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I am going to book my flight this week to go...

I am going to book my flight this week to go Dominica Republic to Dr Yilly to get a BB lift, TT, Lipo and fat to the hips, I would like to know if anyone else here has been to her or is anyone planning to go this month. I am scared because the procedure, I want to now about your experiences please.

Dr Yilly it is

I've been on decisive on who to do my surgery with (Yilly or Carbol)
But I've made up my mind and now 100% going with Dr Yilly. So I will be traveling this Saturday from the UK 15 hours flying stopping of in Miami to get to DR staying in Maria's Recovery House. Surgery scheduled for Monday the 18th. Is there any one else booked for surgery that day ???
Or anyone staying at Maria's recovery home?

Officially a Yily Barbie

Hi Dolls, well I had my surgery done on Monday after a stressful day doing labs (guys, labs is longer than the actual surgery. After a long 5 hours doing labs, I was told my blood levels was low, I nearly cried as it took me 15 hours to travel to the DR, I could not get sent home with no surgery, please people if you are doing surgery in the next month, take your iron tablets don't go through what I went through.
I was transported to a proper hospital to get my labs done again Which cost me $25 after another 4 hours it came back fine. And I was admitted finally into Cipla.
After 7pm a nurse came to wash me with the medicated soap, I was given a blue pill and told to relax. At 8pm I was wheeled round to the surgery room, and the last thing I remembered was a man asking do I have kids, I made him know I have 3 so you better make sure I wake up after surgery and we both laughed. That was the last thing I remembered.
I woke up at 8am the next morning back in my hospital room feeling numb, little pain but not strong enough to take pain killers. But dam I was hungry after not eating from 7pm Sunday and it's now Tuesday morning with still no food. I was very emotional when I woke up crying a lot but every thing was good, and was brought back to Maria's recovery house (the best RH in DR) I will keep u posted, bbut just to let you know I still have not taken no pain killers and this is day 2.

Ready for round 2

It's been a very long time since I've been on here, 8 months to be honest since I was in DR.
Any way hi to all the old and new people on the page,
Lil recap, I had surgery with Yily in Jan 16, and stayed at Maria's RH and was not really happy with my results, and to be fair I've not helped as I've since eat everything I smell and I also drink alcohol every time I go out which is nearly every weekend, still drinking fizzy and don't have a good diet,
Any way I'm going for round 2 with the King Cabral in January so I've decided to jump back on board and starting my SX process again.
I'm mentally ready but you no it's not a easy process as the emotions get the better of you.
And way I'm going for lipo and bbl and may be my breast done.
I would like to no does any one who had lipo and bbl no cabrals prices, I no everyone is different but I want a rough idea, I paid $3500 to Yily for my round 1 never needed no blood transfusion.
And is there any other dolls going around the 9th-10th of Jan 2017.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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