Looking for SX Buddy

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HELP..LOOKING FOR SURGERY BUDDY... .ASAP..Im scheduled for March 16th 2017..and will be arriving on the 15th..not sure what time..because I haven't booked my flight yet. .but will that information as soon as someone contacts about the buddy situation...Im super excited. .and I can't wait. .to meet Dr.Fatima and her staff. .

Recovery houses

Hey..are any of you girls staying at the silhouette recovery house in March 2017?


Pre op pics 199 pounds

Switched surgery date...

So..I was going to have my sx on march 16th.2017...bit i switched the date to February 21st.....SUPER EXCITED! !!!

42 More days

So I have 42 more days left until I'm in the DR..I'm super excited and nervous and scared. ..and everything else you can imagine..I'm mostly worried about recovery. .but I know that I am a child of God..and he still has a plan for me to fulfill. ..and I will get thru it...but happy healing to all you beautiful ladies who are going thru their recovery process now..

Im Here! !!

So..I arrived in the DR yesterday around 2:17pm. .my driver Carlos..from silhouette recovery house was there waiting for me..with my name on a sign..went to drop my belongings off at the recovery house as soon as I arrived. .then headed over to the clinic to get bloodwork and meet lesley. ..I did meet Dr.Almonte later on that evening. .she is such a sweetheart. .now its the morning of my surgery..its 530am right now..I have to be at the clinic no later then 630am..Im extremely nervous and excited. .Im going to be the first one in this morning..so please PRAY for me..ill keep you guys updated once Im on the flat side..Lol..be BLESSED! !!

Im 4 days post

Im 4 days post op. .feeling really down..on top of that my drain has been clogged for the past 2 days..been trying to get in touch with my doctor's assistant. .not much luck with that. .even had to have Angie at the recovery try to contact them. .had to threaten to cut the drains before they would even respond to us..feeling so helpless. .no one from almontes team have even messaged or called to check on me..feeling like I should have never chosen her..I understand that the doctor is busy..but if you want to keep patients coming. . you should care more for your patients..or get a new assistant. .because it makes the doctor look bad professionally. I wouldn't recommend anyone to Fatima Almontes....

9 days post op

Hello everyone. .today is Friday. .and I am 9 days post op..had kind of a rough recovery the past 8 days..drains kept getting clogged. .and everything else on top of that..but God is good..and a healer. Today is the first day Im feeling half way like myself..its rough ladies. .really rough..recovering from this surgery. .its no joke..so please please be prepared. .everyone is different and do recover at different paces. .but I can say i am officially done with surgery. .especially after this experience. .pics coming soon..

2 weeks post op

I was 2 weeks post up in this picture. .

52 days post op

So im 52 days post op. ..and im still to stiff and sore to return back to work..I have been off of pain meds for about 2 weeks now..I will take some aleve every blue moon..just to think it might ease some of the pain..but in actuality it does nothing for me..this has honestly been the hardest and longest situation I have ever had to deal with..im so depressed right now..sometimes I wish I never had this surgery. ..will I ever feel normal again? ..I just want to feel like myself...Lord please heal my body..don't know how much longer I can take this pain..PLEASE GOD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Haven't meet her in person..but I heard she believes in God..and prays with all her patients before their procedure. .So she must be AWESOME! !!

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