I have Changed from Fatima to soon to be Robles doll!!!

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Hey everyone, So I waited too late to reserve a...

Hey everyone,

So I waited too late to reserve a date with Dr. Fatima Almonte and she is booked for the month of February. Is there anyone that would like to push to there sx date further, I am looking for any date after Feb 14th. Work only allows me that month to take off, and I really would like to have it done with her. Thanks dolls in advance. I also added some current pics.

Switched from Fatima to now Robles

Well its confirmed March 3rd officialy will be a Robles Doll, her assistant Laura has kept in contact with me shes only a text away and she has ao far answered all my questions. I did have my complete labs from my Dr he cleared me for surgery my hemoglobin is 12 but it needs to be at 13 if I want all my procedures done which are tummy, full back lipo, breast lift with implant and bbl. I will continue to drink my vitamins as well as consume lots a greens. Thats about it for now just putting everything in God's hands.

Flight is booked.

So I arrive February 29th, surgery is scheduled for March 3rd. It gives me a few days to relax see family and get ready for surgery, I can't believe this is finally happening so excited and happy that my husband is being so supportive he will be staying with our 2 kids, good thing my aunt will be with me the entire trip which is comforting. I started the gym today since I've been slacking for the last couple of months, but I have a month to loose a remaining 15lbs I need to loose. I noticed I was drinking the wrong vitamins Laura Dr Robles assistant said to replace my women multi vitamin to Iron, vitamin C and folic acid the reason is that the multi vitamin contains A and E which could lead to bleeding so I will switch. I wonder why my primary Dr didn't mention this when I was there last week he knows im having surgery and said to just continue the multi vitamin.


Well arrived on Monday the next day I my tests done to find out my hemo is only at 12.5 ughhh 1 month ago I was at 12 and have been taking all my vitamins as well as juices and greens but it seems it did not do much. So I had an Iron infusion plus a bunch of vitamins done earlier today its Thursday by the way. So now its 8pm been at the clinic since 2pm and just had more blood work done to see if my hemo increased and I'm also waiting to see Robles as soon as she finishes the surgery she's performing. If all goes well I can finally have sx tomorrow, cant wait. Also I've seen a lot of dolls from different Drs and they all look good.


Photos did not upload

Getting IV with Iron

Pre op pictures

So I was finally seen this evening with Dr Robles and She is extremely attentive and kind answered all my questions never rushed and made sure I was 100% satisfied. She marked me up and I have to be there at 7am for surgery. Praying that all goes as planned.


Well I was at the clinic at 7 sharp on Friday me and my heard head decided to request a repeat of hemo count and guess what it went down to 11.5 ughhhhhh. Dr Gonzalez she's one of Dr Robles assistant said that I can't have to hold off on surgery now to continue to do the iron treatments all thru Sunday and let me tell you those treatments are very expensive so it will be a total of 4 she says that 90% of patients see increases so I am praying to God that it doesn Today is Sunday im scheduled fory last treatment and will have a reapeat count of hemo in the evening that will determine if I can go in tomorrow Monday for SX. This battle is real girls please pray for me.

Had my surgery yeyyy!

Thank you God, thank you black bean juice, and iron treatments. Had surgery yesterday morning I was the first patient. Im eating well not really much pain just discomfort when I move around in the bed. Dr Robles leaves you with another Dr thru the night and applies your ointments and meds every 2 hours you also have a nurse coming in to empty your urine and fluid drains. I've been on oxygen just for precaution as well nebulizer not that I suffer from asthma its just standard procedure. I will be leaving today to a recovery house just for a few days the reason being I need be able to sleep on a hospital bed and my aunt's home doesn't have one. And there I will have a nurse 24 hours trained personally by Dr Robles herself just until I'm better. Then I'll finish recuperating at my aunt's then off to then USA.


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