started hyperventilating on everything but GOD was there with me . I was too out done when the owner of the RH I stayed at told me at the airport " how's the faga " I said it feels kind of tight and I feel done swelling she was like yeah you should not have wore it until 21 days after your surgery because you can tear your wound Orin that made me even more nerves. Well the good things is my husband was at the airport waiting on me . I came home cleaned up got my 3rd massage and eat and washed and out back in the original faja and I feel much better . I am still alittle swollen and my body was a little out of shape but hopefully it will get better and better. Overall I do not feel that bad and my pain is not bad at all. The only thing is I still have my drains in, they should come out in a few more days or before. Words of advice ladies please watch your surrounding when you are there in the DR and watch and pay attention to your prescriptions that you buy out there, especially if you can't speak Spanish and don't know how to count their money. I brought most of my meds from here but I did purchased some antibiotics and coudiman powder that was suggested by Dr. Anna. I will attached the receipt and bag I was given because I don't like to be played or do I like people being slick or thinking they can make an ass out of me especially when I have been nothing but nice to them and was really trusting these people. I wanted to confront Angie about but my husband and Sista begged me not to because I was too far from home and I was by myself. It took a whole lot for me not to stay anything but I let them know in a tiger what they had did, but it cool, I'm safe, I was over priced but it was just the principle and she could have just told me I have meds here already and you can buy these, no she acted like the pharmacy deliver it. I was too out done and shock and at the same let down because I really thought these people care, but they don't it all about the money. See me. I watch everything and pay close attention to everything and after this episode I did not want to eat or drink their food because must trust was broken, so ladies just watch yourselves while there! My grandmother always said you can't out slick the slicker. My moto " Treat others how you would want to be treated, so I putting out here because I did not appreciate it at all, nor did I appreciate the faja or laundry stunt! I don't like when people smile in my face, but all the time stabbing you in the back. I also have morals and principles that's why I am shedding the light on this. Thanks again ladies for all the info that help me and didn't help me, now I hope I might be helping somebody! Stay tuned for updated pics????


Hello Ladies,
I removed my drain today and I feel so so much better. I really wasn't feeling to well these last couple of days. I am getting frustrated with the faja I was given, I believe it should have been bigger because half my butt is falling out from the opening and it is very uncomfortable, so I will be changing into a leg less faja with a squeem and see how that works; otherwise I am find. I have not even taking pain meds but still taking my vitamins because I do not want to become defendant or addictive to them. I will take them again if the pain level gets worst or unbareable. That's it for now. I just want the healing process to be over. It is not as easy and simple as it seems, it is a long process!!!

Feeling Better

Well Ladies, I am feeling better but not one hundred %. I still have some soreness and stillness but I have been able to sleep in a different position other than my back as of last night. I want to post pic, but it seems everyday I changing and I am loving the results thus far but I am still waiting for a few things to iron out as far as my butt because the faja was too small I have a line in my butt where the part of my butt was completely hanging out of the faja., so before I post anymore pics I want that to be gone!

I don' t know?

Hi Ladies,
I have been a little depressed wondering why I did this. I know it's just a phase but I feel really foolish because the pain in my back area I can not even describe . I went out today with my daughters to try to not think about the pain. It helped but as soon as I got home my head was killing me and my back and I just wanted to cry and just make my back disappear. This is is first time I have felt this way about having surgery even though I a healing fine. I also can't find a comfort able way to sleep. I am so tired of sleeping on my back. I do not know what to do.,,,,it seems it make my pain worst. Last night is managed to sleep on my side, it was ok and my back felt better this morning. BTW I love my result so far still swollen and I look very good in clothes. I will posted pics with close on soon! But for now here's a few pics. I am still very swollen. I will be changing into my stage 2 faja today and will be removing the cotton balls from navel, it has scabbed and rounding out.


Hi Ladies, I am still very agitated with the pain in my back and inner thighs. I haven't been posting pics because I can't find a good angle to take them to show my true results. I am trying to take them my self . It not working. Anyway here's one which my butt look very natural and my stomach is still very swollen. I will be posting more when I can have someone take them but I am very agitated with the pain and I am thinking about giving up on wearing a faja because I feel so much better without it but at the same time I do not want my stomach to stay swollen either and the faja helps and gave been taking the swelling away. Oh well I will see what happen! Faja is off for now!!


We'll the photo did not come out right so I deleted it

When is the pain gone stop!

