Looking for SX Buddy ! DR Feb 2017 - Dominican Republic

Hey girls , so after much research and planning I...

Hey girls , so after much research and planning I have decided to go with Dr. Israel Mañon ... Originally had thought I was going with Moilina, and them shifted towards Cabral. Unfortunately i have switched it up because
1. Although I love Molina work & work ethic he's more of a "slim Thick" girls.
2. Cabral .. I love his work and how he snatches his dolls BUT because he isn't board certified I always have my second thoughts. Even tho I REALLY love his work that is something that holds me back.
3. I have chosen Mañon, because his girls are thick and I feel he knows how to enhance features his girls already have versus just adding.

I have my flight booked. I have my sx date. I stuck between staying in a double room at Serenity or booking a single room at Princess. Anybody going the same days (Feb. 15-27). Or maybe the same doctor? Let me know I love to make new friends.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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