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Well I kinda jumped into the scenario head first....

well I kinda jumped into the scenario head first. Im getting tt lipo of back flanks tummy sides and arms and a BBL. I didn't want to push it far away cause then i don't want to have to be bandaged up and hunched over for the summer . So I emailed Yily two weeks ago and Im booked for Feb 28. I Booked my ticket and i booked Healing Haven. Jules at Healing Haven has been so nice and even helped me communicate with Yira (Yilys Asst). I will be in DR from the 27th thru march 9th. Found a flight on american airlines for $606 connection in miami fro atlanta.. They were getting more expensive by the day. My sister has already been to Yily last year and her results made me a straight hater. so she finally talked me into going as well. IM SOOOO SCARED but i think its more nervous I have my wish picks and i guess the journey begins..

5 lbs down since last week

Ya away me!! 15 more to go.. And 5 weeks to do it in..piece of cake.. It amazing what can do when u really really want I'm trying to send Yily money now I don't want to carry that much cash.. Just waiting to see if that's possible.. She told me via what's app she doesn't do PayPal.. I need her to get square or something!!! Any way I'm getting my stuff together.. My lortab 5 and 7 for amoxicillin... Never can be too careful.. My arnica cream and pills...still waiting on my passport..I hope it gets here soon it's only been two weeks so have patience I keep telling myself.... I'm just excited to be college skinny again... I'm staying at healing haven ... Hope I made the right decision... Juls communicated directly with Yira (Yily's assistant) so that alone made her worth it...

passport on the way

what I looked on the website yesterday and my passport should be here by the 1st of February that was right around four weeks actually three and a half weeks because I went and applied for it on the 8th of January anyway of course I'm getting more and more nervous I don't know exactly what my outcomes going to be an hour hope and pray that is going to be as fabulous as everyone else is my sister went to get Lee and her result is fabulous she's getting ready to go for round 2 she wants a bigger buttI feel like I'm coming down with a cold today I just going to use it as an excuse to go to the doctor and ask for some of these meds go ahead and let them know what I'm doing and hear their mouth cause I know they're probably going to be against it but I'd rather be honest then sick and not have the medicine that I need I have most of my antibiotic as I mentioned before but I only don't have the heparin injection which I guess I'm going to have to purchase their message just says it was around 15 or 20 bucks for the pharmacy Just to give you the heparin injection so we'll seeI'm still looking for my perfect wish pic I think I found it I'm going to post it I'm a little nervous about posting my before pictures cause I'm just ashamed I guessanyhow I'm almost finished paying for my room in house I'm healing Haven has been great just answered any questions again that I've ever had and she also help me communicate with Dr yily so if you feel like you're stuck in you just need to hurry up and get in contact with her go ahead and book your stay with you and haven jewels laxly contact the doctor or contact yira for you so that made it a lot easier especially since She speak Spanish.. well 4 more weeks to go down the long stretch and I'm so excited I can't wait to be able to put on a dress and not worry about this muffin top and a loaf of bread hanging over the top of my waist

voice dictation

I meant to say my sister went to Yily. I'm using the voice dictation on my phone so I'm going to have to speak a little clearly lol


I don't want absolutely big donke donke I just want something that's fluffy and round and proportion to my body I have a flat butt now but I have big hips so I just wanted to be proportion properly

her goes nothin

so I decided that if I'm flying all the way from Georgia to Dominican Republic to have a tummy tuck why should I be a punk about posting a picture of myself so here goes nothin

ish just got real….

My passport came yeaaa me!!! Its on n poppin now!!!!

time is passin quick

well I just left Walmart and bought all my vitamins in pills that were on the list. I got my baby Wipes and my dial soap.. Got my wife beaters and some new slippers. I already have vicoden and percoset. I bout tylenol xstrength too. I have amoxicillen 500 mg for 10 days and a Zpak.. Never can be to careful.. I will have to purchase the heparin while im there… time is ticken and i find myself tripping lately worrying and wondering how everything's going to go what am I going to look like. I know I shouldn't worry but I can't help it I'm really really anxious.. my sister keeps saying don't worry you'll be fine but I guess I can't help it… emotional rollercoaster starting already

its almost that time!!!

just wanted to touch base..its almost that time and I'm scared to death!!! I'm constantly thinking about the whats and the ifs.. but my sister says its part of the journey. i just can't wait till its the 8th of march. that means ill be done and on my way home…lol

nerves getting the best of me

I woke up the other morning from a nightmare. i dreamed that i had stitches on my belly nice and flat.. but i wondered why my back feels jiggly.. i go in the bathroom and look I HAD TITTIES ON MY BACK and my front!!!!! OMG i woke up out my sleep like freddy kruger was chasing me..LOL Anyway I'm trying to turn this fear into excitement .. I am excited just anxious maybe.. anyway i only have 2 weeks to go and i cant wait. I have 5 lbs i need to loose and i just cant seem to shake it. Working on it thought i Hope bmi of 35.1 isint a big deal... we shall see.

5 days left

Well Five days left till i'm walking on the bad side again. I've packed unpacked and then packed again. I dont want to take too much stuff yet everything keeps finding it s way into my suitcase. I am VEEEERY nervous but Im excited for real!!!!. I CANT wait to have these tolls off my back. think Im going to have my turkey neck lipoed too . WTH !! IF im going to be in pain and pampered i might as well do it all it once.. so her we go the nail bitting continues

oooohhhh weeeee

Ok im 2 days post...and when i say this shit here is nooooo in pain im scared to move but i have to. DRA Yily is sooo nice and attentive... and i will say if ur bmi is above 35 its gonna take hell and high bmi was 36 and i almost got referred to Dr Robles.....but my blood was soo good the anstesiologist had to approve it...its very humid here and i retain water . 8LBS to be exact.. just keep that in mind . Gotta go ttyl

movin right along..

Ok so first and formost Healing Haven and Jules and her staff are THE BOMB!!!! I could not have asked fir a better place or care..i eat good the nurse and massage Lady comes and does there thing.. as fir my body i feel like somebody folded me in half andstuffed me in a i must say ladies prepare ur mind cause this is hard work..

doing good

So here i an almost two weeks post..i just left from getting my drain i feel soo free and i can move better now.. i am veeery satisfied with my waist is a 32 but compared to a 44 ill take it. Goin back to work tomorrow so we will see how it goes..
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