Ladies, I feel a little bit better, just a little bit!!! I have start getting massages again. I missed a few. They really help and they get the kinks and puckles or pouches out of your body. I have been getting them around the armpit area from the faja and boy there hurt.!!! I am loving my Burt though it looks very natural and had projection and it sits pretty. I still have a few cell u lite on one side but that's the side I been leaning and sitting on. I'll get the kinks massaged out, butt again , I am loving my butt and my waist, but it's still swollen so not ready to post pics


As you can see. I am not sure one they pics are coming out one sided when I post them????


The pics

Try another pic

Please excuse my messy room haven't been feeling well enough to pick my junk up

Clarification on BUTT

I already had my butt. It was a "Donk" so Dr. Yily added to my hips and sculpted my Butt, back and waist into a more
sexy age appropiate look. :-). I will be (45) in January. So I decided to leaving the Donking to my daughters now. I look
totally different than I use to look. I give Dr. Yily 3 thumbs up and 5 stars. She also got ride of majority of my stretch marks
they where terrible and all over, now I some but when I heal completely I will get them covered with a beautiful tattoo, along
with my tummy tuck scare, even though it is not bad at all.

Yily Goddess

Yeah that be me. I am now an official Yily Goddess. So I will be joining their social network and I will definitely have to get you ladies some pics in my clothes real soon!

Feeling better!

We'll Ladies,
I am feeling better and look better. I am still quite swollen but I know it takes time. I'm not 1 month post-op yet but close. I think I'm doing darn good. I had to limit the faja staring today because I notice I felt horrible with it on so. I've been removing it the last couple of days to let me body breathe and to eliminate a lot of discomfort. Please excuse my granny pants. I'm still taking cautious. I do not want any infections or germs, even though I think my scare is pretty thin and healing nicely. I just be glad when the swelling is gone, then my waist will be smaller and my hips & butt will be bigger or look bigger. I will be putting my faja back on tomorrow to continue with the healing process, but be careful because the faja can cause harm as it did for me. I had shortness of breathe due to the faja being too tight which can cause the lungs to collapse or cut off your circulation and intense discomfort which causes excruciating pain and limited mobility, remember!!!! If something is causing more harm than help, then you do not need it!

A few more pics for the road!

Next week or the week after I will start taking pics in clothing, so you all can see the real effects and the swelling should be less and my waist should be smaller.

Swelling & Faja

Well Ladies,
I had to put the faja back on because the swelling got really bad and I felt like I was going to burst! So I put the small faja on and it feel better for now, I'll see what happens or how it goes. I'm going to try to wear it for the next month that my goal but hopefully I'll wear it for the full 3 months. The medium faja that I got after surgery no longer fits, it's too big now even with the swelling and the front and back boards. So I think I am going to order another one but in a size xs for the last month because I am on the 2nd hooks right now using the small faja, soon I'll be on the 3rd hooks and I want my waist to stay small. So ordering xs but not sure what brand. I think I'm going to switch to Mareno but the faja brand makes me itch and is kind of stiff even though it suppose to have vitamin E in the material to help the skin heal. I can't tell.... Later Ladies getting ready to try to get some sleep !

25 Days post-op

25 Day post-op. Man that's all!!!!! It seems like forever...... I can't wait for 1 month anniversary!


Well Ladies,
I made it through the nite with the faja , but of course I had to return to the medium one in the early morning because the small one was killing me. The swelling went down tremendously, so I'm thinking the swelling was from the bad eating I had done. ( nachos/cheez,sour cream, lettuce, tom and jalapeƱo oh don't forget the beef ). Well that won't happen again. I will stick to my no beef regimen and limit my bad food choices. Well anyway I took my measurements today for the first time and they are 36-27-44, before surgery they where 36-32-42. I am so loving my new shape, it's amazing how such a small change in numbers makes a big difference and change ! I tried posting pics with some clothes but of course they didn't come out right, so these are all I have. I will get someone who knows how to take pics get some good pics of me with my clothes on because my daughter acts like she don't know how to take them, but it cool... She's only 15, but takes great photo of herself.(Lol). I want to wish all a present journey and experience and for those who take the time out to read my posting, thank you! One more thing I am having trouble with wearing bras at this point the aggravate me and make lumps in my back and armpits. I guess I still sensitive from the lipo. I've tried varies of kind, the right size and loose fit, sports, etc. nothing can touch that area right now comfortable but the wife beaters!

1 MONTH POST-OP & 5 year wedding Anniversary TODAY!!!!

Hey Ladies,
I am finally one month post-op and I feel better than I have now than I ever have since my surgery. I have given up on the compression garment this tine for real. It was causing me to my complication and my legs where I had the Lipo, rather the inner thighs they where getting worse and I was in do much pain that I almost wished I didn't do this. We'll it been 2 days my legs are healing and breathing and I have been wearing loose fitting clothes and nothing tight. I am starting to feel like myself again and getting better sleep, the swelling is going down and I am really loving me and my new body!!! Maybe I will add some pics with clothes tonite since my wonderful husband of 5 years, together a total of 12 years!!! Will be whining and dinning me tonite! Ladies it gets better with time, so don't give up and take care of yourselves when you have surgery because everything is not for everybody and what's good for others may not work for you, like the compression garment in my case it only work for me the first 3 wks and not 3 months. So please take heed to your bodies and listen to them because sometimes we be harming ourselves, then we will be blaming the doctors when it was really our on fault!!!!

Up and down but feeling better!

Hi Ladies, I am sorry for the delay on update. I have been feeling better but I still have my good and my bad days.... I am starting to think it has something to do with our weather here in Chicago becuz some days I am fine then others, I'm like GOD please help me but I keep telling myself it will get better and then I walk to the mirror as a reminder of what I have too look forward too! I have been still trying to figure out the faja, so I've been switching between the 2 I have. The one from surgery and my small stage 2 faja. I have ordered a Salome full body garment with sleeves and bra and I ordered an vedette 339 full body without legs. I hope these help because I don't plan on purchasing anymore. I have every kind also now and I said I was done with them but unfortunately my body won't let me! Still not able to really wear clothes because I can't stand anything but the faja touching my back. I still can't wear a bra, that is my reason for purchasing garments with bras and I am workng on getting my arms smaller and toned, so that is the reason for full body garment with sleeves. Overall ladies again I am loving me results. I am still down to 145lbs before surgery I was 158lbs. I am very happy with my 36-27-44 and proud to be a Yily Goddess! Thanks all who read my reviews. I am being as honest and informative as possible so you won't go into to this with blinders on because this surgery is not a joke!!!!! Especially the Lipo. Updated pics are coming soon!!!

Relief!! New Garment came this morning!!!

Hey Ladies,
The Bible says Joy will come in the morning !!! It came my new vedette. I had it shipped to my job. I almost miss the delivery. Whoo!!! I came out of the restroom and there it was on my desk. Ladies I ran back to the restroom to try it on, so excuse the granny panties and the cream in the pics. I am taking what ever precautions to avoid any infections anywhere on my body and you are suppose to try under garments on with underwear Incase it does not fit and you have to return it. Well ladies I put it on and I refuse to take it back off!! I am in relief heaven right now. It seems as if it has lifted so much weight off my body and thighs.. I believe I will be ordering another one next pay period.. I did not expect to receive it today because I used standard shipping and that was suppose to be 5-7 business days, Now I am really excited about receive the full body one. I originally ordered both but vedette did not have the full body one they have discontinue it, maybe that's why they sent this one in 2 days for my inconvenience of not having the other garment I ordered. So I order the full body one from classic shape wear . I did expedite this shipment and hopefully it will come today. Ladies these garment are not cheap so order your correct sizes. I have spent at least $500 on 4 garments. I will not be buying anymore ever, I was reluctant about spending the money but I am glad I did and will be getting my money's worth out of them. This one cost $65 on sale and the Salome full body cost me $126 plus shipping. In my opinion you need at least 3-4 different garments for the different stages of your recovery. This is something I learned on the way with all the pain and suffering.. I do not mean to write short stories and I said I was going to stop writing long reviews and I will after this one but I am so comfortable right now I won't to cry tears of joy right now. I will see how long this will last, the comfort, that is!!!!!

New Vedetta

I am looking the vedetta garment. I gave been able to sleep, sit, etc. with no problems and it also had helped with the swelling. I would not trade it for nothing. I removed it to wash it today.

Salome Faja

The Salome faja came but I had a little trouble with trying to get it on, so I have decide to wait until I get home to work with. They said it ran small, but I figured for $130 it would fit perfect. I will update you all later!

Website to order Salome Faja



Healing going well. I still wear strips for scar healing that why it looks so dark, it's not that dark at all!


Submitted to fast.

Salome Faja

I sent the medium back and today I decided to go ahead and get large one because of this issues with my inner thighs and their healing progress and I also noticed that there is a small amount of hanging skin on the area of my armpits that is starting to hang, so I want to try to fix that before it's out of hand or noticeable by others. I believe it is happening because that area was never compressed or because I am kissing weight. I will update you when I receive it they shipped it today, so I should receive by Monday or Tuesday........

Waist Measures 26 now

I just came home and measured my waist it is a 26. So 38-26-42 it is, so I have lost the 2 inches of fat off my hips that Dr. Yily had given me there. I was a 42 I believe before surgery. I don't care though I am still loving my results !!!! Team Yily .


Happy with results!!


Hi Ladies,
I still around! Just been focusing my time solely on my recovery now, so that the healing gets better and it has!!! The Salome garments did not work for me, so I sent both back the med and large. It is a good quality garnent and I love the feel and the fit but it was uncomfortable for me due to the way I am proportioned, so to spend $130 is crazy.. I will be back soon with more updates. Hopefully with clothes. My legs won't allow for clothes on them right now, they are very tender and delicate right now.

Loving Me

Hi Ladies and Happy Pre-Thanksgiving!! I am feeling much better and my legs are healing. I still have swelling, especially my vajay jay!! Not sure why (lol)! But it comes and goes my waist is a 25 now, not sure if it will stay. I am loving the projection that is starting to form around my butt. I still have bruising and some pain in my inner thighs but it has gotten much much much better!! I still have slight burning and tingling sensation on my sides and should blazes, no issues with my back or lower back anymore!! Yeah! I have always loved me and my body but now I'm loving it even more. I will be exactly 2 months post-op in 5 days!!! Scar is doing well using coco butter but I will be covering it with a Tattoo!

Pics for last update

Last update pics

Haven't forget about you ladies!

Hi Ladies,
I haven't been really updating because I do not want to keep saying the same things.
I will be 3 months post-op Dec. 30th but I am feeling much better and my legs are almost healed, they are not bothering me that much at all anymore! yah.. I do still have some minimal swelling at the bottom of my stomach and I still have numbness in the stomach area, it feels funny when touched. Overall I would say I am at 80% of feeling almost normal again! I have no other issues and I am more pleased now more than ever with my result!!! " I'm Lovin it". Well. I will get back to you ladies and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.. Pictures will be coming soon!

Updated pics

Here's a few pics to show how the bruising and swelling have subsided.

Pics forgot to add

I feel so much better.

3 month post op

Hi ladies, I am 3 months post-0p tomorrow I feeling fine, almost feeling 100%. I give it a 90%!!! I still have some swelling by the lower abdomen and lower stomach and still some bruising in the inner thighs as for pain or burning in the inner thighs, it has stopped!!! I am starting to use my lateral thigh trainer to try to shape and tone my thighs.. I believe my hips and some lower areas of my butt is still forming and shaping but I am very, very happy with my results!!!! My measurements are now 36-26-42. My weight 142lbs now, weight before for surgery 158lbs.. Thanks Dr. Yily. :-) !!! Ladies I am still working on me. I just had LASIK done on my eyes yesterday, so if I don't respond in a timely manner remember, I am not ignoring you. I am just healing and recovering and I will get back to you!

Pics 3 months post-op

3 months post-op

Side view

I forgot this one

Happy New Year 2014

A new me and a new you!!!!

No garment

Well Ladies, I have not been wearing my garment since I made 3 months post-op because I want to see if my results will change, so far they haven't but my stomach is coming back alive and the swelling is leaving. I now get tinkling and pinching sensation in my lower stomach area and vajay jay which let's me know that my nerves are healing and my stomach is coming back alive. I still have some numbness in my stomach and my vajay jay still swells too. Those are really the only 2 concerns that I am dealing with now and the legs are find now. I still have some slight bruising but they don't hurt or burn and more!!!! The LASIK I love as well but my eyes are still healing, it's nothing like the surgery!!! Well ladies I will update again soon and hopefully with pics with some clothes that fit and really shows off my results!!!! Right now I'm having issue with my sizes and jeans!! ????. They either fit my butt or don't fit my butt or fit half way up my butt and my waist is too small period.. Anybody have any suggestions on types of jeans or brands besides true religion and Seven? I don't want to become a leggings only queen or spandex....

It's been along time, but I'm updating!!!

Hi Ladies,
I know it's been awhile but I'm back and I am still loving my results!!!! I have not had anymore real issues since the scare that my stomach was getting a little big and wasn't flat anymore and was not going to return to be flat again! Well ladies it was not anything that Dr. Yily did!!! It was my own doing! What I did was got a little to comfortable and started eating and eating a whole lot of regular or bad foods that cause me to gain weight and my stomach to started to get big!! I was like old no, it something wrong!! It wasn't anything wrong I was eating to much and the wrong stuff! I changed my eating habit and my stomach started to shrink again, I also started to wear my garment again to retrain my stomach and reshape back to the way it was and I am lovin it!!! I initially came to terms that I am still healing so that is the way I treat myself still, even though it 8 months, I still know that I am healing and I am not eager to show off or hurry up and put clothes on and plus the weather hear is a flop and it is May, so I can wait to the process is just about done and that can take up to a year! Yes I was eager at first I started putting on clothes, going out, eating, drinking and splurging with restaurants and that when it all started, so I changed that when I looked in the mirror and saw that my body was starting to change. I was like hell naw, I did not spend my money, take time off work and go through all the pain, suffering and stress to not even enjoy my new body and I refused to give people something to talk or laugh about!!! So I did something about the way I was starting to look and I an so happy and enjoying my new look again!!! I was frustrating but I was like I gone keep working because I knew how I wanted to look. I am still eating my garment every so often and I have a little bit of tingling and numbness still in my stomach area but that's just letting me know the my nerves are coming back. I do still have a little swelling at the bottom and when it's that time of the month, like is is now, I do get bloated and my stomach swells like a balloon but it goes away but that's how I was before the surgery! I reposted because I want people to know that I am real patient of Dr. Yily and these are my true words and pictures, that why I try not to just show my body and how I am progressing.. I am not sure what went wrong with the other ladies that are not satisfied or now have bad results and are mad at their doctors but ladies keep in mind that everybody is not the same and all experiences are not bad and all will not be good either but do what you can to keep yourself up and let your body heal; otherwise you will be disappointed!!! I have posted a couple of pictures and I am still not wearing clothes. I just wanted to show my current results after reading done of the post because I don't want anyone to be discouraged or think that I am a fake patient or that I am lying because this is a reality and we are taking a chance with our lives and ruining our bodies, so please go into this with a open mind and think about the pros and cons of the surgery before making a life changing decision because you will hate yourself and your results and that may lead to other things like depression. Ladies stay positive and keep your heads up!!!!

I forgot to add!!!

I get comments and stares everywhere I go and my friends compliment me all the time and my husband..........Ladies I can't express enough love yourself first and don't rush your healing!!!! I get show much attention from strangers, women and men it's amazing. I almost feel famous!!!????????????????
Peace, love and blessings!!!

Weight 136, waist 26 now

My weight had gone up to 146lb or 148lb, no lie. I was very disappointed with myself but I'm happy now and I'm not going back!!!! When you know better, you do better!!!

Also if you notice I do not have a stomach piercing or a tattoo yet! I can wait!

I am a proud mother of 3. Ages 27, 22 & 17 and a glam mother!
Age 45

1 year post op!!!

Hi Ladies,
Sorry I was gone so long but I have been focusing on a new job and a new home, husband, children and grandchildren. Ladies I want to say thank you again for the wonderful comments, questions and support!!! I made one year October 1st and yes I am still LOVIN IT!!! These results are without proper eating and no exercise!! Yeah I know I said I was going to but I could not get focused or consistent????. I plan to start though because I want to stay looking like this for as many years as possible. I have not complaints!! Scare is thinner and smoother, still healing in stomach area though because I still have a little numbness in the lower stomach area and every now and then I get a pitching sensation that just lets me know I'm almost completely healed and my nerves are coming back to life in my stomach area.. I do gain few lbs here and there but it goes directly to my butt, my waist is a 28 now but so what!! I was a 32. When I start gaining I cut back on my bad eating by eating less????!!! It's been working for me it might not work for all or most!!! I want to thank Dr. Yily again and she can look forward to 4 of my friends soon thanks to my results!! Ladies good luck with your journeys and stay playful and loving it works!! Look at me now!!!????

All the pics I have no garment!!

I still wear it at times, when I feel really full or bloated, so maybe 2 to 3 X's a month at night for a few hours. I don't like wearing them anymore. They are all to loose now and I ain't buying more! Thanks again all and be blessed!!!!
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